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  1. Just taken the plunge and ordered an MR Fowler Class 483 4-4-0 by Millholme kits with Markits wheels set. Buxton had an allocation of 8 of this class in the late 1920s to replace ageing 1Ps and saturated 4-4-0s. Photo from Wiki.
  2. I use the cheapo super glue our local "all sorts" emporium sells. A thin layer is applied to one surface then I damp the other surface slightly before offering the two together. There's no time for a second go as super glue needs moisture to cure and it does so virtually instantaneously.
  3. With wires when the lines will be for diesel.
  4. It's highly likely a turnout kit would go by Large Letter postage £1.29 (1st) or 96p (2nd) plus the cost of a box about 60p.
  5. If it's of any help, the roof trusses in my Scalescenes' goods shed are like this:
  6. PM sent. £40+ seems to be the going rate for some of Turton's volumes. I have 1-3, 7-9 and 11-13 also Bill Hudson's 3 & 4. If you want me to try and look something up.
  7. Looking fantastic, Jeff. You must be vey proud of your achievement in building such a solid-looking structure.
  8. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the underframe should be wooden. There's a lovely photo of the brand new 373, part of an order of 25 in 1937 from Gloucester Railway C&W Co Ltd in Turton A First Collection.
  9. A candidate for the Darwin award.
  10. The loco coal wagons have got their removeable loads. The base is spongy foam. I glued some washers on the back so in theory I could lift them out with a magnet but I cannot as they are too good a fit!
  11. I could say I have a similar problem with my motor train, but I haven't really. There's a driver in the trailer and one in the cab, but it's hard to make out the one in the trailer and the one in the cab is on the non-viewing side!
  12. Who's a lucky boy then? Looks as though it's crying out for passengers because of those large windows. Any plans? I hope it's easy to take apart if you have.
  13. Great stuff. Perhaps you can persuade your customer to take some photos and email them to you.
  14. Cannot wait to see it on the layout, but I guess that could be some time away under current circumstances.
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