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  1. I'm afraid I'm kept away from any design work by the fact the PC is not working but also mail order keeps me on the hop. I got so far with the Barclay but now the trail's gone a bit cold. The J50 is near to completion but, again, I can't get it finished due to the above.
  2. Gordon, I'm afraid the busy mail order has kept me away from the computer for anything other than administration. I did make a start on the Barclay at the beginning of lock down, then the phone went crazy. I'll pick up on it when I get the chance. Just to add to the workload, I had to get a new PC, and this comes with Windows 10 (professional), which has proved to be a nightmare. Presumably, professional means it provides opportunities for your business to purchase new software as your existing stuff won't run on it!... Glad to see though, they've kept the on-line help
  3. I'm not certain which part you mean but we always try to provide spares.
  4. It's the thought of doing that that keeps me going...
  5. Another update: At this point in time we are sitting on quite a few unfulfilled orders. This is due to the massive demand for products over the lockdown period (which also coincided with the spring show season). If this affects your order then we apologise for the delay. Certain key items, like axle final drive gears for example, are completely out of stock and, in this instance, there are problems with the gear moulders tied up making things for the NHS - other suppliers are either furloughed or playing catch-up themselves and some, who were pretty slow under normal ci
  6. Back in the saddle now after a week off, but still chasing parts. The moulding company has furloughed most of its staff so delivery of final drive gears (as key component in the gearboxes) has been delayed and we're just using up the last few now. This is a temporary hold-up and we’ll get around to fulfilling orders ASAP. Apologies to anyone whos order is held up.
  7. It’s been a very busy six weeks or so, mail order-wise, so we’re having to take a week off (9tht to 17th May) to re-organise things, replenish stock and maybe take a breather. This definately isn’t us shutting up shop and as soon as the new parts arrive, things will be as normal.
  8. Porcy, I can tell you mine didn’t fall apart, in fact, there may have even been a pipe glued between the footplate and boiler preventing removal of the chassis. The likelihood is that I’ll be trying to re-use all the plastic parts that plug into the chassis; cylinder assembly, crosshead and slidebars will run together and will save customers a hell of a lot of work, as well re-using the brakes. People are just not up for that amount of work these days.
  9. A disassembled 14 inch Barclay is now on the bench in the High Level lab. A chassis for this is going to be quite a challenge. At this stage, it’s looking like the brakes, springs and cylinder/Slidebar assemble from the RTR model will be reused. The mech is not so much of a problem, but locating the leaf springs, which on the Hatton’s model sit ‘outside’ the wheels, will be tricky. Taking it apart to preserve the existing parts is no mean feat!
  10. Just and update eon the post situation. It seems the post is getting less reliable, no doubt due to staff shortages. I’m trying to limit my visits to the local post office, and they say the mail is only getting picked up from them every two days...and this is quite a busy branch. Some parcels are taking significantly longer to reach their destinations so the turnaround time on orders will not be as quick as usual. Please bear this in mind. There’s also quite a few of them going astray so I’m having to send them recorded and signed.
  11. I asked Hattons' Dave this when the model was first released and he said no. There's no harm in others pestering now it's been out for a while - maybe they'll sell you the non-runners for half price rather than throw them in a skip?...
  12. It's looking increasingly likely that we're going to be stuck inside for a good while now. With no shows in sight, I'm finally squaring up to the Hattons Barclay. This will be a chassis for the 14 inch only, EM, P4... not sure about OO (anyone actually want one in OO?)
  13. Message to anyone with an order already with High Level, or thinking of placing one over the next few weeks: We are working our way through the current pile – people are obviously laying down stocks to take them over the lockdown – and will try and keep mail order going as long as it’s feasible. The post is not reliable and we have had a few customers saying they’ve not had goods which were posted well over a week ago. Now we’re going to try recorder delivery, which may add a quid or so on postage costs, but hopefully will be more reliable with a tracking number if need
  14. Always nice to see the pair of you, especially in your matching GWR jumpers... and to catch up with all the other customers too. What can you do though!.... we'll just have to be sensible and ride it out. Hope everyone's OK in modelling land.... Chris.
  15. Spring is usually a busy time, kicking off with Scalefour North, then York, EM and Railex, so we were well stocked in anticipation and now only waiting for RR+ etches, which are expected this week. Motors we have are: New iron core 1215 and 20s (very similar to Canons) Mashima 1420/24/26/28s New coreless 1219 and even newer 1320s. They’re all on the website. Kits, chassis, hornblocks and other stuff in stock as well. It’s looking like the post is not its usual, reliable old self, so bear this in mind when waiting for your parcel..
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