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  1. I don't know whether the Clearfix has worked as I may have poked through it with the felt tip pen. Well it appears to be red but from viewing distance I've a job to tell whether the signal is on or off let alone what colour is showing! I may try PVA in the next one.
  2. Thanks, Stephen. Book duly ordered it's one of the ones that I didn't have.
  3. Back to signals. Although there is one more post one to build, I built a shunt signal instead. The arm is off as it's not connected to the servo yet. This controls movements into the bay (platform 1) from the upper goods yard. I have drilled right through the lamp holder with an 0.8mm drill and glued a nano LED to the back of it. Plenty of black paint has been applied to stop the light leaking where it's not needed. I'll post another photo tomorrow after I have filled the lenses with Clearfix which I hope will take felt-tip to colour them.
  4. Would the powder come off using a wet cotton bud?
  5. Part of this afternoon was spent getting the signal box accessories ensemble in place. Fire buckets needed.
  6. Hi Nick, any help would be gratefully received. I'm in the mood for building modelling at the moment, a change from making signals.
  7. Managed a few minutes in our own home will awaiting a furniture pick-up. I got to work on the privy so it wont be long before the signaller has somewhere to "go". Both buildings will eventually stand on reclaimed sleepers. I'll have to see if there's really a kink in the righthand track or a trick of the light. In between the lamp hut and the privy will be a coal bunker.
  8. Depends how far the building is from the eventual viewer. This from Scale Model Scenery could be a start for a couple of quid: https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/ax117-oo-steam-era-railway--station-building-interior-detailing-pack----oo4mm176-8808-p.asp
  9. Got some painting done to the lamp hut and a kind member gently pointed out that the door opens out rather than in, so it was a quick skim job with some 10 thou Plastikard to correct the mistake. Sorry it's a bit out of focus and I must get a ladder to the signal opposite the box.
  10. Wishing you all the best for some good news on the home front, Andy.
  11. In a change from signals and looking at photos of the box at Buxton Midland, there were a lamp hut, privy and coal bunker at the foot of the box stairs. So I had a go at the lamp hut first which appeared to be a standard asbestos Midland one which the LMS later adopted. It's mainly built from 30 thou Plastikard and styrene strips. I guess that the sides were about 6' 6" square. After a blast of primer.
  12. We live and learn. It was only when I was building my third signal of five that I realised that if I drilled a hole (12mm) in my bench working area the same size as the hole I need to drill in the layout baseboard, I could work on the signal at the bench hands-free!
  13. Whisky! Well, perhaps later.
  14. Regarding sidings, a classic case of less is more, Andy. My layout which is a copy of the original only has 4 sidings in the main goods yard for a reasonably sized market town. That backscene is quite amazing, Andy.
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