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  1. Now say you are going to sell it.
  2. I have found a photo of the sand train at Marks Tey station, composed of 27.5 ton tipplers. Note how the sand has been loaded. The loading digger has flattened the top down. Unusual being hauled by a class 47. Photo taken 1982/3 time.
  3. Hi Brian As Titan says sand was loaded in tipplers from Marks Tey during the early 80s. It was also loaded in ex ore hoppers. Both Titan and I lived in Witham and saw the sand trains regularly. In fact the only train I over took where the GER mainline and A12 run parallel at Boreham on my Honda C90 was the sand train.
  4. They have gone and removed the groan button.....I still can't get use to this new RMweb.
  5. I had a customer called Theresa Green......her dog was called Hugo. Nice lady and nice dog.
  6. Corner table of the snug bar.
  7. Just an idea, the gates. They are not in use, and have not been since the good doctor done some surgery. Would the paint be all flaky, exposing some rotten wood? And could there be weeds growing through the cross bars?
  8. I enjoy building things if I cannot get it ready made, be it a RTR conversion, kit or scratchbuild. Kit making being low on the list of my likes mainly because of the poor quality of many model railway kits. This weekend I am taking my small layout Pig Lane (Western Region) to Ally Pally every loco will be RTR because they look the part and run well. My old Pig Lane use to go out to shows and all the locos on shed could be scratchbuilt, at the time many of the smaller ER classes of diesel were not available RTR or kit. Enjoy setting the scene, providing the actors be they RTR, modified RTR, kit or homemade. No scratchbuilt locos but there are a few RTR conversions and a MTK loco.
  9. Hi John A BIG THANK YOU to Merfyn, he has supplied me with his list of BR road motors. Here are four Karrier Bantam mechanical horses allocated to the Eastern Region. Reg No Fleet Number WLD702 KR6304E WLD708 KR6302E WLD709 KR6303E WLD714 KR6305E They were all introduced in 1959 which is past Tony's modelling date.
  10. Hi Paul Two points of order. One. Your layout is very good. Two. Not sure if I have another 17 years modelling left in me, I hope so but can not be too sure.
  11. Hi Jim The HST wasn't as fast as Mike's "Trigger's broom". Mike still has the HST, with new coaches in a new livery and replacement power cars but is still the original HST. Pig Lane is table top height as to be interactive with children. Plus I can sit down all day operating it.
  12. Hi Terry No. Overall roofs are boring to look at, they can look impressive for a few moments then.....boring. They are a lot of modelling and they get in the way visually and physically. I want to see the trains, and I need to get at the trains, uncoupling, and if need be re-railing. I will be modelling the side walls with the various offices, refreshment room, toilets etc along with the roof supports. The middle platform will have the pillars supporting the roof. I want to try and place the viewer in the station not make them into a pigeon looking for somewhere to perch.
  13. Having noticed Tony's BR road vehicle I had a look at my fleet and most are off region and the ones that are ER allocated, are they correct? I am like most of us and I haven't really researched the road vehicles that would be in use at my location in my time period. I think we are more rule one with the supporting cast than we are with the stars of the layout. Some little things can make or brake a layout. Our little people's fashions and station staff uniforms, how often are they incorrect for the period modelled? Are the surroundings we place our trains in as important as our trains?
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