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  1. Received my 4160 from Derails (good service) run it around the layout across 3 way and double slip points, both directions for at least one hour and all is well. The running quality is very good and the finish is also very good. It looks the part as I remember them. One slight problem, dropping couplings, the push up bar sometimes catches on the vee when crossing points causing derailments, remove them and all is well, as I do anyway. Good model and at current prices good value. Just need to install sound to complete. Mike
  2. I agree with Phil, the Howes Hymek sound is hard to better and it is essential to fit a good speaker, by good I mean properly enclosed and with no interference to the diaphragm. Mike
  3. Does this help, decoder and speaker in the loco. Hornby tender chassis added for additional pickups. The photos are not very clear.
  4. Replace the speaker with an 8 ohm sugar cube 15X11X9 speaker. You will need to remove the 8 pin socket and file down the two supports and hard wire the decoder. The 8 pin socket support block is held in place by one screw. Remove this for easy modification. All enables you to fit the decoder in the boiler and the speaker on the prepared platform. The sound emits from the loco and not the tender. Much more realistic, I have modified all my older Hornby locos in this way. H.T.H. Mike
  5. Any advise on removing the Bachmann cab from the body. Nike
  6. The Hornby Patriot is loco drive same as the Royal Scot, has been for years. I would be interested to see the end result and the method if available. Mike
  7. I have a spare Hornby patriot chassis,or at least I will have. I would like to fit my old Bachmann/Mainline Jubilee body to the chassis. The problem is with the cab. The Mainline cab needs a slot to accept the cab end flat spigot of the chassis. Can anyone recommend a method of separating the cabs of the Mainline Jubilee and Hornby Patriot to enable a transplant. Converesly has anyone fitted a Bachmann body to a Hornby chassis. Any suggestions gratefully received. Mike
  8. The roof grill and fan is from A1 models many years ago. The front buffer beam top step is brass chequer plate and the step iron is brass strip. The running numbers are extreme etchings. To locate the air tanks I took photos of 7017 down on the WSR. If you think it will help I could take some photos for you. Mike
  9. The voyager motor is hung in a dedicated plastic housing and does not touch the metal chassis. I have 2x221 voyagers with Express lighting kits and sound fitted and both run better than scale speed. Perhaps you could check the the collet in the flywheels as they can slip in the recess. I have experienced this with other Bachmann motors, fixed with a drop of Locktite. Mike
  10. I agree about the colour of the air. The Wills kit must be the fiddliest I have built needing the patience of Jove. I have been striving to make the rodding look the part and in an effort to simplify the work I am mounting the rodding on thin styrene sheet and it helps with the curved sections. Thanks for the heads up regarding the economical FPL, interesting thread on point rodding . I think I will use that installation. Looking forward to your progress. Mike
  11. Brilliant job on Tetbury, I have been a casual follower of your progress. As a kid I remember visiting Tetbury by train from Stroud, however it was quicker by bus. At the moment I'm fitting Wills point rodding to a couple of new boards and I am of the impression that the point lock needs a separate rod to operate it and not as you have shown it. I don't know if I am correct but if your interpretation is correct I can save myself a lot of time. Perhaps more qualified members could advise. A photo of point locking at Winchcombe is attached. Mike
  12. Outstanding photos and all in focus. Mike
  13. Servo's are another slow action option and frog juicers to switch polarity; or a micro switch activated by the servo. Mike
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