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  1. Just an update to show the completed perspex fences. After much procrastination and a bit of over engineering the perspex fences have been installed. I learnt that when scoring and bending to break the perspex it is best to clamp the perspex when bending between two solid (in my case a bit of 3"x 1" timber and aluminium L channel) bits of material to get a clean break. The aluminium L channel needs to be painted to complete.
  2. For my work bench I use one of these https://daylightcompany.com/slimline-3-table-lamp/ Expensive yes - but very good. Very good light and I can now see what I am doing. I also considered this model https://daylightcompany.com/lumi-task-lamp/
  3. Hi, I have been experimenting bonding / glueing styrene to plywood. I tried using a spray adhesive ADOS Multi-purpose spray adhesive - soaked up by the plywood with no grip at all to the styrene. Second attempt used Selleys Liquid Nails - not sure if this is available in the UK. First attempt - bonded well to the ply but not the styrene. Second attempt roughed up the styrene with 60 grit sandpaper. Much better bond - now bond failure is with the plywood. Third attempt will be rough up both surfaces with 60 grit sandpaper and try again. The question I have is has anyone used su
  4. Regarding drooping Dapol couplings. I've just tried fixing the problem by unscrewing the coupler - filing the mount down a smidgen and then reattaching - works well so far. Don't claim this as my idea - saw it on Station Road on YouTube.
  5. Hi, Can someone please suggest a suitable decoder for a Bachmann Hall ( the original prototype version). There are plenty of web pages devoted to advising how to install a decoder and I understand how it should be installed. I've tried a Bachmann 36-553 and a Hattons 8 pin decoder - neither fit very well, if at all. I was looking at a Zimo MX622R. Can anyone advise if this is a suitable decoder. Thanks in advance. Edmund
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I've made a mock-up for the fences in card and also using 20mm by 12mm aluminium L shaped angel. The card is 40mm above the cork and I think is still to high. The aluminium angel looks much better but perhaps a little low. 30mm maybe about right. Thanks Edmund
  7. Consider using a bit of lead. Had a similar problem with the Bachmann 43xx and the front bogie - added a bit of lead improved performance considerably. Edmund
  8. Hi, I'm looking a installing some Perspex fence's on parts of my layout to prevent the unfortunate consequence if a engine should de-rail and then proceed to fall to the floor. Has anyone got experience of how high the fence should be. I've mocked them up in card and 80mm seems to high. Was thinking more of 50mm. If to high there is a risk of snagging myself or clothing on the corners as they are mainly for around a lift-up bridge section. Any thoughts ? Thanks Edmund
  9. I have seen layout fascia's that have been stained and varnished - I didn't think they looked good. I personally have painted my fascia black which highlights the edge of the board and make the viewer focus on the layout itself. Just my two pence worth. Happy new year to all Edmund
  10. I would also like to see the results - I have been considering using this method since I found it on YouTube.
  11. Hi, I think I had this same issue - please read the posts under my thread - hopefully this is the same issue (with the same fix) Edmund
  12. I have used single sided copper PCB, packed with styrene so the copper surface is just beneath the rails. The PCB is screwed to the baseboard. The rail is soldered to the PCB with appropriate cuts for electrical connectivity. Admittedly this is on a lift up bridge so cosmetic issues are not the same. Alignment by barrel slide bolt.
  13. Will depend mainly on the framing and most importantly where the baseboards are stored. If in a damp environment would advise against using MDF ( I use 9mm ply). Having said that part of my layout uses 18mm MDF (part of a lift up bridge) and it has been stable with no issues (touch wood).
  14. No specific links or creators - I just search in Shapeways - which can be a bit hit and miss (read you get a lot of irrelevant products)
  15. Shapeways has some bodyline kits depending on the company you wish to model. Never tried them myself (but do covert a few models).
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