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  1. Hi Paul Thanks. I did consider making small aspect signals as used at Manchester Exchange/Victoria, and other locations but the amount I need to do, 22, put me off so I decided to take the easier option, which I hope will look convincing. Most early colour light schemes had their own little variations.
  2. Hi Gibbo They are catch points not trap points. Catch points are usually only one blade and are found at the bottom of an incline to derail any wagons that run backwards in case of a coupling breaking. They are sprung so a wheel set going the right way can pass over them and they then return to catch anything going the wrong way. A trap point is to derail something that is trying to get on to the running line from a loop or siding when it is not supposed to. They are mechanically or electrically worked with the point giving access or egress to the main line. At some locations it is a complete point with a buffer stop or sand drag . I don't have the space for either, so I am using the other variety which is a complete set of point blades but no crossing vee, hopefully the offending loco, wagon, coach etc will be going slow enough that when it falls off the rails and hits the dirt it will stop going any further.
  3. Hi Chaps Some recent purchases for Sheffield Exchange. Can you tell what is working with the push me- pull you coach? It is a LMS 2P 0-4-4T, I saw it on e-bay and thought why not. Who ever made it used a Hornby Jinty as his starting point, even the chassis is converted form a Jinty one. It is a tad short and i think the cab should be a few more millimeters high but it looks the part and until I make one (if ever) I now have two locos for the push pull train, a Ivatt class 2 tank and this little fella. I do intend to line it and replace the BRITISH RAILWAYS with an emblem. Following a barrage of post on the DEMU forum by one bloke, I am now going to install some trap points. I bought two small radius points on a visit to Casitor Loco, they will be cut roughly where the red lines are which hopefully will be visually correct. They will work, I have the point motors. It also means I can advance my signals so they do not confuse drivers shuffling locos around the engine yards. The diesel depot The steam shed. I am copying John who is building Leeds City ( the Midland side) with my signals. Pre the adoption of the position signals (dots) many early colour light signaling schemes had their own variation on calling on and shunt signals. One seen in a few LMS locations was a white aspect with a red C or S displayed. Would the signal be a shunt or a calling on if a loco was to only go as far as the starter signal and then drop back to a platform? Over to the signal experts.
  4. Ah!!! with all that steel in Sheffield you are well bu88ered according to Gibbo's magnetic doomsday. By coincidence Bloxx have recently released a song called Magnet,
  5. Predicted sea levels for Lincolnshire 2050, I know they might be a tad over estimating.
  6. Yeah, and the last time Soloby was flooded. The next time will be a gradual rise in sea levels and a decrease in house prices. Hopefully I will be dead by then.
  7. Hi Terry The rising sea levels will be a result of the ice caps melting not the land sinking. Where I live in Norman times was tidal marshes. Up to the turn of the last century high tides could reach my house. Some of the older houses have an inverted V which is the high tide mark. We are considered a high risk flood area, but talking to the locals the last time our village was flooded was 31 January 1953, so was much of coastal eastern England. I know when I lived in Essex the people on Canvey Island still talked about it.
  8. When I was a school back in the early 70s our geography teacher was talking about the effects of the ice ages on the British landscape when he paused and said that the indications are the world will get warmer with a possibility of the ice caps melting causing the sea level to rise. He did give a figure which after 50 years I have forgotten but I have not forgotten that he said the school would be flooded up to the second floor. Too which everyone smiled, and he then said "But you can still come to geography lessons as we are on the third floor, you are not smiling now." The school is close to my family home in Bedford and when I go past I look up at his old class room and the globe is still hanging from the ceiling and think of the waves lapping against the windows as the kids inside learn about the ice age.
  9. I don't think it is erosion around here, it is the prospect of higher sea levels. The prediction is one of the ranch ( 3 miles inland and 2 m above the present sea level) being under water and the high water mark being the Co-op at Manby (5 miles inland). Might need to invest in a boat to go shopping at the Co-op. The beach at Threddlethorpe in front of the gas terminal.
  10. I wonder how this will effect the members of the nudist gang in the sand dunes?
  11. Nope, I still cannot find the groan button.
  12. Following the chat about unpainted window frames where Mr Know it All Mortimore bumped his gums about Met-Cam units having unpainted frames. This photo appeared on the parcels trains thread. Even the green center car appears to have painted frames. I don't think this is a ScR unit replicating William Wallace's attack on York.
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