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  1. It left the station without any points being against it. There is a green signal showing on platform four, which I hadn't switched back to red from a couple of operating sessions ago. It is showing line clear to the L&YR line which would be a conflicting movement to the one that the V2 is taking.
  2. The other was a V2 on a short train for a local TAVR unit going on their yearly fortnight of playing soldiers, lucky souls are on their way to Otterburn. Can anyone spot the signalling error that wouldn't happen if I had interlocking The wires on the signal on the end of the bracket are too short to reach under the baseboard. The exit signal on the GNR Up line is showing a yellow aspect. This will be usual as I normally have to wait for the train on the inside line to clear the Doncaster Junction and for t
  3. This was followed by couple of specials, the first was a Glasgow train returning home with a Jubilee. This rake of coaches came my way from a fellow Witham Club member, they are all unused (until I got me mits on them) and I might keep them in blood and custard. Note the recently wired up and working signals at the exit of the station throat.
  4. Last nights running, a Manchester bound train with a BR class 4 4-6-0 at its head. A Sheffield bound DMU formed by a 2 car class 101 and a 2 car class 111
  5. I have been trying to make a Tri-ang Sleeper into a SK, here is progress so far.
  6. Hi Andy It can be a disincentive, I had got this far with them , then Heljan said they would make a class 15.
  7. Hi Tony I am not going to disagree with your own aims in modelling but some of the more modern methods of arriving at the same place are still better and creative than waiting to see how straight Mr Manufacturer can make it.
  8. Hi Map Yes, I need to get me ar$e in gear to say thank you, they would be very welcomed.
  9. Hello Tony I like the excitement of "What shall I build next" when that blank sheet of plastic card is looking at me. Kits I find a bit disappointing when part A does not fit part B. Kits take me longer than scratchbuilding or converting RTR because of that reason. With building my own if part A and part B do not fit, I make a new part B, only to find out I made part A wrong to start with. As for RTR if I cannot think what to convert it to, the challenge especially with modern packaging is getting back in its box without damaging it. See far mor
  10. Remember back in the day when people didn't know what to make of this lot?
  11. The perfect roundy roundy layout, big station one side and a loco depot the other. Not too keen on wearing waders when standing in the operating well.
  12. Thank you Red Leader, I just hope JW doesn't get in the way. As for bell codes I have looked at the 1960 codes and cannot find Kettle On Wot U Want or Tea-White-2 sugars or Order Taken ?
  13. Hi Jamie I wouldn't worry, they would be possibly talking about something the rest of us wouldn't want to know about.
  14. Hi Steve I done a drawing of the water tower, and then built a model of it from photos. Counting bricks to get the correct size. Only to find out the GER Society has a drawing available on their website. Here is the model, almost finished. After getting this far I thought is was too small for the layout I was building.
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