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  1. I just got around to building mine from the parts I ordered a few weeks ago. Worked first time which surprised me. I haven't done the WiFi part as I have discovered you can get an Arduino Mega (clone) with the WiFi chip on the board so have ordered one of those. I powered mine at 12V for now which seems to work fine but have ordered a 14V power supply which is recommended. Just getting my head around how cheap all these micro-controller parts are and the amazing things you can do with them. I think I may have found a new hobby... Next up is assembling a DCC accessory decoder that can run Fulgurex (and perhaps H&M) point motors via a relay board. Chris
  2. Has anyone got hold of the new Sonic/RevolutioN 56XX to see how 2FS conversion friendly it might be? I have two but they are not in the same country as me at the moment! Chris
  3. There is a price list. But I should say with my current personal circumstances, I am not really up for doing any coach orders. They mostly take a lot of time to collate the various parts. Plus apart from a few types, the resin roof cupboard is pretty bare now. So its really just the loco chassis at the moment. Chris
  4. Like most of my later chassis, designed for 14:18 M0.4 or 18:25 M0.3 which both have pretty much the same centres (6.4/6.45mm) 30:1 wormset Chris
  5. It is. Although reports are the wheel clearances are very tight if you fit a size suitable for the large wheeled 54s. Chris
  6. Nice choice and one of those where you think it was obvious once you saw what it was. Chris
  7. Just got mine too. I'm going to be fitting 2mm finescale etched chassis to the bodies so the chassis will go on ebay in due course. Chris
  8. I note that BR Lines now have a stock of bodies of the Bachmann 64XX. If there is anyone out there who was wanting to get my etched chassis to go with these, I am considering putting in an order with the etchers as I don't have any left at the moment. What I do have if anyone is so foolish is a number of 56XX etched chassis which should go nicely with the new Sonic Models loco. As some of you will have noted from the newsletter I don't send stuff from the Netherlands any more due to the Brexit customs hassle, so I am having to coordinate things in advance for when I will next be in the UK. Chris
  9. Oh, OK. Then just roll my wrapper to a slightly larger diameter, leaving a small gap at the bottom which you will probably not see, to match the ring? Chris
  10. It is my 8F kit for the loco. Which was done as a limited edition quite a few years ago now. The tender is the Bob Jones one available from the Association shop. Chris
  11. Well, if the turned ring is correct then it should be possible to remove a slice from the etched wrapper to reduce it to the correct diameter. I have a large bag containing leftovers of Balck 5/8F cast boilers and the smokeboxes have average diameters hovering around 11mm. So a little bit too large, I say average as they are not totally circular. But that is casting for you. Chris
  12. Why? An 8F boiler is pretty much identical to a Black 5 except being shorter. And as what you have as a casting for the 8F is a Black 5 boiler sliced up, I'm not totally clear how the ring would not fit it. Both smokeboxes are 5'4 3/4" in diameter. Chris
  13. The turned smokebox ring Nigel Hunt does for the Black 5 should also suit an 8F (see http://2mm.org.uk/small_suppliers/nigelhunt/). Combined with the lost wax casting of the smokebox door, and the etched wrapper, I think that is enough to complete the smokebox? I got halfway through doing the artwork for a 3D print of the 8F boiler, but never got it finished. Chris Chris
  14. The later batch of 2251s came with Collett 3000 gallon tenders which were built new for them, But there were only 50 of those so most 2251s had Churchward 3000 gallon tenders of which there is no RTR model, but you can buy a 3D print on Shapeways. They also ran with a number of smaller tenders, and a couple with Churchward 'intermediate' tenders (see below). The tender modelled by Peco is an accurate model of a Collett 3500 gallon tender of which 25 were built, but these never ran with 2251s. This tender is easy to mistake for a Churchward 'intermediate' if you can only see the front half of it. Hence the myth that at least one 2251 ran with them. However the rivets give it away. The Collett 3500s ran with various locos, Halls, Saints etc, but they all ended their service lives coupled to Granges. One of the preserved Manors runs with this type of tender. But as a Collett 3500 is really just a Collett 3000 with an extra 6 inches in height, you can cut 0.5mm of the base of the Peco tender sides and end up with something very close (excepting rivet positions). Chris
  15. A straight bufferbeam wouldn't go amiss either. Only in Dapol-world are GWR bufferbeams bowed. Chris
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