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  1. Another cracking video, this one shows off much more of the layup and behind the scenes than ever before.
  2. Another video, we have started modelling the scenery.
  3. I have been modelling and working on a Wills kit viaduct, it’s a lovely kit but a word of warning - do not try and build it as a curved bridge because the under arch brick becomes to short and is very very difficult to fit. Anyway I learnt the hard way and had to carryon. I’m very happy with the kit - still needs lots of work to complete it.
  4. I bought an old wagon this week which arrived yesterday and I found a couple of hours this morning and set about turning it into a track cleaning wagon. Quite pleased with the result, just needs running in and testing.
  5. My brother came over for the evening so we did a bit more work on the newly laid track and heavily tested it to make sure it runs smooth. Think Andy my create a small video from the testing session.
  6. Spent the day working on the layouts countryside, I have created the levels and bridges. Needs testing before I start building up the scenery - which I’m am looking forward to doing over the coming months.
  7. Managed a few hours this afternoon, lots of preparation work continued to get the rest of the layout ready for the next scenic area and a few touches to the station area. Point motors have been fitted on the lower level whilst access was good, these have tail wires added and ready to be connected to once I have the time to sort the, today they were tested to make sure they all worked. I then wired in the new lights, I have some more lights coming for the station platforms.
  8. And a few more pics, still lots of work to do, the track weathering is only the first colour. Added some lights to the scene as well.
  9. It’s been a long time since I posted or have made any real progress on the scenics, over the last year and a bit I have been busy with work spending weeks away in Germany and Italy, when home I have been spending time with the family, continuing with house projects and a little work on car projects - leaving no time for the hobbies. i started a new job a few weeks ago and have found a little time to do some modelling, so my brother came over last night and we spent the evening and this morning making some changes and adding to the station are. Here are a few pics (note my duaghter the little helper came in at the end to play and move around a few things ).
  10. Started making progress with the station, created some more walls and painted the brick work.
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