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  1. All colded up!:chok_mini: could be man flu?

  2. The weekend starts here:yahoo:

  3. RJL

    Construction for Snitzl - The Little People.

    When I look at what modellers are doing. I really am in awe of the talent that is out there!
  4. RJL

    D5079 Hellifield to Carlisle.JPG

    A fantastic shot,
  5. Just back from a stressful day at work. There is nothing more relaxing than exploring the rmweb pages:D

  6. Is not commenting on anything from now on.

    1. Ozexpatriate


      Is a comment on nothing an implicit comment on something?

    2. Corbs


      That's a shame, we could have gotten on splendidly but you don't respond to me :(


      Q: If you do respond to this, does it count as a comment or a reply to a comment?

    3. RJL


      No comment.

  7. We are all entitled to our own opinions, wether they be right or wrong

    1. Corbs


      Try and have a bit of empathy though, mate. The team have had to update the site in any case as it was struggling and had gaping security holes. They are trying to get the functionality of the site back to what it was so that people can continue to enjoy it, so to then have a barrage of angry messages and users complaining whilst they are working on it, and have been doing so pretty much all day every day for the last 5 days, that kind of thing hurts.

    2. Corbs


      What I mean is, put yourself in their shoes. It's been a really stressful time to get the site updated and back online, there are hundreds of issues still to sort, lots of people have contributed to an FAQ thread to explain why this has happened and how to use the new site.

      I'm not sure if you have had a look at the FAQ but I hope you understand why your comment 'why fix it if it isn't broken' could come across as just a teeny bit antagonistic?

  8. Why change it if it isn’t broken!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Corbs
    3. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      I'm just fed up of some people thinking they can take cheap shots and we're just expected to sit and take it. It's not on. 

    4. Andy Y

      Andy Y

      @snitzl - I'd like to have more time supporting members like you who have spent time making your area as good as you have, instead I get sucked downwards by those who are doommongers.

  9. RJL

    Making a high street

    One main thing to remember when modelling a High Street is not to fill the road with cars and lorries, this can be easy to do with all the excellent diecast models around these days. Also the amount of members of the public on the street may be greater than you would first hint to make the scene look authentic.
  10. RJL

    Hornby 2019 announcements

    and a rake of those Sherwood Colliery 7 plank wagons no doubt.
  11. RJL

    Railroad Barclay

    Mine fits in nicely on my colliery layout

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