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  1. All been interesting, followed you each day - now, whens that SER brake van out?!!! Keep safe and thanks again!
  2. Well, a nice looking SER brake van anyway!
  3. Now that is a print I would happy to buy if you add it to your list!
  4. Hi Tom, I have the same book as you but my assumption on a variety of books generally - plus photos - is that it was lighter earlier and became much darker post Wainwright. Hard to say but my feeling is that the dark is much too dark for late Wainwright - more Maunsell (maybe a bit dark even for that) but the light a 'shade too light' (as Bulleid is supposed to have said agreeing malachite). Closer though - and of course as you say, the camera has made them look different anyway. And with a bit of weathering...
  5. Looks very nice! Just needs an SER 'break' van to go with this and the others... ;-
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