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  1. The railways in some respects have never been busier but with standardisation the shear variety of what we had before the end of the 70s is long gone. Freight trains are still all over our railways but the means to transport goods was revolutionised with ISO containers - it altered shipping, docks and the modes of transportation once on land. Where once we had slow unfitted wagons we now have liner trains shifting effortlessly along high speed mainlines. Gone are the regional express train designs, first replaced with standard Mk1 and Mk2 coaches but regional locos to HSTs - that the ECML got it's MK4s was probably a quirk and we now have the IEP and it's derivatives as the new standard express train. A plethora of steam hauled local/commuter and regional trains were slowly replaced by a fleet of DMUs which were later replaced by the Sprinters and Pacers. Unit trains have seen off the diverse loco needs of the country too leading to the end of stabling points and engine sheds in every key location. Whilst privatisation has introduced some local designs, fleet standardisation is still key to plans so if you stand in one spot for long enough you will eventually see the whole fleet and not much else in many places. Today's trains are great for getting from A to B just as they have always been and for me that's enough, I don't see enough interest to make me want to stand on a platform end for very long these days.
  2. I think they just quickly set up the secondhand stuff - some of the locos in the pics today had their tenders the wrong way around, if it says sound fitted in the description then it will be the lower price. A new TTS Tornado only shows a single price, so they can do it if they want to.
  3. I think the more simple view is that IRM and then as Accurascale began with wagons so less individual risk, also don't you pay on completion of the model with Accurascale so less risk. RevolutioN got themselves a partner in Rapido who were well known in modelling circles which added weight to their business. Dave Jones proves that simply being known is not enough.
  4. Didn't know Bachmann had a channel, subscribed.
  5. So far today I've seen three HSTs at Dawlish - all expected of course XC x 2 and GW shorty x 1.
  6. It's as Chris says, inflexibility on the e-commerce set up - it's adding on fitting Hattons Decoder and Olivia's Sound - the loco already has that so you just pick the single quantity.
  7. Real Time trains is your friend here, you know to the minute what is coming. As a casual observer now this is great, but in my olden golden trainspotting days not always knowing what is coming added to the fun.
  8. Not so much a bargain as they're all secondhand but a number of good weathered BR blue diesels on today's secondhand list at Hattons. Thought it worth a mention, many also sound fitted https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/preowned.aspx
  9. No, No, NO I will not succumb to Class 22s, I model the Southern Railway not BR And I wouldn't then buy at least one pack of these for my beloved North Cornwall line http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/40761/38-260Y-WSL-Bachmann-Delabole-Slate-Presflo-Wagon-Triple-Pack £29 for three quality wagons is an absolute steal.
  10. Given the HSTs have a second lease of life in the Southwest and Scotland then 50 years in service still looks possible. I'd never really thought about how long they'd been in service till I read this and now I feel really old, I remember them on driver training (not me, I was a child!!) and here they are 42 years later still going at 125, I don't quite have the same top speed any more.
  11. That steelworks module would work very well as a South Wales one, keep the Switchers and chuck in some 37s
  12. Don't know what to say about this. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this.
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