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  1. Here are some of the photos of the printed items. first up, the garages. Next the church Part of the Royal Albert Bridge. Finally a more complete Royal Albert Bridge. The main track bed is sagging in this photo so the supports were stuck in place using blue tac so that I could get a nice photo with the setting sun. At some point I must try to do this with a more completed version.
  2. The bridge has come out okay. Needs cleaning up (and removing all supports) but over all I'm pleased with what I've got. And placed roughly in place with the main support print removed. "Toby" is a good choice of loco to test clearance as he is rather tall!
  3. TinkerCad is very simple and very user friendly. If seven year old children can manage to use it, then...
  4. The triangle at Laira, the line goes down to the old Friary SR station.
  5. And now onto some of the Fusion images I have been playing (correct word here) with. first up, a section of 4mm fence panel, really dull but something we see every day. The post is much longer than needs to be to allow for the ground contours. I have also created a gate to go with this. These are beefier than they need to be to survive (hopefully) attack from my children. Next up, a road bridge section, again 4mm for my children's layout. They have damaged and earlier card version so time for a replacement. This is on the printer as I type. It's a road bridge that has many liberties taken with it. The girders should be thicker on the base but that would not allow trains to pass under it. Next up we go onto n gauge bits. First up something that does not fit into the printer in one piece, so is being printed in many different sections just like a large jigsaw puzzle. The Royal Albert bridge, to scale. It's big very big and getting the rails in has been fun. So far I have printed the pillars and, both tubes and the main girders. Some of the supports have been printed as well. And a small section view. I shall pop some photos up of printed items in the next few hours.
  6. Over the past few months I have been creating a number of different models digitally, using TinkerCad and lately Fusion360. These models have been created for use with on my Coombe viaduct layout and on my children's 00 gauge layout (train set), there have also been a couple of quick creations for their brio. Before getting my own printer I borrowed my work's printer for a week to see what could be done with it, since then I have purchased my own and am now printing on an Anycubic Max4 pro. I have shared some of these images elsewhere but will now start to group them together here. So to start with some TinkerCad images. Brio Buffers A set of garages based on those in Saltash. Saltash Baptist church. This model broke TinkerCad causing me to start looking at Fusion360. Ultimately it did not print with enough detail, something to revisit in the future.
  7. Still no cruise ships in the Fal. Lots of tankers just of shore (10 I think) and these 2 car carriers hiding away.
  8. Insane speeds for the road, even more insane that it appears the driver was filming on a mobile.
  9. Nice shed. Might be worth changing the angle of the print to see if you can remove the failed section on the roof.
  10. I'm not so sure, especially in smaller scales or for small buildings. The cost of printing these is much lower than the cost of purchasing a laser cut version.
  11. That was quicker than DHL managed to get a package from Fife to Cornwall!
  12. The stock you use should be sensible. It would look daft having an HST next to a Jinty. In much the same way a GWR castle would look very lost on a Scotish based layout.
  13. Working fine for me, possibly any issue has been resolved now.
  14. Previously I have boarded the track with long straws. These stop the ballast flowing away as I glue it down. These straws have been lightly pinned down allowing them to be easily removed when the ballast has dried.
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