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  1. Many doctors had insurance schemes where for a small amount a week the miner could cover the costs of a big bill. most of the citys and many bigger towns had free hospitals run by charities . GWR was famous for their medical facilities at Swindon to which any employee could be sent.
  2. But of course they weren't slaves, had there been better wages elsewhere they could leave...
  3. But the army started taking over Salisbury plain from 1898 now owning 150Square miles of it..
  4. Sugar Beet, it be only 13 mile from Castle Acre , a bit more on the Wissington light railway via KL..
  5. I've a revell 1/32 tornado ADV F2, that's part converted in to a F3, on the ground, radome open ( guess what I worked on) still in progress to be fully converted . A Matilda tank Tamiya 1/35, like grand dad went to war in. Not yet started, A hurricane spitfire pair 1/32 as per a great uncle flew. To be built. And a 304mm to the foot sailing boat, being rebuilt, I now need 175kg of lead..
  6. If they were in N I'd buy 4 cabins tomorrow and be severely tempted by the station..
  7. To me both are important, but each of my two layouts under construction are different. The Inherited layout Tiree built on the island of Tiree , N gauge, I lived in the Hebrides and went to school on the Kyle line. So the scenery is important I want to get the feel of the highlands and Islands. The railway is a minor part of that. The EM gauge layout, Ludgershall change for Tidworth takes vast amount of room, little space outside the boundary fence. But anyway, my grandfather Was The ganger there, getting the station, and all the buildings, signals and especially the track correct are very important . With only a dozen trains a day running is less important..
  8. I think with the speculation it would be easier to assume WW1 didn't occur at all had wiser heads prevailed. As is was just about everybody lost... So no boom in war time traffic, but no boost to car and lorry transport and certainly a lot less money put into aircraft development. Neither would the railways have been so run down as they were after the war. Unfortunately politicians would have still found ways of interfering with the railways.
  9. I think many of the smaller railways would have slowly collapsed, unless they could persuade one of the bigger ones to take them over. In the case of my favourite, the MSWJR, GWR would never have got their hands on it, so Midland /LSWR may have taken it over, to give them a route to Birimingham and the south coast. Alliances would certainly have been different, grouping generally put the railways in one area together. Being private , often alliances would have been against nearby other railways, provding more competition..
  10. The Kessock bridge is reckoned to be in Loch Beauly ( Beauly Firth) ..so that's a clue.. Interestingly I typed in Kessock ferry to check my facts, and it's not recognised by Google Maps, even though that's what we all called it..
  11. The garage probably has a cold concrete floor, a layer of 1 inch polystyrene topped with boarding will keep it warmer and more comfortable.. If there is a window double glaze it with a piece of acrylic..
  12. I use a 1b artists graphite stick like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lyra-4336947169-Graphite-Stick-9b/dp/B0012EXM62/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3KMKBJSSB6GYX&keywords=graphite+stick+9b&qid=1578992909&sprefix=graphite+stick+9b%2Caps%2C170&sr=8-2 Having given the track a first thing clean to clear any non conductive carp off. Then run round all the rails with it. I've a slope on a branch line of 3 inches in about 6ft, and a loco and 2 coaches happily go up it.. It definately does help keep things running and can be a quick fix at a show, rather than trying to clean track..
  13. The shop in question was in AL khobar, it only had airfix type kits from lots of manufacturers and radio control cars of the pre-built toy type. Never saw any railway stuff in there.
  14. Can we stick it down so it doesn't drift , what sort of applicator would you use?
  15. Outside of citys the roads surfaces were often what the local soil was. From photographs of troops marching, the area I'm modelling even what are now A Roads , were bare chalk, not macadam, even between the wars, which must have been dusty in the summer and slippery in the summer.. I noted when I lived there that when holes were dug the tarmac laid later was straight onto the chalk, except on the station approach road which had been cobbled at some point.
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