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  1. Selside, perhaps? Great atmospheric pic. From around the same time as mine, I do believe ('83 - '85)
  2. Morning Paul et al, Came across this last night and just have to post it here. It claims to be from 1898 (I can scarcely believe that, although it would 'fit' the signals being the older 'white disc' style). I'm almost certain it is filmed through the driver's window of the Buxton Push-Pull set. Watch and enjoy! https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-through-millers-dale-near-buxton-derbyshire-midland-railway-1898-online (apologies for anyone who's already seen this - it's new on me!)
  3. Now yer talking! That having been said, which to choose? Despite my great love for the class, I've always found the 'City of ...' names a bit ... well ... perfunctory (I think the word is? 'without real interest, feeling, or effort' <-- couldn't have put it better myself). So, we move to the names of the titled ladies from which the class gets its much better enthusiast name 'Duchesses' (so far as the LMS were concerned, they were 'Princess Coronations', an improved version of the 'Princess Royals') The Scottish Duchesses always sound more interesting to
  4. Junk the DMUs and get some proper trains (Hat ... coat ... gone!)
  5. I was tempted to mention one of the two true 'patriots' ie volunteer railwaymen who became WWI heros, so I'll go along with our antipodean friend. Half a point each? To give them their full credit: 45536 Private W Wood VC Wilfred Wood was an engine cleaner at Stockport Edgeley shed at Stockport. Towards the end of 1916 he joined the Cheshire Regiment as a stretcher-bearer, later transferring to the 10th Battalion The Northumberland Fusiliers. His VC reads: “…on 28 October 1918 near Casa Vana, Italy, when the advance was being held up by hostile machine-guns an
  6. ... and another B1 Great! Love it! Just exactly as it would have been ...
  7. Think I might have been on board. The run I was on - in June 2010 - was a certain 'forrin' engine and it was a helluva run. 90 miles Preston-Carlisle run non-stop in 87 minutes with 13 coaches trailing behind. Jubilees were certainly expected to take 13 unaided up Shap on the 1950s Liverpool / Manchester - Glasgow / Edinburgh workings. And they reputedly kept time better than the Clans when the latter were used on the same workings. Such workings were all LMS stock at the time so, other than the restaurant car, would have been a little lighter than the MkI equivalent. B
  8. Ahem ... you called? What d'yer wanna know? The key visual difference between rebuilt Scots and Patriots was the cab style. The Scots retained their original Fowler style cab but the Patriots got newer style Stanier cabs. The two rebuilt Jubs thus looked similar to the rebuilt Patriots BUT I've recently learnt that the cab side sheets lengths were different(!) For the other 189, the principal variations were two different boiler / firebox styles (straight throatplate and sloping throatplate) and four different tender types .... Oh, where's everyone gone?
  9. Yep. Middle of the three left hand roads will curve round (to the left). I've already thought of making a folding flap arrangement so as I can get Central station out ... just in case the crazy idea to take it to a show ever comes off(!)
  10. One theory of mine, which I will admit doesn't fully hold water(!) is that the WCML was (is!) a four track railway throughout from Euston essentially to Crewe, apart from the Northampton loop. By contrast the ECML is a double track railway beyond Stoke Summit, with sections of double track south of that - notably in the Welwyn area and, until the 1950s widening, Hadley Wood as well. The theory being that a double track stretch of railway is somewhat easier to model than four track. I'm not sure I'd have tackled Grantham if it had been the four track equivalent? But of c
  11. I took it as a compliment! All I'll say is that ... if you're going picnicking on Shap Fell, take a sturdy windbreak and a decent umbrella with you
  12. Found you! Enjoyed reading through. Windermere station buildings and roof look lovely. I didn't know that Duchesses visited Windermere. Very interesting!
  13. Well, in this case, I'll leave others to nominate some of those stirring names and I'll stick with 5690 'Leander'. Very much a favourite amongst preserved locos for me, I remember her arriving at Dinting in 1973, fresh out of Derby works with one of the most stunning livery applications ever to adorn a preserved loco. Don't care much for the black livery she currently carries. And to anyone who says LMS Jubilees don't do much for them, take a look at this bit of video and tell me that the hairs didn't stand up on the back of your neck ... a bit
  14. Re layout photos just posted. I'm pretty certain that 'Settle & Carlisle' is actually 'Moorcock Junction' by the late Andy Calvert (I assume it's OK to name the deceased?)
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