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    New Zimo Sound Decoder

    Zimo have produced a new MS Series sound decoder. It's announced on the Zimo forum by Phil Sutton. It is a high specification decoder and by all accounts will be priced as the MX range. Extract from the Zimo forum. Allowable track voltage 10 to 35 Volts Continuous motor current 1.2 Amp Peak motor current (20 sec) 2.5 Amp Continuous current on function outputs 0.8 Amp Sound sample memory 128 Mbit (360 sec at 16 bit/22kHz) Number of independent sound channels 16 (polyphonic) Sound amplifier output (sinus) 3 Watt Speaker impedance (one or more) 4 to 8 Ohm Sound sampling rates (can be mixed) 11, 22 (default), 44 kHz Energy storage (stay alive) direct connection Regulated to 16 Volts Multi-protocol data formats Mfx, DCC, MM, Analogue (inc. RailCom) Low noise Back-EMF motor control 20 or 40 kHz (and adjustable 30-150 Hz) Model motor compatibility All DC types (inc. Coreless and ‘Pancake’) I look forward to playing with one. Mike
  2. tarifa

    Removing the Cab from the Body Hornby Class 08

    Thanks Trailrage, mission accomplished. Mike
  3. I have removed the body from the chassis and now want to remove the cab. I can see the grove where the cab is fitted, is it pushed upwards or downwards. It is very tight in both directions. Any advice gratefully received. Mike
  4. tarifa

    ESU Loksound V5

    Richard, I don't have Bifs decoders but I'm pretty certain there would be sound slots for both the dynamic and independent brake in his programmes and would be allocated a F key. Most applications of brake squeal apply when the loco comes to a stop and again has a sound slot. Not all locos have dynamic braking, DB applies to the traction motors where applicable and slows the train down to idle when the function key is applied and speeds up on release. Its worth checking the prototype for a particular model. Mike
  5. tarifa

    ESU Loksound V5

    I believe the sound files are needed to add the independent brake files to the programme, then it is a matter of allocating a F key. Mike
  6. tarifa

    Sound upload to a Zimo MX696

    I have found the service from Rail Exclusive to be second to none. Mike
  7. tarifa

    Derails (Glos)

    Great organisation to deal with, nothing is too much trouble. A very satisfied customer. I would recommend to all and their prices are competitive. Mike
  8. tarifa

    Sale of the Century from Hattons

    Ian, Your browser can be set up to delete all cookies at the end of the session. Mike
  9. Keith, I have applied static grass to my baseboards with the electronics in place on the underside including servos. However I do not switch on any of the systems such as the DCC or auxiliary power only because I do not want to short out. Just make sure you protect the points etc. in the same manner you would as when ballast laying. Mike
  10. Why change, it works and is easy to navigate. Combining the sections into one in my view would be chaos for the user. Mike
  11. tarifa

    Bachmann announce Mk2f's

    When programming put a resistor in line to create extra load.
  12. tarifa

    Twin sound in Class 800 issue

    Return the set to Hattons explaining what you expect and they should sort it for you. Mike
  13. tarifa

    Alternative Throttles for Digitrax?

    Why not refer to the Digitrax web site "www.digitrax.com" for more information.
  14. tarifa

    Bachmann announce Mk2f's

    What's the difference between the Mk2F DCC and the Mk2F, apart from the price. Mike
  15. tarifa

    Hornby 42xx- not a bashing thread

    A hot air paint stripper will provide more heat. Mike

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