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  1. Ga lik is the closest I can type, as the Gaels would say it. that's ga not garh . Of course the Gaels are not Scots...
  2. Poll Mac Dè was always pronounced Pol-ma-de at the SRPS Bo'ness. Actually sandy Bay, or Mel Vik in Old Norse, in Gaidhlig is pronounced more like Mal lik as ending "G"s often are in Gaidhlig However AI is much more random and seems to change from word to word, I can't get my brain around whether it's An A, Ai , or I in the Gaelic.
  3. The Bure Valley Railway has crossings without lights or barriers
  4. That's what I said to my MRC who abandoned our show in May, the show not being due till October..
  5. With the current limit of no more than 30 people being in a gathering (even with distancing) I guess they are hoping that will be somewhat expanded by then.
  6. or someone parking a Ice cream van outside, filling the marquee with diesel smoke at one exhibition, we were exhibiting in..
  7. Remember the filling attendant, however doing filling, was probably stood there with a lit fag in his mouth....
  8. Airfix do a couple of different landing craft in 1/72.scale, one of them may well be a good starting point to make a caly mac ferry.. The only small caly mac ferries I've been on were on the Kyle Akin route to Skye very different, though I've seen the little landing craft type in Oban, while catching the big ferry to the Outer Hebrides..
  9. Most shows from what I've seen are almost already organised for 2021, they've just asked those booked for 2020 to come next year, and many have accepted..
  10. Now the question is would they have built the railway line to Tarbert, for which there would be little Ferry traffic, Or West Tarbert, for better access to the Hebridies fishing, and the bigger ferries to the Isles..
  11. The Aylsham show also allows Friday late afternoon / early evening set up, in fact it's easier for us stewarding the show.. Though the club members themselves, do help both traders and exhibitors unload / load vhicles on both the Friday and Saturday. Our " Big Guest layout" has come from up to 2.5 hours away..
  12. Certain lamp posts on say a tight corner, may even still have had the remains, of the lower say six foot still painted white, from black out days..
  13. Oh and there is no such thing as an English Government, there are Northern Irish, Welsh, Scottish Parliaments of limited powers, and a British Parilament elected by the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. To which MPs of any part of the UK can be in the Government. Also MPs of any part of the UK can and do vote on matters which only apply to England while only their parties can vote on the same matters in their own parliaments..
  14. The Broxburn I was Referring to is next door to Dunbar, unfortunately the mileage checker I used picked up the wrong Broxburn yes 25 miles of really crappy road to Berwick.. it just feels like 70.. The A10 is Nowhere near as bad as the A17..
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