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  1. Rubbish shot of 60040 63IP on the Lindsey to Kingbury this morning at Beeston. First visit to station as I had to collect a expensive item in Beeston. Like that it has lots of original features including the benches on the platform.
  2. Mine has unsafe working practices. No lookout or high vis.
  3. I think the large financial institutions are considering how much they have invested in their own office accommodation and property in general. They have a very vested interest in a return to pre-covid way of working. I think for many other businesses they can see the benefits of a better work/life balance in their teams, plus the chance to save on expensive office rentals. For myself and my team I expect we will be around 50/50 in terms of office/home working plus perhaps some 9 day fortnights as well. At the moment the preference is a week in the office a week at home due to wee
  4. Thanks for all the photos this year. Really appreciate yours and others photos during these challenging times. As you state I also hope 2021 is a better one for everyone.
  5. Needs some of these for his patio doors. Photo off the David Hey site.
  6. Neiborouring platform still in use at the moment. Wigan to Leeds train was a neighbour for a short while and now the Rochdale to Clitheroe train.
  7. Like the one (C19149) of the viaduct in Durham. Glad you provided the unit number as my eyesight isn't good enough to make it out.
  8. Good to see her out even if being dragged. Wonder what the plans are for this 65-67 year old. Clearly the bogie and wheelsets are good as it was being dragged at some speed.
  9. I think this must be a model as someone has bent the upright on one of the gantry.
  10. I agree good employers will offer a mix of home working and office attendance/space. The office could change into a more collaborative workplace with some hotdesking at well. However both of those will be dependent on a post Covid or at least a Covid vaccine world. However I already know of a few employers who have closed their offices for good and moved to home working only. Capita is the big name one who I think are closing 30%. However in the area I am familiar with that is in fact 100% so staff don't have a choice. My workplace will be scaling back unnecessary on si
  11. I wonder if the Crewe issue needs spinning off into its own thread. I had a slow journey to Manchester yesterday from London via Stoke as this issue also requires a single train in a block between Prestbury and just south of Stockport. The Pendeliono I was on had to wait 30 mins to go into the block and then had issues once through which required according to the train manager a complete restart of the train/computer. As I had to visit Greenfield I chose to take the valid alternative route of Transpennine to Leeds and then LNER to KGX. It a lovely evening so had actual
  12. Customer services did get back to me, arranged collection of the one whose box was damaged in postage and then sent a replacement. The replacement was fine although still had the borderline packaging. I think they need one size bigger box and twice as much bubble wrap.
  13. J3246 looks like when a plan to run HO scale on OO doesn't come off and the said HO scale engine just ends up on a lowmac.
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