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  1. The announcement of a J94 would be...... Anyway, here's hoping to see the Class 14! (Although I won't be there, so fingers crossed someone takes some pretty pictures)
  2. With the rear cab now finished, well, in a state where only minor adjustments may be needed when I re-assess, I thought I'd tackle the roof. The first thing to do was remove the decal, usually these come off with a little gentle persuasion - this one refused to budge. I searched on the forum for answers and found various options - cotton buds, tooth picks, thinners, T-Cut, MicroSol. I tried them all. It wouldn't budge, so I did what any rational person would, I sanded the off. That said, I actually needed to sand the roof anyway as there's quite a few mold lines which look unsightly. The expe
  3. The brackets had been on my mind and how I would tackle them being a particular sticking point. Like the wire, I knew they would be incredibly fiddly, require a ton of patience. I ended up recreating these 3 times before I got them right. The Dapol ones are block plastic and just don't look right at all. I initially thought I would attack the brackets to the existing ones, but it just wouldn't have worked - I still would have been left with the outline of the block where it fits in. It just didn't look right. Of course I really didn't want to fill the holes because that would be more sanding a
  4. Well it has been far longer than I thought in progressing with this project. I did say a few days... More like two weeks! Alas, work and the weather was against me with it being far too hot in the workshop. Still, we are getting there...! When I came back to finishing off the detailing of the rear cab, I decided that the horizontal bar was slightly too thick, so it has been sanded back, it looks much better now. Next was getting the wiring correct. The one supplied by Dapol wasn't correct to the prototype I was recreating, so out came the wire.
  5. It would be handy if you offered some unpainted models for us doer-upers
  6. A shame! I wonder why they decided to release ficticious liveries... I certainly nearly purchased a Blue one until a little more research pointed to it only being across the pond in the Isle of Wight with that livery.
  7. Now the picture I posted at the start of this thread of 3309 leaves much to be desired. I can only see one side and from my Google searching, it appears to be the only shot in existence of 3309 in Green. But! We do have shots of it being scrapped.. What a shame. Though they will help. Looking around the photos (In its final Blue livery) we can see one particular feature which looked even more difficult than the doors - typical. Struts on the rear of the cab. Now the question was since I hadn't seen many of these struts (That's what I'm calling them), were t
  8. Dapol's rendition of the door. It's a modern art masterpiece. So we better get the filler out... Once I'd started there was no turning back - I was going to order replacement doors as a just-in-case, but never bothered on the premise I had to get it right. I also thought since we're going all in, I didn't like the door handles either. They had no definition. They need to be replaced. After 1 broken drill bit and some patience, we have a hole. Smack bang in the center. But then I remembered, these doors don't sit right in the cab, t
  9. Well finally the stars have aligned - a year long batch of commissions is done, my workbench is clear and I have accumulated everything I may possibly need* to start work on clearly the best locomotive ever to touch those shiny rails that line the way around the United Kindom**. What locomotive is that I hear you ask? Why it's the Class 08 of course! Now I've never posted anything like this before, a work-in-progress topic of my own trials and tribulations. Should we call it super detailing? Correcting? Who knows. When Dapol released their Class 08, I had to have one, no, two, no,
  10. Porcy - have a pint on me, thank you, I wasn't aware Howes carried spares. I'll get some ordered
  11. Have any real-world shots of the painted model been released yet?
  12. Two questions if I may having just picked up one, possibly... Two of these. 1. Does anyone have a contact email address for Heljan to order spares? I can see in the instructions it gives a postal address, but who uses snail mail anymore?! 2. I've been trying to find out a little more regarding the maroon livery, it looks lovely, but where was it used? Any reference photos of it in the real world? Thank you
  13. Thank you Chris, we can all be thankful there will be a RTR Class 14, regardless of livery
  14. Very much looking forward to this, did I misunderstand or is it BR Green livery only? Wouldn't mind a Blue and a Green
  15. Apologies and thanks - it was just the information that was posted along with the photo on Flickr
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