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  1. We've been busy with the new version of the 34mm bogie, designed to take a 1220 coreless. This 3D mock-up is the first etch and a lot may change, so take it with a pinch of salt...
  2. Thank you Mr 50... if we have the bits we try to turn the orders around pretty sharpish. There's a few problems with some parts, but nothing that's going to effect us long-term. Chris
  3. They're a while off yet Martin. The reason for the redesiegn is purely due to motor change. Yes, we spec'ed the new motors with the same screw centres as the Mashimas so they fit the existing boxes.
  4. Just a quick update on our the stock situation. Some gearboxes on our site are currently showing ‘Out of Stock’. This is due to a shortage of one single component which is currently in production. This particular part goes in four of the boxes, and they are the most popular sellers… which is why we ran out of them!... We knew these boxes (RR+; RRC+; HiFlier; HiFlier+) were the most popular, but didn’t realise it was by such a margin! Just though it worth mentioning in case anyone thought things were on the slide and there were more serous problems. We’re now starting to get to grips with the site's software and will try to keep all items in stock, or as many as possible. We’re also stocking up the parts for the first batch of production J50s, re-tooling the BEL2 to take a different motor, and working on a new design of 8’ 6’’ motor bogie.
  5. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with my own thread due to work, but have just noticed this discussion which suggests there might be a need for a ‘lanky’ gearbox, something with a bit more height to it. Have a look at the HiFlierPLUS, which was designed to elevate the motor. In the past, the LoadHaulerPLUS was used, in things like 9F’s but the ratios, especially when matched to a big motor, are too slow. As always, I would encourage anyone trying to work out the best solution to use our planner in conjugation with scale drawings.
  6. Sorry about neglecting this thread - we've been absolutely flat-out trying to get the lists of orders cleared. Finally getting near the end now... With regards to the 48DS, I haven't got as clue if it will fit the RTR version. Its was designed to site the 1020 motor in the etched bonnet space to keep the cab area free, so you're in with a good chance. It also takes a 1020, so you could go for a 1015 if you need an extra 5mm to play with. The unit is actually a gearbox with a swinging arm, so there's not a lot to it - it uses the existing chassis to carry the weight of the loco. This makes it adaptable. If you download the instructions and you have the actual model in front of you it'll probably be apparent if it'll fit or not.
  7. The Covid's gone now (luckily my jabs saved me) so we're now back in full swing and working through the orders. I'm intending to list spares on the site when I get the chance. Thank you all for your support. Martin, I hope to get your bogies off to you, or at least to the post office, this week.
  8. We're working through the orders but Covid has just visited the household recently so it's a one-man operation for the time being. Have you managed to get on there and place get on or place an order?
  9. Thank you Barry. I'm just getting to grips with using the new site from our end and it is going to make life easier but it's also quite a steep learning curve. Covid has had a real go at our household recently so I've had to fly solo. I'm working through the orders sitting on the site now, so if you haven;'t had yours yet I will get around to it. We didsalso have a slight glitch - when I say slight, I may be understating it... and when I say glitch I actually mean that some orders may have gone astray when we changed e mail providers. These would be orders from either before the furlough, or during it, so say, the last six months. If this might be you, give us a week or so and then drop us a line.... and apologies for the shocking service - you just can't get the staff, or the parts, or anything else... When I get the chance, I;m going to put the new motor profiles on the site and will try and get some spares listed so you can also order those online. Again, thanks so much for your patience and support.
  10. Thanks to all for the positive messages. Things are still on track for getting up and running on 2nd August, with most items in stock. It'll be the first time working with the new site doing the legwork for us, but hopefully it'll save time and effort. We can start processing the old orders we've been sitting on for the last six months and then work through the new ones.
  11. Just a quick update about where we're at now, and where we hope to be in the very near future: Giulia and myself are working away here, with a view to firing up the swanky new website and opening for business on the 2nd of next month (August). Because of the furlough/parts situation, we've been sitting on many orders, some of which date right back to January 2021. We're sorting through these first and, to avoid debiting anyone's account out of the blue, we're trying to contact our customers in advance, in order to confirm they still want to go ahead. So, if this is you and by, say, two weeks into August, you haven't heard from us, drop us an email, at [email protected] because it's likely there's been some mix-up amidst all the chaos. One final point - we've been amazed how, even after all this time, almost all of our customers still want to go ahead with their orders. We’ve had some fantastic, supportive messages over the last few months, and would like to say a massive thanks to everyone for being so patient and understanding. Look after yourselves, Chris
  12. This isn't something we anticipated. Perhaps if you know the loco wheelbase and look at the shape of the kit for which they were originally designed, this might give you a good idea of feasibility. I've just updated this section of the site although I still have some work to do with prices etc... Remember though, they're all really slow, so may be no good for a normal DMU etc. Sorry I can't be more help here...
  13. Yes Frank, we have a nice batch of etches and hope to have it on sale soon. Not exactly sure when but maybe for the virtual ScaleFourum weekend. You can view the instructions now by going to our downloads section of the site www.highlevelkits.co.uk/downloads
  14. AT this pint we don't have the sayment gateway in use, so you can't actually order. We're hoping to get the whole thing ready for the second of August
  15. We're hoping to be trading from 2nd of August, with most products available from stock. It's been a while, but most things are in stock - how long they last will depend on demand, and how easy it is to re-stock remains to be seen. All being well, this website should be live so you can order on-line. Please bear with us as we work our way through the backlog of orders and get used to our new way of working.
  16. Mike usually request a custom-designed bogie for his range if he thinks there's a need. These are tailor-made and often the drivetrain is tucked up to prevent it being visible.
  17. Removable brakegear is a standard feature on our kits. Wherever possible, use a full length of tube and a continuous, removable wire running through. Where there’s stuff between the frames, the hangers have short pins located into short stubs of tube and can be sprung off. Distance of hangers from frames, as Gordon says, depends on a number of variables. if you look at any of the chassis or locos on our site at www.highlevelkits.co.uk you can see how it’s done.
  18. Thanks for all the valuable information about your preferences and uses for the bogies. Keep them coming as it all helps to build a picture of what’s needed… Mark, we’ve started an high level kits Instagram, is it okay to stick your photos on there? Fowler kis, especially built ones, are rare. You’ve done a smashing job on it.
  19. That's the spirit... In the meantime, a bit of market research - the more replies the merrier... The LoRider has been a good, steady seller over the years, but now that our supplies of Mashima 1420s have almost dried up, is there a need for a replacement, especially in view of massive improvements to RTR performance since the unit was introduced back in the early 90s? If you envisage having a use for an 8ft 6ins motor bogie, what would you be motorising ?... If yes, would you prefer a simple rigid unit or be happy to do the extra work involved in building a compensated unit?
  20. Here's an update, of sorts... a new batch of gears have now been moulded and tooling modifications will shortly be under way. Although we haven't actually received them, we're assured they have been done and so they should be arriving shortly. Once those gears are sorted and pressed into brass centres we should be able to start working our way through the backlog of orders and picking up new the ones with a view to supplying. It would be nice to think that that queues in the photograph ware actually for out products , but if things are busy then, again, we would ask you to be patient and we'll do our best. We have a backlog of orders, some from as long as 6 months ago, and we feel it's only right to contact these customers first before taking money from them after such a long time. We really do appreciate the fact that customers have actually held back projects in order to use our products. We're reluctant to make any announcements or give updates in these unpredictable times, especially if they involve other companies. Hopefully, not long now. In the meantime you can follow us on our website or on Instagram @highlevelkits for updates.
  21. Thanks David, hope you're well. I made a start on the Barclay when the lockdown started last year but then got sidetracked. It was looking quite complicated. I'll get back onto it, but not sure when...
  22. Well noted swampy. It refers to the Hints and tips which I've not yet uploaded. I may even tag them onto the end of the individual instructions. Glad you mentioned it. The idea of having them separate is a sort of 'read what you need' approach - you're not overloaded on the basic instructions and only need to read the sections you don't already understand but if you are a total beginner then the info's there... I've attached the file to this message. Gearbox Hints and Tips.pdf
  23. The J50 is now pretty much done. Anyone can view the instructions (or any others) on the downloads page of the new site highlevelkits.co.uk ...or you never know your luck, this link might take you straight there: 27e471_f9a5b66c35de4dba8e9ae48aa1cb69cd.pdf (filesusr.com) Note that the J50 instructions cover part 2, 3 and 4 locos, but if you come to build one you only need to concentrate on that particular variant.
  24. Martin, I do have some LoRiders, but I'm considering replacing the design in the near future, simply due to the fact that the 1420s it's designed to take are running low. No need to panic though, Chris.
  25. I can imagine the lack of gearboxes and hornblocks is holding other projects up and I do greatly appreciate your understanding. Moving the tooling to another moulding firm is now in progress and the toolmakers are trying to get some test shots done so they can assess the operation of the tool to see if modifications are need. Hopefully, they won’t be, which would save some time. In any event, as soon as I have the gears I’ll be back up and running. Hope you’re all safe and well. Up to now, as far as I know, Scalefourum is till on for Autumn so hopefully will see a few of you there… I have dropped back onto the J50 job after a long layoff. It will build to go under Part 2, 3 and 4 locos. I hope to have these for sale on the stand for September.
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