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  1. Hi all, I'm looking for any info, photos, track plans etc for this depot for a possible modelling project, circa 1970s to closure. Any help most appreciated.
  2. I don't feel that it translates as well to miniature models. looks fine on the real thing but stands out and looks wrong to my eyes in model form.
  3. On the front views of the green loco from Olivia's site, the left hand model, right hand marker light is not centred. I'm hoping this is just on this particular model.
  4. this model looks fantastic. it really captures the look.
  5. I've not looked at all the smaller errors so i can't comment but the face of the loco looks wrong. The rake of the front looks to be too steep. I thought this when i saw the EP and I still think it now having seen the TMC model. That makes it a no from me. The Hornby model is still the best in terms of overall body shape.
  6. I'm very pleased I got to sample them on the Norwich to Lowestoft shuttles, front coach window open, head firmly outside. What a racket. They're the first new build traction in decades that have interested me. Regarding complaints, would it be the cheaper, as a first course of action, to further soundproof the stabling/refuelling facility at Scarborough rather than altering a full fleet of locomotives?
  7. The front 'face' looks like the old 'n' gauge Farish Poole model of their class 25/3.
  8. the three equal sized sections below the running plate look very roughly surfaced. i'm not certain what i'm actually looking at?
  9. i've never had an issue with #6 points. they work perfectly. so many seem to have issues with #4s. i've avoided using them when doing my initial research on track systems.
  10. Many thanks Roy, I'm going to email the shop and ask them about this model and how it's arrived in the condition it's in. your offer of a spring is appreciated. i may be touch if the shop can't provide one. regards, peak
  11. this is what i'm thinking too. technically it's a new model made from a hybrid of original body and a replacement chassis/motor. i was hoping someone would be able to date it via the product code. i've no layout to run it on at present.
  12. it cost me £85 https://www.glrailways.co.uk/Heljan-class-17---oo-gauge-deal-318-p.asp
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