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  1. Do you hoover up the loose stuff with a pop sock over the pipe, Chris?
  2. Rowsley17D

    The Engine Shed

    It's a shame they couldn't be bothered to synchronise the exhaust sound with the wheel rotation speed.
  3. That point rodding looks great, when is the wire to the ground signal going in?
  4. Baby powder? What about some actual calcium carbonate - chalk!
  5. A well-observed bit of modelling there, Al, even if it is from photos. Brings back memories of when I used to go out with my dad in his lorry to various Derbyshire quarries in the late 50s, early 60s.
  6. I was thinking of a few loops around the tap/valve, but definitely thinner wire/wire cover. Something like decoder wire? The ash looks good too. How about a few drops of that glazing stuff you put in the bucket top in the shed to represent pools of water in pit?
  7. Dried hydrangea heads are good for a bit of variety.
  8. A bit of green brings a scene to life.
  9. Near Derbyshire quarries Al, everything was, and in places still is, covered in lime dust, buildings, trees, roads, men!!
  10. I like the ground signal. Does it work? I have several to do.
  11. If the wheels turn out to be okay, I suggest doing what I did with a Hornby Black 5 which had front-end waddle. I glued a small piece of foam on top of the bogie truck, no waddle now. There are better ways of doing this with engineering but the foam way was quick and easy.
  12. A Yorkie and a Corona! It was one or the other for me!
  13. Thanks, Meil, I have an MSE one in my collection of signalling bits. If anybody has any MR signal bits and parts to make wooden post and bracket signals PM me please.
  14. Yep, that's nice and subtle. How about a length of semi-curled up hosepipe and an old bucket?
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