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  1. Shame that it is not possible, however it is not a surprising outcome.
  2. I have read elsewhere, following conversations that individuals appear to have had over the weekend with Kato representatives, that it will require a Kato specific DCC chip (or new circuit board).
  3. Looks like someone has stolen the track.
  4. As you are saying that you are not looking to exhibit the layout but want to "future proof" it incase of moving I would go for as few boards as is possible. In terms of being able to get it out of the house when you are moving think about how easily 2 people could move it with care. Given the size that you are talking about I think that you could go for 2 boards but this will be very dependant upon exit routes from the room and position of doors etc.
  5. The A class tanks are very interesting. Just need to wait and see what liveries will be offered.
  6. Kris


    It's good to see this, it is a well though out project and much needed for modern image modellers.
  7. Just remember that although 22ft sounds like a lot of space (and it would be for smaller scales), it is not much when you scale it out for O gauge.
  8. I'm glad to see that they are being proactive and have stated purchasing property and negotiating for more. To stop doing this would delay the project even further should (when) it be approved again.
  9. Did it do Gloucester to Bristol before becoming another train? (despite being the same stock). I did find there is still a cross country train train to Penzance that supposedly comes from Glasgow. This train actually starts from Dundee but is classed as a different train until it gets to Glasgow.
  10. It would be worth having a look at the websites of local councils. Their planning departments normally have plans on the websites for homes. You just then need to look through to find what you need. This can be long winded but when you find what you want the information can be amazing and scalable.
  11. These have been previously released by UM.
  12. Just found the post confirming my memory.
  13. I have a feeling the he may have passed away unfortunately.
  14. Kris


    The prices on the kickstarter are good. It's not a product that I need (too modern) but the original "wood" bearer points are good.
  15. If canceled I wonder howling the newly announced West Coast Franchise will last. I suspect a lot of the viability of the bid will have been based on the completion of and integration of HS2 into the franchise.
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