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  1. Would I not also need the extension for each switchpilot to drive tortoises, as I think they can only drive solenoids direct? I’ve got 5 crossovers then there is a single point (my OP could be clearer) so I’d need 6, but that’s still looking a good solution. Thanks for all the replies, certainly some solutions I had not considered and the point (pun intended) about cascading one tortoise of a crossover from the other is good for saving a decoder and realistic operation too.
  2. I’ve now got all the tortoises I need to convert my layout I need to think about control. My layout has the following:- Board 1, 4 points configured as 2 crossovers. Board 2, 5 points, 4 of which are configured as 2 crossovers. Board 3, 2 points configured as 1 crossover, I have an DCC Concepts alpha encoder etc for the control panel, and/or could use my NCE powercab. I was looking at an NCE switch 8, as I found one channel could throw 2 points as a crossover so it had enough to drive everything. But, I’ll have almost as many inter-board connection
  3. I don’t want to think how much time and cost goes into these, as it’s something I would like to have but don’t have the skills. Some skilled model engineering here!
  4. 1) Do they want / like Prototypical operation? - I don't mean timetable wise (i.e. continual movement or not), I mean prototypical use of signals and train movements and the correct (or closest as the modeller can get) trains doing the correct things. I'm a contradiction here I'm afraid, I want reasonably prototypical operation, but as I sometimes have my son in tow he wants something moving at all times otherwise I get dragged away as he's bored. The something moving doesn't have to be flying past on the main, could be some shunting going on. 2) If there is a gap in train mov
  5. Thanks Mick, I think three per crossover is the way to go as one isn't an option and two won't look right. I have one encoder, one switch-D PCB with 12 inputs and the 12 switches. My track plan is 5 crossovers and one point, so I need (5 x 2) + (1 x 2) = 12 channels and (5 x 3) +2 = 17 switches so I just need some more switches and the SY3's I think
  6. The sheer scale of it, not far off needing a Bell JetRanger complete with camera operator hanging off the side
  7. I might be being stupid, but after you park up and switch the sound off, how do you turn the cab light off?
  8. The current frames on the layout I acquired are 1 1/2" deep by 1" wide, which is fine for the solenoid type motors it currently has. I'm looking at fitting tortoise point motors which I reckon are going to need another 3" of clearance. This leaves me with the conundrum of how to add some 3" x 1" timber to the existing frames. I guess I could glue and use long wood screws at intervals, but I'd be worried they'd be vulnerable to lateral forces even though there are cross beams I would also be making deeper. I might be able to run a length of 9mm ply along the inside of the frames to
  9. Pretty simple question really, I've acquired some second hand cobalt alpha stuff (switches, encoder with an LCD and the board the switches plug into and know very little about it. They're AlphaSwitch-D and I'll be using hare/wabbit/other decoders for my tortoise motors so that should work okay. My question is probably more about mimic panel design or personal preference though, but are people using 3 switches with 2 out of 3 somehow connected together, or just one for a crossover? I think you can get away with just one in the centre, lit being crossover set, unlit being staright ro
  10. Finally got mine from the sorting office, complete with a obvious impact to the box despite the fragile sticker. Luckily the quality of the SLW packaging and foam means no damage to the tin. Gold star for SLW, must try harder for the Postie! Will have to fire it up later on as the conversation earlier went: 3yr old “wo-ooow” me “yep” 3yr old “can I...” me “no...” 3yr old “but can I...” Me “No.” *puts loco far out of reach of said 3yr old* Even my little one is impressed with it (yes I know his threshold isn’t that high yet!)
  11. I only noticed now so have emailed them, I should have one experiment on order but the pending charge on my card was near 4 figures! Will give it a day or two before I bother them again if they're aware Look forward to seeing it (and maybe taking a sneaky peek at layout's the control panel?)
  12. You can get various versions of Mercedes SK (artic, 6 wheelers in various guises) from Kentoys/Wheelers. I think they might be 1:80 much like cararama but don’t look too out of place.
  13. That’s me getting one for my Class 60, getting some new light boards knocked up for individual LED control to do proper day/night, with and without rears and all the other prototypical combinations (there’s a thread I posted somewhere with them listed).
  14. I have a bunch of these in the pile of future projects, I don’t suppose you’d consider laser cutting more trestle parts if you could cover your costs? I thought there was an article in the late 90’s/early 00’s which told you exactly where to cut the two to get the correct length. Might’ve been in a magazine called “Model Railway Enthusiast” ? There was definitely an article on concrete beam sets more recently too.
  15. If I’m reading the manual right, 8 plus two logic level so 10 in total. At least on the 21pin MTC.
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