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  1. I have used those couplings and they work really well and nice close coupling.
  2. I didn’t mean for someone to signal it for me. Just a guide on what’s needed. I see why is seemed like that but it wasnt my intention.
  3. Thanks for the help so far. I guess I want to achieve a good representation within the limitation of making them work. yes the branch line is gwr based. The main layout is settle Carlisle based and the original plan was for the branch line to be based on the hawes line. But having spent a lot of time in Cornwall and living only 15miles for the Severn valley and GSWR a little bit of magic has been employed and it now exits a tunnel into GWR land. So the mainline junction station is MR and the halt and other station are GWR. I have attached the plan for the branch section to start me off. Thanks again
  4. That’s how I read it as well. As you say single train in loop. For £35 I’m going to give it a go and see what happens.
  5. Good morning. simple question really has anyone used one and is it reliable. I’m planning on using2 for a return loops on each end of a OO9 gauge layout. To effectively create a round and round layout without me having to input. does it switch the return loop polarity as well. I have got a bit confused with the wiring diagram on there layout. thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the book advice. I will get a track plan drawn up in its final form and put it up as well. I popped down to the SVR but platform access is understandably restricted at the moment. thanks again
  7. Good morning. So I have got to the signal section of my build. Does anyone have a recommendation of a book so I can read up and understand what goes where and why? It’s a preserved steam layout. secondly I would like to make most the signals work. what’s my options for working semaphore signal. I have read about Dapol and they seem ok. I have also read how fiddly ratio is to make them work. Who else is there? many thanks in advance Andrew
  8. The bulleid loco sounds good. When driving does it have a brake function? Same question for the class 50 project actually as interested in both. Thanks
  9. Another recommendation for the nce powercab. Works well and can be expanded and still used if your requirements grow hugely. As far as decoders go I have found zimo, esu and d&h to all be really good both for sound and loco control. I have a variety of steam and diesel but as has been said before Lego biffoman, Digitrains and locoman sounds can all be personally recommended by me. I’m sure others are equally good I just haven’t used them as yet. All give great service with a huge honest knowledge. Other benefits I have found is simple wiring, smoother running and more options for running locos and trains. What’s great is I have expanded from a double track mainline layout to add in a branch line and 009 as well. Simply wire them in through a circuit breaker and off you go again. As far as track cleaning goes I haven’t noticed a difference from analogue control. I started with a couple of sound locos and the rest just Dcc. Over the last 18 months I have converted about 25 further locos to sound. Yes it’s expensive but it really does add something to the layout and in my opinion is worth the 100-150 per loco. If you want a fantastic ready to do diesel the Sutton loco works class 24 is fabulous out of the box. No speaker or chip upgrades required. Few on eBay as well a bit cheaper. just my thoughts but I have switched too Dcc sound and spent my money. I have not regretted it once and feel it adds so much more, making it good value.
  10. I think we all buy rtr models in the knowledge they are not exact. They all have compromises due to the huge variation of steam in the real world and the fact manufacturing one of models is hugely expensive. An expert modeller once said to me, Give me a photo of the engine you want as that is the only way of making it perfect. And then it will only be perfect for the day of the photo as things got interchanged so regularly. I think the Hattons models given a great impression of the model and certainly a 100 times better than Anything I could ever hope to make. The fact it’s 4x cheaper than anything else rtr or Commission built is a real bonus. the model looks great Adrian and thank you for posting some phots. You are rightly proud of her. I’m certainly looking forward to my flying Scotsman arriving next week despite the many incorrect parts it would seem.
  11. Could anyone from Hattons provide an update of the delay and expected arrival dates please. It would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance
  12. I have just spoken to Hattons and shortly but nothing confirmed is the date they have.
  13. I will have a look into his sounds. Has anyone had a revised expected date as the last one has been and gone. Or could anyone from Hattons advise us on the expected delivery date? Many thanks
  14. Does anyone know of sound for this? I run Dcc and therefore don’t want to double spend on decoders. Hattons have said they aren’t joining up with anyone for sound. Anyone any recommendations on a good a4 sound? Thanks
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