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  1. I love this thread, faced with your issues, me, I would probably just do a "Sams Trains" and run my stuff on the on the floor, but once down there, I'd probably have to get SWMBO to help me up again!. Rgds.....Mike
  2. ikks

    Hornby Clan

    Thanks mate, missed your September posting Mike
  3. ikks

    Hornby Clan

    Where from, please Mike
  4. ikks

    Camden Shed

    Wouldn't you just love to be back there in tose days!..........brilliant stuff. Rgds.Mike
  5. Well fellows, that came out of left field. brilliant!! ,.........so which of the locos in the video will you be making Mike
  6. ikks


    Thanks Mr Yorker, for all the hard work from you and your team. Rgds........Mike
  7. 30 plus years ago I lived in small flat in which I installed a fair bit of carpet, most of my modelling was done on a small table on top of that carpet, thus it was for around 12 years. Anyway come the time to leave, I dragged said carpet out of the flat and was going to dump it, two flats away a beautiful young lady said could she have it, so we took into her place and rolled it out.............If she's a railway modeller she'll stiill be making stuff from the bits I lost in that rug!!. Mike
  8. Wonderful...........Well done Bacchy. Mike
  9. I agree, Hornby really have got this one right...........wonder why they insist on their shade of green.......... my Montrose looks so much better than some of their ER Pacifics. Still Tim's magic transforms them. Lovely layout. Mike
  10. Picked up mine Friday, after a filthy muddy 17Km there and back drive to my post box down a dirt road................But what lovely book, full of wonderful photos by an obviously very talented photographer. I've gone through it a couple times and find that very often there is more to discover the closer you look at at many of the photos. the captions and comment are very good too ......Can you tell I really like this book. Rgds........Mike
  11. My great aunt Mary, who is long gone, she passed when I was 20 and I am almost 75, was an employee of the MR, LMS and the LMR but always referred to "her" railway as the "LM and S", lovely lady, took me all over the system using her privileged tickets. One my great regrets is I managed to lose an enamelled badge presented to her and I assume the rest of the employees at that time depicting 6220 after the Coronation Scot run. Mike tickets
  12. Where have you and your photography been lately!! Mike
  13. HD never did a Princess Royal she was a Triang loco, when I got my first trainset for Christmas in 1957, I think the locomotives produced then were; standard 4 tank 80054 Coronation 46232 N2/7? 69550 ?? A4 60015 Then came A4 60022. Castle 7013, 8F, West Country, D8000, 08 shunter and a Deltic ( not necessarily in that order......memory fade!!}. The Coronation was changed to to represent one with a utility front later. I' m sure someone on here will come with better information. My layout was purely 3 Rail. Mike
  14. I have ordered a few books from Strathwood and have received excellent service, packaging is bomb proof, the last order I placed arrived sooner than an order placed on the same day from an Aussie retailer!!! Can't wait wait for this one Mike
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