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  1. That is why I no longer watch porn, far to energetic and just watching makes me breathless.
  2. Is that in bandit country? If it is my mum wouldn't have let me go there. "Anywhere west of Royal Oak underground station and all sorts of things will happen to you", she used to warn me.
  3. Yeah I fully agree. Can some help me I am totally lost with Sainty's ramblings but one must humour him.
  4. Seaside Termini, off to a holiday camp where the highlight of the week is granddad coming second in the knobbly knees contest. Therefore for today's poll I nominate Filey Holiday Camp Station. Ideal for those modellers not into making buildings but want plenty of train action, all be it on a summer Saturday.
  5. I always thought the other end of the line from St Pancras (patron saint of English railways) was the patron saint of Scottish railways, Glasgow St Enoch. But others would argue that Bath Queens Square or even Bristol St Philips were the end of the line. Then there are Bradford Foster Square and Leeds Wellington. And what about Liverpool Central - High Level (despite it being in a hole). Apart form St Philips all the others, and Manchester Central were grand affairs, what a wonderful railway the Midland was. My vote still goes to Brighton as I did not know the others in the heyday.
  6. I had considered some of the wonderful termini at seaside locations which were busy in the summer and thought that could be another poll. I nominated Brighton even as it is on the coast as my mainline terminus because it is busy with London and local traffic all year round.
  7. Brighton, plenty of train movement in a very grand station. Norwich Thorpe comes a close second.
  8. This is difficult. Paddington would have been on the starting blocks but not being able to get a marmalade sandwich in the buffet kept it out of the running. Waterloo tripped up as the starting gun went, 4CORs and Bullieds slipping like mad were impressive, not quite as the old mechanical destination board, as a kid I could watch that for hours. Victoria, sadly not even at the race track. 8th September 1973, the first time the IRA tried to blow me up. Charring Cross, walking across Hungerford bridge (the foot bridge along side the railway bridge) I got beaten up, they tried to mug me for my coat. Blackfyrers, Holburn Viaduct, Cannon Street and London Bridge never appealed to me as trainspotting locations so no comment. Marylebone and Fencurch Street were visited, never impressed. I cannot recall visiting Broad Street before it was knocked down, did the replacement building Broadgate but it weren't a train station. This leaves me the other two on the monopoly board and the patron saint of railways station. Two meant going home at various times in my life, one I enjoyed train spotting, so deciding which is my favorite London terminus is hard. St Pancras before being "modernised" was beautiful and catching a train there to Bedford was wonderful. Kings Cross as a trainspotter was heaven on earth. It has to be Liverpool Street, before refurbishment, all those bridges and tunnels, knowing my away round them we lost the skinhead gang chasing us. It was going home when I lived in Essex. It is where I helped resuscitating a chap, the ambulance turned up and I carried on helping only to find myself in the back of moving ambulance taking the bloke to the Royal London Hospital. That was one of those days when what made Liverpool Street fantastic, was not happening. There was no train movement, the alarm chain had been pulled and the stationary train was blocking up half the station. For trains Liverpool Street was constant movement, the EMUs never seemed to stand still. Sadly today has building over the top of it and the view of old has gone. Taken from a moving train the Liverpool street tank wagon being shunted.
  9. HI Andy I planned to make Kings Cross, I hand drew the point work to 4mm scale (I am not sure that any points were standard). I discounted doing the overall roof as it would mean too much of the layout would be hidden. I was planning the layout and stock around the 1969 working timetable. I came to the conclusion that most of the layout would become fiddle yard, with all the up trains entering the station from the 3 eastern tracks of gas works tunnel and the down trains the other 3 the fiddle yard tracks so trains could cross from one side to the other would nearly be as complicated as the station throat. Plus a second smaller fiddle yard for the Moorgate trains. With limited space my mind changed to building Passenger Loco and the front of the suburban station. The plan was the trainspotters view from platform 10 to Passenger Loco watching the loco moves on, locos reversing out of the tunnel as if they had just come off the platforms and off shed going back into the tunnel before joining their train going northwards. Along with suburban trains going in and out, using a traverser for the fiddle yard . For the Moorgate trains it was planned a line would run behind the embankment behind Passenger Loco to a sector plate which would line up with Platform 16. Both ideas were halted, and the paper station throat disposed of when we moved here to the middle of nowhere. If you look at my Sheffield Exchange there are elements of the 1977 track plan so I didn't fully abandon my dream of having a model of Kings Cross.
  10. With the Andy Peters quartet at one end playing that ghastly rock and roll.
  11. Oh dear, thankfully I did hear Bon Scott sing it in 1978 at the ABC in Colchester.
  12. Loco that should have been preserved 58110
  13. Hi Doc I am really lucky with the room Mrs M allocated to my train set. I have a big terminus because all my favorite trainspotting was done of the end of terminus station platforms, watching the loco moves and the what seemed a constant stream of trains going in and out. I too find the concept of terminus to fiddle yard without any running length frustrating to a degree, I do realise that space is a problem for most of us and that is why we are limited. Where I am lucky I have the room for a continuous run so my trains go from Sheffield Exchange to somewhere. OK "somewhere" is one of the fiddle yards, I could have made them into stations but I used the space for more sidings and trains. With the continuous run my express trains can thunder around while the local passenger trots along at a more leisurely pace. While that is happening I can do the loco moves, shunt parcels wagons or the loco coal or diesel tank trains or just sit back and watch the trains on the mainline. As I say I am really lucky that Mrs M said that I could have the room I have. I look forward to seeing how your project evolves.
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