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  1. Is that shot taken at the Bay platform at Sandown? I remember it being kept there when I saw it, when we used to go on holidays there. I remember it in its later years, it wasn’t long after that when it was replaced by 03 079.
  2. Great shots of the Isle of Wight’s 05, thanks for sharing.
  3. Hello Anthony, for the past two days of lockdown I have been Enjoying reading your topic. I have not seen it before so have had a lot of catching up to do. Your project is very impressive indeed. I used to go on holiday to that area when I was young, penmaenmawr to be specific, happy memories. I am really looking forward to see future developments of your project. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you RJL.
  4. What an unusual shot of “Falcon” on the tracks......
  5. As always I think this layout is fantastic. Plenty of length to run prototypical trains, I could stand there for ages. ( and I did) watching the trains go by. They could do with putting a smoke generator in that Fell that is always stuck in the head Shunt!
  6. Ivor the Engine was great. Brought back some childhood memories. Thank you Ian.
  7. I really liked this layout it was packed with details. One thing that I was asking myself, why were there all those monks around the engine shed? Was it an outing for them?
  8. I really enjoyed the event, there were some fantastic models and of course lots of stalls to hunt for bargains and unusual items. I managed to purchase some good books too, which I had to smuggle past the BOSS when I got back home. thank you, looking forward for next year.
  9. All colded up!:chok_mini: could be man flu?

  10. The weekend starts here:yahoo:

  11. Just back from a stressful day at work. There is nothing more relaxing than exploring the rmweb pages:D

  12. Is not commenting on anything from now on.

    1. Ozexpatriate


      Is a comment on nothing an implicit comment on something?

    2. Corbs


      That's a shame, we could have gotten on splendidly but you don't respond to me :(


      Q: If you do respond to this, does it count as a comment or a reply to a comment?

    3. RJL


      No comment.

  13. We are all entitled to our own opinions, wether they be right or wrong

    1. Corbs


      Try and have a bit of empathy though, mate. The team have had to update the site in any case as it was struggling and had gaping security holes. They are trying to get the functionality of the site back to what it was so that people can continue to enjoy it, so to then have a barrage of angry messages and users complaining whilst they are working on it, and have been doing so pretty much all day every day for the last 5 days, that kind of thing hurts.

    2. Corbs


      What I mean is, put yourself in their shoes. It's been a really stressful time to get the site updated and back online, there are hundreds of issues still to sort, lots of people have contributed to an FAQ thread to explain why this has happened and how to use the new site.

      I'm not sure if you have had a look at the FAQ but I hope you understand why your comment 'why fix it if it isn't broken' could come across as just a teeny bit antagonistic?

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