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  1. woodenhead

    Shirebrook - N Gauge 1980's era layout.

    Stunning pics
  2. woodenhead

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    Dave has opted out of the site, and even if he did, someone else could simply start another thread and carry on the same. Locking is not the answer, delivering the 92 and the APT is.
  3. interesting concept, also shows how much content was hidden in blogs by the old forum design.
  4. woodenhead

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    You can't lock a thread because you don't like everyone's views - Mods will intervene when/if someone does over step the mark. Accurascale asked that people don't get into the DJM/Accurascale whys and wherefores debate which is different to whether some people believe Dave is capable of delivering his model.
  5. woodenhead

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    People are already committed to this project, there has been money spent too so someone will lose out if it fails, so now is not the time to be talking it down more. Dave has delivered crowdfunded locos - the class 71 as well as his commission work for Kernow. Mechanically his motors/drives on the Austerity and the 14xx are not everyone's cup of tea and i am sure he can learn from that. I agree with the Accurascale model now in development the pressure is on Dave to get his EP funded and delivered, if that doesn't happen soon then yes more people may swap manufacturers but it is still within Dave's gift to pull a rabbit out of the hat and deliver a 92.
  6. woodenhead

    West Somerset WebCams

    Signs of life at Williton, 33 shunting coaches
  7. woodenhead

    Live webcam at Grosmont, NYMR.

    Sourthern Steam today
  8. woodenhead

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    Hattons still have the OO King on pre-order, I don't believe that model is still open to purchase as it's not even on the DJ Models website any longer to order. So I would take any listing on Kernow and Hattons as being flexible as to how committed they are.
  9. woodenhead

    7mm HUO, by Accurascale

    I think he just wanted to tell everyone about his speed awareness course and happened to have an O gauge HUO in his hands - or it was a 4mm HUO and he has small hands.
  10. woodenhead

    NEW OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

    @AY Mod see what you've started
  11. woodenhead

    Harriton - Present day WCML Model Railway

    It's 00, but you did make me look very closely at the pictures because it could have been.
  12. woodenhead

    Modern Day Toton

    And by that time the 60s will have rusted to nothing and they won't need to move them
  13. woodenhead

    Modern Day Toton

    Sadly all the video proves is that Toton is now just an infrastructure hub and location to store locomotives - not one observed shed movement in the video. Most of the non passenger TOC movements were even GBRF - right at the engine of DB Schenker's empire
  14. woodenhead

    Class 26

    Any change to the electrics can only be a good thing, it was the Achilles heel of these models.
  15. woodenhead

    Deanside Transit

    I thought it was some place in Ireland, wasn't expecting to find a treatment for making OO track P4 on a work PC

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