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  1. Hi Tom, That's a fantastic piece of work. Would you mind telling us a little more about the motor replacement? I ask as I imagine I am not the only one who thinks that you have found a solution to improving the pug in its original form. Thanks and regards, Alex.
  2. I once, several decades ago, cut in to see a friend on the way home from work; I was still wearing my steel-capped boots. His younger sister, on seeing the rather prominent toecap, made comments about "how ugly" the boots looked. I explained that the boots weren't designed for fashion, but safety, so explained about the steel lining. She said that she didn't believe me, would prove I was lying, and left the room. Five minutes later she returned with a hammer and, without warning, brought it down with some force onto one of my boots. The look on her face was almost priceless as the hammer
  3. Hi there, Interesting sale. Out of curiousityI looked at the listing, and it gives a potted history of both locos; one of them is listed as having been new to "Colziumquarry Co LTD". The only Colzium I am aware of is in Kilsyth, North Lanarkshire. There were quarries nearby but I don't recall ever seeing them described as having rail connections or networks. Does this mean that it's another Colzium? If so, where? Regards, Alex.
  4. A friend of mine once said that while standing in a pub .... the creature in question did not appreciate it!
  5. Hi Jack, There's an older photo of this van online, with a comment that it formed part of a cafe facility along with another wagon and a coach. Could the additional ventilation been to help with cold storage of food? here's the link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/40356042880 Hope that's of use. Regards, Alex.
  6. It sounds like the sort of thing that Hornby would do ..... (think of Kit-Kat vans, and Polo tankers)
  7. Would you happen to be a fan of the Pixie (aka Mr. Blackmore), a man who, as he ages, seems to prefer his musical influences to be pre-modern?
  8. Hi iands, Thanks for that. I've seen photos of a 20 on the Rowantrees traffic, as well as 101s (?) on the works train. IIRC one of my books has a photo of a 150 on the last passenger service. Regards, Alex.
  9. Hi there, When I saw the thread title I thought it may be a 16-tonner that had been painted with too thin a coat of paint, and had bleached in the daylight. On looking at the photo, that really does look to be white. I had a quick look at the colour photos in a couple of my books, but nothing that light. I'm now curious. Regards, Alex.
  10. Hi, If you go to the 'Rails of Sheffield' section in the forum you'll find various other comments from around the time it happened. It's not a unique situation for a trader and manufacturer to part company (for example see Hattons and Bachmann). Regards, Alex.
  11. Hi, Great photo, and perfect timing as I have just been looking at the Middleton Press book on the line. Do you know if that service was usually a duty for an 08? Thanks and regards, Alex.
  12. Hi, According to 'An Illustrated History of Southern Wagons Vol. 1', the S&DJR did possess some 8ton 3-plank dropsides, at least one of which survived into BR service. They became SR diagram 1732. The photo of S62948 does not look unlike the Hornby model, include the brakes. Hope that's of use. Regards, Alex.
  13. Hi Graham, Many thanks for that. I usually find that when someone asks a question, and I know I have a book with the answer, that I cannot either find the book or the correct page .... Regards, Alex.
  14. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me the wheelbase, and length over frames (or buffers) of the above two classes? I have looked online, and in the books I have, and can find almost everything else but those two pieces of information. The reason I am looking for the information is that I have been looking at a couple of SEF kits with a view to seeing if they will fit on any currently available rtr chassis. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Regards, Alex.
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