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  1. Hi Jim, I would really appreciate the pdf. Steve
  2. There is a trackplan and building elevations on Freedom of Information Request https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/drawings_of_mallaig_station#incoming-1745734 Apologies if this has appeared elsewhere.
  3. Hi, The un-sprung mass will include a portion of the traction motor if axle hung. It seems that this % is between 60% and 80% of the TM weight.
  4. Sorry the SD45 should read 1.7 tons! (axle 1325lb, wheel 1015lb*2 spur 409lb = 3764lb or 1.7t)
  5. Hi, That's great. Not sure how I missed the Barrowmore book. I've also found GM/RC2513 from RSSB which used a Deltic to to set the standard for all future P2 calculations. (D9001? at Didcot in the early 1970's on dipped rail joint tests if I recall). This give an un-sprung mass of 1680 kg/wheel which is only 60kg/axle higher than MT25. This seems to equate to an wheelset weight of 1.3 to 1.4 tons including the spur gear. The US SD45-2 has a measured wheelset weight of 1.5 tons. Thanks for the help!
  6. AS part of some research into rotating loads and unsprung mass I'm looking for the weight (with or without the gear wheel) of a wheelset (axle + 2 wheels) of a Deltic & Class 47 locomotive.
  7. I would replace the 10k resistor with a 5k fixed and 5 k preset to give some ability to adjust.
  8. If I recall the B4 had an axle diameter of 4.5 inches and the B5 4 7/8”. Also in BRB speak they were the BT42 and BT45. Disk brake versions were BT21.
  9. It’s because the power supply has not been upgraded in time. There are a maximum no of trains/hour that can run on the overhead and all the allocation is taken by the LNER. Upgrades are apparently “in progress”
  10. I seem to recall that the BR5 bogies were fitted with 180A/200A alternators which provide output from 10mph or so
  11. The Blood and Custard site has good info which should help https://www.bloodandcustard.com/SR-2BIL.html
  12. I remember these controllers and performance was outstanding. Was a circuit diagram every published?
  13. On my copy the 94xx is on page 98. Haven’t read the magazine but on a quick flick through it looks a good issue
  14. This is looking pretty cool. Looks like a January project for me
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