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  1. Thanks both, on further investigation I have decided to model mid to late 60's. Have discovered an excellent B&W photograph that shows the covered conveyor belts and staithes cranes at Jarrow. I now need photos of the marshalling yard and any "wash plant" etc prior to Discharging the coal to the conveyor.
  2. Having been born on the banks of the river Tyne overlooking Jarrow staithes, and having lived the last 35 years in Shropshire I wish to model the arrival of coal and the subsequent loading to colliers at Jarrow. This started life as the Bowes line but I am more interested in its latter (last) days of operation, which I believe to be in the hands of NCB. Any dates and in particular photographs would be very much appreciated. The model wil be a "representation" only as it will be in O Gauge in a very small space, but want to make it as realistic as possible, particularly the staithes / cranes an
  3. Thanks guys, I am in posesion of Ambis engineering etchings so will include in the final product, but don't forget I am working in 4mm ft so very fine! and therefore cosmetic I suspect. Really like how inconspicuous the tie bars look though. Will try the soldered pin to copper clad sleeper on my test track, but I am sure I will have fun doing this with stock rails and blades already in place, but by definition blades not soldered to tie bar so no "twisting" movement just rotating pin, nice. Favour the look of the "on its side" tie bar though. Gordon A do you have a photograph
  4. Hi all, I am now at the point where I have laid all stock rails and "point noses" and wish to add my point blades and "driving" mechanism in situ. After lots of research I have chosen to use "Megapoint" controllers that use micro model aircraft servos mounted below the baseboard. I am now struggling to decide on how to connect the servo to the point blades. The traditional copper clad tie bar soldered to the point blades would be fine but I read a lot about the "twisting" effect and failure of the soldered joints. Ideally I would like to mount these servos below baseboard. Please remember
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