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  1. Like a bus, there will be two headcode fitted 24s coming along soon - depends if you want Scottish or English variants.
  2. You're probably right but Hattons will still offer something that most won't be able to - I doubt there will be a mass influx of accurate 4 & 6 wheelers across many different pre-grouping companies - one or two maybe and then very limited lot numbers.
  3. One hell of a Tinder profile pick
  4. Given that Virgin will be gone in a week and there will be new liveries for both the Pendolino and the Voyagers - you never know what the new year may bring from RevolutioN.
  5. Nice job Grahame, so far I cannot tell the scale, I am presuming 2mm again but you have to look hard.
  6. Wait till you get the whole back catalogue that way - postie will be pleased with that parcel to deliver
  7. until

    How can you review an event that hasn't occurred yet, or do you possess a time machine I think perhaps this was meant as a review of the magazine
  8. Lol - I know they look a little different to UK trains but nothing to be scared of.
  9. @Phil Parker I followed these steps to take the lifting roof off my Bachmann crane in step 4 to use to add as a roof to my bits of Hornby coaches in 8 as shown. Are you now saying that that was a mistake?
  10. Bachmann finally sell the last of their Chocolate and Cream Mk1s
  11. I think we all expected some form of follow up - there are other models in the Hornby line up that could have lent their CADs to Arnold for more units - VEP, BIL, HAL Who knows what could have come if those had been released in N, maybe Bachmann would be reducing their EPB
  12. Haha - when I first read this in preview I thought somehow that the real APT and Pacers shared some coupling technology
  13. Final invoice has been raised so the wagon is on the way I see I've got my 5% discount but I've had to pay two lots of post and packing so I end up paying more overall than 2 wagons with no discount. I feel a little cheated here as I did order both at the same time and Rails did indicate they would fulfil orders in one go where more than one item has been ordered. I'll wait on the final invoice and see what happens. @Oliver Rails is it right I should pay two lots of postage on a single order that should have been fulfilled in the Spring and it is now December.
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