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  1. The way might be clear but some red light jumper may be hurtling along the road from the side you can't see. There are many junctions where you can't see what's coming .. That's why in some cases the lights were installed..
  2. we are a month past 6 months and have heard nothing yet. I had my flue jab at work, But SWMBO has heard nothing from the GP about hers..
  3. Tunisia / Libya / Egypt. I'd like to visit as My grandfather fought in the Western Desert Gallop, he was lucky in only being wounded and taken prisoner, many of his men didn't make it. He started WW2 as a CSM in Europe pre Dunkirk, but was RSM RTR by the time of capture at the second siege of Tobruk..
  4. If Dave wishes to sit in a ADV cockpit again then there is one at the Radar Museum on RAF Neatishead, sadly for the radar museum it's without the wizzos half of the cockpit. I think the farmer would like me to keep my jungle under control more,, to stop the weed seeds blowing into his field...
  5. Not had that notification, but the latest magazine just arrived today, along with a reminder to renew, which interestingly make no mention of being able to renew online.. only cheques or direct debit.
  6. I can confirm to NHN that Diabetic eye tests are free on the mainland.. Mine done at the local surgery is much more thorough than the opticians.. He /she even hand's me a note with the specification of glasses I need, should I wish to and get some
  7. If we don't allow Paddington there will be a very unhappy Bear on the prowl..
  8. The GWR Telegraphic code for a car carrying wagon was a "Hydra" which is a fresh water organism that appear to live forever.. and other wagon codes, Mink, Snake, Toad, Dogfish, Herring, Mackrel, Mermaid , Parr, Prawn, Rudd, Salmon, Seacow, Shark, Starfish, Tunny, They also locomotives called Camel, Pegasus, Blackbird The Wolf, Chaffinch, Flamingo, Kingfisher, Lizard, Paddington, Penguin, Seagull, Skylark, Starling, Swallow, Swift, Swordfish, The Great Bear, The Lizard, White Horse,
  9. Having lived in strange places, mail order was part of my life long before the net arrived. I've ordered kits, not necessarily model railway, from the outer Hebrides the two times I lived there, Northumberland, and here in Norfolk. I didn't attempt it in the Falklands nor Saudi... Currently it's about a 50 mile round trip to either Norwich or Cromer to suitable shops, but in N and EM both have extremely limited supplies of Highland railway or Midland and south western junction railway suitable materials..
  10. In Norwich at one time the Gentlemans Underwear section of M&S was in the entranceway to the cafe, I'm just going to get some underwear dear...
  11. Bit Like a friend I knew, British born, went to USA for work, took USA citizenship, came back to the UK, for a few years, voted For Brexit... then moved to France before it happened, I believe now getting French citizenship..
  12. One problem I have with the floating advert is that it doesn't scale with the window I have open. I often work with a full page spreadsheet , and the RMweb page taking 1/3 of the bottom right of the screen.. The floating advert then fills a large part of RMWEB. I note the floating Ad is sitting on top of other Ad's on some of the computers I use. . Todays most common advert for the top line advert.... and ad blocker...
  13. With the price of stuff these days, I carry £200 to a show and always carry £50
  14. Err Umm.. World wide you said... Delhi..
  15. One problem is some halls are steel framed and steel clad, you are effectively in a Faraday cage. At Spalding some traders have to walk to a fire door to get a signal for their card readers.. Here in deepest Norfolk,, there are often black holes where there are no signals , like at my MRC on some networks.. Another question how much is the data charge for having a phone on all day at the door? I don't know because my PAYG phone only makes phone calls,, nothing else. As for getting in free, I get up at stupid o'clock for work, so am awake early and go to shows early,, It's not been unknown for me to be helping in layouts when they arrive, and then walk to the ticket desk from the inside to pay to a surprised person .. I generally pay cash at the door and to traders by cash, though I have no objection to cards.. Cash though has the advantage of being invisible to the Authorities ..... SWMBO...
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