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  1. Hi Gibbo The center car is already in the center of my BRCW and Derby hybrid unit, three coaches from 3 different makers, both real and model. It will also see service in the middle of the class 111 unit and swapped with the buffet car (under construction) in a Met cam 4 car set.
  2. I went to the show at Peterborough today. I didn't get there until quite late, stable boy duties taking longer than expected today. How many box shifters can you fit in one hall and call it a model railway exhibition not a trade fair? The few layouts that were there didn't grab my attention. The best layouts were ones owned and operated by people I knew. I must widen my horizon and start to enjoy narra gauge railways from parts of the world I have never visited and /or tin plate that my grandfather would have played with as a kid. It was great to see most the Witham Club who had descended on mass, along with ex member Mike. I had quite a few nice chats with people I know. I came home with a Met Cam center car which has already been added to my BRCW and Derby hybrid unit. I have yet another wagon book, Don Rowland's "The Twilight of the Goods", nice traditional wagon photos. I also purchased a LNER diagram 40 third brake (3 compartments) from Isinglass Models, it is a 3D resin model, am looking forward to making it. When viewing George and Nobby's Towcester layout I though this geezer was going to have an (censored word), he got so excited over a sound fitted DMU that was running. Less box shifters and more layouts please for next year.
  3. Hello Tony All the hauled non-gangway trains from Kings Cross and all the 4 car outer suburban EMUs from Liverpool Street and Frenchurch Street. The compartment next to the brake van was "Ladies Only". That was until the Sex Discrimination Act 1975.
  4. As threatened last night I have taken some photos of the breakdown train. In fact I have repaired the tool van as it has had a bash and lost a buffer beam and the gantry was broken at one end. You will notice the roofs are not fixed and there is no couplings between the coaches and vans or any under gubbins on the coaches. The roofs, because I was waiting for detail of the insides before fixing. Couplings, well the train was too long for Hanging Hill's fiddle yard so went nowhere. As for the underside of the coaches.....lazy. The Packing Van. This would carry various big lumps of wood which would be used to place under the feet of the crane and under the jacks carried in the tool van. The Mess Coach, corridor side. I mentioned last night how it was valuable not only to the breakdown crew but to others at the scene. The kitchen side, an extra door has been spliced in as on the riding van/mess coach at Hitchin. Note I have made up the numbers and locations as I didn't know better when I done so. Both sides of the Tool Van. There are still some bits that need adding to the planked section. The 30 ton Cowans Sheldon crane that makes up the train.
  5. I have a large DC layout. Tonight's operating session has 30 locos to chose from and 30 DMUs of which 25 are formed into 11 trains (2 or 3 units per train). I have not included the other "layout" locos and units, let alone the non layout ones that get a run now then. With decoders coasting about a £10 each I would have to find £600. That is 4 or 5 locos. I would be looking at another £1,500 for the rest of my layout stock (still not including those that get a yearly run). I can run 4 trains at one time, the track layout and signalling wouldn't allow for anymore. DCC would not cure operator errors, the odd derailment (normally due to an operator error) or the Royal Mail coach uncoupling itself as it comes off Windie Viaduct and passes the Doncaster Sidings. I think I will save my money to buy some new locos. No contest really.
  6. Hi Brian He is a very kind bus driver who has a little boy on board who isn't feeling well, a little travel sick maybe. The driver has asked the other passengers is it OK to take a small detour and drop the little boy and his mum (or should it be mam) off closer to their house, and they all said yes.
  7. Hi Stephen Why do railway drivers park their steeds in front of the photographer when he wants to take a photo of that interesting structure. When building Hanging Hill there was always something I couldn't quite see owing to a loco being in the way no matter how many photos of that loco shed I could find.
  8. For Hanging Hill's crane I converted two Kirk coaches. The mess and office coach is an ex first class restaurant, quite a few of these were taken into departmental service, especially with breakdown cranes as the kitchen equipment had be upgraded just before they were withdrawn. The mess coach could be the only means of getting a hot cuppa and maybe something basic to eat, not only for the crane crew but the PW staff, fire crews, police and train crews who attend a major crash if some distance from a town. As Gibbo says there was also the tool van with its gantry, I thought I had a photo of it but the best I have got is of it hiding behind the lamp tower. Mine is based of Paul's photos of the one that somehow strayed south of the Thames. They are painted in Gamesworkshop Blood Red which to my eyes looks very close to the red of the breakdown trains. There is a packing van at that is also ex LNER, it is a fish van, the type that preceded the insulfish vans. It is in black. If I get time over the weekend I will take some new photos of the whole breakdown train.
  9. And there was me thinking it was your tidy workbench.
  10. Hi All Two discoveries in two days. The first is about the battery boxes on a BR Mk1 BSK. they are not in the same place as other non catering coaches. They are the opposite way round. So most RTR manufacturers have got it wrong when they use a standard chassis. Bachmann have it right. In the "normal " position the guards steps leading to his door from rail level would mean the batteries are inaccessible. I don't think I have a Bachmann BSK so I have to alter all of mine............................one day. Other Mk1 brake coaches have a shorter van and the guards steps do not interfere with the battery boxes. The other one is the "ignore this topic", is this necessary for those who have no self control and need to comment on every topic? Everyday is a school day.
  11. About to run some trains have just watched this lovely video, my only lasting memory of steam was on the LSWR when visiting my grand parents in Farnborough.
  12. Hi Gibbo The 30 ton cranes are looking good. I have considered making a 45 ton Cowans Sheldon crane from the Hornby model but not 30 ton. I dived into my plastic card box to make mine. One of the Mostyn gang has built a BR version and Paul Wade (Lyddrail) has made a BR diesel-hydraulic version. They are an ideal size for most layouts, 75 tonners were mainly confined to the very large loco depots and the main lines.
  13. Nobody wants to go there because when it is time to go home the station might not be there as the old fella has changed his mind again.
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