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  1. Hello jsp3970 If you e mail me at highlevelkits.co.uk I'll send you a set of 03/04 instructions as a PDF file. They detail the versions covered and show how the etches integrate with the bodyshell. Because the kit fits exactly under the RTR model, you're always going to have to do a bit more work if you're using something else. Chris.
  2. Having been lucky enough to have a look at the finished loco, I'm pleased to say that all is well and the final test etch for my chassis kit is being prepared, should anyone wish to go down this particular route. Although I tend to focus on the areas where the body meets the chassis, I couldn't help but note that the model is of a high standard with crisp detail and dimensional accuracy throughout - my etches were based on drawings of the real thing, with a bit of educated guesswork for things like footplate thickness, fixing points etc. and the two matched up perfectly. I'm fairly confident that 54 and 74xx versions will also be possible using this bodyshell. More info on the High Level thread as things progress...
  3. A few people have now contacted me about this, but far less than expected, considering the number sold over the period above - perhaps I'll see a few more at the shows this autumn. If customers do want to exchange, they’ll be taken on trust and so there’s no need to send the old ones back to me as this would cost them a large stamp; just give me a ring...
  4. We've discovered an error among a batch of 1/8in hornblocks bearings, sold either separately, or in our chassis kits. This will only effect 1/8in Bore, Standard and SpaceSaver hornblocks, purchased from us between February and July of this year (2014). The problem concerns the bore of the brass bearing, which is oversize. To determine if you have bearings from this rouge batch, use a round needle file to remove the parting-off burr from the end of the bore, then try the bearing on an axle. Our bearings are intentionally manufactured to be a tight fit, which allows for variations in axle size. A correct-size bearing will require light reaming to achieve a good fit, or it may slide onto the axle, but with no perceivable play or slop. If the bearings feel slack, contact us for replacements. Up to now, only one person has got back to us about this, but we want our product to be spot on and so we're keen to put this right. The faulty bearings have been withdrawn from stock. If you think you may have oversize bearings, please return them, or contact us, and we will send new ones at our expense. Contact: [email protected] TEL 0191 3882112
  5. Just getting slightly off the subject, I have limited quantities of discontinued Mashima 16 series round cans for sale. Once they're gone that'll be itI
  6. Hello Marcus, I've just had a look at a pic of the J15 and I'm not sure it would be a goer. My last Great Eastern engine, the Y5, didn't exactly set the world on fire (relatively speaking) although it was well received by those who actually bough it. I'll keep my eyes and ears open and see what the punters' response is to the prospect of the model's release, but you're the first to mention it up to now. Please, do go ahead with all the other stuff on your list of promises and you'll be an inspiration to others...
  7. Hello all, just back from Railex, and Expo before that. Kenton, have you had any luck getting on the site yet? I'm not well up in technical stuff, html, the web etc and just about managed to cobble the thing together. I get there OK using this http://www.highlevelkits.co.uk/ which uses the domain with redirect but as far as I was aware it was working ok. after I contacted the hosting to sort it out. Let me know if there is still an issue. I may have changed the home page name since the old site so the only slightly sensible suggestion I can make based on my limited knowledge is that your browser has cached the old one and is using that?...
  8. Glad you enjoyed the pug Steve. The J72 instructions recommend a simplified version of the valve gear and if you choose to compensate in OO then the beam goes through the motion bracket where the valves are.
  9. Mike, for the first time I've actually built in the CSB facility - some of the crosswires that support the brakes can be used as pivots - but have kept this out of the main instructions to avoid confusion (on top of x3 track gauges + rigid + 2 compensation methods). I need to test one, then I'll probably put a page on the site showing how it works.
  10. Alan Gibson's the answer to both questions - the wheels are standard Gibson 03s and the plunger pick-ups are also Gibson. These are the new type with more delicate springing. I like to fit them because they provide a neat solution which avoids the pick-up wires having to negotiate their way around brake rods and springs.
  11. Here's a couple of better pictures of the J72 which give an idea of the valve gear and compensated brakerods. I've used 0.4mm wire for the rodding, so the brakegear is actually quite strong, considering it's to scale. This type of chassis is applicable to all LNER/BR-built locos, and the later NER (post 1914) ones too. This model is P4 and has 108:1 box with 1024 motor. It's been put together by Dave Franks (AKA davefrk) hence the neat exceptionally neat soldering and siderods that look like they've been milled out of solid steel! I'm going to try and have these ready for Expo or Railex this year...
  12. Ta Horsetan, it's basically a swankier version of the old one, but I've included stuff to guide customers through some of the potentially tricky stuff, like planning out gear trains and CSBs.
  13. That's the plan Steve, and etches for the bufferbeams and it's possible I may offer detail castings as an option. The present version, with the compensated brake rods, is compatible with the majority of the class, and the plastic body, as it comes
  14. I have this pic which someone sent me. It's Bel 1,but I would guess no 2 would be similar. I can't imagine BR lavishing much attention on painting and lining such a loco...
  15. Hello All, This ongoing thread is an informal way of letting folk know what I’m up to. I won’t be going over the back catalogue so much as giving details, with pics, of new stuff as it nears completion – or anything else that may be of interest. You can get more specific info from the website at: www.highlevelkits.co.uk In view of the fact that High Level produce gearboxes, chassis kits, bogies and chassis components, as well as complete etched kits, Kitbuilding and Scratchbuilding seems to be the most appropriate section in which to post details of current developments. Chris Gibbon. Latest chassis, ready in 2-3 months – LNER/BR J72, fully compensated, correct brakegear for this type, suitable for all Mainline/Bachmann bodyshells but offering infinitely better running. In due course we may will produce a separate kit for the short-bunker J72s (BR 68670-89) which had a totally different chassis. Latest new full Loco Kit, ready in 2-3 months – North Staffordshire Railway battery engine BEL2, as preserved in the National Collection. Fully compensated, high reduction 4WD, lots of lost wax detail castings.
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