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  1. Here are some photos of some of the items that I've accumulated. There are still a few items that I have yet to photo-document, but that is soon to change. This is the largest item in my collection. I assume given it has a 4-digit number on the front, and since the number does correspond to an actual locomotive, that this must have been in the cab of 5568. I won it on eBay for relatively cheap, but just to ship it to the USA cost me $60. But since it came with some contents, I'd say it was somewhat worth the costly shipping. The etched measuring glass really blows me away:
  2. I must admit that my own railway interests extend beyond the form of models. I've been known to grab my camera and do some occasional railfanning, but besides that I quite enjoy collecting paperwork and other artifacts from the railways/railroads of times gone by. I'm a fan of the GWR, so when I decided that I wanted to get together one or two N-gauge GWR trains (still haven't accomplished that...) I also ended up beginning to look at the UK eBay for items from the prototype. And, being that I'm just a lowly American, it is very cost prohibitive to try and acquire anything that is heavie
  3. I'd have thought since I had emailed in my application (and received email confirmation that my application was received) that I would also get a confirmation of membership or somesuch via email. PM headed your way
  4. How long does it normally take to hear back from the 2mm association when joining via the Internet? I've paid my dues and such, and was told my information was being forwarded to whomever is supposed to deal with it, but I would like to know when to stop holding my breath. Will I get my information via email or will it be physically mailed to me?
  5. I've been looking for this post for many months now. I knew someone had made their own etched NG chassis, but for the life of me I couldn't remember who or where... Julia, could you possibly elaborate about your chassis? Like what wheelsets are you using in it, and how said wheelsets are mounted. I've had terrible luck with the stock plastic sideframes that come with the Peco N6.5 kits and even when I took someone's suggestion to use Parkside Dundas tophat bearings, those proved useless even after drilling wider holes in the sideframes. The bearings just made the sideframes spread out like
  6. Mark, what did you use to acheive such wonderful greenery? I'm hoping to make Killashandra look at least half as good. -Cody F.
  7. I really must bring this thread up to speed. I had totally forgotten that I had a layout thread here. But don't fret! Progress has been made since my last post. I'll be posting plenty of photos sometime in the next couple of days.
  8. Wonderful coaches Ian! They make my set look like they've been on the scrap heap. I found out the hard way that I haven't the tools or the skill to paint coaches. Do you do any hired work?
  9. Ok, so the girders are cut. What started as these: Are now these: Just some quick trimming is needed before an official test-fit can be done. I'm also working on cutting the notches in the abutments to accept the girders. The girders are going to be going into the abutments like so:
  10. Ok, so for the bridge, I'm going to be using either an old resin gondola made by Camden & Amboy models or the sides from an Eastern Seaboard Models gondola. The ESM gon cost me $20, but it broke and it's out of my US modeling era. The C&A gon is in my era, but was free, but out of production. Plus the ESM gon has better rivet detail and the external posts are closer together, better lending itself to get its sides cut up for being turned into a bridge.
  11. It's been a surprisingly fast process. Afterall I only received the layout on April 28th. Once it comes time for the greenery, that's when things will probably start to slow down.
  12. The most recent work is the creation of the bridge abutments. What I have come up with is a heavily cut-down Woodland Scenics retaining wall. It should work quite well for what I'm going for, which is based off of a bridge on the Tralee & Dingle Railway. Only real difference will be that my bridge won't have the railings. Until my next burst of progress, Cheers! -Cody Fisher
  13. Anyhow, while I was in the UK I had to stop in a model shop. There were none in London that I could find, and since that Monday (the day before my flight home) was bank holiday, I decided to just hop on the Southern Railway out of Victoria station and head down to Ford to "The Engine Shed". As soon as I walked in the door I knew I was in for it. Needless to say, I went in with over 100 pounds and I walked out with only 10. I should also add that I also picked up a Graham Farish LMS 20ton brake van as a gift for my friend. I bought the 7mm 5-plank because I just couldnt leave without i
  14. So it's been quite awhile since I was last on this site. Since I've been here last, narrow gauge modelling and UK modelling have taken a back seat due to various troubles. While dealing with all that, I've also done everything from get a job (which I lost due to budget cuts) to get a second job (only part of the year), to go flat broke. Anyhow, here I am at the ripe old age of 19 looking down at my latest creation... an actual layout! Some quick background: The base of the layout was built by a fellow over on another forum who then quickly decided it was too small for his needs. I a
  15. Since i've already preordered one I'm spent out being that the loco is my Christmas present (along with a renual of my subscription to Railway Modeller). (Now if another of the Terriers in GWR green with Shirtbutton appeared before me once more, i might be hurried to chase it down.) -Cody F. P.S - No, i'm not exactly near Cranbury, but sorta close to all the cranberries. I happen to be right across the river from Philadelphia, PA.
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