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  1. As I mentioned in another thread. My partner just purchased r3631 for me as a new job present. Not had a chance to run her yet. She does look the part and is different from my other 2 BR versions. Now along with my other 2 H classes and 2 Bachmann 3MT’s I think I’m now sorted for passenger services on my Romney Marsh BLT. Although I might be tempted by the other early crest Hornby version 31177 when she becomes available. As I think the H class and the Hattons P class are to of the best looking RTR releases in the last couple of years. Big James
  2. I got offered a new job today it’s further away but a promotion with a fixed salary and I won’t be doing nights anymore (which was really eating into my modelling mojo). Because the last thing I wanted to do on my day off was work on the railway because when I had a day because I was constantly tired. Fingers crossed I will be able to get back to modelling properly now. As a new job present my partner purchased the Hornby H class r3631 as a congratulation. And I her own words “a way of symbolising me working on my railway more often”. Big James
  3. Big James

    The Engine Shed

    Is it me or does anyone else keep humming holidays are coming while reading this thread. Big James
  4. Take as an example when the rebuilt Bulleid light pacific come out. eBay these days is awash with 34003 Plymouth. But the later example like 34013 okehampton are like buses you won’t see one for ages then 2 or 3 will turn up on eBay. I think this is the clearest evidence that Hornby have been reducing production runs to make the most out of tooling. big James
  5. I remember reading that they’ve reused cads before for tenders. But they’ve never used the tooling as many are bundled up with the whole set of tools. Big james
  6. My 2 just arrived haven’t had a chance to play with them yet because I’m house sitting right now. But they are miles better then the old Bachmann Bulleid coaches. Bug james
  7. I just ordered 2 BR brake thirds I’ll get the third coach as soon as it becomes available. I doubt any ever made it to my fictional marshlink branchline. So I’ll use rule 1. But I bet they will look magnificent behind the Hornby H class. Big James
  8. My partner wants to get either Guinea pigs or rats. I wanted another bearded dragon. We’ve compromised and decided we are going to get a house cat. I miss having pets and mr frank is still only at my parents house. But I do miss having him around. Big James
  9. Here’s my boy. He helps keep me sane. His call mr frank. Although I’ve had to give him to my parents as it wasn’t fair to keep him in a small flat by himself. Big James.
  10. The marshlink line between Ashford and Hastings is still unelectrified in places due to it being marked for closure by the beeching report. Big james
  11. Over the last couple of weeks my get up and go, has got up on gone without me. I work nights most weeks on 7pm-3am shifts. So I live my life in some semi exhausted state and the last thing I really want to do is start doing ballasting or working on the railways. Although I do still run trains. And I feel like my career has stalled so right now my head isn’t in the right place. Even though my partner and my family are trying there hardest to motivate me. Big james
  12. My layout is temporary, when I move in the next 2 years it’ll be coming with me where I can hopefully extend it into an through station. Big james
  13. The first have arrived at rails. Which means most dealers will be getting these in the next couple of weeks. Big James
  14. I think they are to busy tearing DJ models apart right now. Big james
  15. We’ve also got the LBSCR E1 on the horizon to. Which is more long lived then the R1 or P. Big James
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