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  1. I was around when these were erected, I always thought they were pretty horrible then, looking at this thread though, it seems to indicate that those in authority really don't give a sh1t about these things. Snow Hill, when I was spotting was a great station........... another shame. Mike
  2. More years ago than I care to count(I was around 6 yrs old), my Great aunt Mary and her friend took me to the Isle of Man, she and her late husband had been long time employees of both the L.M.S and B.R. so had access to free and cheap tickets to wherever. While we were there we went on a tour of the TT circuit, the thing I most recall is getting close to Peel where the aroma of kippers filled the bus.........Heaven. Sad part of the story was that aunt Mary had a box sent over to mum and dad in Derby. When we got home a couple weeks later, it still hadn't arrived, when it did well............ Mike
  3. I used to love kippers and poached eggs...........saw kippers in our local supermarket a few weeks ago, went home very excited...........they were absolute crAp, what a bloody disappointment
  4. What is "GT Track" please? Mike
  5. I saw plenty of big reds mainly in WA and NT but since settling in the Fleurieu Peninsular (SA) I can vouch for the fact that Eastern Greys can reach 2 meter plus. We had one residing on our property a few years back, stayed for a couple weeks and presumably made its way back to the scrub. Also had a close encounter with one on our track, totally destroyed the front end of my ute four grands worth of damage and I was only travelling around 25 Kmh, the blOOdy thing came out of nowhere. Mike
  6. During the Endeavour’s great voyage up the east coast of Australia in 1770, James Cook has been naming everything after himself: Cooktown, Cooks River, Cook Reef. The list goes on and on, much to the chagrin of the aristocratic botanist on the voyage, Joseph Banks. One day, the two are ashore, marveling at the strange wildlife, when they see and hear a previously unknown bird. It’s a bit like a Kingfisher but with a strong beak and a strangely magnetic, laughing cry. Banks, as ever, wants to name it a “Banksoburra” but Cook, as ever, overrules him.
  7. At Sydney’s Royal Easter Show in 2006, a massive woodchopper who goes by the simple name of Jed, takes all before him, winning every prize and cutting every log in record time. Everyone is stunned, because he’s never shown up in any wood-cutting competition before and no one has ever heard of him. “Where are you from?” one incredulous journalist asks. “I’m from the Simpson Forest,” says the axeman. “Don’t you mean the Simpson Desert?” “Well,’ the woodchopper says modestly. ‘That’s what they call it now.”
  8. Great lady, loved her with Eric. Mike
  9. THREE you have THREE!!!, I have only two but have Salford on pre-order, so I will catch you up Unfortunately Stanier pacifics are my absolute favourites so I suspect the next couple of years are going to be expensive. I think Hornby have got these pretty much spot on. Mike
  10. Just picked up 46207 from my mail box(must admit I was a little apprehensive as to when I might see it, given what's currently happening), first impressions are very favourable, visually very beautiful, that livery is something else just like Sir William. Popped it on the rolling road and I had to turn off the airco to hear it. Great stuff Hornby, I always wanted Mike Edges kit of this loco but being a poor pensioner could not afford it, still I guess it would be interesting to hear his analysis of this model. Rgds.......Mike
  11. ikks

    Hornby Star Class

    If I recall, we have had these negative reactions in the past and I seem to remember the vast majority of members enjoyed Rob's work. I know I certainly do, so Rob, keep it up, the ones that don't like the pictures, just scroll past............it ain't hard. Rgds..Mike
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