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  1. Get those cataracts fixed Rob, had mine done a couple of years ago, changed my life. Rgds..........Mike
  2. Very, very pleased to see this outcome, well done KR, look forward to seeing mine in due course and in the not too distant future a Fell! ..........great stuff. Thanks Mike
  3. The Duchesses were very rarely piloted, south of Crewe, in my experience at least. In 19 visits to Tamworth and around half a dozen to Crewe 1958 and 59, I only ever saw it once, with City of London and Jubilee Palestine heading south through Tamworth. I do, however have a photo in one of my books of Duchess of Rutland being piloted by a 2P 4-4-0 leaving Crewe for the north...........The caption read that once past Preston the Duchess would be pulling the train and pushing the 2P. Never saw a double headed Princess though. Rgds..........Mike
  4. Been waiting for this.........now ordered, put the credit card into the recycle bin as that's all about what it's worth now. Mike '
  5. I visited Grantham three times between 1959 and 1961, travelling from Derby Friargate, a painful journey which seemed to take an age, I went, really to see the streaks, first visit not one!!, second visit, eleven, almost one third of the class, third visit was memorable, we saw the first production Deltics but silly me, I thought that that they would supplement the steam fleet!! On the first and second visit we were chucked on to a Nottingham/Derby train about 4 pm. On the third, we left the station, went through the subway under the main lines, past the shed and sat on the road b
  6. Apologies Andy, no inference intended, just trying to have a bit of fun. Rgds......Mike
  7. Andy, piease use your influence, I am 74, a Spinner ...........Soon!!. Mike
  8. I resisted for three whole days!!............now ordered, don't tell pleeeeeeeese Mike
  9. Yes I am aware of that but those wheels on the first two with their large bosses gave them quite a different character to the othter members of the class. Incidentally one of my favourite ex-LMS classes(the unrebuilt ones), they always had an old fashioned elegant quaintness about them. Rgds....Mike
  10. Didn;t 5500/5501 retain the original Claughton driving wheels?? Mike
  11. I certainly dont, it can take as long as it need, if it results in a great model and from what I have seen so far, it looks to be a good 'un. Mike
  12. Love this thread, really creative and skilled stuff..............wish you had been born in the red territory Terry..............Rgds Mike
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