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  1. A good iron (not the one for clothes) good flux and solder and you should be away with your skills. If unsure, why not get a metal wagon kit and try that first. What is it btw?
  2. Early evening branch shuttle gets the off as the autumn gloom descends.
  3. Good to catch-up, Paul, more later. An atmospheric shot as night falls. The mid-evening local to Millers Dale gets the off. The bank has received greenery further along.
  4. Those ID Backscenes look good. I used Hills & Dales on my last layout. I was going to ask which scene you used but I see from the ID website that there is a new one (to me) Just Trees which will be ideal for my current build, thanks for sharing. Do you know how the turnout on the bridge will be operated as there seems little depth to hide a motor/servo. DCC Concepts working point rodding?
  5. Hi Jay, the grass on the banks looks great and I think the bright green grass on the tracks will be vacuumed off? Derbyshire's drystone walls are a nightmare to model as the stone is so irregular and random.
  6. Quite stunning. Are those setts the grassy ones as on your website?
  7. Having had a biopsy on a lower leg lesion this morning I was told to sit down as much as possible today, so I pulled my adjustable stool, rescued from my previous employers following an office move, to the edge of the layout and started painting sleepers and rail sides that had either been missed after running out of spray paint or had become revealed once track had been curved following spraying. Shiny rails show up in photos so I took a couple which I thought I would put up here, see first photo on page 25. The sunshine effect on the rails in the second
  8. Hi Paul, just seen this and good to see another Peak line layout. We'll soon have to have our own section!! Hope all is well with you and yours, seems ages since we caught up at Hartlepool show.
  9. Nice piece of engineering there, Ian and a much improved view.
  10. Are you going to leave room at the end of the sidings to get a horse and cart or a lorry round to load/unload?
  11. Another station nameboard has been completed. The two look rather striking at the platform ends and they are double-sided even though the backs will not be seen except in photos.
  12. On a former layout I painted the MDF with emulsion and the ID self-adhesive stuck okay. The ID scenes are very good but don't fit what I want for my last great project. Some of your terraced housing photos will be used though.
  13. Will be very interested in the backscene as I may pinch some ideas for my own!!
  14. The last of my latest scenic goodies arrived, the yard point levers. It wasn't until I was opening the packets did I realise I had not ordered any for the upper yard, but never mind. I think I have got then facing the right way but not too convinced they are all in the right place. They come from www.detailmatters.co.uk which is actually based in RO Ireland.
  15. I used Tamiya red-brown for Venetian red as recommended by the Station colours website and looking at photos of Oakworth station on the K&WVR it is very brown.
  16. I've repainted my columns into what I hope is nearer the right colour scheme for the Midland Railway before the LMS got around to repainting into their colours.
  17. I've repainted part of the water cranes in the shed area thanks to a thread by @Titanius Anglesmith and information from @meil
  18. Hi Peter, I know all about your free stuff, I was the cheeky so and so who you kindly sent the terraced stone and brick house backscenes to FOC, thanks again!
  19. Those slates look great - as does the rest of the building - are they photo texture and really just "flat". Thanks.
  20. It's many years since I first painted my water columns and from reading on here they are wrong. I'm going to repaint the column Venetian red (Tamiya Red-Brown) and leave the arms cream. I'm also going to shorten the delivery bags.
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