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  1. i find turning the chisel 'upside down' helps to minimise making deep nicks and holes in the surrounding plastic. often times a handrail can be removed in one pass with minimal, if any, need for sanding or filling.
  2. Cant help on your quest but Buxton has had a few iterations
  3. Thank you Paul. i used to be but i'm not a member anymore. it's good to know that there's this option.
  4. Thanks Mark. So it is an error then. i failed to find a photo showing these irregular spaced ribs and i surmised as much. I might try to find one and see if i can't remove them and start again with plastic strip.
  5. Hi all, i have a question: I'm looking to add some coal hoppers to my fleet but looking at the Dapol offering the bodyside ribs are spaced differently from the regularly spaced ribs on this photo in the link. Is the Dapol model, with it's irregularly spaced ribs, based on an actually prototype? https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/br21thopperrivet/h2f5a7ac6#h334cc997
  6. Were these wagons exclusively restricted to MOD traffic or could they be found working for other customers?
  7. has anyone any experience of these paints? The range looks comprehensive. https://www.sprayster.com/coloured-spray/
  8. Hi all. I wondered if anyone had attempted, successfully, this operation and could give me some tips and pointers? Regards, Peak
  9. Thanks for all your replies. A hot wire cutter sounds interesting. I'll look into that.
  10. Thanks Andy. I'm hoping not to have to cover it. I want to sculpt it and then just paint it. I feel, from working on a small piece with a Stanley blade, that that's going to give the best result. I may spray it was something like Plasticote just to give it a bit more strength and robustness against knocks.
  11. Hi all, I'm using Celotex foam for my scenery. It's a dense foam used in loft insulation. I'm making rocks/cliff faces i.e, a gorge/landslip. I'm guessing it's a common material to use and I wondered what tools/techniques others had used to sculpt it. A Stanley knife blade is too short for some of the deep cuts I'd be wanting to make. I'm looking for a tool that'll leave flat, smooth surfaces so I'm guessing a serrated edge wouldn't be an option. I'd be grateful for any hints/tips etc anyone could provide.
  12. Yes, that's interesting and it has maybe informed my decision not to buy one now. I model Manchester region, late 70s/early 80s and ScR region, same period and I'm guessing these cranes wouldn't have been seen in those parts.
  13. Thanks chaps. That what I thought. For the record, I like them.
  14. Just a quick one. Am I correct in thinking that there are only 3 coaches in this range, a Brake Composite, a Second Corridor and a Buffet?
  15. The profile of the lower edge of the blade is seriously wrong on the model. It's straight on the prototype and massively curved on the models
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