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  1. New wipers have been fitted and extra vac pipes as the loco is motor-fitted. The body was primed and sprayed Halford's matt black this afternoon and just needs the sandpipes fitting and livery applying. Here she is with big sister 2P which I am going to respray as it's very matt.
  2. There was one at Bakewell from 1954-67 and an earlier LMS Caravan in the 1935-9.
  3. Another Craftsman 1P turned up a couple of days ago. It was ready built with wheels, motor and gearbox and was on eBay. At less than 100 notes I thought I had a bargain. It was advertised as working but needed attention. On my DC test track it stuttered along. Wheels were dirty and the one-sided current nickel silver wipers were so stiff they acted as brakes. The worm and gear had grub screws so all was disassembled and lubricated. The wipers were removed and will be replaced with phosphor bronze. The axles and crank pins were lubed and all ran well with the motor terminals connected to the controller. The model was back heavy and on turning the superstructure over the bunker had been filled with lead. The only way to get some of it out was to use a succession of different sized drill bits in my electric drill. Quite a bit was removed. There's now room for a slim sugar cube speaker. Lead was put in every spare forward space as possible. A piece of Plastikard was glued between the frames - a good base for the pickup wipers. Strips of lead were glued to the top side of the plastic. At least the engine now balances on its drivers. Somebody has gone to a lot of trouble to make a back-head. When designed, the motor would have come into the cab. Next to fit wipers, a paint job and order a decoder.
  4. Thanks, Lez. As I said, I'm waiting for High Level to open up again which I believe will be next week. I ordered some time ago so I hope I'm well up the backlog queue. I don't know about using the Markits' outside cranks as they might foul the platforms. I might take a file to them, I have to see.
  5. I would just like to point out that I do not have a fetish for MR/LMS 0-4-4 tank engines. L to R: Craftsman Belpaire 1P (eBay bought built-up almost non-runner for less than £100); 2P (CDC Designs body on Hornby M7 chassis); Craftsman Belpaire 1P (built by my good self); Bachmann 1P; Jidenco Kirtley 1P( awaiting High Level Gearbox) and Craftsman Round Top Firebox 1P (in build.)
  6. Time Left: 26 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - unboxed, modified and evidence of use

    M7 Loco Body from R2503 model. I needed the chassis for another project. One front lamp iron is nearly off and the chimney one is missing. One of the rear buffer housings is cracked.


  7. The Hornby M7 arrived today and was matched with the CDC Designs 2P body this afternoon. A couple of repairs were carried out on the chassis first - a broken wire to the bogie pick-up wipers and the peg which held the bogie in place had sheered off. The sand pipes to the front wheels were missing too. The wheels were painted black. The brake rodding is incorrect and will be sorted. The body paint finish is very matt and I might respray with Halford's Matt Black just to get a slight sheen. Here is the unliveried 2P with its 1P predecessor. The lamp irons might get replaced as they are very thick, as is the front smokebox handrail. If anybody wants a cheap Southern Railway M7 body please PM me.
  8. Just won a Craftsman 0-4-4T Belpaire 1P fully built and working just needs painting, post included for less than 100 notes.
  9. When I was asked how many people worked in our office, I said about half of them. To be fair though it was nearer two thirds.
  10. You know I like photos of progress, Jeff. It also gives me and others ideas and techniques for future reference.
  11. Fat fingers, well, that's my excuse. Put right now.
  12. The Craftsman 0-4-4T 1P was delivered this morning and I had completely forgotten there were wheels with the kit, so am well-please with the purchase price. The kit is different from the Craftsman Belpaire version as the footplate and tanks are white metal whereas the Belpaires are brass so hopefully less weight will need to added. Just need High Level Kits to get on track with gearbox orders.
  13. Picked up my kit from the PO this morning and found that it had a full set of Romfords in the box. The drivers are all insulated too. I missed this in the ad so am well-chuffed (sorry) at the price I paid.
  14. I won the M7. I was in for two but luckily was outbid on the second, I didn't want two. I have ordered an LMS 2P 0-4-4 tank body from CDC Designs. Both should be here by the end of the week.
  15. The M7 is Hornby the body from CDC Designs.
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