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  1. Zimo sound decoders are sold with sounds already loaded. Not so ESU sound decoders. However both suppliers provide free of charge a variety of steam and diesel sounds to download but it is necessary to have access to the relevant programmers. Interestingly both suppliers have a very small number of British sounds against a multitude of European and USA sounds. The sound decoders are becoming more sophisticated thus allowing the purveyor of sounds to take advantage of the hardware and software available. If one does not want to pay the £15 to £22 for the sounds to be loaded I would suggest looking at traders who provide sounds loaded to the decoders, such as Coastal DCC and certain Digitrains sounds. Not so long ago "reblows" cost around £10 to £12 compared to the £20+ now being charged. The costs to record are the same but the charges to the punter have increased double fold, I wonder why. Mike
  2. Unless one has paid up front and given a delivery date for said goods, why would you expect a blow by blow account of the manufacturing process or even a delivery date from Hornby or anyone else.
  3. tarifa

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Referring to the video above its the same design as the old Lima version that uses the glazing to keep the to keep the body chassis proportion. The 2 screw posts keep it together. Mike
  4. tarifa

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    I think you will find the glazing unit is needed to keep the body at the correct height on the chassis. Mike
  5. tarifa

    Hornby RailRoad HST

    Back in the 80's before the advent of the Hornby Super HST I re-motored and fitted lights to my Lima model. It will pull 12 coaches at a scale 125+mph (OK I don't need 12 coaches). When the V4 sound chips arrived I fitted a couple of spare V3.5's. You may be interested in these photos as a pointer. The motor is a Cannon and the power car speaker is bespoke. The model does not look out of place running with the Hornby super detailed HST. Mike
  6. Try putting a resistance across the the motor wires. Mike
  7. Which decoder are you using. Check if AUX 1 is listed in the function/CV list. If so use that output. Mike
  8. If you have a Lokprogrammer you can read the decoder type or maybe the vendor could tell you. Mike
  9. I think you will find the Hall had/has 6 foot driving wheels. Mike
  10. A pity DJM did not just get the job done, the 3D's look very good (TME).
  11. Silicon grease is safe to use on plastics and it does not clog up the gears due to the silicon. Use it sparingly.
  12. A full description of all the functions available on the ESU V4 and V5 is shown on the ESU website under "Full Throttle".
  13. I don't understand your comment ???. CDU's do not reduce power as per your point 2, they are designed to boost it, e.g. to throw a Peco or similar solenoid point motor that requires additional volts, however the "green" Peco solenoid will operate with 12 volts. A step down device such as a transformer is needed to reduce power. The importance of the point switching device needs to be considered and highlighted, a biased off switch is needed to avoid cooking the solenoid once it is thrown. An on/off switch will probably "cook" the solenoid as there is no means of cutting off the power.
  14. A CDU boosts the supply, not reduce it.
  15. Reading your OP it would appear to be a CV problem. You say you cannot identify the decoders but most manufacturers use different colours, for example Bachmann are blue. Have you tried resetting the decoders to default, this can be done by setting CV8 to 8. To me your problem appears to be the speed curve is not linear, a reset should correct this.
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