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  1. I think EKM Exhibitions carry spare bogie assemblies, try them on 07780 681405.
  2. Thanks JimFin, The type of feedback I was seeking, I may look at the RocRail software and give the Railcontroller a miss. The demo disk is a bit of a letdown. Mike
  3. Has anyone used this software on their layout and what is the verdict. Is it worth looking at further. Mike
  4. Thanks Nigel, A good descriptive proceedure, I'll give it a go and report back. BTW my DCC system is Digitrax. Mike
  5. I operate quite a few Zimo decoders and would like to operate them in shunt mode. Has anyone any experience of using the above CV's to auto decouple Sprat and Winkle couplings. My loco's with Loksound decoders work a treat on the auto couple feature. By setting CV115 and CV116 on Zimo decoders will the loco push back to drop the hook and move forward to disengage same as the Loksound. Is it also possible to assign a function key for the operation. I have studied the Zimo manual but the setting up arrangement is not clear as it refers to Roco and another brand that operates auto couplers. Any advise gratefully received. Mike
  6. Thanks Keith, just the job. I have placed an order. Mike
  7. Albion Hobbies are a manufacturer/wholesaler. I'm trying to source a list of their customers but they are not responding possibily due to the current Covid-19 situation. Mike
  8. I would like to source scenic ground cover sheets or mats. In particular a company "Model Scene" package a mat for rough terrain reference F572, or even similar. Maybe Jarvis do the same. Mike
  9. tarifa

    Dapol 'Western'

    The light intensity can be adjusted through the CV's. It's easy with the Lokprogrammer. Mike
  10. I bought kit from SP at the end of January, try the telephone or drop him a line. Very good service. Mike
  11. Why not replace the Mainline "Scots Guardsman" chassis with a replacement chassis. I think they are available on ebay.
  12. Other than ESU recommend doing so in order to prevent the possibility of inadvertently adjusting other CV's within that index, see page 89 of the manual. However the choice is up to the user. Mike
  13. Remember to set CV32 = 1 before adjusting CV63. CV32 being an index setting. Mike
  14. Zimo sound decoders are sold with sounds already loaded. Not so ESU sound decoders. However both suppliers provide free of charge a variety of steam and diesel sounds to download but it is necessary to have access to the relevant programmers. Interestingly both suppliers have a very small number of British sounds against a multitude of European and USA sounds. The sound decoders are becoming more sophisticated thus allowing the purveyor of sounds to take advantage of the hardware and software available. If one does not want to pay the £15 to £22 for the sounds to be loaded I would suggest looking at traders who provide sounds loaded to the decoders, such as Coastal DCC and certain Digitrains sounds. Not so long ago "reblows" cost around £10 to £12 compared to the £20+ now being charged. The costs to record are the same but the charges to the punter have increased double fold, I wonder why. Mike
  15. Unless one has paid up front and given a delivery date for said goods, why would you expect a blow by blow account of the manufacturing process or even a delivery date from Hornby or anyone else.
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