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  1. The BBC do say that the figures are from Network Rail. To me this suggests that someone in the press department there, is doing rail travel a disservice.
  2. The Black 5 chassis from the 2mm Assoc is a very different beast, whilst would possibly could bodge it to fit you would almost certainly find it easier to scratch build a chassis. The old Farish Black 5 chassis is poor. Your best bet would be the new Fairburn chassis, though I suspect that you will find that purchasing one of these is very close to the price of a complete model.
  3. Given the age of the kit it may well have been designed for the old Farish Black 5 chassis. You might find that it would fit a current Farish Fairburn.
  4. Currently I suspect that there would be real political will from Scotland and the EU but the British government would be a challenge. Given the enmity towards France at the moment I suspect that it would be easier to get the will to go to any other country in Europe.
  5. I think that you may be lacking in space to put in everything that you want.
  6. Do you know the date of those maps? It's amazing how much the site has changed in the last couple of years. It's unrecognisable.
  7. My replacement seating unit arrived on Thursday. It was a 2 minute job to put it into the coach. You really can't notice the difference especially when running but knowing that it is correct feels good.
  8. My copy dropped on to the porch floor this morning. From the brief look I have had, I am impressed.
  9. Kris

    Hornby Make a Profit

    Whilst this profit is not as great as some might like, it is a good sign.
  10. Well that's a new error code, someones been having fun! I was trying to get to the prototype discussion main page.
  11. Yes, servos are generally quite small. I just did a quick bit of googling and found this https://www.robotshop.com/uk/kitronik-linear-actuator-micro-servo-kit.html looks like it could be perfect for points. (I've not used one so I can't offer any real life experience). If you do go down the servo route I would suggest staying clear of the Peco Smart Switch. I tried it for the very limited space option but could not get it to work satisfactory.
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