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  1. Here we go. "D" shaped protrusions, 8mm long and 10mm wide, with an hole of 4.5mm for Hornby bogie clips. Both are 1mm (40thou) plastic card, one is set 1mm higher than the other. The bogie clipped into the lower one. The upper one is then added to the assembly. This photo shows them on a 3 ft radius curve, so any tighter then the sticky out bits might need to be longer. This is the same method I have used on my dia 107-108 twin, the Hertford quad and the LMS excursion twin, with no problems so far when running
  2. Sir Ector de Maris, it will lose but hey ho.
  3. Hello Tony Little Bytham is one of the few layouts that is populated realistically. You say in the photos there is nobody, there would have been a small number of staff. Apart from when a train was due most of their work would have been out of public gaze.
  4. I am sure I have seen photos of her being loaded aboard a ship bogieless. The Brush type 4 bogies she ran on in passenger service were left on the dockside and her old ones went to the USSR. If a big back to back gauge had been used on the wheels for her new home I couldn't tell you.
  5. Hello Tony What have you done to scare all the passengers away in the big Brush photo at Wood Green? Seriously there appears no one on the platforms. Which is how most passenger stations are most of the day. How many of us get to a station an hour before our train? Most of us leave as late as we can so unless there is a stopper due the platform is empty (bar the puffer nutter with the camera). Then if you look at how passengers don't tend to move far from the entrance or steps of a bridge they have had to cross , they kind of handle together until the train is almost st
  6. A "D" shaped protrusion with a hole, one high on one coach and one lower one on the other. A standard Hornby bogie clip thingy going through both holes. Nothing complicated, I am involved I will take a photo tomorrow. CBA tonight. Too busy listening to a collection of 60's girl garage bands. Lovely.
  7. This is wot I have been a messing about at. A Gresley steel body BSK-SK twin Compartment side Corridor side. A Gresley Tourist SO-SO Twin Both sides are the same so I saved on film.
  8. They live in Bedford. That is another telling off by my sister-in-law, she is a native of Kempston and that is where my brother and her live.
  9. 6125 Lancashire Witch, reminds me of an ex girl friend. Whoops you want the best name..... Suppose as an ex Gun Fitter I should go for The Royal Artilleryman.
  10. In the warm. It was bitter on the Sunday. The Saturday was very wet and cars were having to park on the grass. I recall one bloke getting cross with me because I asked him to park on the grass as the gravel car park was reserved for blue badge holders. He didn't want to get his 4X4 dirty, not scared he would get stuck. The next car was a little sports thing from the 60s or 70s and the driver wound down the window and said he had a tow rope if he got stuck and would someone be able to pull him out, with a big cheerful smile on his face. He didn't get stuck, not sure how much dirt wa
  11. Next time I am allowed into Bedfordshire to visit my family I will add a couple more hours to pop over and have a play if that is OK?
  12. He is telling lies it was freezing cold, I know I was on car park duty. Must have been my last show, it was so long ago can't remember that far back.
  13. Enough of the p taking about Lincolnshire, I would like to join in but I remembered I live here. I have been making a mess with some plastic card, hopefully tomorrow I will have some photos for you to see.
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