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  1. Thanks, but it really isn’t. For whatever reason the ply base warped pretty quick which is why I had real bother with the nearest set of tracks I intended including. Then the building has a gap to the backscene board as I got the angle of the cut slightly wrong and the building itself has a slight lean backwards as it’s difficult to keep the walls vertical when you’ve basically only got the corner of the building. It also now has clumpy cinders down the side of the shed, as the deluxe materials ballast bond moved it all around despite the claims it doesn’t. I guess it might not be a bad effort considering it started life as a Metcalfe farm building kit and some brick builder sheets. It got me modelling didn’t it. 10/10 for a decent idea 4/10 for execution of idea 2/10 for time management! Given about 3 more months I’d have got to the finish I reckon.
  2. Certainly looks finished to me.
  3. I got very much little else done as life outside of modelling got in the way. As today was the deadline I guess this is another for the unfinished projects box...
  4. It is sending multiple duplicate identical emails when only one reply is added. Yesterday I got 28 emails all for one single post added to a topic - post either 125236 or 3484701 by Garry D100, then the same topic but 4 duplicates of Spikey’s post this morning the same as someone has also mentioned. I’ve knocked all but about three topics down to daily digest. Most are on none or weekly as it’s more of a bookmark. To be clear, this is not a problem of getting lots of emails due to lots of topics having notifications set. It’s a problem where I’m getting the exact same verbatim email multiple times for the exact same single post added to a single topic.
  5. I’ve knocked most of them off immediate, however the bargain hunters mk2 topic was the one that sent the ~10 emails today and I still want that on immediate. Thanks.
  6. On topics I have immediate email notification of a new reply I’m often getting upto 10 emails all notifying me of one single reply added to the topic. I can set them to daily digest I think but there’s still a chance I’ll get multiples of those. Any chance it can be looked into? Thanks.
  7. Here goes, if attaching the picture works as I’m not able to remember my flickr password... Building is almost done, just needs guttering. Hardstanding is done, just need to put the front line of track in and I can get ballasting. Might pull up some of the paving as it now runs along the side of the hardstanding which makes it a bit pointless.
  8. Right, got a pile of stuff ready, track, a card building kit, langley low loader kit. Just need to chop a square of ply to put it on and get cracking...
  9. Problem solved. No wagon, no loco, that's the train they're waiting for! So it will be the building in the background, the two lines of track, one being an incline up onto the low loader which is ready to receive it's load. Then between 1-4 strange looking folk (from modelu I've acquired recently) waiting with the low loader driver.
  10. The question then is, what type of wagon would be heading for preservation? Brake van?
  11. As I've just found a Railroad Bagnall I forgot I had, I could use that in lieu of the wagon to ensure a train is being waited for. If I want to keep things kitbuilt there's always the Knightwing diesel shunter kit. I did wonder if a wagon would just be winched off by gravity, but it ruined my story as it were. So far I'm making a shopping list for payday then I can start building when everything arrives.
  12. Would I be right in that as this is a continuous chain, it cannot cross baseboard joints?
  13. If I stick with the base toys low loader, it's plastic so won't take much effort to chop the rear wheel section off. I found a photo of one on flickr and that does seem to be how it was done. Otherwise I've been looking at langley kits and would have to chop the neck off the trailer as I'm sure that's how they do it (neck stays on the fifth wheel and gets pulled away from the trailer bed that's been dropped to the floor). Now what sort of wagon would be heading to be preserved...
  14. Just tailor your purchasing method to suit as I have. Prefer the free gifts on the cover to the dvd, buy from newsstand. Want a dvd and a magazine to flick through, subscribe paper. Don't want paper copies cluttering your house, go digital. The figures I have may end up in a cakebox challenge.
  15. Ok so the basic idea is as follows: A bit of general clutter, typical of preserved railways at the front left corner. A full, empty length of track diagonally. A part length of track that has a 20' ramp section (is that enough?) upto a low loader trailer which is on hardstanding. Some sort of dilapidated looking piece of rolling stock is on the low loader arriving for restoration. A workshop type building at the back, corrugated steel over brick lower. As the rolling stock has no functioning brakes, they need a loco (train) they are waiting for to couple up to prevent it running away down the ramp in an uncontrolled manner. I haven't yet decided: What time of year it is. What era it is. What the piece of rolling stock on the low loader is. What low loader trailer I'll be using (depends on the era). I may try and build from kits as much as I can, but with peco track and rtp rolling stock and low loader trailer if time looks tight for backup. If I can find a pair of gauges to borrow I might even build the track to EM or P4. Hopefully the attached picture explains it better, it's drawn on 7 1\2" square to allow for backscene/fascia. Low loader just a base toys model and old Hornby wagon to give an idea.
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