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  1. My copy was purchased on the 30th of June but I see it’s no longer available for purchase. A mistake by Amazon releasing on the 30th of June not 30 July.
  2. I’m not sure why the Deltic fuel capacity was reduced to 800 (or 830) gallons after fitting with eth and or dual braking. Was this to minimize the extra weight. Given the tanks were in the belly it couldn’t have been for space?
  3. My last layout used 6mm ply as a top surface without any problems over its 7 years of use but my next layout will probably be 9mm to reduce the bracing
  4. Just finished reading this book. An excellent resource like the earlier book by the same author on the class 21/29’s
  5. The production Deltics had a fuel capacity of 900 gallons. A trip from Kings Cross to Edinburgh should use between 400 & 500 gallons ruling out a round trip without refueling. In theory round trips to/from Newcastle or York were possible. Did this happen in reality or was refueling a matter of course. Also the water held 640 gallons. Post eth stock would the water tanks be kept full in readiness for the sleeper services?
  6. Stevebr

    John Farrow

    RIP John. Your memory will live on in the many photographs of the tours
  7. The class 43 locos were not used on the Waterloo Exeter route (although as always there may be a couple of isolated exceptions) The MAN engine didn’t appreciate full power performances and most drivers wouldn’t use the last notch on the controller
  8. Stevebr

    Mike Horne

    RIP Mike
  9. Clive Please reconsider. This topic is a breath of fresh air and encourages us all. Don’t let a few idiots chase you away Steve
  10. A great photographer RIP your photos live on
  11. I play with Train Design on the plane. Anything beats the in flight movies. It has its limitations but can be used to test ideas
  12. Also had a trio of resprayed pugs on my colliery layout. RIP David.
  13. Its an excellent book. Thoroughly enjoyed the ebook from Amazon. No obvious errors
  14. Stevebr

    Mike Sharman

    Really sorry to hear this. Another of my heroes from the 70’s fades away. RIP Mike
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