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  1. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/martbenn/images/Fam-pics/hkharbour.JPG another hong kong wd
  2. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/34/KCR_locomotive_77509.jpg not the best quality, but a picture of a wd 2-8-0 in hong kong, seems like war department engines ended up all over the place. anybody got an pictures of them in holland, it is relevant to my interests but i dont seem to be able to find any
  3. i was hoping we could get a topic started British locos in use overseas. preferably locos that where used in the UK, but failing that British built will do. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12a_kingmoor_klickr/6474061515/ Dutch class 77 http://www.trainsofturkey.com/w/uploads/Steam/45165_cankiri_30_mar_74_11494_lush.jpg Turkish 8f
  4. amazing layout, a real inspiration to me as a moddeler of industrial in N. glad i found this im sure it will be worth a few good looks over. would love to see more pics. honestly one of the best layouts on this site
  5. class 76 here in blue with old crest and TOPS numbers
  6. Thanks for that Gwiwer, I find it very helpful knowing which classes were used for what, there seemed to be a lot of Britannia's still in use in 1967, any chance you know what these would be used for, from what i have found it mostly seems to be freight? Edit - i have been enjoying looking at your layout, reminds me of when i was younger on holidays to Cornwall telling my mum i was going to the beech and then sneaking of and catching the train to par to see the clay trains brings back good memories
  7. Thanks again for the reply Gwiwer and sorry for not replying sooner, i have been very busy setting to work with base boards and forays into basic kit building. Would i be right to assume by 67-68 most WCML expresses would be diesel hauled, im guessing the newly delivered class 50's in most cases? looked at the 15-guinea special, lovely mix of stock and impressively clean locos for the time!
  8. Huge thanks again for everyone's replies, never expected i would get this much help . The list of stationary boilers was very interesting, i had no idea some of them lasted so long. I do most certainly hope to have fun recreating this period and have finally started working on the baseboards. I do have one more question though, would blue and grey stock have been more likely in a particular type of train or would it have simply been shoved together?
  9. Hi Russ, i haven't made a start yet but i will be modeling the north west from around 1966-68 and possibly of up to the early 70's. Due to a lack of space and funds i will probably take a Chris Nevard type approach and simply make a large amount of small layouts over time with the intention of eventually making something modular. Thanks for the info again Gwiwer were abouts would these static boilers be used?
  10. For anybody else who is interested in this period i have found this Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/1968andallthat/pool/with/2148494463/#photo_2148494463 which contains a large amount of pictures from 67/68 I also found this which i think would be interesting to model
  11. Thanks Justin, i remembered seeing that picture and thinking i had seen blue and chocolate and cream coaches together
  12. I have to admit i am very impressed at the level of knowledge available on this site. Thank you for the answers to all my questions Gwiwer, i did think getting exact figures for the amount of steam hauled services would be difficult due the rapid shed closures. Its just that if i intend to model this period i want to do it accurately and not just have processions of black 5's hauling blue and grey mk 1's, I assume steam would have been in use as station pilot and for steam heating a lot even towards the end?
  13. Thank you for the links Brian, i was already familiar with barking bills work and i don't think I'm going to be short of pictures between the 4 of them.
  14. WOW Gwiwer that was a very comprehensive reply, thank you very much. loved the comments about "doon sooth" and "oop north". Two terms still in use in my house, my girlfriends from down south and was shocked when i called Stafford down south last week. There are still a few questions i do have, when were the last chocolate and cream mk1's in use, what was the average ratio of diesel to steam hauled trains in the north west around 67/68 and how far north could hydraulics be found? Thanks you again to everyone who has replied, your information is appreciated.
  15. Thank you for all the replies, didn't expect so much so soon. The pictures were very interesting Stewart, i liked the mixture of different types of traction, i sometimes feel that photos of that era are lacking in diesels. My dad was infact based in the north west. Mostly visiting Stations between Crewe and Preston for 66-68, then some ncb/industrial sites in 69, i think he give it up after that.
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