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  1. Clive Please reconsider. This topic is a breath of fresh air and encourages us all. Don’t let a few idiots chase you away Steve
  2. A great photographer RIP your photos live on
  3. I play with Train Design on the plane. Anything beats the in flight movies. It has its limitations but can be used to test ideas
  4. Also had a trio of resprayed pugs on my colliery layout. RIP David.
  5. Its an excellent book. Thoroughly enjoyed the ebook from Amazon. No obvious errors
  6. Stevebr

    Mike Sharman

    Really sorry to hear this. Another of my heroes from the 70’s fades away. RIP Mike
  7. I believe that the line from Fort William to Mallaig was passed for Black 5’s in 1960 but is there any evidence of this? Did any Black 5’s reach Mallaig before the modern day Jacobite.
  8. This looks like a great layout developing. I’m also busy preparing a model of FW circa 1960-64 with slight additions. To date baseboards are nearing completion with trackwork starting in the next month. I suppose I should start a thread rather than just read others.
  9. It is indeed a good article. For the last few years I have downloaded the e version onto the iPad which solved availability
  10. I produced a windows program a while back which was designed for an Inglenook layout
  11. RM article also had plans of the station building.
  12. Stevebr


    The coach is a former BG which has been converted for disabled access with the larger doors. It is the first of 5 being converted including 3 Mk1 TSO and a teak vehicle
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