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  1. Personally I believe this one will attract strong sales. 57/3 models have held their value well (generally) with a number of them accumulating in value on a well known popular auction website... Whilst pricing on said website are not necessarily reflective of the market, such as the over inflated ‘buy it now’ prices seen on some products, it gives a good idea. With the model also being complete with Lady Penelope etched nameplates and IR crests, it sets it apart from a lot of the resprays available as most can’t source them due to copyright etc. Although some do have them, it is increasingly difficult to get hold of existing nameplates because the original release from a number of years ago depicting ‘Lady P’ in Virgin colours has become increasingly scarce in recent years. Although the likes of Rainbow Railways will have sold a lot of 57307s in the cable theft livery, I would think some will sell their respray or relivery it and replace it with the RTR version. 2 resprays have appeared on said well known auction site since this weekends announcement but this could be just a coincidence. That aside, there has been a lot of 47/57s. I would love to see Bachmann release some special edition class 90s from the huge variety of liveries they have worn. I’m particularly hopeful of a 90024 in the stunning Malcolm logistics livery. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long.
  2. Thanks for posting, although I also noticed on the Bachmann website that 32-764A, 57312 'Solway Princess' has disappeared? It shows on the likes of Rails/Hattons websites but not their own? Perhaps an error whilst changing between the old and new site and hopefully not one that's been quietly cancelled!
  3. Very, very excited to see these come out. Think my wallet will be running for the hills when they come out...
  4. Believe the Nova 2 unit is being tested around Macclesfield by FL/ROG. May well see it after all, testing should start back end of next week
  5. I really like that little waiting shelter. When I’ve got my tramway sorted I’ll buy one for sure.
  6. Quite a good selection this year for the D&E modeller, finally a DB 60!
  7. Cheeky win in M&S, £10.50s worth of bakery goods for £1! Merry Christmas!

  8. Dropped in today as an escape from Christmas shopping, walked away very happy with a Bachmann 57307 in excellent condition for a great price. Customer service was faultless and it was a pleasure to visit, nothing was too much trouble. Admittedly they stock less Hornby than before but for me that’s not a bad thing. For the railway modeller there is still plenty on offer, prices are good (especially for an independent in the middle of cheater!) and the range of accompanying model cars and lorries is excellent.
  9. Amazing the things you find in Cash Converters, mint in box 57315 in Arriva livery for £89! Absolute bargain!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Swifty11


      Hopefully not, the guy there said an elderly gent bought it in.

    3. big jim

      big jim

      not as good as my "Hornby carriage" a few years back for £10, was actually an dcc fitted EMT 153 unit

    4. Swifty11


      That’s a bargain Jim! Although it’s amazing the things you can find some times!

  10. I stumbled across this thread after seeing it in your signature and it really is excellent, the Doncaster-esque hut is fantastic too! Looking forward to seeing more.
  11. Transpennine at rush hour is possibly the new 10th circle of Hell.

    1. PhilEakins


      Ty getting back from London to Dorset on South Western Railway! Ended up they paid for a taxi from Bournemouth to Wareham as there were no trains after 17:15.


    2. Swifty11


      No trains after 17.15 is pretty poor, of note both are first groups companies!

  12. I can confirm ‘freshers flue’ definitely exists, that’ll be a pallet of cleenex man-size tissues and as much night nurse and vix as I can find then!

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    2. 2mmMark


      A chimney sweep ought to be able to sort that out.


    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Agreed, 2mm Mark.

    4. New Haven Neil

      New Haven Neil

      In my it was the nurses we caught the flu from...ahem.


  13. Just thought I’d drop a comment as I’ve been following this layout for ages and thoroughly enjoying seeing the progress both on Facebook and on here every now and then. Really fantastic modelling, makes me want to order some bits and get cracking on my own project to restart some modelling mojo. Hopefully a north west show one day, if not if I can I’ll make the trip north to railex NE. Keep up the good work Tom
  14. I thought it was you on it when you passed me in Helsby, little bit of whispy cloud did us out of a nice full sun shot. The guy with me there had driven up from near Bridlington so wasn’t very pleased.
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