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  1. No it isn't at its normally more like 50% mark up so after around 33% discount from RRP its a loss. Thats based on experience of working in a model railway shop some years ago What does happen is suppliers drop their price to shift stock so retailers can buy cheaper and then reduce the price of remaining stock to either break even on what they have left or average out the price across remaining and new stock
  2. I looked not long after 5 and it was £86, it gone up £50 since then
  3. I got delivery notification yesterday and it arrived before 10 this morning - my first SLW loco and its damn good. The packaging and even the box it shipped in are great - proper packing!
  4. Feeling left out LOL - no payment taken yet
  5. Where does it say it's in stock, It still says pre-order but I maybe missing something
  6. As there is nothing yet on the Bachmann website my guess would be there are 2 more to be announced I thought these would have been 47's to try and undermine the new Heljan release though by taking some of the remaining unique liveries like 47803
  7. I had this happen to me a couple of times on the old website - available stock doesn't seem to be linked to the website and can be well out of date which I suspect this one was
  8. I can't belief people giving grief for doing the right thing and telling people why there is a delay - other companies have just continued and got it wrong or delatyed and not said why More than happy to wait for my ones to arrive
  9. Don't think an apology is required, these things happen
  10. As limited editions generally are 500 or sometimes 300 (Kernow's recent Hornby ones for example) then it must be lower 'The question is why are models discounted in the first place ? Is it because the manufacturer has produced too many, and/or priced them higher than the market will bear, so the shopkeeper has to reduce the price to shift the stock ?' - same with any product really, it gives competitive advantage to retailers doing it when its in demand or allows them to release funds when not selling or when they need cashflow
  11. Given orders can be placed years in advance (its took 4 years or more for the Mk2F's to arrive) then your suggestion just wouldn't be viable and I'm sure you wouldn't do it yourself depending on the reason for stopping supply
  12. If you had pre orders and cancel but still buy elsewhere due to lack of supply then the manufacturer would surely just reallocate if other retailers want to order extras? There are some obvious reasons why supply could be stopped (if you look at the T&C's) however its the retailer that needs to keep customers informed as if the supplier did it they may be in a difficult position regardless of the reasons
  13. Given its now been best part of six weeks since the last new Bachmann items appeared on the New Stock list (not discounts, split from sets or from other retailers) then whatever the issue is (looking at the T&C's I have an obvious candidate or two) I have cancelled and bought elsewhere and anyone with pre-orders that have arrived with other retailers should consider the same in case Bachmann sell out - within the 8 week from release period there is no greater discount than 15% other than free postage which some shops do offer but Hattons don't I do think Hattons (not Bachmann) should issue some sort of statement as at the moment customers have no idea which if you are on the ball doesn't matter as you can cancel and get elsewhere but if not you could end up disappointed if Bachmann sell out before this is resolved
  14. very slow at the moment - to be fair to them I've had a load of problems recently with my hosting provider being very slow so I've moved and its ok now with the same website - obviously every time i complained it was my website code that was the issue :-)
  15. Prices for old tooling are going mad £50 and £55 for a TEA in liveries already produced is stupid. They need to be careful when Accurascale are doing 3 new model PCA's for £70 yet Bachmann want £25 for old MEA's (so £75 for 3) - production costs are probably similar but the MEA mould has more than been paid for
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