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  1. How are you bracing the legs to stop the whole thing collapsing like a house of cards before the complete circuit is built?
  2. this photograph on rail-scot is from 1990 and shows the beams as being plain grey on the rail side. https://www.railscot.co.uk/img/51/315/
  3. I'm sure Simon will give the 'official' response when he next sees this but in the interim (and from a Track engineer so some of the terminology might not be 100%) Red Circles - AWS magnets. The letter P means (I think) they are suppresed so the extra long variety Blue circles - standard 2 aspect (Red/Green) colour light signal Green circles - ground shunt signal Yellow circle - 2 aspect (Red/Yellow) signal with route indicator box Orange circle - 2 aspect (red/yellow) signal with route indicator box and call on aspect Purple circle - 2 aspect (red/green) with call on aspect. Cheers Jeff.
  4. The original post (not Sir Douglas but whomever he has quoted) is so over the top as to likely put potential supporters off. Comparing standard arch bridges to Stonehenge? Seriously someone needs to wake up and smell the coffee. For those (very) few structures where a realistic preservation extension/cycle path is likely I'm sure HE would be delighted to sell the maintenance liability for a nominal £.
  5. It also has the unfortunate result that fewer signalling renewals take place due to the excessive costs from the monopoly suppliers resulting in old, obsolete equipment having to be nursed from many years. Had the other suppliers been given the time to develop their systems to meet the (overly onerous?) UK specific requirements then, with wider choice, more signalling could be brought up to modern standards.
  6. Hi Martin, Left hand door is the 'thunderbox' usually, right hand door is the messing/office area. The genny/storage area is though the double doors on the end.
  7. The old 75T breakdown cranes have been retired. The various Kirow cranes are owned by various infrastructure renewal contractors and NR has one they bought themselves but the operate largely in a pool. The NR and Volker cranes are in Scotland just now waiting permission to deal with the derailment at Carmont. That leaves the Colas crane and the 2 Balfour cranes, it may be the Colas one was the only one available due to prior book work although the Balfour cranes come with some additional issues. All the main FOC's have contracts with NR for engineering train haulage so potentially who had spare drivers/locos to resource given the short timescales but the crew and the loco can be from different FOC's and on large engineering possessions where a train arrives and departs days later often are.
  8. Wikipedia (I know) has it as announced in 2008 and implemented in 2009.
  9. Since nowadays the 'T' stands for tired testing, they are a telecoms asset even though full of signalling cables and the telecoms cable is often the green FTN cable running outwith the trough! I keep getting reminded of this the our Signalling chief everytime I'm asking for money to upgrade said troughing while renewing the S&C and the existing route is full to bursting.
  10. There was at least 1 coach used with the original track renewal train. Saw it sitting at Bescot once many years ago, it was in the Jarvis colours then.
  11. Whats the role of the signal on the right with only the 1 lamp visible?
  12. Ordered mines direct last week, can't wait to see them in the flesh.
  13. Looks like a typical childs model railway with tracks crammed into every available space
  14. Actually they're designed in KPH and rounded (down) to the nearest 5mph.
  15. Up here its been 113A S&C unless a long switch (greater than F) for a long time however the new RAM has apparently decided that if the book say NR60 for higher cat lines then NR60 S&C it will be so.
  16. Are you perhaps thinking of NR60 mk2 which is (allegedly) the same footprint as vertical 113A layouts but in NR60 rail?
  17. Trog, If you really hate the local TME then its a CEN60 concrete layout butting onto the bullhead siding with a (short) IBJ transition rail between.....
  18. Will do. Quick question. There is a part in the pack called 'corrected parts' but can't see from the instruction which parts it is supposed to replace. It looks like parts for the outer top section framework maybe ? Any Ideas?? Thanks Jeff.
  19. Am hoping to be demoing building a set on the Scottish Modellers/demu stand at Glasgow on the Saturday. Got PC3 parts printed and half way through PC4 at the moment. Printed on an Aldi printer so a bit of tidying up to do on the parts first. Jeff.
  20. If you're 3d printing the parts would it not be easier to print the complete bench if its all the same material?
  21. Simon, The card should have the cura software, a copy of the manuals, quick start guide and leveling instructions along with 3 sample print files. All are available on the balco (www.balcolifestyle.com) website although there is a newer (v3) version of the Cura software available direct from ultimaker. Cheers Jeff.
  22. Wow.... How many days did it take for that to print?
  23. Did it have support built into it as a freestanding bar with nothing underneath is a tall ask for a printer?
  24. Jim, Check that in the file for the printer in Cura that the heated bed is ticked. I couldn't find one on the SD card or the website so created one from scratch but initially forgot to tick heated bed and had some issues with adhesion. Edit: just found the cura profiles for PLA and ABS on the Balco customer support webpage. Cheers Jeff.
  25. Millerhill is gone to make way for the EMU stabling depot. Don't think there's any DBC servicing north of the border unless at Mossend?
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