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  1. The BBC have some drone footage of the remains of the barges involved in the the Severn bridge disaster. There is also footage of the remains of the line. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-gloucestershire-54651734
  2. Do you have access to both sides of the boards as they are rather wide to reach over?
  3. Unless the floor is unacceptably uneven just brush it, then paint it.
  4. That lighter blue makes for an amazingly pretty little engine.
  5. Dapol used to say every 20 hours of running or every month.
  6. The Farish MK3 and MK4 coaches still look fine as well.
  7. Those photos of Trowbridge bring back memories.
  8. Helston railway have now confirm they will not open this year due to Covid. https://www.helstonrailway.co.uk/news/2020/railway-to-remain-closed-to-the-public-this-year/
  9. Slightly left field bargain. Amazon are offering £10 off on their Prime day (in a couple of weeks) if you spend £10 with a variety of small retailers. Having done some browsing, there are some scenic items that fall into this category. For more info https://www.amazon.co.uk/b?node=15430759031&pf_rd_r=7WCE8W8PCVHQ4E3W08R0&pf_rd_p=fe736a78-6e0c-41c9-a34b-a94d8b79fecd
  10. Slaters do an n gauge corrugated "metal" sheet. It does feel a little over scale to me however. https://www.ema-models.co.uk/index.php/sheet-materials.html would also be worth a look at if you are in the UK.
  11. The film looks slightly speeded up, most likely a frame rate issue. So the time might be a little longer, but not massively.
  12. I have used Kato n gauge track for a fiddle yard. It works but the joints can be temperamental and are not always smooth. The points also don't always hold in place as the trains go over them. From an aesthetic viewpoint I hate the look of it and have yet to see a layout that is convincing (to my eyes). despite all this, I would use the track again but only for a test track or fiddle yard.
  13. There is a lot missing from the chassis, you might be better off looking for a scrap 101 or railcar chassis to cannibalise rather than trying to get all the extra bits.
  14. There is not a clip. The plastic would appear to be in that form to provide extra strength at the ends.
  15. The bottom siding is not accessible by road traffic, slightly reducing the length of the top siding would solve this.
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