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  1. My mogul suffers from the same derailing problem with a bias to the right. Inspection of the bogey LH wheel (looking forward) showed the wheel and tyre as oval. A micrometer checked confirmed this. It also suffers from a slack loco to tender connection.
  2. My browser deletes all cookies when I switch off.
  3. Time Left: 12 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Hornby TTS sound decoder. Removed from the "Flying Scotsman". Run 2 times. Price includes P/P to UK. Decoder will be well packed.


  4. Got my spelling wrong, its Django Reinhardt and the violinist is probably Stephane Grappelli. Brings back some memories of my youth. Now I must dig out my old LP's. Mike
  5. Sounded like Jango Reinhard ?. Mike
  6. My Fairburn install hard wired the decoder. The 8 pin socket was removed and the speaker located on the now available platform. The two support columns need removing. The decoder was pushed into the smoke box. An easy install if you don't mind removing the 8 pin socket.
  7. Both Digitrains and Youchoos supply the Zimo decoders for the 4MT, then there is SWD and Howes in addition to Charlie supplying Loksound. Of course there are more retailers too many to list.
  8. Thanks Andrew, I learn something every day. But I should have read the book. Mike
  9. CV's are not related to speed steps, RFS explains the situation. I don't agree the setting of speed steps is achieved through CV29, this CV controls the motor functions i.e. forward or reverse, operation on DC systems etc. Decoder manuals explain the utilization of CV29. Some time ago I compiled a chart of speed steps for both ESU and Zimo sound files. You may find it useful. Feel free to amend it as required, it is not perfect and you will need Excel to read it. Speeds-Threshold Settings.xlsx Mike
  10. Received my 4160 from Derails (good service) run it around the layout across 3 way and double slip points, both directions for at least one hour and all is well. The running quality is very good and the finish is also very good. It looks the part as I remember them. One slight problem, dropping couplings, the push up bar sometimes catches on the vee when crossing points causing derailments, remove them and all is well, as I do anyway. Good model and at current prices good value. Just need to install sound to complete. Mike
  11. I agree with Phil, the Howes Hymek sound is hard to better and it is essential to fit a good speaker, by good I mean properly enclosed and with no interference to the diaphragm. Mike
  12. Does this help, decoder and speaker in the loco. Hornby tender chassis added for additional pickups. The photos are not very clear.
  13. Replace the speaker with an 8 ohm sugar cube 15X11X9 speaker. You will need to remove the 8 pin socket and file down the two supports and hard wire the decoder. The 8 pin socket support block is held in place by one screw. Remove this for easy modification. All enables you to fit the decoder in the boiler and the speaker on the prepared platform. The sound emits from the loco and not the tender. Much more realistic, I have modified all my older Hornby locos in this way. H.T.H. Mike
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