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  1. Which one has had the window upgrade? Great modelling. Are you going to use ModelU parts? If so will be interested how they turn out. Other stuff I have had from them is very good and will look well if and when I get them painted!
  2. No contest there, Chris. It's about time HMRS redid their transfers they must be years old by now. I have some quite old sheets and you can see the deterioration in newer sheets.
  3. Following finishing off the ballasting under what will be the trainshed roof, with great trepidation I went about gluing the roof framework to the supporting wall of the station building. I used Evo-stik wood glue as it dries clear. I first stuck it to the plain wall section as I could do this away from the layout, then once dry, it was glued to the main station building. Look, no support on the building side! Then the columns were added. I doubt I have them perpendicular but it can be corrected later as I will need to remove them for painting anyway. Later I had an experiment with the backscene. Ian @clecklewyke and I have been exchanging posts as Ian is looking to add more backscene to his layout. I had found a website which has some exquisite commissioned model buildings. https://www.kirtleymodels.co.uk/ It also has photo scenes of terraces and other buildings to create your own cut and paste backscene. However, I didn't see the "7mm scale" in the detail. So I emailed the gentleman and he said he would email me the photos free of charge and I could resize them!! He sent me 6 emails with photos, what great service!! I hope he gets lots of commissions as there's other free stuff on his site. I printed some of the on cheap printer paper and had a play on some bendy MDF which I had painted white. Now to find some photos of Buxton's skyline.
  4. Hi Lez, I still work in old money, I don't have a smart phone.
  5. A bit beyond my price range new, Al, being the cheapskate that I am. I don't think I would get the most out of it. However, a birthday is not too far away, so perhaps SWMBO may be able to help out. That photo of Lathkill Dale brings back memories.
  6. Good to hear from you, near-ish neighbour. I got most of those wagons and vans built/repaired, finished the 3P and now retired and moved into retirement bungalow (with 2 floors!) I've been building a station.
  7. I do need to upgrade my camera, Al but I know little about them. The first digital one I had was a second-hand Pentax which was given to me. The screen started to pack up and when we were helping my daughter to clear her cellar, which had flooded in very heavy rain this time last year, she found and old Fuji 14 megapixel which I now use.
  8. A masked and gloved visit to Halfords in Lancaster this afternoon to buy paint. Hammerite spray for garden furniture and Halfords' etch primer and a Ford red that looked brown on the lid for the trainshed framework. As you can see it was red but near enough the Derby red the Midland used for station doors. I cut some timber blocks to just over column height to support the framework when I glue it in place. I managed to find the bench seats. But first I must finish ballasting to the platform wall edge before anything else.
  9. Hi Ian, I emailed Peter at Kirtley Models and while he doesn't sell the backscenes in 7mm he says he will send a copy be email for me to resize free of charge! Sounds like a bargain to me, nothing lost and everything to gain.
  10. Hi Ian, didn't notice the 7mm scale. Oh well back to searching Google, although I have asked if can do 4mm scale. Perhaps he'll suggest I reduce them like his free prints.
  11. Hi Ian, I am thinking about using some of the photos sold on this web site https://www.kirtleymodels.co.uk/backscene-packs although the stone buildings are few in number. There's some free stuff too in the More section in Printed papers : station notice and signs, advertising etc.
  12. A bits and bobs afternoon. The rain off the roof now has somewhere to drain. I've been doing more to weather the roof. Very dilute different shades of grey. Might try adding some blue.
  13. The flashing has been added to the chimney bases. I used the edge waste material from the slates painted a lead colour. Guttering has been glued to the roof edge and drainpipes added from the Ratio range. Given the area of the roof I thought it could stand the industrial size of the Ratio stuff. The under eves needs painting. I've a sheet with drain covers somewhere. Some very subtle weathering was done to one part of the rear slope. Strange material that York Mm uses. The paving and tarmacking around the station building has been completed. It just needs blending in with the goods yard cobbles. Due to being ill (feel as though I am on the right way now though) it's been a while since trains ran.
  14. Thanks, Kevin, but there no flashing just yet, Ooh, Matron!
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