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  1. Thanks David, hope you're well. I made a start on the Barclay when the lockdown started last year but then got sidetracked. It was looking quite complicated. I'll get back onto it, but not sure when...
  2. Well noted swampy. It refers to the Hints and tips which I've not yet uploaded. I may even tag them onto the end of the individual instructions. Glad you mentioned it. The idea of having them separate is a sort of 'read what you need' approach - you're not overloaded on the basic instructions and only need to read the sections you don't already understand but if you are a total beginner then the info's there... I've attached the file to this message. Gearbox Hints and Tips.pdf
  3. The J50 is now pretty much done. Anyone can view the instructions (or any others) on the downloads page of the new site highlevelkits.co.uk ...or you never know your luck, this link might take you straight there: 27e471_f9a5b66c35de4dba8e9ae48aa1cb69cd.pdf (filesusr.com) Note that the J50 instructions cover part 2, 3 and 4 locos, but if you come to build one you only need to concentrate on that particular variant.
  4. Martin, I do have some LoRiders, but I'm considering replacing the design in the near future, simply due to the fact that the 1420s it's designed to take are running low. No need to panic though, Chris.
  5. I can imagine the lack of gearboxes and hornblocks is holding other projects up and I do greatly appreciate your understanding. Moving the tooling to another moulding firm is now in progress and the toolmakers are trying to get some test shots done so they can assess the operation of the tool to see if modifications are need. Hopefully, they won’t be, which would save some time. In any event, as soon as I have the gears I’ll be back up and running. Hope you’re all safe and well. Up to now, as far as I know, Scalefourum is till on for Autumn so hopefully will see a few of you there…
  6. I haven't been on here much lately, but have been busy as there are many things I can do behind the scenes. The reason I've had to suspend trading is due to lack of gears. The company who run my gear mould tools have had problems with them since the start, but the last batch of gears were just not up to scratch so the tool is now being modified. All previous gears have been fine but they've had to jump through hoops to get the quality spot on so with the mods in place the tools should run faster and more consistently. This work on the tool is not happening quickly due t
  7. Really glad the site's getting the thumbs up. I'm still developing some of the content, so things are still likely to change and there'll be a few more hiccups yet, but it's getting there. One of the main aims (other than online shop) was to present the info on gears, motors and CSBs in a clear and easy-to-follow format. One major problem is that the a mail is not working properly. This will no doubt be causing some customers considerable frustration, thinking they're being ignored. I'm trying to sort the mails problem out. We are trying to use this down-time prod
  8. Hello all, As has been mentioned above, we are now furloughed. This is a result of our supplies being depleted over a very busy 2020, resulting in us now being short of enough key components that things have become unworkable. Unfortunately, the furlough rules state that we have to go one way or the other, so we can no longer trade at all. Not that helpful however… We are trying to use the down-time profitably and are working behind the scenes on the new website with online ordering. There’s a lot of tinkering with settings going on, with the usual suite of problems
  9. Just a reminder that High Level produce a finescale chassis for a 94xx. This was in response to the rumours that Bachmann were going to do the full loco at some point, and worked on the assumption that: A) there will be a glut of old lima donor bodies selling cheaply on EBay and B) the Bachmann model will be up there with modern standards and so finescale modellers might like to upgrade by using an etched chassis. Our chassis fixings are suitable for the Lima model and body fixing screw locations have been slotted maximise their chances of lining up with the Bachmann product. Runn
  10. I'm afraid I'm kept away from any design work by the fact the PC is not working but also mail order keeps me on the hop. I got so far with the Barclay but now the trail's gone a bit cold. The J50 is near to completion but, again, I can't get it finished due to the above.
  11. Gordon, I'm afraid the busy mail order has kept me away from the computer for anything other than administration. I did make a start on the Barclay at the beginning of lock down, then the phone went crazy. I'll pick up on it when I get the chance. Just to add to the workload, I had to get a new PC, and this comes with Windows 10 (professional), which has proved to be a nightmare. Presumably, professional means it provides opportunities for your business to purchase new software as your existing stuff won't run on it!... Glad to see though, they've kept the on-line help
  12. I'm not certain which part you mean but we always try to provide spares.
  13. It's the thought of doing that that keeps me going...
  14. Another update: At this point in time we are sitting on quite a few unfulfilled orders. This is due to the massive demand for products over the lockdown period (which also coincided with the spring show season). If this affects your order then we apologise for the delay. Certain key items, like axle final drive gears for example, are completely out of stock and, in this instance, there are problems with the gear moulders tied up making things for the NHS - other suppliers are either furloughed or playing catch-up themselves and some, who were pretty slow under normal ci
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