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  1. I'd not usually criticise grammatical mistakes and poor use of language as I am terrible when it comes to grammar and writing. Seriously. I have to put an awful lot of effort into writing reports etc at work, an effort I don't make when writing stuff here (which is very obvious). However, if you're publishing material then you really need to make an effort to get it right as it does look a bit amateurish to issue sales material, reports, brochures etc which include silly mistakes. For all it is hard work I do make the effort to get it right at work, there are some excellent software packages that can help and having stuff reviewed and edited before release is a sensible QC check (in many organisations that is a mandatory requirement before anything is released externally). Even a small one person band should know someone who is able to review a short press release or be able to get hold of one of the software packages that can help.
  2. A very maligned machine, although it wasn't a success there was some clever thinking in the design. Nice to see it being offered in model form!
  3. Model railways are an entirely discretionary purchase, nobody needs a model train. As such, if people want them then they will buy them, and sellers will exist to serve that demand. Whether it is via bricks and mortars shops (some of which survive and do seem to be doing well) or by on-line sellers will be decided by the market. I am a model railway enthusiast but I really do not see any reason why the market can't be left to decide which sellers will thrive in a market serving persons who clearly have disposable income and are looking to use it to buy discretionary items to pursue their hobbies or interests. We're not talking about access to potable water here. This may sound brutal, but many of the model shops of yesteryear weren't very good, and the "box shifters" are very good at what they do in offering competitive prices, a wide selection and good customer service (for the most part anyway). Physical bricks and mortars shops survive where they offer something of value to the customer, many of them however don't.
  4. I think with any comparison it is highly sensitive to individual experiences. If I was to base my opinion of rail travel on the overall average of my commute (which after all is the overwhelming bulk of the time I spend on trains) I'd say it was OK but not great. I'd rate it as probably no better or no worse than European short haul flying. If I was to judge it from first class on Virgin WCML services I'd rate it highly, but then again I'd rate business class on airlines like Cathay Pacific, Singapore and Qatar very highly. Comparing the best experience of air travel with being stuck at Euston when everything has been cancelled is just as meaningless as comparing the best experience of rail travel with Ryanair. I think which is better depends on distance to be travelled. It's the same with driving, driving on a nice road with no congestion is very enjoyable but there's no joy being stuck in the traffic jam that is the M6 between Preston and the bridge over the Manchester ship canal.
  5. Something to keep in mind is that the technical expertise in most cases is with the factory, who develop the CAD, tooling etc. That is not always the case and some producers have in house design capabilities but I suspect that in most cases the involvement of the "manufacturer" named on the box is to sign off on the work of the factory. Something that became very obvious in the DJM story despite DJ's bombastic claims regarding his prowess as a designer. None of that is a criticism, the Chinese factories are extremely competent and capable but it explains why you can see certain similarities in design between different manufacturers if you look. Even if this is nothing to do with the DJM project it is clear that the factories did significant work on some projects and I am guessing that they would be happy for another client to pick up the projects.
  6. The factory may have sought a new partner for the project. Nothing wrong with someone else working with the factory is that was the case, which is pure speculation on my part.
  7. Where did I say Slw products are toys? I commented that I think Steve Jobs of Apple would approve of the presentation. Given that Apple are seen as a benchmark for presentation and giving people a warm glow from the purchase experience and unboxing I would consider it a compliment.
  8. Have received mine and I have to say it is a remarkable model on every level, and packaged in a style which would get an approval from Steve Jobs (were he still alive....), everything about it just screams quality. The tin box may be a gimmick but it is a feel good gimmick that brings a warm glow, and it is very nicely done (probably the best I've seen, tin boxes are surprisingly popular for packaging models). On the model itself, as some of you know my principal interest in model trains in North American and Japanese outline brass HO, and the levels of detail, finish and attention to getting it right on this model match (or surpass) my brass models. The glazing, the paint finish, the printing, it is just all exceptionally well done. And as for shape and the all important "face" of the model, it just looks right to me. When these were first released I was sceptical and took against some of the semi-cultish reaction from some, hailing SLW as the second coming of the messiah type reactions, and to be honest I'm still not a fan of cultish behaviour but I will say that this model is outstanding, a remarkable piece of model making, and thoroughly deserves it's acclaim as a benchmark in OO models. And for the price, tremendous value. When I look at the attention to the overall presentation, packaging and detail of this model and look at price relative to other models it represents excellent value for money. And no pre-ordering, manufacture to order or crowdfunding type stuff. Well done to SLW, I'll admit that I'm eating a few words that may be dug up from me earlier in this thread...…..
  9. What to say, other than recognise just what a horrible catastrophe this was and express sympathy for the bereaved, simply awful. If anything good is to come out of this hopefully it will be improved safety standards.
  10. Any business prices in stuff like technical dead ends, cost of credit, late payment, lost bids, wastage and 1001 other things that cost money and have to be paid by someone into their pricing model. So I think it a bit unfair to beat up KRM on that one.
  11. We are always discussing model prices here, and it always generates much debate. For a bit of (harmless or pointless) fun I offer a few pictures I took a couple of weeks ago in Tokyo, I'll let y'all do the conversion. Yes friends, buying SLW Class 24's or Golden Age Brighton Belle models is for the poverty stricken compared to buying , tuna or beef in Japan
  12. In today's market it is really rather nice to be able to just buy a model when it arrives from the factory, from a supplier willing to put their own money up to develop the product and carry their own risk.
  13. Wow!! This is not really my thing, but on the basis it is an absolutely stunning model and I always had a soft spot for the red/blue research livery I have just ordered one under "rule 1". I have to hand it to SLW, they have done a spectacular job and in todays market the price is not unreasonable, well done them.
  14. Didn't Atlas already try a range of relatively affordable true to scale accurate two rail O models for the US market which failed to really make an inroad?
  15. A significant amount of perishable food is transported in containers. One of the highest value segments is chilled (not frozen) cargo, chilled boxes allow you to carry fresh produce around the world but it is not frozen and the cargo is still time sensitive. And there are a lot of frozen food boxes. Not to mention food in standard containers.
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