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I love making model railways and always have done. The usual women and kids distractions never entirely got in the way(!) so I've been able to continue my No.1 hobby all my adult life.

I'm a steam man through and through; diesels/electrics have never held much interest for me. I also like studying track formations and signalling layouts from when the railway was at its height. Put the two together and my modelling interest is in (large) prototype layouts from the steam era. Although my natural inclination has been (and will again be) to LMR 1950's, I'm enjoying my current LNER1930's project enormously as something a bit different.

I like making baseboards, I LOVE laying track, I like making the buildings, signals and other the railway paraphenalia. I like kit building or super detailing locos, coaches and wagons. Scenery I get by with and electrics is my least favourite part.

There are a few other things I get into, to pass the time until the next round of modelling. Steam railway preservation, foreign travel, music... and just being outside in the fresh clear air of some beautiful mountain scenery. Good for the soul!

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