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  1. Same issue here but bought from a local model shop. Not just Hatton’s delivery with cut out only ploughs then. I also had the same problem with class 31 diagrams on the instructions.
  2. D6xx is also not without problem. Have a look on its tread and you will see lots of posts with people having trouble with the motors on DCC operation. Appears to be something to do with an overload capacitor (Im no expert). Guidance to fix this is to cut the component out and solder in a bridge. This, like class 66 axle box modifications, is something the average modeller would not feel happy modifying on a brand new expensive model. Its a shame because the detail is spot on while still feeling like a robust model that you don't have to worry about damaging if you pick it up. Looks like its very difficult for model shops to get everything right when trying to challenge the big manufacturers.
  3. Ive got 66746 and it looks great to me. Ive been lucky enough to see 66746 in the flesh stationary at multiple stations hauling the Royal Scotsman. The only thing Ive noticed is that the real loco is painted in a high gloss where as the model is satin/matt. Im happy they have done this as I personally dont think a gloss finish scales well although worth noting if you want 100% realism. Im also cheating because I have it hauling stanier maroon coaches since they look close enough for me to capture the look, are easy to find and I dont have to buy specific coaches for one train.
  4. Funny you should mention chassis shaping/ moulding issues. I’ve just noticed that my 66746 has mis shaped jacking points on one side. These are part of the metal casting so have they had a dodgy run of chassis at some point? Both jacking points on one side are like this (picture 1) but the other side is fine (picture 2). These are the widest part of the casting though so could explain why only the jacking points are damaged. Just thought it was interesting when you brought up chassis issues. It’s not bad enough for me to send the model back or anything especially since it runs as nicely and looks the part other than this admittedly very minor issue. We will just call it character Picture 1 (Damaged jacking point) Picture 2 (Good jacking point)
  5. Pure speculation here but I wonder if this batch has been flown in? If we look back to batch 1 a small consignment was shipped just before Christmas which must have been tiny since it sold out in days. If you take the cemex example from batch 2 it's already sold out and indicates more are coming late 2020. Maybe something similar has happened and what we are seeing now is a small consignment released early (maybe to test the waters) that was air shipped just like batch 1. That would explain the sudden nature since hattons might have been surprised how fast factories started up again and had a few models that would otherwise have to sit in China until late 2020. Again just speculation
  6. This could have been something to do with the current, every changing world climate making it hard to predict when the models would come. I understand the frustration but given what's going on we should probably be thankful we are getting these models at all
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