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  1. You made good time! My best one was work ringing me to ask if I could cover a shift. "Yep, no problem, when and what time?" "Erm now, get your uniform on and get here as quick as you can" "riiiight"
  2. Unfortunately I only recently found this layout topic but it's excellent, very impressive. A real shame it can't be moved but considering the quality of the layout I'm sure we'll see something equally as good built in years to come.
  3. Great work! I've just had a look through the twitter feed too, really good read. (I really should get back to my uni essay!)
  4. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/88132-vopak-chemical-complex-barry-docks-terminal/
  5. The 222 looks superb, really impressed! Like the couplings too, something to look into for my own layout when i get my rear into gear and build it!
  6. I'd think that would be dependent on GBRf and their licensing agreement? i.e. whether they would then let someone else replicate it and I would imagine they would want to see similar charitable terms applied, as per the Hornby model.
  7. Just tried again now and managed to secure one, persevere and you should get through.
  8. I tried to get one but unfortunately I arrived seemingly just as the website refused to even load. Great idea by Hornby, shame they didn't make more of them! Judging by the comments on the Facebook post, there's quite a few unhappy people who weren't able to get one.
  9. Having clawed back some time, LSL 47593 'Galloway Princess' arrives solo into York working the delayed 1Z94 Inverness - Stevenage 'The Statesman' charter. At this stage, the charter was 118 minutes late having been delayed due to 47810 'Crewe Diesel Depot' derailing in the Tweedmouth area. 47501 'Craftsman' also ran into difficulty having failed on the first day of the 4-day tour, resulting in it being left behind in Tyne Yard. 21st October 2019. 47593 - 1Z94 - York by Swifty's Photos, on Flickr
  10. I'm not sure if these are the same wagons (not an area i'm particularly knowledgeable on!) but I noted a couple of weeks ago whilst on my Boris walk the 6F91 Ellesmere Port sand flow has what look to be the same wagons albeit with a big grey/black rectangle of paint applied to them. Flickr has a couple of shots. May well be too modern though! HTH
  11. Looks great! On a side note, there's been some discussion about 57312 in ROG on Facebook modelling pages of late and there's a consensus some of the transfers are too thick so perhaps worth investigation before buying!
  12. Looking for the 2014/15 release from Hornby, as shown here depicting 43043/44 in Midland Mainline livery. Any help appreciated! Thanks very much
  13. Swifty11

    Class 142

    Excellent news that we'll finally have a good quality 142 on the market and in Northern liveries too! Very much looking forward to purchasing one and a Northern 156 when they're available from yourselves.
  14. 'Cucumbers' is the most popular and PC name I've heard for them so far...
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