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  1. An excellent result and very enjoyable thread well done, having a silhouette certainly made it easier in respect of making two sides the same height etc, unfortunately i dont have one and went down the etched brass sides (got them made privately) for some Irish bo-bo Sulzer loco,s i built some years ago. I wouldn't worry about a discrepancy of 0.5mm in height or any other dimension of your build as your model has captured the real machine beautifully and captures the imagination even more as your video shows.
  2. John that,s why there is RM web help is always available and you dont always need specialist tools to help make some thing its imagination and patience plus time, tools help but that,s all.
  3. Can you post some pics of the build when you get started?
  4. Nice idea but as Kirley has said MTK (mental torture kits) were notorious for their irish stuff being not 4mm scale. Im building the kit of the ex Brel demonstrator railbus that now lives in Downpatrick and boy its been a nightmare. No two castings are alike and the roof is way over length but getting there slowly.
  5. Excellent work and great detail well done, more pics as you progress with painting please.
  6. Im looking forward to these and going by his present projects they will be impressive.
  7. Excellent looking so far the results will outweigh the painstaking work your putting into this project.
  8. Stunning end result and the detail is amazing, dont forget to post more pics when its all built up.
  9. The kit looks excellent and a top class job George im looking forward to the end result.
  10. Yummy they look fresh out of the oven.
  11. I forgot to ask are you intending or have started building some stock to run with this loco. Regards Gareth.
  12. A work of art its brilliant to see workmanship like this. Any chance of pics of the cab interior and the underneath of the loco. I look forward to the finish model.
  13. Its turned out first class and worth all the work you put in also nice idea on the roof vents. RE G.
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