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  1. Thanks Brian, As I said, I'm principally a BR(LMR) modeller so I don't really have the wherewithal to conduct such a survey. I would imagine that such Gresley GNR vehicles would indeed be thin on the ground by Gilbert's era - I only made reference to them surviving into the early BR era (ie blood n custard). Logically, you can imagine the 'cascade' effect from front line work pre-1923 to mixing it with the newer LNER stock post-1923, surviving the war into the early 1950s and then finally being seen off by the MkI fleet (due to they in turn starting the next generation cascade of
  2. There I've altered that for you Clive. Any the penny's just dropped whilst I'm typed that. You want new RTR types so that you can hack them about to make ever more esoteric 'Clive' coaches ...
  3. Re the Poll Nos 2 & 3 For Brian's benefit: I come at this from a somewhat different angle. I'm actually a BR (LMR) 1950s modeller and what comes across in study of photographs is how much the Gresley coaches in particular wandered around the regions, particularly as the decade wore on and into the 1960s as the former LNER front line stock was displaced by the mass influx of MkIs from the mid 1950s onwards. Many an LMR secondary rake in the maroon era had a Gresley vehicle or two in there, brake vehicles in particular. My interest therefore is to purchase
  4. Cove Bay, the last bit on the top of the cliffs before the descent down into the Granite City itself. We have now arrived at our destination.
  5. Well, I'm sure there's plenty of places you've been and things you've done that I haven't but ... You might just about be able to make out the loco (which will come as no surprise). Even the fireman's taking pictures he's so excited!
  6. This one, you mean? From a very enjoyable July evening 2019 when we enjoyed a meal in the pub right under the bridge at this (south) end . It's an incredible structure, isn't it? Can you imagine anyone building something like this in the modern age?
  7. ... in which case you'll be needing one of these, then: https://images.app.goo.gl/G5cBZ8QcfJWPY84H9 And a bit of the Harz network in one corner (NOW we're talking!)
  8. Has to be THAT bridge. Over the Forth ... to the North. (I've got a recent picture of it somewhere...)
  9. Wonderful stuff! Something's gone a bit awry with the numbering on the front of that A4 though ... As for the building on the right - Burger King! (well, someone had to say it ...)
  10. I know I've already voted but it's so lovely along that stretch that I couldn't help posting a few pics: Another favourite of mine is the view of Alnmouth, viewed from the train, south of the station. It's a charming little place, well worth the walk down from the station And now that bridge. Horrors! If you look closely at the front of the train you'll see that it's not my normal 'fare' (it was Tornado on the way back - Elizabethan 2012). Another walk from a station that's richly rewarded. Even the overhead structures don't impinge much on
  11. And there was me thinking that you'd split it at Berwick - so much of the delights of the East coast are crammed into this section across the border. The Royal Border bridge does take some beating - 'iconic' is an entirely appropriate description. However, the views out to sea running along the cliff tops just north of Berwick (as you actually cross the border) just shade it as my personal favourite.
  12. And almost certainly on the occasion of her having worked the final leg of the wonderfully ambitious RCTS/SLS 'Aberdeen Flyer' railtour https://www.sixbellsjunction.co.uk/
  13. Well I for one - and I think I speak for most of 'Team Grantham' - are raring to go and can't wait to back out on the exhibition circuit. We're beginning to be contacted by show managers who have the unenviable job of having to juggle things about, shuffle layouts forward into future years, respond to layouts no longer available etc. Some are driven by what the venue can / can't do (for example Wigan is cancelled again this year ... because the Robin Park Leisure centre is in use as a Covid vaccination centre). I think it'll take till the 2022/23 season for things to be back to anything like t
  14. Indeed. Reassurance in one sense (as some have been querying) that there is still a process of independent scrutiny - but only within the scope of accreditation of the NoBo/DeBo. Of course, there is also the possibility that there has been the application of the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment, with independent review by the Assessment Body (AsBo) ...
  15. The Zugspitzbahn. That gets quite steep ... oh, hang on a minute - bit of a track gauge issue.
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