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  1. Gordon knew I was in for bowel surgery just after he went in, so in a way, it's quite appropriate. Needless to say, I'm out now and hope Gordon will be soon.
  2. This is indeed, great news and thank you for letting us all know. I was beginning to feel quite anxious about his lack of progress but feel that a start on the road to recovery has been made. No doubt there will be be dumps in the road (dips in the track/ broken rails) but it's good to know a start has been made. It's good of his family to allow you to keep us informed of developments.
  3. Brilliant idea to make curved platform top sections in clear plastic so the side walls can be seen and so be able to cut it to shape properly. No more pushing a coach along with a pencil by its side to make sure nothing fouls the loading gauge!
  4. It's interesting how you can put a bit of model railway track into a large room and it becomes a reverse Tardis.
  5. Superb engineering, Peter. It looks great .
  6. Would she really say "outside of"?
  7. A bit of Blutak on each and see which looks best!
  8. Before you remove defective point, try getting some graphite powder between the tie bar and sleeper. I'm sure the paint has not helped. You must have some soft pencils you can scrape, then give everything a good riddle to work it in. Riddle technical term rapid to and fro movement of adjacent surfaces.
  9. Many years ago in one of the mags was a series on the z dimension? and advocated having baseboards at virtually eye level!
  10. Yes, but swmbo might impose an embargo for a couple of days, but I do need to do a bit of online modelling shopping which will fill in some of the time.
  11. But they were next pecking order to the Almighty.
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