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  1. This looks superb, looking forward to seeing this progress further!
  2. I think there’ll be a shopping list at this rate! I was going to have a bid on 90021 but forgot about it. Doh! Just found it on this video rather conveniently, not the best shots but does show it.
  3. I don't have any pics unfortunately but it was on a layout called Foxhampton which was at Stafford show last year: https://www.staffordrailwaycircle.org.uk/layouts/members-layouts-2/foxhampton/ I'd quite fancy one in debranded LM, as per when they transferred to Northern so when the pennies allow I think I know where I'll be coming for one!
  4. More great work! Has the LM 150 got a home or is it coming up for sale? Only the second one I've seen done.
  5. Thanks very much, I had wondered whether it was something along those lines as to why it couldn't move itself.
  6. Nice selection of images as always! Out of interest, why can't the milling machine move under its own power between sites instead of being chaperoned by sheds?
  7. Thanks very much Jerry! They're all fairly similar at the moment but hopefully will be able to get further afield soon. Fingers crossed Revolution releases their Drax wagons in OO.
  8. More great work! These look excellent! Looking forward to seeing how the LM 150 turns out too. Always been tempted by one in that livery.
  9. This is the path for the 69 for anyone in the locality of it: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R07745/2021-02-11/detailed?fbclid=IwAR1NYBbCF9Tbl7q9k80WSExNeHDE8DYaiVCfAVrNMbyaVZ3efKwR-bEcsrY
  10. Looking good! I doubt it on the 90s, I was surprised not to see any or 158s in the last round of releases!
  11. Top drawer! Superb job on the 50s. The GB ones are how they should have looked from Hornby if they'd done their homework properly.
  12. Royal train arrived back at Wolverton around 17.30. That's it for this time folks! As PerthBox says, I've been fortunate enough to see the royal on several occasions and it has always been a 1Zxx. My notes have a variety of previous head codes: 1Z20/21, 1Z39/40, 1Z60 and 1Z88. As a result, unless you knew it was running or made an educated guess, it's not that easy to get a shot of it. I had seen in the press it was due to visit Cardiff so having seen it had left Manchester Victoria heading westbound I gambled on a Warrington routing and it paid off but that's not alway
  13. I managed to catch up with it yesterday on its way to Cardiff. I took a punt having seen it leave Manchester Victoria westbound on the diagrams which luckily came up trumps. Click on the image for a full description. 67005 - 1Z20 - Warrington Bank Quay by Swifty's Photos, on Flickr 67005 - 1Z20 - Warrington Bank Quay by Swifty's Photos, on Flickr
  14. New nose cone, believe they get done every so often or if they’re damaged. There’s an Avanti livery one running round with a grey nose as well.
  15. It doesn't fill you with confidence when even the Pendolino's aren't wearing their face covering properly...
  16. A real shame that it lost the livery, it looked superb! Intercity 43185 hasn't been quite so lucky. Whilst it still has its IC livery, (albeit weather battered!) it's now at Haymarket being stripped for spares for Scotrail.
  17. Presumably that's the East Mids - Seaforth service? Local get suggesting that starts this week.
  18. On a day which saw four class 60s in four different liveries passing through Warrington, here is two of them. GB 60021'Penyghent' leads 6E10 to Drax. 60021 - 6E10 - Moore by Swifty's Photos, on Flickr DCR 60029 'Ben Nevis' on 6Z23 to Carlisle. 60029 - 6Z23 - Warrington Bank Quay by Swifty's Photos, on Flickr The other two unphotographed class 60s were 60044 in DB and 60096 in ex Colas.
  19. 90026 was one of the two longer stored examples reactivated for the service, the other being 90021 which isn't far from completion. A real shame it didn't make it off the ground.
  20. I can understand that, but there was a lot hoping for another run of 90s. Always next time!
  21. Whilst the EFE Rail announcement is certainly interesting, (the tube train if irrelevant to me is very tempting!) I can’t help feeling a little underwhelmed with this announcement. Has there been any update regarding when the 20/3s will arrive?
  22. That 222 looks brilliant! What's the betting Bachmann announce a retool voyager and a meridian on Tuesday now?
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