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  1. Many thanks Roy, I'm going to email the shop and ask them about this model and how it's arrived in the condition it's in. your offer of a spring is appreciated. i may be touch if the shop can't provide one. regards, peak
  2. this is what i'm thinking too. technically it's a new model made from a hybrid of original body and a replacement chassis/motor. i was hoping someone would be able to date it via the product code. i've no layout to run it on at present.
  3. it cost me £85 https://www.glrailways.co.uk/Heljan-class-17---oo-gauge-deal-318-p.asp
  4. Thanks for you reply John. I'll fire the shop an email regarding the spring. I own a few Heljan locos, a pair of 26s, a 27 and a 128 DPU and they all came with buffers fitted. They've all been great runners but i'm aware of the initial issues with the 17. The buffer beam detail on this Clayton is exquisite. My thoughts were that maybe this was an early model with a replacement motor.
  5. Hi all, I've just purchased what was described by the shop I bought it from as a brand new Heljan OO gauge class 17. The serial number is 17991 - loco number is D8574. It certainly looks brand new and unused, however it came with the sprung buffers not fitted and in a separate bag (one buffer is missing a spring). All the buffer beam pipe work is fitted at each end. I'm aware that there were multiple problems with many of the initial batches of these locos. *Is my model part of this initial batch? *Where can i procure a replacement spring for the buffer? *where may I get transfers to renumber to an RTC example?
  6. if you placed a wall on the left hand end it would remove the impression that your station is only half size
  7. interestingly, the closed door with the wasp stripes seems to made of four panels that i presume, when opened, concertina together rather than being a roller shutter door; or are my eyes deceiving me?
  8. that would be the natural law of looking after your fellow human's well being.
  9. that would be great as long as it doesn't contravene social distancing laws. i wouldn't want to encourage lawbreaking! i'm looking to replace the blades on my n gauge society models to something that looks like the real thing, using CAD and 3D printing, so it's that part i'm most interested
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for some technical drawings with all relative dimensions of the British Rail built ZZA independent snowploughs. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
  11. it's good to see this comparison. i was worried that the face and rake of the window pillar would look wrong on the Bachmann but i think, in the main, it compares favourably with the SLW although the SLW, to my mind, comes out top.
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