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  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head. There have definitely been more drastic mistakes in this hobby before that didn't sink the model. In the case of 60015 would the average modeller have even noticed that the logo was placeded wrongly if they hadn't read this thread? I know that was the case for me
  2. Hi, I’m looking for Hornby class 60 bogie units or failing that bogie frames Thanks br60066
  3. Br60066

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Never thought about it that way thanks for the info
  4. Br60066

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Good to know. Seems odd and needlessly expensive that they would use 2 toolings. Was the Lima one considered to be superior and if so why not just use that tool for all “budget “ hst’s
  5. Br60066

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Do we know of this is the Lima tool or Hornby’s original HST tool?
  6. Bounce remains at 230. Anything higher than that and I found it started losing the bounce. I think most people will have to do some tinkering with the maximum height as everyone’s cantinery system will be slightly different if realistic contact is required
  7. After fiddling with cv’s I’ve found setting cv 163 to 230 and cv 162 to 70 gets the pan much higher while still having a little slack to avoid damage. If you get the Bachmann decoder it gives a handy breakdown of what the pan specific cvs do and what they are set to from factory.
  8. Good news! What do you think the odds are of walking in to a local model shop tomorrow to collect them?
  9. My thinking was it would make sense to get models out to DC modellers to get the model in the public eye and reviewed but I see what you mean it would be outweighed by DCC modellers accidentally putting decoders in that may cause damage.
  10. Could this be related to the decoders? As said previously the class 90’s themselves are already in the country. It seems strange that decoders would delay a model since DC users could be using the model right now with no issue
  11. Just wish they would come out already :p. All jokes aside I think it’s best they take their time and produce a good model than rush and have problems later
  12. Was this a pre production sample?
  13. Do we have any more clues as to when the class 90’s will arrive?
  14. Could all the decoder caper be what delayed these models in the first place?
  15. Definitely agree and would like to add another point. Not all users will have controllers that can modify cv values. This decoder would be the only option for these users so probably a very shrewd move from Bachmann to deliver a decoder that offers plug and play usage for every DCC user regardless of ability or hardware. As long as the decoder is priced competitively that is.
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