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  1. It looks really impressive. What’s even more amazing is the blue carpet isn’t covered in white spots!
  2. It’s looking great. The dead tree with ivy is particularly effective.
  3. I have had a notification mine is on its way to me. Delivery expected tomorrow. so it appears they have stock now.
  4. Thats really starting to come together. Starting to get the impression of depth. those home grown tree really look good
  5. Makes you realise the number of trees your going t9 need when you see the actual size.
  6. That is a really impressive structure. Thank you for taking the time to post all those photos. 95 days well spent!
  7. They all look great but that 1/3 dead tree is really impressive.
  8. That really is something to be proud off. The sense of scale when you step back is seriously impressive.
  9. I can only agree with the brilliant service. The have chipped many locos for me over the past 12 months and helped with a custom project. They have always provided honest advice and the projects sound great.
  10. I totally agree individual looks better. As you say it’s getting the depth of the texture to look ‘right’ . Some experimentation to do.
  11. Good evening. I have started working through a single arch bridge in o gauge, and I’m just planning out stone production. Have you tried adding texture to the stones? Looking at the size of stones I will be using, I think it may be needed. just wondering if you have tried anything with any success. One thought I had was to make a version of your ‘mould’ but on a textured floor tile giving it a slightly rough surface? viaduct is looking great and planning out one small arch really starts to put into perspective just how much work is involved!
  12. Having read this thread last night I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the build. I have been wanting to build a small photographic scene for my o gauge locos but couldn’t decide how to make it different to the usual embankment. Following your inspiration I am going to use your methods for a bridge in the scene and see what happens! Thank you for taking the time to document it in such detail. It’s really appreciated
  13. The new scene sounds fantastic. On your photo plank what are the dimensions. I’m just starting on similar item as a display stand and just wondered what yours is for reference. many thanks
  14. I have just spent the last few hours reading through this thread and some great great modelling. I remember seeing various dioramas/layouts of yours in magazines over the years and it was all part of my conversion to O gauge. Been so interesting to start to understand how the results are achieved. Can I ask why you leave Ballasting till last? When most other people recommend ballasting first. Is it simply that’s the way it’s done in the real world so looks more realistic for it? Thanks for all the inspiration you have provided.
  15. I’m looking for the above. Thanks in advance
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