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  1. Not only him but that @great northern geezer as well. Pivoting ones that look like buckeye couplings. Well beyond the understanding of this simple lad.
  2. I haven't been modelling lately but I have been doing some sketches of the compartment side of some coaches from LNER diagrams. Diagram 116 locker CK diagram 149 BFK Diagram 275 Restaurant Buffet, as built. Thanks to Mike Trice for his assistance with this. diagram 127 BCK, 2F/2S Diagram 316 BCK 3F/3S, notice the guards ducket is on the compartment side, most other LNER gangwayed brakes had the ducket of the corridor side. I have also altered a Nick Campling drawing of a dia 167 Buffet to its later rebuilt stage. If it breaches copyright rules I will remove it.
  3. That looks like one 'ell of a joint.
  4. I recently attended a very interesting talk regarding the closure of the East Lincolnshire line and the economics behind the decision to do so. Most of the year there was very little travel between the stations on the line, most tickets were sold at Grimsby or Boston for through journeys to London. Most people remember summer Saturday's with trains coming from the East Midlands to Skeggy and Nottingham-on-Sea, whoops I mean Mablethorpe making things look busy, even that was on decline with package holidays and car ownership. There was very little freight generated from the intermediate stations and little through traffic. The main freight traffic was from the grain silo at Louth (now Aldi supermarket) and Grimsby. That was money coming in. Just to get an idea of money going out there were over 60 manned level crossings on the mainline and branch lines. Where I live there were 5 in the village. Even the large number of redundancies when the pay trains were introduced didn't help the loss the line was making. As for the long station stops, most of the line was in the council district of East Linsey. If you live here you will know that there is two types of time, real time and "East Linsey why rush time".
  5. You were supposed to be listening to her playing the guitar not concentrating on her jubblies.
  6. What have you and done that for, you silly old................... Hop you get better soon.
  7. Who would have liked this train set when young? Or now they are older?
  8. MR Locos, Essery and Jenkinson four volumes are very informative, and contain some 4mm drawings and all diagrams. Another four volume work which is great is the Summerson set. Essery and Jenkinson did a book on MR coaches, this isn't quite as informative as the two volumes by Lacy and Dow. Lots of very good modelling drawings in both. Jenkinson on his own done a very useful book on LNWR coaches. Again with a view to helping modellers. To add to the collection I would also recommend Essery's two volumes on MR wagons. A must for pre grouping wagon buffs. Sorry I am not so interested in LNWR locomotives or wagons so cannot readily recommend any books.
  9. When it comes to people running their MODEL on TOY train set curves the manufacturer should state something like "This is a model not designed to be used on train set curves under 2 scale chains". Then they can moan all they like and the answer will be .
  10. Please can we not labour Gibbo's post. His account has been closed, I don't know if by him or the moderating team. I for one will miss his contribution to this thread. Now let us move on.
  11. There are 41 rungs in 138mm which works out at 3.3mm spacing which is right for 10 inch between rungs, the normal spacing of ladder rungs. No connection with the supplier, not even a customer.
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