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  1. I feel your pain, Al. A Zimo decoder I have in one of my kit-built 1Ps has had most of its wires come adrift. It seems that when the insulation has been removed in order to solder the wires to the decoder pads most have been cut through.
  2. I could only phase in two of them .
  3. Whole thread on it here:
  4. I've always had good service from YorkMM. You gets what you pays for. Having made bespoke pieces for a customer they are willing to run off pieces for other customers, with the original buyer's agreement, as I found out with my station's doors and windows, which they had previously made for a customer building Bakewell station. In fact the whole model building can be bought as a kit.
  5. Getting better with each post. I bet YorkMM rub their hands every time you phone them up!
  6. He's even trying to sell 2 Metcalfe kits that came free with MR magazine! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/334182642265?
  7. According to eBay it was pulled by the seller. Somebody has probably put them right as they "know nothing about model trains."
  8. I don't think YorkMM do Midland finials, Jeff which is why there's none in their signal box kits, a shame really as they make the look of a typical Midland box. Wizard do them though.
  9. The 10.05 arrival from Chinley waits a shunting engine to remove its train before making for the shed ready for its next trip.
  10. Looks effective enough for me, Jeff. Just the right "weight" to carry away a Westmorland downpour.
  11. Well in for a penny... while looking at other items the seller had for sale I bought a coach kit which was far cheaper than on another retailer site. So thanks to @Jol Wilkinson for flagging up the over-priced buffer stops.
  12. I agree with David @lambiedg regarding ModelU stuff but might be too small for an industrial building like the goods shed. How about the Peco guttering (538 Gutter/Downpipes)? I will be interested in what you think of the Yorkmodelmaking box once you have it built. Does it still come without finials?
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