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  1. Is it true that people who do remarshal their trains will have to perform brake tests before moving said trains
  2. But even you're not sure. However, unless there is a proper safety concern I cannot see TPE giving up on the MK5s unless they believe they now have too much stock on their hands and are looking to save money (under pressure from paymaster HM Treasury).
  3. I got my 31 with the sound fitted, but my Dapol 50, Farish 40 both have Digitrains ActiveDrive decoders and I am waiting on 4 new zimo sound decoders for my DMUs, again Digitrains ActiveDrives. In the home environment the sound is perfectly pleasant, and not disturbing others in the house so everybody is happy. Given that before Christmas I was firmly a DC modeller and now I've sold all my non DCC ready locos apart from an 08, I think I am a convert.
  4. You've not got your polarities crossed have you - so one way on one side of the join and the opposite on the other - loco would stop on the join but work either side and you wouldn't see if you tested either side.
  5. Feeling right royally down this evening - I have a call tomorrow to look at some software development, I have a ready made solution to the problem I will be faced with but there is another way to do the same thing and I am attempting to get my head around it.


    But can I get it to return even the most simple dataset as it should do - no I cannot, spent two days, seen some progress but not enough.


    Sometimes I feel like I am a total failure and my imposter syndrome is banging all the drums it can muster at present to make me feel much worse.


    Hopefully, now I've said this out loud I will knuckle down and sort it.

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    2. woodenhead


      A light bulb - in an example I've been looking for a parameter called page - but it had been passed in as 'count' - took me ages to see it as all the other parameters being passed bore the same name going in as listed in the function - I couldn't see how 'page' was being calculated till I saw it.


      Does also help that I'd overcome the initial challenge on seeing some actual data come from once I'd found a suitable free API I could test on without needing credentials.


      Progress is being made - now to rewrite the initial stuff to cycle through the pages.

    3. Sasquatch


      Don't understand one word about data but then I remember I'm only human. Life can be one big learning curve so bear that in mind. If others can do it so can you!

    4. woodenhead


      And I no longer feel like the failure I did 3 hours ago.


      Returned over 1000 lines of data in pages of 50 from an API.


      I can sleep tonight now as I know I can do this - tomorrow it's doing it on the real API and adding in logon credentials - but that's just one additional function to play with.


      Psychology works - admit your feelings and then begin to build yourself back up.

  6. Eight wheels yes, but no-one said they were round wheels
  7. I know I went to Model Rail in Scotland, after that it was a bit of a blur - did Stafford happen last year or not, I actually cannot remember. I remember being on the platform at Manchester Piccadilly and seeing lots of Chinese people wearing masks - that's not completely unusual but I did think there were more wearing masks than before, it was the first time I really began to think perhaps I need to be more cautious of this thing. I don't know where I was going to - was it Glasgow, Doncaster or Stafford?
  8. Hell would be unboxing a DJM built O scale Big Boy in one of those soft foam box inserts used on the 02 and later Well Tanks, then discovering it was all wheel drive and trying to put it back into the foam inlays intact whilst all the time DJ is whispering that's the most definitive Big Boy ever in a rather sleazy voice.
  9. You had me confused, there is another toll bridge off the a57 near to a place also called Dunham which costs 12p per transmit or 25p per day. But it's called the Warburton bridge and is the cut through to Lymm from the A57 between Irlam and Warrington.
  10. I am starting to think this is a regular passage - it's not the first time on the way back I've gone back via the canal and got the aqueduct to find it open at this time on a Sunday.
  11. Just returned from a walk at Worsley Woods on the old loop line from Patricroft to Bolton Great Moor Street. What has that to do with the Ship Canal - well I have to cross it to get to the woods and the canal aqueduct, the low level swing bridge and the new lifting bridge are all currently in the open state for the Canal as a ship is on it's way one direction or the other - I saw the ship in the distance but as it was viewed end on I don't know the direction of travel.
  12. Shhh don't tell everyone that, I got the last Farish headcode 40 from him recently, I've not had chance to see what else he has, though I did spot a possible Dapol 50043 unrefurbished on the site - I've already got one, but they are hard to find now.
  13. I edited my post immediately after I posted as then I saw all your pictures of ships past Mode Wheel.
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