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  1. Love this thread, really creative and skilled stuff..............wish you had been born in the red territory Terry..............Rgds Mike
  2. That looks excellent, what are the dimensions please? Mike
  3. Sorry to be negative about this but my wallet just groaned!! SWMBO must not be informed of this development and her name is not Ruth Anonymous
  4. I've ordered mine too but Meld I think in two tone green, I first saw these things in 1961 at Grantham, we'd been chucked off the station and made our way to the road bridge just past the shed...........my goodness what an impression this thing made, the sound and the presence still lives in my rather small brain, it was followed by another, same impression. Neither were named at that time and we thought that these will continue to be part of the A1/2/3/4 mix for ever........... Mike
  5. Would there be any future plan to produce an all over green one, I know I could paint over the small yellow panel one but given my painting skills!!!!(skill is probably not the right word), I would hate to ruin this beauty.



  6. I also had a problem with a Model Loco Duchess (made by DJH), the footplate was almost wasted away in the middle, a quick phone call to DJH and I received a replacent foc within a week. Another issue was with a Standard cab which I ruined, again quick phone call and a replacement arrived here within 10 days, I am in rural Oz so I reckon that's fantastic service. Rgds Mike
  7. ikks

    Edgware GN

    Those images are lovely and your modelling is brilliant Terry...........wish you had been an LMS man though Mike
  8. Maybe I'm reading this wrong. apologies if I am but 6230-6234 were turned out in unstreamlined form in LMS red (Crimson Lake)with gilt numbering and lining. Rgds...........Mike
  9. It would be a crying shame if they didn't. there'd be a number of disappointed people out there, I'm not qualified to know but wouldn't the number of early pre-orders give some indication of the demand. I hope they do act to remedy this situation...........unless of course it has something to do with the current World dilemna which is out of everyone's control. Mike
  10. Hi Pete, Jubilees were the mainstay of the Midland main line up to the late fifties and it was only the introduction of the Brits and displaced WCML Royal Scots around '58,'59 and '60 onwards together with the onset of dieselisation that saw their demise. My comments here, relate to the trains that passed through Derby but there may have been 55A Scots/Brits that reached St. Pancras via Nottingham, which would have gone through Bedford, I'm sure someone on here will know. Rgds.........Mike
  11. Apologies, I should have specified the that the date I referred to was allocations as at 21/03/1959, I did see(cop) them all at Derby in that year, The first being 70004 though, on the up Palatine in very late December 1958 taking my great aunt Mary home(thank goodness!!, she'd been with us for two weeks), I wouldn't be moved from the end of platform 6, totally in awe of William, I did however did give aunty a wave as she went past me. Later dad gave me the half-crown she left for me(oops) which was duly spent on my first ABC, it had City of London on the front cover in glorious red..................Heaven!!!. Rgds....Mike ,
  12. The following were used in 1959: 70004,14.15,17,21,42 . All were shedded at 9E Trafford Park. There were rumours that 70016 was used for a short time but I cannot confirm that and was at 86C at the time of the publication of the 1959 Ian Allan combined volume. Rgds......Mike
  13. An old mate of mine built himself a concrete hulled fishing boat in Kalgoorlie, dragged it all the way down to Perth. launched it in in the Swan river, got halfway across then gurgle, gurgle , gurgle and they all swam back to shore......still there as far as we know. Rgds...Mike
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