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  1. That'll be the axle size. Hand winding 0.3mm brass wire on to axles is dead easy and saves having to take insulated wheel off to get springs on. Also, as you are making them yourself, you can leave a longer 'tail' on the spring...
  2. Thanks. I'll give it a go on a spare ndm. just need to remove the shoe gear first...
  3. That chassis looks amazing! Hadn't thought of using it like that on locos... it may be time for me to look at some troublesome pickups on one of my 14xx. I was looking at coach lighting and the springs DCC concepts sell - low friction axle pickups - hand winding onto an axle is remarkably easy and extremely effective, but I will try 0.3mm on the next set.
  4. No one replied to this, but, if you are interested, I ordered a 40m roll of 0.4mm brass wire @£5.00. It easily wraps around an axle as a pickup and works really well. (It might be slightly better using 0.3mm). Well worth doing as it saves ££££'s.
  5. I have a lot of efe '38 stock that I haven't got around to re wheeling. I have almost all the 10.5mm wheelsets I need and have about half the number of metro models bogies I need. Has anyone tried to use the original efe bogies as they are, fitting top hat Barings into them?
  6. Does anyone know what size (gauge) wire pick up springs are made from? I should say it's for OO gauge (dcc concepts make them). 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 mm etc.?
  7. I have two boxes, one is 'unspecified' and has random transformers, both open frame and 'unreadable' sealed units, the other has old chargers and power supplies from long gone equipment. Personally I wouldn't dream of using any of them without first testing their output. For multiple LED's it is just as important for a supply to deliver enough current (milliamps).
  8. d00m

    '56 stock

    Thanks for that. I posted this elsewhere and got a comprehensive list from Brian Hardy. Still wading through photos...
  9. LEDs can be wired in Series or parallel. Old 12v controller should be fine for the number of leds you are intending to use. To calculate value of resistor, you need to know forward voltage and current of led. There are quite a few 'led calculators' online that do the hard part for you and show you how to wire them up. Really easy to do with practice. Good luck.
  10. Just managed to get my hands on a reasonably priced 4 car '59 set in silver. Now I have to decide which of the three '56 sets to backdate it to.... If I'm lazy, it'll be the met cam set. I think DM 41000 was re numbered 1003 but I don't know what the Trailer, NDM and other DM were numbered. Does anybody know?
  11. My Lima 101 DMU was also very poorly after storage. After investigating, it turned out that the magnet in the motor was very weak. With a little surgery, I added a Neodium magnet to strengthen the original. It now runs like a dream.
  12. I can think of two problems. If the motor is live to the chassis, you would have to work out a way to isolate the motor so that it was fed from the chip and not the track. The other possible problem with really old motors is the current draw. I don't know how many amperes a dcc chip can handle but an old Hornby dublo can draw nearly 2 amps.
  13. Out of interest, have you found an easy way to remove the glazing?
  14. 14xx picked up for a fiver at a charity shop.
  15. After using WD 40 I do clean the wheels. I haven't had any problems with it if used carefully and sparingly. Abrasives ... I'm kind of with you, but sometimes.... It needs to be done. Thanks.
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