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  1. For those on here interested in the East Midlands ironstone railways, there is an excellent 8 page article on Cranford in the June issue of Railway Bylines. Some wonderful photos - the double page spread on pages 306/7 just has to be modelled! Stephen
  2. Ian Not sure whether you saw my post on the Rocks by Rail DIG IT day. Are these still available? They are still shown on the website and I can really recommend them. Stephen
  3. Dave I've only just caught up with this. What a great find, especially for those of us fascinated by the East Midlands ironstone workings. Thanks for the link. Stephen
  4. Chris Have you any thoughts on where to source suitable 'modern' brakes? I also want to replace the brakes with more modern ones and move the sandboxes and sandpipes to the front of my K class. Stephen
  5. Chris That is very nice. The close-up of the inside of the cab looks especially convincing. Are you sure it's not the real thing ... Really looking forward to my blue black red DCC sound fitted MW. Stephen
  6. Warspite

    Dock Green

    Chaz Have to agree with everything Simon has said. I picked up this thread mid way through 2012 and really enjoyed seeing the layout develop over the years. I've been fortunate to see Dock Green a couple of times and it is a superb layout that positively exudes atmosphere and captures the time and place. I'll be sad to see it go. Stephen
  7. Neil That really is a beauty. I changed my order from blue to black. Wish I'd chosen the red one now! Stephen
  8. Steve Good to see you back on here. The layout is looking great ... can't beat China Clay in O gauge. Even Mrs Warspite agreed! Take care Stephen
  9. Hi Giles If it's not Oxford, what is the origin of this beautiful Morris model J van. Would love to get hold of one. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Stephen
  10. Hi Barnaby It's good to take a break from the layout building occasionally and the hut looks like a very nice kit. Enjoy it ... then get back to the layout! Stephen
  11. Hi Richard Thanks for the information about the R/C work on your 0-6-0T. I do like the idea of constant charging when the loco is left standing. If charging is done in this way, presumably there is no requirement for a charging socket or have I missed something obvious? Stephen
  12. Thanks guys. Don't worry about wandering off topic, after all, I raised the issue of R/C. I'll look back at the articles in the Gazette but, as I said to Chris K, my main concern would be the size of the components in very small locomotives, albeit 7mm scale. Stephen
  13. Chris I thought I'd read on here about your Photocab fiited Minerva Pannier. My doubt would be trying to fit receiver, battery, decoder, speaker etc. in something like my Manning Wardle H class which, as you well know, is somewhat smaller than a 57XX. Not much space in there! I know Paul Chetter had lots of 'fun' fitting Zimo decoder, speaker, smoke unit and Stay-Alive in such a small loco although the last item wouldn't be needed with the Photocab. Stephen
  14. Hi Barnaby Thanks for your suggestion. I do like the geometry of the curved turnouts but they're rather big, 513mm long compared with 382mm for a Y turnout, a difference of 131mm or over 5”. I did try putting one into the plan but to keep the length of the shed and coal stage sidings, I needed to skew the layout slightly and also shorten the top hidden siding. I’m not sure many ironstone quarries had curved turnouts in their yards although there looks like a gentle curved one at Cranford. I’ve seen Y points in some of the photos, for instance there was a very short one in the yard at Blisworth. On a more practical note, I already have a number of Y turnouts from the old layout and the Setrack RH turnout I acquired some months ago so I’ll probably run with my revised plan and see how it looks ‘on the ground’. Stephen
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