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  1. JB is being very coy about his super book, so here is the cover front and back The Syndicate - which has been raising funds for Irish railway preservation for the last fifty years - is selling this long-awaited book in the UK (only) for £16.95 post paid. If interested, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll provide bank details. Profits from sales of this book through us will go to the Connemara Railway Project. I look forward to hearing from you. Leslie
  2. No, NOT about Riley cars, but DICK RILEY a famous English photographer whose photographs have adorned many books in the past. In this new volume, Michael has selected about 80 photographs (published one per page) taken by Dick Riley during a single, busy, week-long visit to Ireland in May 1950. It was the only visit Riley made to Ireland and he made very good use of his time. The photographs are from the Transport Library collection and are well reproduced in this small hardback landscape book. Riley journied from Belfast (BCDR, NCC and GNR) through Dundalk, touching the DN&GR, the three main sheds in Dublin, Bray, the Cavan and Leitrim, Clones, Enniskillen, Sligo, Strabane, Co Donegal, the Swilly, the NCC lines from Derry and finished in Ballycastle with a couple of nice photos taken six months before the end of that narrow gauge line. Michael has provided an informative, readable caption for every photograph, full of technical, historical detail with a fair sprinkling of anecdotes. Only available directly from the publisher - https://totempublishing.co.uk/product/riley-in-ireland-by-michael-mcmahon/ Highly recommended. Leslie
  3. Thanks for posting this, Kieran - my fault, I'd forgotten that Aidan had a Thread running here too! To give you the full post - It is with great regret that I have to pass on the news of our friend Glover passing “to his reward”. Behind the pseudonym was a quiet, much-loved family man – Aidan Dunne. I received a letter from his wife Barbara yesterday, telling me that he had passed away in early August. I had been in touch with her, after Aidan expressed a desire to see his work retained in some way. I made some progress with that back on August. I last met Aidan exactly a year ago, at Blackrock, when he bought the CIE Cattle kits which you can see, superbly built and finished, in an earlier post on the Glover’s Workbench thread. Take a look at that thread and the Pettigo Co Donegal thread to see some very fine scratch-building – what we modellers of an earlier era have to do. He showed great ingenuity and skill to produce just the coaches and other rolling stock which he wanted. Please join me in passing on condolences to Aidan’s wife Barbara, daughter Paula and the rest of the family circle. May he Rest In Peace. Leslie
  4. Ah, Kieran, your layout is a working advert for my wagons. Glad to see the first Provincial Wagons Fairs Special, complete with the nice antique GSWR brake van. Exactly my reason for doing the CIE cattle wagons and from the number of five packs (should that be six-packs?) I've sold, others have got the message. You win the prize for the first completed train. By a coincidence, I included coverage of the last Fairs Special on the Tullow Branch in a talk I gave here in London last week - 22 of those modern CIE cattle wagons, but a 20 ton brake, two Laminates for IRRS members and a six wheel sleeping car for the staff. Well done - as ever a delight to see "Your Line". Leslie
  5. Kieran Wow, great work in two weeks - I admire your dedication to the job! Thanks for sharing this, which will help the other 10/20 people who have 5/10 each to build! Leslie PS Loved the S Class - I have one in action upstairs and another two getting the specialist treatment to get twenty year old engines to run well. That said, God bless Daniel Wu of Hong Kong who did a super job building them in the first place. And Eamonn / Terry for the brilliant kit in the first place!
  6. Not quite, Spud, there were a few Rivers among them! A story was that as it was necessary to inform The Palace that the NCC wished to name a loco after a Royal Personage and that Malcolm Spier was after an Honour! Trivial Pursuit Question - the name of No.97 gets a mention in which US TV series? Useless fact of the day - PORTRUSH got mentioned in Die Welt yesterday. Interesting member of the class to model, Alan - was Thomas a relative? See you at Scaleforum. Leslie
  7. Not quite, Spud, there were a few Rivers among them! A story was that as it was necessary to inform The Palace that the NCC wished to name a loco after a Royal Personage and that Malcolm Spier was after an Honour! Trivial Pursuit Question - the name of No.97 gets a mention in which US TV series? Useless fact of the day - PORTRUSH got mentioned in Die Welt yesterday. Interesting member of the class to model, Alan - was Thomas a relative? See you at Scaleforum. Leslie
  8. I received the prototype today and took it outside to photograph it. This shot clearly shows the PLANKED roof on these wagons. Pity the poor cattle if it rained!
  9. Stephen (and other friends) We took a decision to go with the unfitted version as it was the more common one. Likewise, we opted for the 1950 one, as it can be very easily adopted to look like the earlier versions (less diagonal strapping and a few little pieces of Plasticard would do the trick!). Three variants should be easy to do from our basic kit. We'll make some suggestions with the instructions when the kit is released. Thanks for the interest Leslie
  10. Hot out of the mould! First photo of a built prototype. I think it looks great, but then i'm biased? Now, where can I find extra small Flying Snails? Rhetorical question! I think I can find some. Interestingly, I have more photos of them with "Broken Wheels" - which shows just how long they lasted.
  11. Great stuff, Colm (and team). I was squinting inside the Coleraine cabin to see if Russell was helping out? If there's room for gents with golf clubs, there must be room for the historian of the NCC?
  12. Great stuff, Steve. You're certainly progressing quickly. I'm still at the "cover the board with track" stage - it's time I laid the sidings at Portadown Goods so that I could take my goods wagons out of boxes! I agree that Mr Lima's railcars are very fine. I can never thank you enough for putting me in touch, even if you denounced this "steam man" to his mates! My BUT has been digitised and roars round rather well, despite being deposited on the loft floor in a moment of carelessness. You know where to come to for GNR goods stock - I haven't sold my two hundredth GN brake van yet! Leslie
  13. Well, that's a relief. I thought that the Iranians had hijacked Ireland and the BBC weren't telling us!
  14. OK, Jon, I'll get onto it (after the cattle). Update on the live meat transport - We had a choice of three different CIE designs (at least), and have decided to do the unfitted 1950 version (the two nearest to the camera). A conversion to the 1949 one - the further one in this photo, should not be too difficult if you have a yen to have one or two. Watch this space!
  15. Jon Just tell me how many you want! Thanks, Gentlemen for the feedback to date. Leslie
  16. All very encouraging, Gents, thanks. Kieran, they will be available singly, but you can be assured of a bit of discount on multiples. I did the beet as a Five Pack and that was pretty popular - worth thinking about.
  17. Friends I was speaking to Roderick of 00 Works the other day regarding his next potential Irish project and I drew the conversation around to whether he had any of his J15s left. Unusually for him, he produced a modest number "on spec" and these remain unsold as of a week ago. So, if you want one, I'd get in there quickly. He does not do reruns! Which brings me to another query I made of him, re the Class UG he did a couple of years ago. I'm afraid that he isn't interested in rerunning that for the odd dozen which I have on my list, so if you want a Class UG, you'll have to wait for some of us to leave them to you in our wills! Leslie
  18. This is a bit cheeky, but before I invest a couple of thousand quid I don't have ...... Recent sales have been disappointing (obviously I'm doing something very wrong!), so before I produce another damp squib, may I ask? My next planned wagon, intended for launch at the Blackrock Exhibition in October, is the 1950 CIE Cattle Wagon. My logic is that now that one can buy a RTR Class J15, folk will need something to pull behind it? So, what did they spend their lives pulling? - endless cattle specials from Fairs the length and breadth of the Republic. The choice seems logical (with one of my GSWR brakes on the back, or even front and back!). But is it? Any takers? I can't hold you to any number which you might buy, but it would be useful to know, please! Maybe, if you're interested, you'd e-mail me on [email protected] Thanks for your forbearance with me. Leslie
  19. Well, Kieran, the photo was taken on "Portadown Jct" - in fact the van is sitting on the Down line from Dublin, which runs behind the roundhouse - on a train running wrong line! The turntable is there, the tracks are there, but the roundhouse isn't! It was a convenient place to photo the van. Doesn't the camera lie? There's not a stone of ballast under those tracks, there's the illusion of sky only because I painted the plasterboard behind the layout blue, the Park Royals, plus 141 Class are sitting on the Portadown Goods Loop - having been dumped there for convenience. As I said, a total illusion. Alas, sadly, also a delusion on my part, as for personal reasons the layout is likely to be abandoned. Life can be a mess - but Provincial Wagons continues! Leslie
  20. A couple of pictures of my GNR Class Y5 van, which has been available for over a month now. The vans were originally built about a 100 years ago as Bread Vans, but were subsequently rebuilt for use as luggage / sundries vans. The obvious big change was the fitting of sliding doors, a feature beloved of the GN. The vans were to be found hanging on the back of passenger trains, especially on secondary line passenger lines like the that from Dundalk to Omagh and Bundoran. Latterly, they were quite a feature on the much-lamented "Derry Road", often hauled by AEC and later BUT railcars. They lasted through to the 1960s and at least one was repainted in CIE green. The kit comes with transfers for several numbers in the series and costs £35 (roughly €40) post paid. As usual, if you are ordering more than kit, I'll knock off a little as I save in postage. Of course, the reason for producing the van was to give people something to pull behind their 00 Works U Class.
  21. Hi Lambeg man 00 Works only did the U Class in GNR blue. I hate to say it but I'm pretty sure that no U Class turned a wheel even in 1965 - my last run with one was in the Summer of 1964. Of course, it's YOUR railway and you can be economical with prototypical reality? You could always say that the UTA hadn't got round to repainting her? Just enjoy running her - looks great with a few mahogany coaches behind her. Pat - If I understand Roderick's business model, he makes what he has orders for and very few more, if any. Bear in mind that every 4/5 you build over and above the order list is another thousand quid you're out of pocket! Fear not they are sure to come on the market as, regrettably, we Oldies will pass on and our children will put them on eBay! Roderick tends to do a different loco each year. He has already announced his 2019 loco (a LSWR 4-4-0), but when I was talking to Rebecca (his wife) this morning, she confirmed that it is still possible to buy a J15. If you haven't grabbed one already, it's time to act - a nice little engine. As the old saying goes, "Strike while the Iron is Hot"!
  22. A real treat for any of you living within an hour or so from London. Thursday, 4 April, “Classic Irish Steam” by Ciarán Cooney IRRS Photographic Archivist, Ciarán Cooney, has skilfully restored the classic photos of Bob Clements, Denis Morris and J Macartney Robbins. Enjoy stirring shots of 400s, 500s and 800s hard at work annostalgic photos of rarely-seen places like Clara Midland and Inny Junction. Then high-wheeled J5s on the Midland doing everything from cattle trains to excursions, and 2-4-0’s in the west,with much more to come such as the SL&NCR, the GNR(I), the B&CDR, and NCC moguls, mogul tanks and 4-4-0’s. This is a veritable feast of classic Irish steam with memorable and classic photos from the cameras of the great IRRS photographers of the past. It is similar to a show Ciarán gave to the RPSI in Belfast where it received the highest acclaim. Don’t miss it this time round. 19.00 in the Function Room, Calthorpe Arms, Grays Inn Road, LONDON WC1X 8JR Fine ales, food available from our excellent landlord, Adrian. Hope to see some of you there - be sure to say ""Hallo"! Followed by - Richard McLachlan and I will be manning (personning in these PC days?) a Irish Railway Record Society stand at Wakefield this weekend. So, if you live "up North" in the Big Island, you might come along and have a look. Focus will be on Richard's superb books of drawings - everything from Irish track standards, through buildings, wagons, coaches to enough information to build a 12 inches to the foot model of quite a few Irish locos. All carefully digitised from the Society's archive in Dublin. We always have a screen going with photographs from the Society's collections - presently from the late Lance King and John Dewing and the very much alive Conrad Natzio. I will have a selection of Provincial Wagons kits in a box "under the table" in case you can be tempted! Hope to see a few of you hardy Northerners there. Fuller details of the Show here - https://www.scalefour.org/scalefournorth/2019/ Leslie
  23. As I had mine sent straight to my Chippie, I only got her back a couple of weeks ago. As all my "proper" wagons were in storage (until I lay enough sidings for them) I used the train of eleven bubbles which I had behind my NIR 112. This little engine just romped away with the load - an amusing example of ancient and modern - if they'd survived just a few years, it could have happened in practice! I must try her on as many bogie coaches!
  24. John Congratulations - she's a thing of great beauty - even without the Flyaway cab! I must look up Bob Clements' notes to see how they made the switch from Flyaway to the rounded version on the earlier model. It appears that some of the nice curves of the original cab were retained? What are you going to blow us away with next? Leslie
  25. Great stuff Kieran Your GSWR brakes are the first built examples of my (Michael's) kit and look great. Richard's six wheel passenger van is a delight - I've got two of them on Portadown Junction - they got some use on Christmas postal extras. He's really conquered the six wheel underframe which rides well even on my vile track work. Highly recommended to anyone modelling GNR. Michael is making progress with a Y5 van for me - hopefully by Bangor.
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