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  1. You can walk the length of the tramway from coast to coast, it's a bike trail. Of the GWR line, there are bits that could be walked as they are roads, but it would be very disconnected and you would not notice remains. The incline is private so can't be walked but you can walk up a path beside it.
  2. Railmatch do a warning panel yellow in enamel and acrylic. Many model shops carry it. If you want a Humbrol paint delivered and are an amazon prime customer, it is worth looking at Amazon as they have some (but not all) paints at the standard rrp including postage. They do appear to have a limit on how many you can purchase however, I found that out the other day.
  3. Does this help? It's the signalling diagram for Ivybridge. Only low res but you may be able to get enough information. https://www.s-r-s.org.uk/html/gwf/S936.htm
  4. Those look like some rather nice models.
  5. I agree that DCC should have been included, however the M7's were designed to haul heavy trains, so 7+ coaches would not be unreasonable. There are photos of them hauling 12.
  6. Penzance + Marazion (St Michaels mount) Devizes
  7. Having caught this service a few times, I can say that I would have preferred to have caught the sleeper. Crawling out of bed just after 4am, creeping around trying not to wake the family up is not a great start to the day. I did establish that using this service the earliest I could get to the location of my meetings (near the Excel centre) was 11am. Even meetings more in the centre could not be before 10:30. Those that did required me to either get the sleeper or travel up the evening before and get a hotel.
  8. If the track is fixed to a board then Peco is fine for children to use, if not fixed to a board i.e. laid fresh on each occasion then the connectors between the track can (and do) work loose causing lots of frustrations.
  9. Today's walk. Incline bridge End of the line. Houses stand to the left (of the harbour) where the standard gauge coal yards used to be and on the right (of the harbour) is the location of the tramway that went coast to coast. All visited with only a reduction in the depth of the soles on my wellies this morning. A pasty may have been picked up to sustain me on the way home.
  10. Kris

    Dapol HST

    It sounds like you have made your mind up to send it for servicing, if you do I would suggest videoing it to show the problems. Something else to be aware of is that the Dapol service agents are operating with a back log at the moment. I sent a loco off for a warranty repair in December. It arrived on the 10th. The loco was not then looked at until the 3rd of February. When I initially contacted the service agents I was advised that there would be a substantial delay so it was something that I was expecting.
  11. They are printed by Shapeways so quality is as per their normal. I do have a GWR coach, the finish of which I feel is acceptable.
  12. Not much progress to report. Very limited actually but the "soil" in the garden for the station masters house has been added. In further news, the Rocket will not take 5 coaches up the gradient from the station to the goods yard (1:50). It does a lovely line in wheel slippage after grinding to a halt about half way up, even with a good run up. Never mind.
  13. I nearly purchased a while back. Money is now a little tighter so purchasing is out for the moment but if I were to buy I would be going down the Elegoo route.
  14. The multimeter will help to identify the problem. This would appear to be the cheapest on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Swiftswan-Multimeter-Continuity-Voltmeter-Ohmmeter/dp/B07MF1LVV1/ref=sr_1_26?crid=1PWHE4G7DO4OI&dchild=1&keywords=multimeter&qid=1613733097&sprefix=multi%2Caps%2C160&sr=8-26 What a multimeter will not do is cure any problems, so don't expect a miracle cure just by purchasing one. It does sound like your point motors are not receiving the voltage that they need, even with the CDU. It does make you wonder if the 16v AC feed is wor
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