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  1. Hi Gordon. Great to see you and Iain (92220) at the show. Pity I couldn't have spent more time giving you a guided tour of the layout but hope you got something of an appreciation of the thing. Very much looking forward to calling at ET soon and if the whole thing gives you a spur to get things to a certain stage with the layout then so much the better.
  2. For those not aware, Shap features in the March issue of BRM, the digital edition of which is out now (yes, I know it's only January - all to do with 13 issues per year), paper copy out Thursday. I'm normally a traditional paper copy version myself; however I'll highlight the digital edition on this occasion as there's an 8 minute excerpt from my Dad's 1964 cine films of the route, available ONLY via the digital version (ie it's not on the DVD that comes with the mag). In my highly biased opinion, it's worth the purchase price alone for that. https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine Enjoy!
  3. Five day adventure in total for us but looking forward to bringing Grantham to 'foreign lands'. Re transport / parking, I gather from show blurb that there is a free, heritage shuttle bus operating half hourly twixt venue and Eastleigh & Southampton Airport Parkway railway stations.
  4. Oh, I dunno. You'd still have two out of the three streamliners plus the 'Flying Scotsman'. Add to that the Leeds-Glasgow services (full of interest) and then there was a bewildering array of local routes branching off to the south at Relly Mill junctions. Not to mention all the colliery traffic. I'd build in a heartbeat!
  5. It's obviously the way you take your pictures, Tony To be fair to Tom (Rance), the set was fresh out of shops and some tweaks were still required. My, doesn't the yard look a little bare, prior to the ministrations of the ballastmeister? Do you remember this photo from the same 'shoot'? (Nottingham show)
  6. Serpently is! Highly likely that the photographer took up position there especially to capture the train. By the time it was up that neck of the woods it would be 'after work' time, half seven in the evening so would need to be a nice evening with good light, Judging by the length of the nameplate, it doesn't look like one of the five 'empire' A4s that were intended for use on the service. Here is the train on Grantham (Beaver Tail out of sight) with some not-quite-so-vertigo-inducing signals for the local lampman to attend to. This was the occasion when Tom Rance brought along his Coronation set for photography on the layout, photo courtesy of Tony Wright. Talking of lamps, we've got better at lamping up the trains since this photo (2016).
  7. An old thread here on the subject, featuring some forin railway or other. Looks like it might be the case that lamps were replaced although for a signal like the one depicted at Grantham South that's an awful lot of walking up and down ladders whilst carrying a not inconsiderable weight in one hand? Meanwhile, came across this rather interesting news feature from some years ago. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1382095/Welcome-to-Britains-21st-century-railway-where-the-signals-are-still-lit-by-hand.html Within the text this refers to topping up the oil whilst standing on the ladder? Could it be therefore that there were regional variations? Or, if the lamp was otherwise deemed to be in good condition and working OK then the oil was simply topped up? More likely that the news hack got the story round 'is neck! Mike's erudite explanation in the highlighted thread probably explains the good and logical reasons why exchanging for a properly filled and adjusted lamp was the right thing to do. No doubt another example of one of those situations where there were rules ... and then there was what actually happened in practice (human factors and all that). Meanwhile, as a result of two hours carpentry in the chapel, said signal now has its own cossetted carrying box. I'm too good to them, I really am...
  8. Did they actually replace the lamps or merely top up the oil?
  9. Further to last week's post... It's finished! Well, but for a lick of black paint that is. With all the mechanisms installed and linked up, last job was to fit the ladders. Quite a lot of them for this signal, the main one up to the landing then three further spindly ones up to the top of each doll. A head for heights required for them lamp man back in the day. An opportunity to have a go at replicating a south end picture with a K3 turning off the mainline with a long rake of cattle wagons. Only one of those to hand this evening but you get the idea. Meanwhile, wot's going 'ere then? If you will indulge me for a moment, then those who watched us in GMRC with remember this: Well, above is all that is left of it! (although Tom has kept the horse and rider for old time's sake) Ta daa! It's now a Foden steam lorry for Grantham's road system, transporting a load of ... er ... AAA batteries. A bit of tarpaulin required, methinks. Goes like stink! All for your delectation if you're planning to come and have a look at us at Southampton next weekend.
  10. The eagle has landed! All of Oz will no doubt be glad of that (ie the rain cloud) no doubt...
  11. The Altora hotel is THE place to stay in Wernigerode, right across from the Harz station and all railway themed - you even get your beer delivered by train in their restaurant! https://www.booking.com/hotel/de/altora.en-gb.html?aid=330631;label=msn-Ctjl8Ms3sUb3hjMKWWVcfA-473474055%3Atikwd-3564588656%3Aloc-188%3Aneo%3Amte%3Adec%3Aqshotel altora wernigerode;sid=b9bd36b4981c00185db3cc87f17632ef;dest_id=-1886265;dest_type=city;dist=0;group_adults=2;group_children=0;hapos=1;hpos=1;no_rooms=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;sr_order=popularity;srepoch=1579269421;srpvid=e3966216465d006c;type=total;ucfs=1&#hotelTmpl Wernigerode is a great place for all the family, lots to do, beautiful pedestrian town centre to wander round with fantastic old buildings, cafes and shops - although sounds like you're only going to whistle-stop it in this occasion. You will return for a longer trip, I'm sure!
  12. SNAP! (photo by Tony Wright) Personal one for me this one, Gordon as I went to university in Nottingham. It was bought for me - upon request - as my 21st birthday pressie as a Model Loco kit which I subsequently made up and painted. She's been a runner for over 30 years now so a great thrill to at last see her in action on Shap. I wouldn't over-worry about locos with sad associations. Besides, you'd have a hard time remembering yours - '51 was unique as the only one with full footplating to receive BR maroon!
  13. Make it your desktop background picture and drool constantly. I do. I'll see your Coventry and raise you a Leeds... Picture by Andy York
  14. Afternoon Gilbert, You haven't got any of those 'step down' tension locks in the mix have you by any chance? Reason I ask is that I've recently put into service about a dozen or more Bachmann MkIs on Shap, kindly placed on loan by Iain Henderson ('92220' of this parish). I initially had coupling problems with them, only to discover what they were fitted with a surprising variety of actual couplings (to be fair to Iain, he'd bought many of them second hand and hadn't had the opportunity to do anything with them). There appear to be three types: 'straight on', 'slight step down' and 'marked step down'. They can also be of different lengths - I think the shorter ones are meant for wagons. If you have the odd vehicle with different types, then that won't be helping the coupling issues. Apologies if this has already been mentioned and discounted but I couldn't find reference to it above.
  15. Meanwhile, on the layout itself... Now you see it ... ... now you don't! What's going on, I hear you ask (do I?) Well, for anyone attending Spalding show, although things generally ran OK round the front, we had a bit of a mare in the fiddle yard as a mystery fault kept appearing ... and then disappearing throughout the weekend. It is in fact quite difficult to fault find in the middle of an exhibition with all lines full of stock! So, although not all of this is strictly necessary, it's caused a little bit of reflection on the current state of the fiddle yard, what works well, what doesn't, etc and I've decided (with full blessing of Team Grantham) that it should 'take the cure' - principally the turntable in the middle of the fiddle yard is never used (apart from gathering brake vans together in one place). It's removal simplifies the pointwork, eliminates tortuous routes in and out and allows for longer roads. What's not to like? Here, the new, simplified alignment is being laid out. Amongst things removed are BOTH three-way points. And here we are, the new, svelte central section. The North fiddle roads are now grouped into two, roads 1 to 3 and roads 4 to 7. Road 8 is a dead end (nothing ever runs through that one and 9 and 10 were only ever link lines, used for storing odd vehicles that get added and moved from formations. Hopefully, all this should result in easier working and reduced risk of perplexing, intermittent faults. And is if that wasn't enough, we now have the last two mainline signals working. Hurrah! First up, is the fifth and final arm of the big bracket signal at South Box, the one that signals trains off the down main into the up and down goods line. SIgnal can now have its ladders added plus final blinging to complete. As has become customary, the wiring / electronics courtesy of Andrew and here is the man himself, looking a little smug - or is that relieved - at having got the last of them all working. Looking a little closer, it's this one - the up main distant which works in conjunction with the up main home arm at South Box. Bizarrely, this signal was the first of all of them that I made (in - good grief - 2009) but the distant is the last arm to get working. Just the way it crumbles, I guess. See it working at Southampton (bring your own binoculars)
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