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  1. Thought it was 5 coaches, almost a full length train for the line but premium prices
  2. Anyone noticed the the secondhand pages that a lot of Hornby sealed in box items are appearing including some in multiple numbers. Is this stock they've got on the grey market i.e. from another shop? Previously such items would be shown as new, they certainly did that on the occasion they got new Bachmann from elsewhere. There is such a lot of it which is why it's noticeable.
  3. There is a hint from Cavalex about an N version
  4. But that assumes Bachmann were actually also tooling a 56, whilst I might have started the ball rolling suggesting such a thing it was in no way based on any facts. Bachmann may simply be tooling a 69, with Cavalex left to fight it out with Hornby on the class 56.
  5. Stockport, Timperley & Altrincham - part of the by-pass route through South Manchester from Tiviot Dale to Glazebrook as far as Skelton Junction where it branched to Altrincham
  6. My first experience of the 'throb' was at a Toton open day in the 70's when they were thundering past the depot on MGRs.
  7. Awaits expected saga, red box response and wonders if anyone else has one up their sleeves. But lovely looking model and I hope it sells well.
  8. And Mr C Merchant would also pay the GWR to extend that siding out of the yard, across the road into his new coal yard and might even buy himself a little Peckett to work the wagons from Warren and in his yard. Oh the wonders of Rule 1
  9. Out on the network - a nice clean set of maroon Mk1s looks like a special train, on a heritage railway it is another set of coaches. I know it's what is on the inside that counts and a good dining service will sell itself, but when you're not making the money then to me you need to advertise it loudly to generate more enquiries and for me that is a livery distinctive to everything else on the railway.
  10. They now have the record for the slowest journey from Glasgow to London and Geoff Marshall now has completed his next 'All the Stations' challenge by doing them all in a single journey
  11. I understand where you are coming from, but you want to sell your premium service and it needs to stand out to people visiting so they question what it is and find out about the dining service, or that they feel special when using it - otherwise it's just another set of maroon coaches which are anonymous.
  12. Yet over on the NYMR there is a camera above Grosmont, people stand right in front of it and wave, so it does come down to interpretation and perhaps Northern are a lot more risk averse.
  13. I don't think back then people thought in quite the same way we do now and look for direct routes, everything took time and people were used to different modes of transport to get from A-B, remember in the very early days getting from London to Glasgow meant a train to Fleetwood, an overnight stay, a ship to Ardrossan and another train into Glasgow, followed by a walk or horse/cart to your destination.
  14. Which I find odd, it was in a stand out Pullman style livery and now it just looks like any other train on the line - not sure how that would help move it into profit, you want something that stands out to draw attention to the service.
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