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  1. And yet here were have the DJM Shark and another unnamed item.
  2. I guess that confirms the provenance of the King cad then
  3. woodenhead

    Hornby APT 2020

    Hornby isn't a massive conglomerate, it is a small business making trains, there won't be a massive board. The management only changed a couple of years back when Simon Kohler returned to join with the then MD of Oxford to rebuild the Hornby brand. I don't like the website, I don't like the marketing but they are now turning the business around. The new ideas this year may not be to everyone's tastes but there does appear to be a strategy, Rocket and the APT are interesting punts that also appear to be paying dividends and the policy of making much more of the wide range of Railroad models is compelling to the budget modeller and they are not taking competition lying down with the Prairie, the 91 and the Terrier. Hornby may still be in debt, it's always easy to get there but climbing back out takes time and you need a strategy which is now there.
  4. Does it still need resilient wheels? I thought they added those to make the 86/3 but as an 86/4 it also has the Flexicoil bouncy springy things making it the same as an 86/2 no?
  5. woodenhead

    Hornby APT 2020

    The marketing people will be responsible for the website design and content. Given they are the same people who run the Engine Shed where they allowed SK to call the Bulleid shorties as 1930s coaches and describe a shunters truck a shunter in a Taunton BR livery then you know you are not dealing with people with a deep knowledge of the product. Hornby are not talking to scale modellers on their forum and website, they are talking to hobbyists who are less inclined to be interested in the history and more in the idea of the train on their layouts. Scale modellers do their own research so Hornby don't have to.
  6. This is the difficulty when you have very long procurement processes and only a few companies capable of fitting the requirements. And as is typical of a capitalist economic structure, the various companies will eventually merge as the market around them closes and they seek out new means to maintain profitability in a maturing market.
  7. But engineers are not always right, what is technically possible is not always feasible for other reasons.
  8. So this protects Northern Europe whilst destroying the ecology of the North Sea and leaving the whole of Ireland, the west side of the UK and a lot of the western side of Europe at the mercy of a deepening Atlantic which would now have no North Sea to take some of the strain. Destroys the fishing industries too that rely on the North sea. Wow, way to go humans, forget saving the planet this reeks of save me me me.
  9. It took Hornby a long time to do one in 00 and they still don't have one for GWR beyond the ancient Railroad one. So if that market is small, you can imagine where the N market is. That said Dapol did do a Gresley buffet so you never know, but probably not in 2020
  10. Facit-nating. Had to be said Interesting how the double track to Bacup was retained and possibly even re-ballasted even though out of use.
  11. Maybe an image on the outside of some apes holding bones and a fire perhaps.
  12. That's a rather nice paint job. Who would have thought after the culling of the old locomotives when EWS ordered the 66s that there would be mainline certified class 37s still in daily use some 20 years later and that they would be regularly receiving new coats of paint and TLC by their owners.
  13. Whenever I've arrived at Euston I've always ended up on an undergroud train to the east or west and sometimes south. Using Crossrail from Old Oak to reach central London and then the LU network doesn't sound onerous, it may also be less claustrophobic than using the Euston undeground stations.
  14. Rename Old Oak as 'West London International' Find a way to get a couple of Eurostar services start from there terminate all the IEP expresses there regular shuttles to Heathrow & Gatwick plus Crossrail Plus HS2 Sounds like a whole new district of London to build on and make money off. Euston, that's old London. Note: I am not being serious......or do I have a crystal ball
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