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  1. I used to regularly do work At RAF Sealand.. Which I believe straddled the border...
  2. The ultimate branch lines are the far north line and the Kyle line. Both met boats, the distances being 78 and 52 miles from Inverness.. But through expresses not often, Just slow jellicoe specials You could put a fast ish loco on.. But Track conditions won't allow speed.
  3. Oi you, what you doing outside dad's old office??? (Edinburgh castle) You get around a bit
  4. As I be born in zommerzet, I finds it hard to do Norfuk accent..
  5. and is where Norfolk wherries were loaded, they were the only hard banked sections of river.
  6. Wharf!!! WHARF!!! you be calling a railway station a train station next... My dear buoy on the broads that be called a Staithe..
  7. The other notorious low bridge is Wroxham / Hoveton, there the boat yard keeps a set of barrels which they fill with water to lower the boat..
  8. Actually there are a lot of hirers around at the moment, after the national lockdown there has been a bumper season for hire, so much so the boat yards have extended the season available at least to the end of October. Most are fully booked. Already 2021 bookings are 80% up on a normal year..
  9. I'd say this one.. But then I think you're talking of Narrow gauge 4ft 8 1/2 inches.. I think you need to limit the question to 20th century built locomotives... there were many very small 19th century built locomotives that were very small.. Oh most of the small Sentinels would stand a chance in 4ft 8.5 inch gauge
  10. it's common for old properties to own half the road outside the house, as I do.. absolutely no good to me due to rights of way.. But councils have been caught out thinking they'd divert a right of way / road and then plan to use the unused bit for something else, only to find it didn't belong to them...
  11. I'm currently converting half the garage into a workshop as, I have a shed for the railway. However, what I am doing, which I would recommend to anyone converting a double garage, is to divide it into two sections, one for the car the other for the layout/ It only needs a few sheets of OSB and a few battens.. But it means you keep the dust and damp out from the other side, you only need heat a smaller area. and you're not going to splash modelling paint on the car... As for that garage door, it definitely needs some Celotex or the like, glued to the back, as a the cold will just soak thr
  12. Hitting the lack of energy wall, started a few years ago for me. As I get older the time to the wall gets shorter. I can force myself to continue but not for long, and I pay for it later, with exhaustion and often a head ache. Lifting is a particular problem, a little to heavy, and I can feel the energy drain away, even if I've done nothing else.. It can take a couple of hours before I'm OK again.
  13. This poor old bridge has been hit many times since it was built about 1385, this is one of two culprits in the last week. There is an air draft marker board the other side of the bridge, There will be an air draft requirement plate on the dashboard.. It will lie, and tell the hirer the boat is about 6 inches taller than it is. Hirers are not allowed through that bridge without the pilot from the office by the height marker board. For most hire companies use of the pilot is free.
  14. Part of the problem is modern plastic models are so light, the pull of the locomotive exceeding weight holding them down. The tighter the radius the greater this problem causes. There is an old recommendation of weighting wagons or carriages, to be at least 50grams or 2 ounces per pair of axles. This may well sort many issues out.
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