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  1. Colin I just tried the link and for some reason it does not connect. If you have a facebook account just type Remnants of the BCDR into the search box and it should take you there. Alternatively a Google search using the same Remnants of the BCDR should find the facebook page. Hope this works for you. John
  2. Colin If you are intending to purchase a book on the BCDR then I can recommend Desmond Coakham's final one published by Colourpoint Books. It has been on the shelves for a couple of years now and retails at £25. It is the BCDR "bible" and contains a track plan of every station on the network. These are not absolute scale drawings but are good enough to produce a model from and can be checked for dimensions using Google Earth. I have a particular obsession with the BCDR and have set up a Facebook page to record all I can on the subject. Have a browse through https://www.facebook.com/RemnantsOfTheBCDR/ for a collection of photos which are largely my own and a number of links to other web sites on the subject. These should prove helpful. John
  3. Your buildings really look the part Colm. I visited the station at Ardglass several years ago and have posted some photos on my facebook page "Remants of the BCDR". I had hoped to find some trace of original paint on the surviving woodwork but unfortunately everything had been weathered away. It is amazing that so many authors of books on the BCDR have been able to record the colours used for the locomotives, carriages and wagons but have neglected to comment on the buildings. Maybe there was no county wide "official" scheme but a small selection of what was available? Nice to see the BCDR living on in model form.
  4. Thanks jhb for your reply. I must pay a visit to Downpatrick soon. Incidently, the former station at Saintfield is presently up for sale and has been restored in "railway" colours though I don't know how accurate they are. I have seen another reference to the grey colour for the fencing, being described as a silver colour which weathered down to a light grey. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the reply 33lima. I have been aware of both painting and postcard but have not been able to draw any firm conclusions from them. The dark reddish brown background on the Helens Bay sign is consistent with some of the old BCDR cast iron lineside signage (such as the "trespassers" type notices) and it would appear that the sign posts are of the same colour. There is a distinct lack of woodwork at Helens Bay Station - if only the artist had included the signal box! The woodwork on the subway canopy looks to be a creamy brown rather than white but is this accurate or artistic license? The inclusion of the banner signal helps date the scene to the 1930s or later and looks to be pre WW2. The postcard of Bangor Station suggests that tan may have been the colour used for the woodwork since the wall with the semi-circular headed windows was of timber construction and would have been painted. However, the person who tinted the black & white photo may not have been aware of the correct colours and might have simply produced something which looked appropriate. I have seen a postcard of Ballynahinch Station which seems to have green facia boards but, again, this was a tinted black & white photo. I have emailed the railway society at Downpatrick but they were not able to provide any information other than from a sign writer who had a recollection of using tan paint. I invite anyone else to contribute their opinions on the matter. A final question (not really expecting an answer to this one) - What was the colour scheme of the Belfast, Holywood & Bangor Railway ? Thanks again
  6. Many books on the BCDR describe the colours used for the locomotives and rolling stock but I have yet to come across any references to the paint schemes used for the station buildings. The black & white photos in the reference books are not a great help. Does anyone have any information on the colours used for the woodwork on the signal boxes, platform canopies, ticket offices etc ? My particular interest is the 1930s period but any information covering the life of the railway would be appreciated.
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