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  1. My mate when he worked for the ambulance service took this chap home. He and his mate got a radio call saying Mrs Smith was still waiting for Mr Smith to come home. "But we took him home and Mrs Smith was there." They had taken him to the wrong address. When they went to collect him Mrs Jones had cooked him tea thinking it was Mr Jones who had come home.....he had been dead for over five years. Mr Smith enjoyed his tea by all accounts.
  2. Hi Jonathan We had next door's goats visit on Monday.....the donkey's did so the day before. It has been a while since the pigs scared the horses. We cannot complain as Hugo the cocker spaniel, not only went next door but was found upstairs on one the beds.
  3. Over the years I have built many 04s, both Airfix/Dapol, the Vulcan/Gibson kit, used Craftsman conversion kit on a mainline 03 body and even purchased a Bachmann 04 model. Plus I have built Hunslet, Barclay, and Hundswell Clark models. I even have a Silver Fox class 07 running on a 03/04 kit chassis. I have found that we as modellers have a wide choice of suitable chassis, there is the Mainline/Bachmann split chassis, there is the newer Bachmann chassis, I whole raft of suitable 0-6-0 shunter kit chassis as as well as building your own. I have also used the Nellie chassis to power
  4. Over the past few days I have been patching up the holes in our fence between the garden and the paddock. Pluto keeps joining us in the paddock when we are working in there, it is horse safe but not dog, he could get out and be over the fields. Plus Cody the grey pony likes to think he can protect the other two 'orses so isn't happy with Pluto being the wrong side of the fence. On Wednesday I stood in the paddock calling him and Pluto came through the fence showing me his latest exit. So I patched that up. He was in the paddock yesterday but wasn't going to be tricked again. So I got on with s
  5. Hi Alisdair I use to be a keen scratchbuilder of diesel locos in plastic card. Not these days as there is nothing new to model as the manufacturers have produced almost everything I have made. There was a new model loco of one of the diesels I had made. Now when I make something I try to get as much information as I can about the subject. I happened to mention the model wasn't right, its shape was wrong. To illustrate this I used a photo of my model. At this point I feel I fit your ideal reviewer as I had taken the time to do some research and I had built a model with m
  6. Hi Lloyd The song makes it quite clear that there were the Stephensons and the Stevensons, hence the chorus where they sing Vephenson as their name was spelt with a V. Robert Stevenson, the lighthouse man was the grandfather of Robert Louis. In the middle was Thomas Stevenson also a lighthouse man.
  7. Ah but hadn't Locomotion proved its worth would the younger Mr Stephenson gone on and invented the Rocket? Maybe this Steampunk band might be able to help sort out this debate, "oh Mr Stephenson which Mr Vephenson was you, George, Robert, and Robert Louis, and if Robert which because there was two?" See I sparked off a conversation. My vote today goes to the lovely looking, original and the the rebuilds, very useful and long serving S3 or for our younger readers B16 4-6-0.
  8. Still nothing happening in the toy room A new one from Imelda May
  9. Hi Gilbert Does this include locomotives of the railways that helped form the NER? If so it has to be Locomotion of the Stockton and Darlington Railway.
  10. No the U1 was useless, the Bromsgrove crews proved that Big Bertha was better, and that was an older Fowler design.
  11. Dear Mr Greatnorthern I have noticed that the J6 has been omitted. I understand that Sir Nige's built locos were a tad different to Mr Bullyboy's father -in law's. I am still not playing after being disqualified yesterday.
  12. Wriggly tin ends were an LMS design feature and were only fitted to their standard vans, taller than the Bachy LMS van.
  13. Hi Baz I have just looked in Jenkinson's British Railway Carriages of the 20th Century, it has that diagram of the whole train and it shows 8ft bogies under the two kitchen cars, page 223. The distance between bogie centers remains 33ft 6ins. Like you I am baffled by this. It looks like Hornby got it right, and I was wrong saying they were wrong.
  14. I have had a look at Vol2 of the Essery and Jenkinson books. On page 49 is a photo of a Coronation Scot Kitchen Car 30084. The bogies do look shorter than the ones under the other Kitchen cars of the same diagram in general service a few pages later. The inner wheels line up differently to the windows. So are Hornby right and no note was made on the diagram?
  15. Hi Baz I fully agree they should be 9ft wheelbase, well that is what is shown of the LMS diagram 1912 and on D2184 the post war rebuilds to cafeteria cars. How odd to go into so much work and get the bogie wheelbase wrong.
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