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  1. 3 hours 35 minutes till I get a new hole in my arm
  2. Alnwick was mentioned earlier. You wouldn't see the castle but you can see the town wall's. From the road outside. Ludgershall, on the MSWJR. From the civilian passenger station you have the village in the way, but from the goods yard / military platforms you can see the castle outer embankments on which the walls once stood. Between the two on Butt Street lived the ganger of the track at ludgershall..Who was also custodian of the castle ( he cut the grass, maintained fencing and chased the kids off the remains)... My granddad. Ps Butt Street. The Butts are where
  3. you'd shouldn't have said that.. just just what does a Polybear sound like?....
  4. Dingham, Spratt and Winkle, Alex Jackson?
  5. It may well be Model Rail deliberately hasn't sent a example of the Loco to be reviewed.. Magazines Don't go out and buy them . They wait till one is sent in for review..
  6. And in our area a lack of tourists..
  7. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact RM are hourly paid staff, while most couriers are either self employed , or paid a minimal amount and then earn more by the drop..
  8. On the radar stations , you'd normally get a Flt Lt in charge of a engineering Shift, sometimes one of the lower forms of life. In later days a FO would be more common as they reduced numbers before they did away with them and the shifts were looked after by the Chief Technician.. There would be Electronic and Mechanical Sqn Ldrs, The Wing CO was in charge of all technical facilities we had Eng wing and Ops wing, Wing COs Who of course reported to the CO.. There were similar arrangements of the radar operators side.. Mind you on one station I was on, the Flt
  9. So a flight lift tennant would be no good..
  10. Not a series one.. They are much to valuable to modify , but how about a series 3.. https://www.designboom.com/technology/zero-labs-electric-land-rover-series-iii-suv-08-04-2020/ or something a bit more modern, A defender conversion https://www.fwi.co.uk/machinery/4x4s/electric-conversion-gives-old-land-rover-defenders-a-200-mile-range
  11. There are two ways at looking at trackside furniture on former highland lines.. Traditionally Highland Railways boxed in their point rodding to prevent snow / ice freezing them up and signal cable to semaphore signals went to the signals on 10ft -15ft posts above ground for the same reason.. Today the lines are radio controlled with "electronic tokens" and very few conventional signals.
  12. My first set was mid to late ,1960s, the equivalent of the Hornby smokey Joe set, I have a few pieces of that left. My last layout left at my parents didn't survive my nephew's and nieces. I have a few pieces of it left, a Triang Hornby hall with a broken front buffer beam, one or two wagons, and a carriage, much of the other stuff went missing, a couple of carriages many wagons and the buildings
  13. Yep I'm intending to use permanently fixed rakes of wagons, on my N layout with maybe just the last wagon or two able to be picked off at a wayside station. I'm still looking for a good 2mm coupler , I prefer Dingham in 4mm but they don't make them for N..
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