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  1. Did wonder about that. Now done. (can it be unhidden?! Not that I need to do that but if it can't be subsequently unhidden then isn't it as good as 'deleted'?!) Sorry Gilbert! Back to the trains ...
  2. Understood as such. Hills of the North Carlisle will be direct mechanical operation (easier to do with a permanent layout), with colour lights in the station itself, as it was in the 1950s. I will have a play one day with servos when the opportunity presents itself - but otherwise I understand mechanical things much better than electrical stuff!
  3. From what I know, there tended to be regional variations, old habits dying hard and all that. The archetypical LMR ordinary passenger four and three coach trains would have a brake at either end - only when it got down to two vehicles, would one of the brake vehicles be dispensed with. Meanwhile, in the old NER area of the ER, they continued to favour BC+BT for a two coach formation so still a brake at each end. Old habits still persisted well into diesel days and I remember a minor furore at the LHCS depot I was working at where we had five coach sets for local (Provincial) workin
  4. Hi Sandra, It may only be a small contribution but this signal is next up on my workbench. Roy persuaded me to have a go at it following my one and only visit to the layout in so I intend to honour that commitment in his memory. I already have all the bits in stock. I might leave it up to someone else to install the operating mechanism, mind ...
  5. New one on me, that prism thingy. Every day's a skool day!
  6. What about one of these? Now THAT's what I call a fast, express tank loco (which did indeed work trains to coastal / port destinations)
  7. Pretty certain that it was actually the Kingmoor Jubs that worked these trains forward from Carlisle (the 'Northern Irishman' sleeper being the principal train from the south); also the Clans allocated there. They apparently had detachable token apparatus, rather than permanently fitted. (Sorry, not quite aligned to OP's question, who did, incidentally, ask specifically about tank engines)
  8. I'm with Clive ... however, I'm wondering what the duty operating superintendent is making of a 4-coach set without a brake coach at the rear?
  9. Many thanks for that; hope you enjoyed the read. Sounds like we're kindred spirits then, at least in the sense of being inspired by the work of said Mr Jenkinson. I sometimes wonder whether modelling LMS/LMR subjects has been quite the same since his passing?
  10. Neither did I. To be honest, my approach to wiring up would render any application I made to MERG permanently null and void. I largely make it up as I go along. All I'm doing for now is installing dropper wires under the track as I go so at least I can connect things up reasonably neatly and quite useful for current temporary croc. clip arrangements. I do have rather a large roll of 25-way cable and suspect that, in the fullness of time there will be several looms of same making their way under the boards between each of the operating positions. I'm hoping that Andrew
  11. I've already dropped Harold a line. Mind you, he did announce this time last year that he wished to move the business on as a going concern...
  12. Thanks Mike - I'd already spotted that and confirmed by the Google Earth(?) snaps in your files (thanks). It'll be a little while before they have trains running over them in anger just yet.
  13. Well, it's not a proper lever frame without interlocking, is it?
  14. Back at the sharp end of actually building the bloomin' thing ... It's in. For keeps. Bog Junction in all its ... glory? The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice a few bits of point rodding, tangential to the tracks. Another 'decision' made - not that it took much making - was that this should be a proper mechanical installation, operated from a lever frame which'll be positioned behind the signal box. So the rodding to the far set of points, passing under the tracks, need to be installed before fixing the pointwork down. It might be a while before it all gets connected up to
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