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  1. Nice to see a civilised and informative discussion on such an unusual subject, my own computer is at the doctors at the moment ( dropped from a great height on to a stone floor) so I can't see whether I've placed an expression of interest yet and I can't remember (old farts syndrome)! MIKE
  2. That is absolutely beautiful,....... rgds mike
  3. That is drop dead gorgeous. Rgds........Mike
  4. Must stop attempts at humour!!
  5. Course they don't, couldn't, wouldn't, won't, never will...........Then why has someone(who will remain nameless!!) with his main interest in steam in the 50's , just bought a Bacchy '85. ??............because it's great model and I love it!! Mike
  6. Lovely layout Mike
  7. As usual I'll hedge my bets.........9F/Brit Mike
  8. Hi Iain, I remember reading this post a couple of months ago and it got me to raid my bits box and today I found my old Crownline Princess detailing kit which includes a nice turned brass chimney , a cast whitemetal dome and lots of other goodies which may help with the Proscale kit. I'm not sure how much they are to scale though. If you are interested PM me your postal address and I'll shoot them off to you F.O.C. Rgds..............Mike
  9. I saw 6230 on Camden shed in the summer of '60 or '61, as well seeing 6227 heading south through Tamworth in'59 presumably heading to Euston, creating a fair bit of excitement on the "field". Rgds.........Mike
  10. I received mine in South Australia a couple of weeks ago but I did order immediately it was announced. Lovely model, looking forward to seeing the re-jigged bogie and buffer beam, then it will be spot on. I reckon KR have done a terrific job in getting this model to market in the time they have. Good luck to them for future productions maybe: Big Bertha LMR Kitson saddle tanks OOps, not wish listing........Just suggestions. Sorry Andy. Rgds........Mike
  11. Hi Clive, My family , used to spend our holidays at my aunt's place in Thundersley and we very often went to Leigh- on-Sea, where the LTSR ran along the back of the beach. Whilst my sisters and me were chasing little crabs in the mud, dad, sitting up on the strip of sand used to get me the numbers of the passing locos, I reckon I copped nearly all of the 2500's there..............Happy days. Rgds.............Mike
  12. Hrrrummph Sir!!!, they was always " Simmies to us"( Derby accent!!). To me the Coronations(my choice} were the embodiment of power and elegance and to really appreciate them, I reckon you had to see them at speed, I spent many hours at Tamworth watching them race through..........Ground shaking! Going to hedge my bets........next were the Princesses (Prinnies, urrrgh!!), then the Scots. S'pose I loved all Mr . Stanier's passenger engines. Rgds...........Mike
  13. Used them for the first time to purchase a Bacchy 1P which I picked up from my postal agency on Tuesday.....very well packaged, fully run in and faultless communication, could not ask for more, very very happy. Many thanks Danny. Rgds.........Mike
  14. Thanks Jonny, I reckon you might have nailed it!!, I guess 46200, would have been unlikely to have started the journey from Sutton( I could well be wrong) but could have likely been attached at Crewe,she was overtaking us on the way to Rhyl. So probably Brit 70053 then. The thing that struck me about the electrics was their striking livery and the silver numbers and insignia, just taken delivery of Bacchys electric blue AL5 and if H ever do 46200 in late BR red, I will be able to re-create the scene. Probably stupidly, this has been with me for many years, I think you have given me me an
  15. You didn't need to. , I know exactly what it is!...........but I guess they're everywhere. Mike
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