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  1. It won't be a runner and it's extremely unlikely it ever will be again. It's only been saved to be an exhibit at Margate and it'll be a cosmetic restoration only, similar to that of parts donor 47841. At least it will be saved, even though it'll be on a plinth.
  2. Ron Hull of Rotherham has commenced disposing of ex DB Cargo 60006 at Toton, the first of the class to meet its end... 60086 has also been sold to the firm with 60050 sold to Raxtar, also likely for scrap. Edit: WNXX reporting 60098 has been resold... These photos are from Flickr, the photostream can be found here or by clicking on the pictures. 60006 60006 On a happier note, 60081 will survive with LSL. It will be cosmetically restored and eventually displayed at the Margate site.
  3. Believe so, they're on hire from Eastern Rail Services based up at Weardale so I'm not sure whether they'll receive the standard yellow paint. Few rumours floating about that they'll be getting shut of the hired portobrook barrier type vehicles but there's still some kicking about. Ones currently in PLPR4.
  4. Likely see more of them coming into traffic, they're fitted with CET toilets which is the reason for their introduction.
  5. Great work as always James! I’ve been following with interest on your previous 37 projects and they’re really impressive! If only there was a layout set in the early 2000s based on Crewe IEMD which they could be displayed on...?
  6. Apologies if this is somewhat irrelevant but I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to compile the list to hopefully show manufacturers what modellers want. It is very much appreciated. Here's hoping 323s finally make it into production! Tom
  7. 57310 if I remember rightly was laid up there as it needs new wheels and some other stuff. I imagine, knowing the speed of decisions by its owner, it'll be there for much longer! I reckon that's a 57 body so I'm going to guess it's another Derby project, 57002?
  8. Nice shots as always Jim, thanks for posting! Is the route learning for the new Southampton - Trafford Pk flow or just for new drivers? Best wishes, Tom
  9. Great work as always! On a side note, some of the GWR 158/9s are now being reformed back into 2 car units from 3 which may be a bit of a help when modelling them for you.
  10. I can't think of many occasions that I've been in one, to be honest! The point I'm trying to make is if Oxford isn't making ordinary cars then why have they done a Quashqai? Admittedly, they've not done a Juke but I always thought it was one of the better-selling cars in the UK? In the same way, I'm surprised we've not seen a modern-day Golf made? Personally, I think it's double standards. On a side note, my fun size ferrari 1.25L Fiesta in "race red" (more mud than paint after a trip to Daresbury!) is the pinnacle of driving performance with 0-60 in 2.5 days, a top speed of something like 104mph and 87bhp under the bonnet. What could be better than that? *tongue firmly in side of cheek*
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