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  1. I forgot Coltishall where I lived for a while, the airfield is solar panels, the hangers an industrial estate. The single accommodation a prison, the married quarters sold off. Funny how what is perfectly acceptable as accommodation for servicemen and families has to be done up for sale or even for a prison as it's not good enough..
  2. Most of my and my Dads service in the RAF has Gone.. Aden, handed over to locals who are blowing each other up, Ballykelly, Army barracks Colerne , Army Driffield , abandoned, Neatishead, reduced in status from an RAF station to a Remote Radar Head just 25 people instead of 600, part of it is the RAF radar Museum Wittering still open!!! Benbecula reduced in status from an RAF station to a Remote Radar Head just 25 people from 100 Staxton Wold reduced in status from an RAF station of 600 people to a Remote Radar Head just 50 people. Buchan re
  3. I'm busy winding up my Gaidhlig speaking brother,, Him waving Scotland flags online.. He was born in Wiltshire of English born Parents... So I wave moonraker signs at him..
  4. Sadly it looks like our October Exhibition is no more.. The Hall we used to hire has stopped hiring permanently (it's a church hall). It's going to be used for Church purposes only. That means we have no hall, our main sponsor can't afford it this year anyway, having been closed for most of the year.. And when they can, there isn't a hall nearby we can use..
  5. Yep I too agree with crispy. My brother-in-law is a licenced asbestos stripper, and is very scathing about council jobsworths and asbestos companies touting for business. ( The company he works for only does commercial contracts) If you got a quote it would suddenly be the most dangerous item ever and the bill would go up tremendously. The latest panic is floor tiles, some had asbestos filler, and people go daft about them . But the asbestos in sealed in the main material, unless you grind it up into dust there will be no problem, a face mask is all that's needed. I have a asb
  6. The Midland and South Western Junction Railway, connections to LSWR, Midland and GWR. Owed money to Midland at grouping, carried through Midland carriages. Between Cheltenham you going to Southampton.
  7. For me I wanted to model a particular place and time, worked out the layout to scale.. Then built a shed around the plans..
  8. I prefer to build something that means something to me. So the home EM Gauge railway of a Lifetime, is of Ludgershall in Wiltshire, MSWJR, GWR, with LSWR, Southern from the South and Midland, LMS from the north. One side of the both sides of the family had connections to the line.. and I played on the remains of the station. Then also I've inherited a model railway built on Tiree in the inner Hebrides, I've lived in the outer Hebrides. So I'm remodeling it in Kyle Line style which I went to school on..
  9. Radar me-self, but when I carried an inspection stamp, I was also carrying an quality stamp and test stamp. So I checked the wiremen's work, then checked myself, then tested it myself...
  10. Wonder if I worked on anything you were involved in. Yep in our Branch of Marconi that's the type that were issued, and it's the type the company I currently work for uses. I do have a set of my own of that type. which I get out if I have a lot of wiring to do. However Like Stewart, I was originally trained just to use a pair of side cutters.
  11. Certainly no trainers at school when I left 1975.. Though I remember in the RAF in 1976 the uniform wear for sports was plimsoles but for some the private sportswear was trainers.. (it was still RAF plimsoles when I left that in 88). Shoes were something your parents bought you, you had no choice in the matter. Plain black as required by school. Shorts were required school uniform in primary school, along with white shirt, grey pullover, grey socks, black shoes and of course school tie. Secondary school, Black long trousers and black blazer the rest the same. Still have
  12. No, But "Morton Peto" By Adrian Vaughan covers the period of the Schleswig Holstein problem as Morton Peto built Railways in Schleswig.
  13. Here in coastal Norfolk I can see half a dozen railway carriage bungalows, from my front window. some fairly obvious, others are mostly enclosed. It must have been quite an exersize getting them there, down single track lanes with 90degree corners.
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