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  1. My Yorkshire terrier did. She left them everywhere. sorry couldn’t resist was just reading through the thread when this come up. big james
  2. I’ve done exactly the same. Kept all the articles that relate to my main modelling interests. I donated them all to my work mate I would rather give them to someone then throw them all away. Big James
  3. Not seen it mentioned. Rochester castle as one of the tallest keeps in England so it dominates the sky line. So is visible from strood and Rochester station. Big James
  4. I would be interested in this to. I’m on the look out for inspiration for my next layout. Big James
  5. Excellent service from these guys. Just purchased a hard to find Hornby train pack. It’s turned up swiftly and well packed. Big James
  6. I agree with your there. Although with weathering the N class does scrub up really well. Tbh I don’t really know a lot about diesel classes unless it run on the former SR. But I feel like the U-boat or N class would be a prime candidate. Big James
  7. As an example look the SR majority of the big SR classes are done. With only the U class, Q class and the ex SECR 4-4-0’s (even if the Dapol D class has taken a slice of the pie) left to do in large numbers. Other then that most of the other classes left to do number under 30. Big James
  8. I did have a conservatory layout a few years ago. And as other have said the sun faded everything. It’s a shame to as it allowed me a big layout to. bit james
  9. I would like one to. Wonder where we can get them? Big James
  10. My mojo has really gone for a burton. Everything was going fine. But then my work life has just gotten worse and it’s really effected my head. My mojo has gone and I can’t see it coming back anytime soon. Which is a shame because I was making steady progress and I have a house move on the horizon with a dedicated insulated warm railway shed for me. Sorry if I sound like I’m whining as I don’t normally talk about my mental health. Big James
  11. I really like the new buildings especially the Oast House. But I’m just curious to the prototypes of station buildings? Big James
  12. Fair play. I’ve looked on with envy at some of your diesels. And they look sublime. I might be tempted by one of these as I’ve seen quite a few preserved manors. Might we see a U class afterwards at some point? Big James
  13. If I was starting off as a manufacturer in 00 Gauge I would pick a small industrial maybe a manning wardle 0-6-0ST that would give me multiple liveries to churn out, long lived and pretty much can be justified by most people. My next locomotive would be a small tank engine from one of the big four. I feel like model rails E1 is a good shout so I’ll use it as example. As it’s long lived, had lots of liveries and with little bit history bending could appear anywhere on the former SR. Finally I’d tackle a tender engine. The one I’d pick would the former SR Q class. As it’s inside
  14. Today I’m going to finish the groundwork in the goods yard. Big James
  15. Big James

    2021 hopes

    I agree with you. But it was the excuse given by Bachmann and Hornby for not doing the U class, because it was similar to the N class already produced by Bachmann. But I feel like we’ve moved on from that and Hornby releasing the S15 has finally put that to bed. big james
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