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  1. Whilst we’re talking about the Eastern Idaho RR, I thought I would share one of the photos I took at Ashton ID in January 2018. At the time, there was a regular EIRR local turn from Idaho Falls to Ashton mainly serving grain elevators. The grain cars at Ashton were switched by this ‘Shuttle Wagon’. We followed the old Teton Valley Branch Railroad from Ashton to Victor via Tetonia and Driggs. Sadly, the Teton Valley line closed about 30 years ago but many of the grain elevators are still in use.
  2. I cannot believe I first saw Poynton Sneer at the RM Web Members’ Day at Taunton in April 2012 – that’s nine years ago! As my wife took some photos of the layouts, I asked her last night if she remembered the show and she said: “Oh yes, that’s where we saw that really nice, lovely, small layout. It was called ‘Sneer and Point’ wasn’t it? No, wait a bit, ‘Point and Sneer, no ‘Poynton Sneer’.” When I told her Marc had sold it, she said: “You could have bought that. It would have saved you all those hours you've wasted not making anything! In fact, you could have two ‘Poynton Sneers’ in the space you’ve got.” I did not respond … Instead, I’ve posted one of her photos from that day in Taunton.
  3. Hi Marc Good to see you and Poynton Steer on here again. It was always one of my favourite layouts and I was lucky to see you exhibiting it. Small it may be, but packed full of detail and beautifully made. It was an inspiration for me and many others. Hope it's gone to a good home. Stephen
  4. Of course, I meant to say "I included a cubby hole underneath the SmartFrogs to keep my uncoupling pen and the Sig-na Trak stylus. Just stops me losing them!" Not "using" them.
  5. Thanks for the tip on FOAMEX. I forgot to say that I included a cubby hole underneath the SmartFrogs to keep my uncoupling pen and the Sig-na Trak stylus. Just stops me losing them!
  6. Thanks for your good wishes. It’s certainly been a difficult 14 months and as I’ve had to shield, I’ve been virtually housebound since coming out of hospital. It’s ironic that when I’ve had the time to work on the layout, I lost my mojo to do any physical modelling and consequently made very little progress. It seemed much easier to make adjustments to my track plan on the PC or just do other things. I am thrilled about the new room but my loss of mojo coincided with a need to tidy up the house and garage and my wife’s cunning plan to move most things railway related to the new room, now named ‘The Doghouse’ for reasons I cannot imagine! I now have a railway room full of old layouts, stock boxes and railway magazines and books and I haven’t had any appetite to sort it all out yet. However, I still have the layout’s original location in our shared study and I have designed it with the flexibility to move it to the new railway room when I can and then extend it . Although I’ve hardly posted on here, I’ve been following your layout updates and saw what you had decided on point control. I had already invested in the Peco SmartSwitch system with everything operated by the Sig-na Trak. I got mine sometime after you when I read how you could set up a ‘display’ for each loco. The trouble is I spent a lot of time deciding how to operate the servos – above baseboard, below baseboard etc. – until I was satisfied that I had adopted the best method. A lot of trial and error and that’s with only four remotely controlled turnouts! I’ve now started to lay track and you’ve given me the incentive to start putting more updates on here. It’s good to hear you’ve had both jabs; I’ve had my first and getting my second one soon. You too, take care and keep safe.
  7. Hi Barnaby - I haven't posted much on here for a long time but my ironstone layout is making slow (actually very slow) progress. You may recall from that layout (and my previous 'Minimum Space' layout) that I have used both 3mm and 5mm Daler Rowney foamboard. I use 3mm for buildings and 5mm for boards, including the traverser I made some time ago and posted on here. I've uploaded some of the pictures here again in case you can't find them. I've also recently made a tray for my DCC box, with a lift out panel for the Peco Smartfrogs. This panel will be covered and the whole of the front of the layout will be hidden by a black foamboard fascia.
  8. As Baggies1961 mentioned me, I thought you might be interested in a couple of photos from the layout. I don't have a track plan but I've included an overhead composite photo (the hidden sidings are on the right), There are quite a few other photos on the layout thread (link below). The layout measured 9' 4" by 1' 9" so may be a bit wider than you want but it will give you an idea what can be done in a small space. Stephen
  9. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news of Chris’s passing. I was privileged to meet Chris a number of times at different shows over the years and he was always willing to provide advice and encouragement. I was fortunate to be able to buy one of the last remaining Ixion Manning Wardle’s and it gave me the impetus to get into industrial O scale modelling. His modelling was an inspiration to many of us. My condolences to Chris’s family and friends and to Chris B.
  10. Chris Looks excellent. Really looking forward to this and if it's as good as all the previous Minerva models, it will be superb! Stephen
  11. Paul Wow, you are good, some really excellent research material there. In 7mm, I have a number of the Peco 27T tippler kits and the ABS 26T tippler kits. The Peco kit looks pretty close to either diagram 1/180 or 1/181 with correct heavy duty 4 shoe brake gear and RCH buffers. It has the 9’ wheelbase and the higher 8’ 9” body side. I need to finish the lettering and wagon number and add some more variety to the weathering. The ABS kit represents the later diagram 1/184 26T tippler with 10’ wheelbase and the lower 8’ 5” body side with roller bearings and heavy duty buffers. I have added tie bars to the one ABS kit I have built although I know many of the unfitted ones didn’t have them so I may remove them. I need to take a photo of the finished model. Both kits represent unfitted tipplers. I have enough kits to make up 2 rakes of 5 tipplers each with the 27T tipplers predominating as per the prototype in the early 1960s. As you have said, the tipplers are a fascinating subject in themselves and the weathering possibilities are endless! Stephen P.S. Sorry, I didn't mean to hi-jack your thread with 7mm tipplers!
  12. Those of you who, like me, have a passion for East Midlands ironstone railways will be delighted to know that Julian Peters has released a DVD version of his father’s 1988 VHS release “Ironstone Lines of the East Midlands” (Volume 6 of "The Ivo Peters Collection"). Ever since I took an interest in these railways a few years ago, I have been trying to get a copy of the VHS tape after seeing it on YT (since taken down). I tried charity shops, market stalls, second hand bookshops, all to no avail and had practically given up ever seeing it again. Over those years, I had regularly checked out the Wolverton Rail website as they had listed the VHS version as being ‘no longer available’ in the hope that a DVD version may eventually be released. I hadn’t checked for some time, but a couple of weeks ago, I went onto the website and there was the DVD version, released in December! My DVD arrived last week. I know a number on here already have the VHS version but for those who haven’t seen it, I think it is superb. I sense it captures so much of the feel and atmosphere of the ironstone railways, my favourites being Storefield and Cranford, representing a couple of the smaller railways. I understand Wolverton Rail is the official distributor of the “Ivo Peters Collection” series. I have no connection with them except being a very satisfied customer. Stephen
  13. Paul I'm really impressed with what you are doing here. It's great to see another ironstone layout and puts my decidedly sluggish efforts in 7mm to shame. You’re absolutely right to keep track to the minimum. I have tried to do the same with my developing layout but you have the advantage of a higher track to space ratio. I like the idea of the gauntlet track and its looking great. I was intending to include one with my weighbridge but I'm not sure I've got the space and certainly not the skills to make a working one. However, I do like the inspection platform. I'm sure you've seen it but Eric Tonks has a photo of the one at Buckminster which (helpfully for us) is right next to the weighbridge. Yours looks spot on to the Harlaxton one. Nice work! Really looking forward to following your layout build. Stephen
  14. The Ruston sounds great. I think the background scrapyard sound also works really well and adds an extra dimension to the scene. Just wondering what I can use as background sound to an ironstone yard. Probably just Paul Chetter's birdsong and some distant quarry sounds ... Stephen
  15. Just finished catching up with this thread. Absolutely lovely work, especially the attention to detail. And as for those gorgeous Rustons ... Keep the pictures coming. Stephen
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