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  1. It's funny people bemoan the loss of the traditional model shop and here we have one - a shop that is unwelcoming if you're not from Yorkshire, it deals in mail order through an old fashioned give us it all on a piece of paper (albeit an electronic one) and it can't take card payments except by sending your number in two emails or over the phone.
  2. I see what you mean, it is different but it avoids any online stock / ordering systems and relies on pretty much good old mail order. I wonder what that does about distance selling? There will be plenty along to pass comment on Olivia's trains, I'm just popping down for some popcorn.
  3. reminds me, I must change my contract EE now look very expensive
  4. O2s are only a little bigger than Well Tanks I am sure you can find room for an 02 and a J15 - it's not as if they will share the same space at the same time. The problem with J15s is they need a J70 to keep them company.
  5. woodenhead

    Dragon 2

    Or maybe the various astronauts will arrive on different days despite being dispatched on the same day.
  6. woodenhead

    Dragon 2

    and Jeff is on the way to the moon...https://www.blueorigin.com/news/nasa-selects-blue-origin-national-team-to-return-humans-to-the-moon
  7. I wonder how many series it would take before you'd include the rebuilt Manchester Victoria through lines
  8. Neither solution may be fully secure, it's just the banks being seen to be doing something though I guess it will be one step harder with a landline than something that uses broadcast digital comms. https://www.wired.com/2016/06/hey-stop-using-texts-two-factor-authentication/
  9. I think the genetics is probably a big element to it, they just haven't discovered which bit.
  10. No problem, I could see by your words you knew what I meant and it wasn't deliberate, I was concerned others may just see that bit and assume the opposite.
  11. I'm just putting my full quote back in there in case anyone misreads - as the bit you cut unwittingly made it look like I was saying that the covid situation wasn't a clear and present danger and I know it was very much a clear and present danger and remains so.
  12. What I am noticing more is a crave for normality but at the same time a full maintenance of social distancing, I don't think the two go hand in hand. Reading over the weekend about the potential true scope of infection it makes me wonder if the government were not completely honest with us because we would have simply ignored them. There is a view that there are many many people who are asymptomatic - i.e they have it with absolutely no symptoms and just spread the illness unwittingly. The only way to truly know the number of people who are asymptomatic is through testing and so far for us in the UK we have only been testing people showing symptoms which rather skews statistics. Perhaps when the Government abandoned testing and went straight into full lockdown it was precisely because they couldn't trust people to keep apart but also as proven by the testing debacle so far they simply couldn't test enough people. Perhaps the number of asymptomatic people is a lot higher than we would like to think and it would massively change perceptions about this illness. Think about it, if you know a large percentage of people don't even get ill then you start to believe your luck's in, you take more chances and if you are asymptomatic well you're a danger only to others and we know how selfish a lot of people are. Cummings shooting up to Durham, perhaps he knows more about the danger of Covid than the rest of us, he is of course on the inside of policy. On a ship with 700 people infected - 75% were asymptomatic - that is a staggering figure, a care home in America where 50% of infections were asymptomatic. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52840763 Just to be clear, I am not calling the pandemic a hoax, I am not saying this virus isn't a killer and I am not saying this situation was not a clear and present danger to our way of life and a functioning health system. But perhaps the Government had to play a very hard card in order to get more than 80% of people to keep apart from each other so that we didn't spread this virus unwittingly.
  13. woodenhead

    Dragon 2

    I don't disagree, it's complicated on many levels. And the Americans and Russians and everyone else who has gotten into space would have done so eventually, perhaps like many things all the war did was accelerate the speed it got there. Rockets and Nuclear had all sorts of peaceful uses but it takes a military need to catapult something into reality, the Shuttle started with the Air Force too. https://history.nasa.gov/sts1/pdfs/explore.pdf I'd also forgotten about this craft - on it's 12 flight too. SpaceX feel like the only team in town right now above even Nasa, but there are a whole host of companies developing technology. Sadly, in the comments for this rocket there are a lot of comments about what it looks like, in fact so much so that it drowns out any sensible commenting, trolls perhaps. They clearly also haven't invested so much in the marketing as SpaceX, I think they used an iphone for the camera - single camera view all the way up and all the way down.
  14. woodenhead

    Dragon 2

    Nah I reckon it's Rex from Toy Story in a shiny spacesuit - the mission has been secretly sponsored by Disney - extension of their buying the Star Wars franchise. Next Toy Story will see Buzz Lightyear go to battle with Zurg on the ISS - the two animators NASA Test Pilots have 110 days to complete the filming.
  15. woodenhead

    Dragon 2

    Watching playback of them preparing to open the hatch - again not like in the movies, this would take up most of a film, so many checks and protocols to adhere to.
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