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  1. Looks like you had a very sunny day on the valley! I'm liking the visiting Pannier very much, especially with the added IR (International Rescue) headboard I was impressed by the few layouts on show at the peep weekend, having just started my new layout I'm considering joining the Kiddy club, always see great results from the club and those I've met have been very friendly
  2. suprise arrival at SVR

  3. Good morning all, just a few photos to show the progress over the last few days. I've started to build the platform and installed the new Dapol signal. I'll probably replace this with a MSE signal in the future but for the time begin I think these signals look very much the part. The platform needs a good weathering and I still need to add brickwork. I've completed the track weathering, just want to add a bit more detail by painting some sleepers as if they had been recently replaced and maybe hint at moss growing on some. I've brought MSE point rodding, which I've started to construct and want to lay before I begin ballasting. I have a plan of where these are going thanks to Beast66606. Does anyone have any examples of how they have modelled point rodding? My next thing to think about is the ground covering. I'm considering the Green-Scene textured paint as I've seen some good results. Any suggestions? I'll use the Das Clay method for the sidings. Would you suggest sorting the ground covering first then laying ballast, or would it not matter? Many thanks, hope everyones enjoying the sun. I'm off to see a new arrival at Bridgnorth...
  4. Hi all, I'm currently planning my ballasting and figured I best plan the overall ground coverage before I lay the ballast. As I understand it there are three basic ground coverings... Ballast Ash ballast for sidings Das Clay for ground which is level to sleeper height Is this correct? What would you suggest for ground covering between tracks? As you can see on the track diagram I've got a section of ground between the main line and the loop. Would this be level ground with no ballast? Should I cover all ground with Das Clay and build things up from there? Many thanks, as always sorry about the questions
  5. Thanks Keith, I took a look at that page. Very interesting Yes the slip is a single slip. I've decided the bay will be goods only.
  6. Many thanks for your help. Things are much clearer now
  7. Very much appreciated. I'm undecided whether the bay will be goods only, if so, would i simple swap that signal with a ground signal? I'm also considering changing the bottom left siding into a second entry/exit to the layout, would this change anything? Just to clarify the third signal (smallest on diagram) is the ground signal? Thanks I'll look into these. Thanks, I'll be sure to include one Again, I really appreciate the help
  8. Ah ok, well I've had a go at the signal positions. How wrong am I? The red line is the start signal and grey dots are the ground signals.
  9. Thanks very much Mike and Beast66606. I am planning on adding required signals (However, the quantity and position of these was going to be my next question to the forum) So if I'm right placement of the rodding should look a bit like the following? Could I ask if anyone has an image of a 3 way with FPLs rods?
  10. Sorry, didn't mention. It's LMS branch terminus mid 50s
  11. Hi, I've wanted to install cosmetic point rodding on to my layout for sometime, I've finally brought the parts. Now I have to problem of determining where they go. I'm not going to include a signal box on the layout so I plan to have all the rodding running towards the three-way turnout and off the layout. I appologise in advance..... What do you think would be the best route? Also, is there any specified positions where the different types of cracks and pulleys go? The lengths of rodding come in 12inch sections, should I join two lengths together with solder or is there a prototypical part? Finally, I'm using peco points does anyone have any suggestions of how to intergrate the rodding with these points? Again, sorry if these questions seem misquided, I haven't got a clue how to approach this. Many thanks, Adam
  12. Thanks for the advice. I've never used masking tape before either, I guess the old saying, if it isn't broke..... I think it's time to get comfortable, get out a fine brush and prepare for some eye strain Thanks again, Ad
  13. ac2012

    Introducing Quatt

    Hi Paul, well I think it boiled down to me not being able to get the detail I wanted. I've seen N gauge layouts with unbelievable detail so its probably just my skills
  14. I saw this great little layout at the SVR today, was very impressed. I was going to introduce myself but was rushed with catching my train. I'll be back up tomorrow so I'll try and pop in again. I must say that the 'Peep Behind the Scenes' event is well worth the visit if you can, had a chat with many very friendly and enthusiastic volunteers.
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