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    Southern Railway steam (Maybe the occasional LNER dabble) & the 3rd Rail Electrics, North America Railways (More the scenery that interests me more then anything else)

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  1. Done. Another SR tank engine is to be applauded. big james
  2. Amazing. These units always fascinated but was long gone by the time I started my regular commute to dartford. Quirky seems to sell so good luck to KR models. Big James
  3. Hornby lord nelson for £65. It’s been coaled up and has been given a crew. Judging by the pictures she’s been renamed, renumbered and rebadged from lord Rodney to 30850 lord nelson. I’m proper chuffed by this. big james
  4. Fantastic service from rails. They phoned me up to ask me if I still wanted to keep my pre-order. I can’t wait for my BR lined D class. Shame I’m away the weekend so I won’t be able to test it to next week. Big James
  5. Finally got my preorder in. They look amazing and perfect for my kent based branch line. I’ve gone for most of the BR versions. The BR black one is my favourite I think. Big James
  6. Sorry for the late Update i have just finished a night shift, I have spoken to the landlord who is fine with them being there as long as they behave themselves. But they need to go through the junk they have hoarded and get rid of most of it or put it in the loft. I just feel like they are playing on my partners heart strings. As she’s an incredible person who would give you her last £1 if you asked her to. Big James
  7. Thank you for the advice. That’s probably the most constructive I’ve received. My best friend and parents are just saying kick them out. But they are all my partner has so I can’t use the nuclear option. The next day off me and my partner have off together is Saturday. So we are going to sit them down and talk to them as a united front. We are going to lay down the ground rules for both parties and make the shed off limits to them. Plus their rubbish in the loft as to where it should be. Our landlord is a friend of my dads that’s why the house has been customised so much towards me and my partner. It’s also why we’ve had such a great deal for it. They wasn’t even included in the equation. But only ended up with us because they had know where else to go and my partner couldn’t make her only brother homeless. Big James
  8. My modelling mojo has up and left me. Finally cleared my shed had a board set up and professional built by my dad. Was all psyched up ready to crack, even managed to get some track down and trains running. Then I went away for the weekend for a friends birthday. When I come back the lodgers (my partners bro and sis in law) had filled it up with all the rubbish they had hoarded over the years without clearing it with me. It was all over the railway and all my storage boxes had been shoved out the way. Then they had the cheek to moan that the railway was taking up space in their shed. When we moved in the landlord had the shed renovated and fixed up specially for my railway. So I’m not so much depressed I’m just really angry to the point it’s demotivated me. I even said to my partner that unless they sort it me and the railway will be leaving. sorry for the rant. I really don’t have anyone to talk to. All I get from those closest to me is they wanna come round we kick them out. But I can’t do that as it’ll alienate my partner from the only family she’s really got. Big James
  9. If I remember rightly 00 works did one in the past. But are now like hens teeth. Big James
  10. For me the Bachmann birdcage coaches are my favourite out of my coaching stock. Big James
  11. When it comes to the SR pretty much every locomotive was considered mixed traffic at some point. I’ve seen pictures of schools and king Arthur’s being used. But for specialist freight locomotives RTR you have the Bachmann SECR C class, Hornby LSWR 700 class or the Hornby SR Q1. Big James
  12. That’s a shame as I would’ve liked the late crest version. I missed out first time round. Guess it’s back to trawling through eBay in the hope of picking one up. Big James
  13. Not my era, but it’s always nice to see a new locomotive announced. It’s a sign of a strong hobby. big James
  14. I kinda fell into modelling the former LSWR and I’ve modelled it for 10+ years. But i grew up in kent with weekend trips on the kent coast line, the marsh link line and RHDR on the regular, kent countryside is one of the most prettiest places in the world. I think though what clinched it is that Wainwright’s designs are some of the prettiest ever to run After the spontaneous purchase of the Hornby H class train pack I’ve decided to finally follow my heart and start modelling kent. my current layout is just an adapted peco track plan that is meant to represent a fictional station on the line. But I enjoy it and it allows to me to kick back with a beer and watch the trains go round. Big james
  15. For some reason I think the black livery really suits them. big james
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