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  1. That 222 is absolutely superb! Really impressive, now to start the EMT livery one Jack?
  2. More great work Jerry! Reminds me, I need to get my 57 and DVT booked in. Work has been rather manic!
  3. More great work Jerry, I'm very envious of that LM 150, looks superb!
  4. Have you considered using something like Velcro for the signs? It makes life easier to swap them over then for each era.
  5. The rear 57 with 5601 was 57313, now named Scarborough Castle.
  6. Looks great! Must admit, when funds allow I'm hoping to expand my unit collection. There's something really nice about these work worn DMUs ferrying people around the north. That exhaust looks superb also!
  7. You're doing amazingly well Jim, brilliant to see and for a great cause too! Always nice to see your photos and accompanying information too.
  8. This looks superb, looking forward to seeing this progress further!
  9. I think there’ll be a shopping list at this rate! I was going to have a bid on 90021 but forgot about it. Doh! Just found it on this video rather conveniently, not the best shots but does show it.
  10. I don't have any pics unfortunately but it was on a layout called Foxhampton which was at Stafford show last year: https://www.staffordrailwaycircle.org.uk/layouts/members-layouts-2/foxhampton/ I'd quite fancy one in debranded LM, as per when they transferred to Northern so when the pennies allow I think I know where I'll be coming for one!
  11. More great work! Has the LM 150 got a home or is it coming up for sale? Only the second one I've seen done.
  12. Thanks very much, I had wondered whether it was something along those lines as to why it couldn't move itself.
  13. Nice selection of images as always! Out of interest, why can't the milling machine move under its own power between sites instead of being chaperoned by sheds?
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