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  1. The best thing to come out of Ipswich, well apart form the A12 heading westward.
  2. Ah!!! But who wants to see my wide to gauge trap working? Not been in the mood lately to finish fitting it.
  3. Yo Cheesy Dave Are you trying to enlarge the drawing to 4mm scale? If so use the buffer height as your datum. Scale it up so the buffer height is 14mm.
  4. Here is one for Mr P a challenge, now not Machiya's guitar solo or Beni's shamisen solo, I know you are not a drummer so Wasabi's bashing of the skins is something I know you can't do but how about Asa's bass solo?
  5. When I asked you and Steve what was wrong with mine and Steve said "Where do I start?"I thought "I am not too sure it is right even with a crew, real coal and wonky lamps." And no tension lock coupling on the front.
  6. Cos I have one and it has the right type of tender wheels, wrong type of tender and the number but the right type of tender wheels.
  7. Well I am not buying one, a V2 that is.
  8. I ain't got one of them so made me own. And train to go with it.
  9. All very interesting. Us direct current users place our buses on the bridge and they never cause problems. Yours Ned Ludd.
  10. Sometimes there is great satisfaction in knowing you can correct a model and if ar$ed actually doing so. Other times I just throw caution to the wind, after all the Hughes Baltic tank is going to be in BR livery, and I bet it would look great. How about a 12 cylinder 1370 hp EE Type 2 (with broken buffer) A pair of single engine 1650hp Deltics ?
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