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  1. I remember reading about a layout with it in railway modeller when I was younger. I think it was called brockley (south london). It was an inspiration to me growing up. Big James
  2. I started with a Hornby a Hornby Percy and troublesome trucks when I was 6. My grandparent bought me a Hornby 0-4-0 Holden, a couple of sidings and a station. It’s all long gone but Percy survives on my memento shelf. big james
  3. Thank you for doing the poll. I always enjoyed filling it out and always looked forward to it. You have done wonders to the hobby. Big James
  4. Fair play mate. You’ll do a cracking job as it seems to be a match made in heaven. big james
  5. My get up and go has got up and gone without me. I worked in retail for 12 years I went as far as I could go without a university degree. I managed to get myself a job as a bus driver. So left my previous job and took 2 weeks holiday between leaving and starting my new job. The day before I was meant to start I got a phone call saying my induction was postponed for the foreseeable future. When I phoned up my old area manager he told me old job had been filled. And their wasn’t any jobs going in his region for me. I phone all my old contacts and nothing. So I’m now unemployed waiting to and pra
  6. Just ordered on the SR BR numbered ones. I got 2 of the of BR grey versions. Big James
  7. I really like the look of these. Although they never run in the BR(SR) in numbers. They look perfect and I wonder if there had been more built would they have been used to eliminate the various elderly 4-4-0’s scattered all over the BR(SR). That’s my logic anyway to get an early and a late crest version. big james
  8. Well done Hornby. Any new locomotive announcements are always welcome. My wallet can breath a sigh of relief now. There’s nothing for me this year maybe the black H class it’ll go well with the black D class I’ve got on pre-order. But I know a lot of people will be happy so it’s always welcome. big james
  9. I miss this shop. My parents had a caravan down in Dymchurch. A promised visit to the model shop was one of the only way they could tempt to come out with them. I remember saving up all my winnings from various arcades, it normally amounted to about £200 and then going down to the shop on the last day of the 6 weeks. I bought my first merchant navy from the lovely guy behind the counter. I was sad when I went back and it had shut. Big James
  10. After recently going to the bluebell it made me think I wonder if we might see the SECR O1 announced in the 6th. It is long lived, has numerous attractive liveries, was a mainstay of backwater Kent branches towards the end of their lives so could be justified for most BR(SR) layouts, plus they are smaller then the C class so ideal for most small home layouts and it could be turned out in the lined SECR livery that seems to sell really well. Plus it complements what’s already been produced namely the C, H & P with the D class on the horizon to. I did wonder if 65 had already been scanned.
  11. Throw my hat in the ring. Some thing Scottish to accompany the locomotive they’ve already done. Then I reckon an SR L1 or U class. I would’ve said a Q to but since the markets already got a multitude of SR 0-6-0’s already I doubt it but they might surprise us. But I’ll ask Santa for an L1 when I take my niece next week. Big James
  12. My great partner has agreed to allow me another extension. But it’s not allowed till after Xmas due to the amount of work we both have. big James
  13. I love Christmas. It’s always been a big deal in my family. But working in retail means that Xmas normally starts for me in mid October so it’s kind of hard to get into they spirits of things. Although right now people are starting to ask me what I want for Xmas so might just put the rails/Dapol D class on the list and hope for the best. (I doubt anyone will give me the money for it. But it’s worth a try.) Big James
  14. Take the Hornby N15 as an example Hornby tooled up all 3 variations of it the Urie version, the Eastleigh version and the version for the central section. All 3 had subtle differences and one even had a completely different tender but Hornby ploughed on regardless. So for Hornby to do a U class with it’s different variations it’s not outside the realms of possibilities. Especially after the minefield of the lord Nelson, original merchant navy, N15 etc. big James
  15. The U class and the manor class doesn’t surprise me. Both are go anywhere designs and the manor has a lot of components in the manufacture existing range and the U class is the only Maunsell SR design still to do that had large numbers. But the real surprise in the poll is the USATC 160. But it is a handsome design and I do hope it gets made. big James
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