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  1. I was issued a British registered Renault at Heathrow with a speedo in kilometers... Interesting with all those speed cameras on the m25. I've also had a snowdrop (aka RAF policeman) try to charge me with driving on the wrong side of the road... It was a one way street and I was about to turn right...
  2. Opps at least it was the barriers not a train... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/norwich-cromer-trains-suspended-crash-at-level-crossing-1-6004347
  3. Americans give short measure, 16 fluid ounces in a pint, Imperial gives the full measure 20 fluid oz in a pint..
  4. Well I'm also using cubits aka a breeze block length, that is lengths of 18 inches to build a garage at the moment, Oh what joy tomorrow... foundations...
  5. I was at meeting about SI units yesterday, the only physically compared measurement left is the 1KG lump of metal held in France. All the others are measured Items. A lot of yesterdays meeting was on the efforts to make a repeatable measured replacement for the KG.
  6. If you have another side of road to drive on , That's an unusually wide road for the highlands and Islands..
  7. I prefer Swan books, as they are the best for the line I'm interested in, however books from the other two companies I prefer Oakwood... I like words. However in most cases if I'm interested in a line. I eventually end up buying everything printed on the subject.
  8. funnily enough by producing an inscticide with Nicotine in it, like the modern banned nicotinoids, but with out the health and safety..
  9. 1. What type of railway locomotive would you be - steam or modern diesel-electric traction? steam 2. What company would it be for? MSWJR or Highland Railways 3. How big or small would the engine (you) be? Large boilered with my waisteline 4. What wheel arrangement woudl you have? 4-6-0 5. What gauge would you run on - standard gauge, narrow gauge or miniature gauge? STD 6. What would your purpose be - express passenger, heavy freight, mixed-traffic (branch-line traffic or main-line traffic) or shunting? Heavy freight 7. For the steam enthusiast: would the engine (you) have a tender or tanks? tender very tender 8. For the diesel enthusiast: would the engine (you) be big (Co-Co, 1Co-Co1 or A1A) or small (Bo-Bo, single-bogie, 0-6-0 or 0-4-0)? 9. Which is your favourite railway company you’d like to be a proud part of? MSWJR or Highland 10. After years of service, what would your fate be after withdrawal (scrapped or preserved - if preserved, would it be static display or restored to running service)? I think the way I feel, old decrepit, shoved into a siding and not working at all well..
  10. I've had a look at my books, and the turntable at Kyle was 50 ft till 1946 or 1948 depending which book I'm looking at. it was extended to 54Ft on one of those dates. Therefore until the extension, Black 5s and the majority of Highland railways 4-6-0s and some 4-4-0s were too long for the turntable
  11. Off the top of my head I can't remember, but IIRC it was in the during the LMS period before the turntable got extended again. Of course today there is no turntable so any steam loco has to run backwards..
  12. I think you wrote that wrong, A loco (tank or tender) might NOT be turned to keep the water over the firebox on a steep line. Sometimes tender locos might not be turned if they were two long for the turntable, I remember reading that occuring occasionally on the Kyle line...62 miles of tender first!!. Generally if possible chimney first, that puts the driver on the correct side for the signals, if fitted with tablet exchange mechanisum, that puts that on the correct side (few locos had them both sides).
  13. Two views of rock sea defences near me and a photo of what they are preventing the1953 floods. (my house was on a island during the floods)
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