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  1. Due to land on my doorstep tomorrow are a few new items. There will be some SR underframes and bogies for putting under the Dapol Maunsell coaches. And I am also getting a bunch of different etched overlay sides for the Farish Bulleids. PEC were unable to supply my normally preferred 6 thou nickel silver, so instead there will a one sheet in 6 thou brass, and another in 4 thou stainless steel. I'll be interested to see how those turn out. There will be 3D-printed roofs to match for anyone who is interested. There will be quite a few new items for the Association shops, but I will leave that to Tony to announce once they make it to the shopkeepers, which will be a few weeks yet. Chris
  2. Several have tried (me too with a Farish 08 which basically has the same construction as the C) but I am not clear if anyone got to a 2mm/N wheel that really ran well. Sent mine to Alan Smith for testing and comment, he indicated you have to get the degree of tightness bang on, otherwise they either fall out of the rims or distort as they pressed in. Interestingly I did not find strength of the fine 3D printed spokes to be a problem, they seemed quite robust. If you get a set of true-running wheels, the next issue is to set up those pickups reliably touching the rather narrow rims. Chris
  3. I have a Farish Jubilee converted by Bill using the anodised axles as a testbed. It doesn't work too well as the 13mm drivers do not run that true and the anodised axles are not polished enough to rotate freely - it is tender drive and so the loco wheels are undriven. It might work better with 10mm drivers which are driven but you had better be skilled, and prepared for stoicism if you end up wrecking a brand new loco. You'll probably have to have the gear specially made as well. Chris
  4. If you could find a set that ran true in the first place... That is one less expense for me then, as the C has just been deleted from the Rule 1 purchase list. If the bodies appear as spares (not all do) I may well run up a chassis. The bodies quite probably have a large chunk of the bottom of the boiler missing. Chris
  5. You want the Farish Jinty conversion chassis 3-650 as this has the correct wheelbase in the correct scale. You will have to sort out the gearbox yourself. I do have artwork for a 4F chassis in 1:148 scale but it has never quite made it onto a production etch yet. Chris
  6. A dig through my photo drawer turned up these, taken on 25th July 1977. 56021, 47305, 56004 56009, 47314, 56005, 37126 56005 That was the first time I had seen class 56s, but the following week there were more on show at Tinsley, and here at Doncaster on 1st August: 56033 Chris
  7. Hmm, so I shouldn't use a Pentroller feedback controller designed for coreless motors on coreless motors. As the lucky owner of a couple of these (lucky as you cannot buy them anymore) I think I'll just carry on. I would have thought the advice should be - feedback or not - check if your controller supports coreless motors. If it dosent say so, then it probably doesn't. I won't be using my H&M Duettes on coreless motors, even though they have no feedback... Chris
  8. As I understand it (from CountryFile) they beat the pants off a full-sized camera for closeups due to the tiny lens. Chris
  9. Believing you have the spare capacity (and/or ability), and whether you actually do are not one and the same thing. Chris
  10. There have been a number of instances (think Bachmann Modified Hall) where silly mistakes have been made and not picked up where the CAD designer is not familiar with the subject matter except through a set of drawings, and cannot just go and look at the real thing in preservation if a feature is unclear. I would have thought these are more likely if the designer is Chinese and is not a UK railway enthusiast. Discussions are also naturally more difficult if the two parties do not speak a common language fluently. Chris
  11. You have to have one for HMRC anyway, so it is not that great a benefit not to have to file one to Companies House. Chris
  12. Back in the day (late 70s) our school model railway club had an N gauge model of Shirebrook too, inspired by our trainspotting expeditions to the East Midlands, where I seem to recall my first sighting of a brand new Romanian built class 56 took place. It was a bit of a hike on a bus to Shirebrook. Our layout was not nearly as good as this one, but there were only three of us, and we were all only 15. Our model of the local slag heap was interesting, it came out looking like a cross between a volcano and a massive coal store. We ran whatever stock we could assemble - there was not so much around in those days, and included perhaps the only recorded visit of a Hymek (the Peco kit) to Shirebrook. It won't be back, it took a tumble off the end of a basboard at a local show and was never the same again. Chris
  13. To my view, he always made clear that the CADs were done in China, as I believe is also the case with Dapol. Based on the amount of balls he was juggling all at once, there was more than enough to do just project managing them, without doing any of the tasks himself. Chris
  14. These look really great. The boiler bands are more prominent than the prorotype TBH, but that seems par for the course with N gauge RTR steam locos. Chris
  15. Wow, the controller brings back happy memories. I wouldn't fancy running any coreless motors on one though. Chris
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