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  1. just an update... I managed to clean the easy bits without taking it a part which improved things a little bit. Rightly or wrongly I then decided to pull it around with my 47 as it kept stopping every couple of feet when it hit a dirty spot on its own. After running around slowly with my 47 in both directions for 20mins it seems to have cleaned itself and it now runs like a dream on its own!! . If I do order any more custom weathered items I will make sure I ask them to check it before they release it. Maybe they do and this one slipped the net, The trouble was worth it, it does look
  2. As you guys thought, the backs of the wheels were "black" will attempt to clean it off one night this week and see if that helps... may have to take the engine apart to get to the pick ups though
  3. thanks for the info all... with the pick ups is it as simple as just bending them more?
  4. Thanks for the information. I will play around a bit more and see if I can adjust the pick ups etc. The wheels were spotless though straight out of the box. I am guessing it picks up on the main driving wheels as the tender has traction tyres. I was wondering if it was something to do with the connection from the tender to the loco.
  5. Will have to I think. It does have a medium weathering applied but I would have thought if that had affected anything they would have sorted it out. Surly they test the locos before they send them out?
  6. Morning All, Hope this is the right section to post. I was recently bought a new Jubilee from TMC for Christmas which looks stunning. Bearing in mind this is my first new engine in roughly 10 - 15 years, I was expecting to put it on the track and do the running in process for an hour in each direction without much trouble. Unfortunately it is very sluggish straight out of the box and only moves for a couple of cm then stalls again requiring a push to get it going (the track is clean etc.). Is this normal or have I got a bad one? In the past I would have said it just needs a run
  7. any progress been made on this layout?
  8. Always wondered why people don't people more preserved railways, its a licence to run anything you want pretty much... keep the pic's coming!! Will be there on Saturday for the Gala!
  9. This maybe of interest...Bradford Model Railway Club have built an O gauge model of Oxenhope back in the day! They have a very good website... Ironically my dad is the webmaster! http://www.bradfordmrc.org.uk/ http://www.bradfordmrc.org.uk/Oxenhope_details.html Let me know if you need any more pics or info, I would be happy to help or someone at the club will have the info you require I am sure.
  10. Wow extremely tight fit!!how big is the speaker? thanks for the pics!
  11. Thanks for posting... could you take some pics with the body off please?
  12. Good info again thanks guys... I have blown the decoder up on this since my post ... seems one of the bushes was touching the chassis somewhere.. live and learn though I guess. Its currently on its way back to me but in the mean time I am going to concentrate on creating a space or an enclosure as mentioned above. I think one of the nose ends seems to be a sensible place for it? I will post some pictures and videos if I don't make too much of a butchers job of it!!
  13. Anyone got any advice? Sorry to bump this..
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