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  1. Yum Mrs Wealleans is the second-best creator of Malt loaf I know ... I shall be there on stand A82 'Layout Planning & Design'. However, just spotted that the on line guide appears to be a repeat of last year's entry - I shall in fact be there with one board of our GMRC Heat layout, as below, to illustrate aspects of layout design.
  2. I'm assuming that they're subtle and therefore not detectable from three feet away on a moving loco ... ? There is of course a significant visual difference between the original Fowler style cabs fitted to the 'Scots and 'Pats when first built with and the later Stanier cab. During rebuilding, the 'Scots retained their original cabs but the Patriots were equipped with Stanier cabs. So a rebuilt Patriot model is a closer starting point from which to create 45736. Although nominally of same 5XP (later 6P) configuration, there are no doubt lots of detail differences between a rebuilt 'Pat and the two Jubilees so modified (which were actually modified first before the Patriot rebuilding programme got underway). However, I have neither the time nor inclination at the present time to worry too much about that. I suspect that the Hornby model is the inevitable compromise between it and the 'Scot in any case - although probably better than the Mainline equivalents of the 1980s?
  3. Well, let's let that be our little secret, at least for now ...
  4. And now it's gorn grey (primer). Black to follow shortly ... Meanwhile ... Hornby Patriot No.45534 'E Tootal Broadhurst' has become rebuilt Jubilee No.45736 'Phoenix'. In truth, it's little more than adding the detail parts (front steps, draincocks, etc) and renumbering / renaming. Oh, and a change to late emblem. I've also - as you've probably noticed - I've given her a coat of gloss varnish to 'lift' the rather lacklustre, powdery rendition of Brunswick green of the Hornby model. You've no doubt also noticed that one of the tender wheels is not on the rails... The plan is that she will subsequently be weathered into 1964 condition, complete with cabside strip and thus be a recreation of a memorable sighting my Dad had at Shap Wells in August 1964, captured on his cine camera (hence grainy image).
  5. Another four track, three arch ECML bridge. Photos courtesy of Tony Wright. Mock up looks good, Gordon
  6. Three weeks to go to Peterborough and there's a whole list of loco modification / detailing projects to be getting on with. Can't do them all at once but this one has been afforded due priority: Signature locos are of course the Shap bankers and the Fowler 2-6-4Ts in particular for the classic LMR steam era. The Hornby offering is a nice model but features the earlier versions with the cut out cab style. The final locos were afforded enclosed cabs and, on account of the extra weather protection afforded in the Northern Fells, these locos were favoured for Shap banking duties. In fact, the last numbered example, palindromic No.42424, was something of a minor celebrity loco at Tebay on the 1950s. A patient word in Mike Edge's ear had led to a run off of his set of etches to undertake the necessary modification and so here we are, no time to lose. First of all the hacksaw and modelling knife have to be wielded and so here is life at its lowest ebb. At least the too early (for me) BRITISH RAILWAYS moniker has disappeared. Now with tank sides affixed and bunker parts assembled. The destructions didn't quite say to do it this way but I fancies the idea of the two seams reinforced with a solder run from the inside. And this is where we're up to as of about an our ago. Looking a bit more together now. The fold up door units return the strength to the assembly. All being well this should be running at Peterborough as 42424. In fact, it needs to be as I don't have a spare banking engine! More soon.
  7. LNER4479

    Camden Shed

    Hi Iain, A few thoughts, as requested. First of all, 16 roads in 2' 6" is do-able in 4mm but a little tight. I usually work on 2" (50mm) per road in a fiddle yard, hence 2' 6" would equate to 15 roads. I'm sure it will all run faultlessly but if you even did need to get access to a train in - say - road 7 then it can be a touchy tricky to get at with trains either side. However... Even with monster 16 coach formations heading past Camden shed, 24 feet is a helluva length to house one train. And, let's be honest, not EVERY train in and out of Euston was quite that length. In 4mm, 24 feet would quite happily house two 12 coach trains nose-to-tail. When it comes to the slow lines, the trains would be even shorter (eight suburban coaches, say?) so you could get even more trains in one road. So do you actually need 16 roads in the fiddle yard for through trains? When we were together, you were talking about having the capability to terminate / reverse some trains so as to have a purpose for locos coming on and off Camden shed? Is this still in your thoughts? In which case you could - say - have 12 through roads and 3 reversible roads down the centre, with the fan of points either end arranged to as to get to and from the reversible roads from all roads? I've built 3 reversible roads into the new fiddle yard for Shap and so far they seem to be working fine. Looking forward to a further meet up in due course where we can explore some of these thoughts a little further, perhaps?
  8. He's chancing his arm a bit if he scrambled up the gantry controlling the goods lines, given its current precarious state. Fortunately, help is at hand because ... ... it's finished! At last ... well, you can't rush art. Sorry it's taken so long - all we need to do now is to fix up an engineering possession for it to be installed. Graham
  9. LNER4479

    York Show 2020

    Very much looking forward to displaying Shap with now extended timeframe of trains running (1953 to 1967). Photos below taken by Tony Wright at last month's Hartlepool show.
  10. Hi Gordon, So glad to see trains running and progress being made (albeit sometimes of the two-minus-one variety). Dare I say that this configuration is the closest to perfection that you're going to get? Hope you can keep the OCD in check - perfection can be the enemy of the good (or, in your case, very VERY good). For the sake of all our collective sanities KEEP GOING! Ever greater rewards are massing just around the corner... Looking forward to more instalments.
  11. We do try ... every now and then
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