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  1. You need to cut your gradients, your proposed gradient of 1 in 25 is very steep for model railways. A way of doing this would be to make the lower tracks drop down whilst the uppers rise.
  2. I'm not surprised that the C class was up at the top, it's a very pretty little engine.
  3. Kris

    EFE Rail launches

    This approach strikes me as a way to ensure that a "Hattons issue" does not arise again. It gives shops a chance to create their own models and still work with Bachmann, all round a win win.
  4. And how few new loco designs there have been since 2014 when there was a total glut of them.
  5. Possibly overkill for the garage on cost grounds alone, but I do use a hue smart socket in the shed so that I can turn the lights on before I get there.
  6. Such a shame, the service provided was amazing. They will be missed. Best wishes to all involved in the business.
  7. Watch out for that guarantee of pre order prices. Several years ago Hattons changed their terms to say that they would not do this even for existing preorders.
  8. Kris

    Farish N - 50 years

    I can remember seeing Farish stock in the local toy shop and after much pestering I got one as my Christmas present. I still have the loco (Class 47 "track 29"). This was soon followed by battle of Britain class "Spitfire". I still have both locos and they both still work, though the class 47 has had several sets of gears, something that has blighted many Farish models.
  9. There is a link to a b class tank on the purchase menu, however this appears to possibly be a mistake. Re runs were announced yesterday however.
  10. Revolution announced yesterday in their Facebook live session that the B class tanks are getting a rerun in the more popular liveries. https://www.revolutiontrains.com/product-category/ngauge/35t-tank/
  11. Following yesterday's Facebook live session, it is now possible to order some of the A class tanks. The weedkiller versions have still to be added to their website. https://www.revolutiontrains.com/product-category/ngauge/35t-tank/
  12. The general track work does seem possible. A couple of minor tweaks will be required, but I have just put it together (roughly) in Railmodeller. To import the image you go to the file menu, here there is an option of add image. This image can then be resized as required.
  13. Unfortunately this is a situation that has been going for several years. Complaints about their website, non delivery and poor / non existent communication pop on with alarming regularity on a variety of sites. It's not a Covid thing.
  14. It is possible to put an image into Railmodeller Pro. The package will not add the track automatically, but you can place track over the image. I have just quickly tried it with your image, and it appears that the points are approximately Peco Medium radius.
  15. As has been said there are many ways to skin a cat but I am glad to see that this worked and was what you wanted.
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