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  1. Well said Gordon. We all have our preferred modelling standards and methods. Surely the most important thing is that we as modellers enjoy what we are doing, it is only a hobby.
  2. So if you are not wasting your time on faceache, why haven't you informed the masses about the good bands that are making music in Australia? Like Camp Cope, Amyl and the Snifters and the Chats....all featured on here. It comes down to me on my world wide web musical exploration to find such bands as the Cable Ties, form Australia.... Now a band from closer to home, SONS from Belgium. The fourth good band from last years sessions at the Kex Hostel in Reykjavik , during Iceland Airwaves
  3. Nobody goes to Argyle Street.....they dare not, before they go home himself might have sold and they could end up anywhere.
  4. Oi, If you are sneaking off anywhere I hope it is to give me a break from Dave's new train set. Hi Grahame and team, I too am attending the Glasgow show as an (the) operator on my mate's new layout, called Top Yard. On Saturday he told me it still wasn't finished, so I may be demonstrating how to build a small layout in three days. Any tips after your telly appearance? See you all on Thursday evening.
  5. Pahh!!!! Force him not to buy. Poor Steve didn't even get a chance to look at the stand before our mother Duck rounded us up and made us waddle off to look at some train set saying " We couldn't afford them and we didn't need them".
  6. Our mate Map likes to play spot the dog on faceache. The S Wolf has a habit of blending in with the background when running about in the woods. Map post photos of where he thinks the dog is so we can help find her before he has to go home and show Mrs Goldfish a photo of where the dog they had was last seen.
  7. Hi Pandora I think by that time frame the pilot was an 08 stabled on the sidings between platforms 9 and 10. I photographed a 47 shunting the rail blue lubricating oil tank wagon , ex milk tank, from a passing train. Some more Liverpool St photos from the early 80s
  8. Kings Cross was the most accessible to view the coming and goings of the locos. Platform 10 (later number 8) was a wonderful for spotting from, and no need for a platform ticket. Liverpool St you could see the movements but there wasn't as many loco hauled trains so it wasn't as busy. There was also a good spotters place with no need for a platform ticket on the end of platform 10, you were next to the loco sidings by the taxi ramp and could see most the trains arriving. Platform 11 was slightly better for viewing but a platform ticket was required. Both Cambridge St and Ranelagh Bridge were a rush to scribble down the numbers as you passed them in a train. Cambridge St was too far out to see what was there from St Pancras, never really spotted at St Pancras, well coming from Bedford most the stuff there was not a cop. Ranelagh Bridge was visible from the platform ends at Paddington, but that Western you could see in the distance either never moved or was one you had already seen when it eventually came to take a train out. I can recall 33s and 73s sat over the far side of Waterloo. I remember Warships and 74s at Waterloo but cannot recall seeing them in the loco sidings. All the SR London termini never felt friendly towards trainspotters, so it was grab a few numbers and move on to the next location. I didn't go to Marylebone, so cannot comment on the DMU sidings. As for Euston, I did train spot there, I cannot remember seeing diesels stabled there. There was always a few Sparks sat in one of the middle roads between the platforms , but they never seemed to move. Euston always seemed soulless.
  9. Until WW2 the GWR had a through service that terminated in the bay platform at Liverpool Street (Met Rly), using their articulated city lines stock with Met Rly electrics hauling them from Paddington to Liverpool Street. I also remember reading that some Met Rly hauled services also terminated at Liverpool Street.
  10. Tonight you are being treated to two songs, first one by Frazey Ford, she has a lovely voice, The second one is by a pair of sisters who are a little unconventional, this is one of their more normal songs. Check out some other stuff by CocoRosie they are very different.
  11. I use faceache quite a bit as a means of keeping in contact with my mates, and what my favorite bands are up to. Most of my mates have the same political outlook as me so it is hard to argue who is right when you agree. I do belong to a few railway groups, most are ones that people share photos of trains so the odd " I think it is 47 xxx at Neverwas Junction" " No, I think it is 47xyz at Bigtown Central" is the most heated row, in fact less handbags at dawn than on here. It is like anything it is how you use it, not abuse it. As for telly, I am enjoying the new series of Dr Who, the only program I sit down to watch.
  12. Flitwick, Harlington, Leagrave, and Harpenden, when the goods lines became the slow lines in about 1960ish with the advent of the DMU service to St Pancras from Bedford. Ampthill and Chiltern Green had closed by this point in time. Edit, all the listed stations had an additional platform added to the slow line and the rear face of the up fast line became the slow down line platform.
  13. Hi Daryll Cyril Freezer who designed Minories was inspired by Liverpool Street Metropolitan Railway Station, which is a through station on a big circle of track.
  14. I am so glad I live in my little model railway world. Very sad to hear of a someone taking their own life but I have no idea who Caroline Flack was until today. Thank goodness for my model railway that keeps me way form the television.
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