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  1. The existing goods shed is the second one, the first being some distance, east of the viaduct, where the new station is. the original was closed in 1911, after opening the new goods yard. I am hoping to model this in the Edwardian period before the changes.
  2. i have read this website and it is very informative, but they don't have a drawing of the Brunel Chalet building on the down platform.
  3. I am currently doing a little research on Ivybridge, and am looking for information, on the original goods shed, and the Brunel station building. I have purchased several relevant books, but have found little information with which to be able to make a model, of either building. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. can i ask which gear motors you are, i am starting a new layout from scratch and will be going with the Deltang control etc.
  5. thanks for the replies, I posted this, and then got very busy and forgot to check. Ivybridge details are what i was looking for, mainly for the signalling diagram, but also looking for information on the Brunel station building. I will check the Signalling record society. Middleton press are out of stock for the very book that could prove useful. I am building a workshop this spring and will have a good size loft to finally build a layout.
  6. I am looking for a listing, regarding which stations are covered, in each volume of the books, An Historical Survey of Selected Great Western Stations. specifically looking for stations from Somerset and Devon. Living in Canada precludes me from checking inside books for sale.
  7. Artist medium is the clear gel like substance. that is used with acrylic paints. It has good bonding with cardboard and papers, and has some working time without making the paper crinkle. Here in Canada we are limited in available glue products and this was suggested as an alternative by an artist shop. As for spray glue the exposed edge's will stay tacky, but you can stop this with weathering powders,always useful to enhance your buildings look.
  8. I use it for most of my building's, and then cover in scalescene's paper. Care has to be taken to get a 90 degree cut, and always brace with floors and ceilings to prevent warping. Use spray on adhesive for the paper and join the walls Artists medium, or hot glue works well
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