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  1. Yes it is 1/438976. 1/76tth scale represents a single dimension, since our models are 3 dimensional, we must apply that division to each of the dimensions, hence 1/438976. To use your lead example (in metric again, sorry); Lead has a density of 11.342g/cm³ 1 metric tonne of lead (1000Kg or 1 million grammes) = 88167cm³ or a cube of 44.5cm on each side. Scaling that cube to 1/76th gives a cube of 0.585cm (or 5.85mm) per side (44.5 / 76) That cube's volume is therefore 0.2 cm³ (or 0.585 * 0.585 * 0.585) Multiply the volume by the density to get the weight: 0.2 * 11.342 = 2.27g
  2. 2.27 g Although you said ton, my calculation was based on metric tonnes, so olde English would be a little different Edit typed Kg through force of habit
  3. I'll have to have a look when I get home, but pictures with SYP of this loco aren't common. There is a nice pic in DaveF's thread, although it dates from '67 & has FYE, rather than the SYP as delivered: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/85326-dave-fs-photos-ongoing-more-added-2nd-november/?p=1692411 As it also spent it's later years in Cambridge, it is one of my subject locos too, I have a small thread detailing as much of it's history as I've been able to document here: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/62710-need-help-with-d6754-37054-loco-history
  4. D6754 fits your timescale, and Vin's additional information. It was allocated to Darnall 41A from new 19/09/1962, delivered in BR Green, small yellow panel, split headcode. 26/04/1964 Transferred to Tinsley (41A) From what other history I can find, it remained allocated to TInsley until; 08/1967 Transferred to Ipswich (32B)
  5. Indeed it is. I've just tested my MM on a Roco 10764 (newer master amplifier) & it controls all the Zimo sound functions as it should. Reading elsewhere and from Phil S' post above, the MM puts itself into slave mode when connected to a Lenz system as the Master is the LVZ100 itself. In slave mode it emulates a LokMaus II & therefore only has access to 12 functions. I did manage to track down a copy of the V1.03 firmware, but this too is only for Multizentrale rather than the older Rocomotion interface with 10761 / 10764 amplifiers. I haven't phoned A&H as suggested by tractor_37260, but thanks for the suggestion. I think it's clear the MultiMaus will not do what I want with my Lenz system. The real dilemma now is whether to fork out for a Lenz LH100 or a Roco Z21 (or possibly another DCC cpu). Thanks all for your input.
  6. Thanks BoD, that at least confirms it's not just my MM. I have a Rocomotion system too, but the newest 1.04 firmware on Roco's site seems to only be usable with a Multizentrale or Z21, neither of which I have. I wonder if an email to Roco themselves would get me any further info ? I know there are a few MM experts in these parts, but I've not seen them around recently ?
  7. Hi folks, I have a conundrum with my sound fitted Class31, I cannot activate the functions above 12 with my Multimaus (software V1.02). . From reading other threads I am led to believe that Multimaus V1.02 is an appropriate software version for the higher function numbers, the LVZ100 is confirmed as being V3.6 so should be fine. I tried a borrowed Lenz LH100 & functions 13 - 19 work correctly, I also tried it with a Sprog throttle & again, functions 13-19 are working as expected, so I am certain the Multimaus is the problem. I have tested the loco both on DC prior to fitting sound & after decoder fitting, it drives perfectly, so no issues there. Equipment: Hornby Class 31 D5289 R3144A Zimo 645R w/Digitrains ZS31D sound scheme. Roco Multimaus software V1.02 Lenz LVZ100 software version 3.6 Has anyone else experienced this issue with the same array of equipment ? Can anyone confirm if the MM needs a further software upgrade ? Any help would be very much appreciated as I love the Multimaus as a controller and would very much prefer to stick with it.
  8. Digitrains & Coastal DCC both stock suitable cables (as I'm sure do many other stores) Search their websites for RJ12 & you'll find several types & lengths available.
  9. Looking good. I shall follow this topic with interest, I too grew up no more than two miles from your chosen location Shawplan & A1 made some detailing parts for the Hornby models IIRC, some carefully applied details & weathering can do wonders for a loco's looks.
  10. On that side it says "Load 10 tons evenly distributed" On the other side at the same end, it says; "Tail load not to exceed 64 tons" with "Load 10 tons evenly distributed" directly underneath. You'll find some large hi-res photos here: https://www.model-railways-live.co.uk/Reviews/197-23/Products/Heljan_Gloucester_Diesel_Parcels_Unit/
  11. Rather than drill through the cab base, perhaps scribing out the engine room door in the bulkhead would be better ?
  12. It's feasible, after all it's only audio power we're dealing with. In that respect it's no different from any other sound reproduction. Whether it is worthwhile is an entirely different can of worms. As long as the impedance of the overall "speaker system" is within the limits for the sound chip, there's no reason not to try it. Grab a bookshelf speaker, hook it up to your sound decoder & try it.
  13. You can use either method. That said however, using the point blades generally proves less reliable & using external switching, particularly in a DCC environment, will prove far less hassle in the long run.
  14. At that price, it becomes feasible to use them for dcc controlled uncouplers on individual wagons.
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