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  1. I sold my 46 last year so I don't have that option....
  2. It looks pretty close to me, it would be nit picking given it's 2mm scale.
  3. Bachmann haven't replied to my enquiry about a 1970s banger blue with headcodes class 90. Don't think they are taking me seriously.
  4. Who else would do one at present, it's going to be N gauge only as Bachmann and Heljan are going it in OO and Heljan already have them in 0. Realistically, you are talking RevolutioN, Sonic or Rapido, with RevolutioN I would think an 87 or an 81 would fit their profile better, Sonic are expanding in steam ranges and Rapido are still busy with the Metrovick, the Peak being too mainstream perhaps as well. Dapol seem to have a lower appetite for new models in N, the M7 is plodding along and the Bob/WC is so far away it's practically not even a definite model. So that leaves Farish, given the work they've done on the OO gauge model, that people are showing a real interest in it and it's the big gap now in their range, It will be in their plans, we just don't know the timescale, possibly before a Next18 47 though as the latest 47's went back to 6 pin DCC as they didn't have capacity to do the re-work.
  5. Except if it is at least two years away then it is nothing but a computer model on a hard drive, who is to say it will be the model Dapol talked about all that time ago and not something less than when it finally emerges - take the new M7, they were happy to sell it not even DCC ready at one point.
  6. Thanks @AY Mod Froth indicator has been reset to zero.
  7. So if you want your cheap as chips Bachmann returns in 2021, join up now and visit the members stand on Sunday to gain entry. Discounts will be variable and we cannot guarantee your exact choice of required cheap model will be available. We are a friendly bunch so don't feel afraid to haggle, you never know we might bite your hand off. Sudden rush of Warley regulars to the Bachmann website anticipating bag fulls of bargains on Sunday. All I want to know is - "will there be Farish announcements on Sunday?" @fezzawants to know too I imagine.
  8. I'd be sad to see anyone in tears at the passing of an inanimate item such as a hulking great Sulzer 1-co-co-1. People want all kinds of models and the 800, the 319 and the 91/Mk4 have as much place in the modelling world as a Class 45. I have no doubt that Farish are working on one, they just are not going to mention it until it is at delivery stage which is their modus operandi now as per other companies. Was I hoping to hear about one earlier this year, yes, was I then hoping something would appear at Tings, again yes. They will come again eventually and they will be Next 18 with lights and sound, they will sell well and people will go back to asking where the Next18 08/20/24/25/37/47/55 is or Mk1s.
  9. Who knows, re-run of the MN with BoB numbers - is there actually that much difference in 2mm that would be noticeable.......
  10. I would be wary of amortised in how Kader works, I am guessing each run of a model has to stand up against all the other models and have a rate of return commensurate with such. We also don't know the batch sizes of first, second and third runs of models. I think Dapol are more inclined to that form of pricing which is why their coaches and wagons don't appear to have increased much in price over the years. For the Peaks, I would expect more than one nose type, they did it with the 40 having all three types in the range, the 44 apart from one celebrity is one nose, the 46 is two, but the 45 might be the one that loses out 6 variants - split/doors, split/no doors, centre with small split, centre, sealed, sealed with headlight, that sounds to many for the size of market.
  11. Maybe the developers went to the Jen school of internet marketing design.
  12. I've got three 108s and a 101 - will have to see what happens with the white/blue on before I succumb - if something else comes along then I'd rather have something different. Peak namers - how many models do you think Farish will make!! We have options on noses / classes so far it's been two noses (44 or centre) in green or blue. There might be a market but looking at the class 40 with three nose variations and two liveries they are not exactly setting the world on fire with variations per release so multiples of namer 45s will be a non starter - lets get the noses done first, I doubt there will be special commissions unless Rails are in the market for n gauge specials.
  13. Afaik there have been three incarnations of the 31 under Bachmann, a non DCC ready version in 2010, a DCC 6 pin in various liveries and recently a Next 18 in various liveries. I bought a banger blue 31 with Next 18 Sound fitted earlier this year and there have been green versions too.
  14. I don't know if it was a deliberate slow release (which works when there are months to go) or simply because it took time to confirm all the layouts attending once they had formally announced there would be a show, but by the time I could see most of the layouts all the cheap seats on the trains were gone (none at all on Sunday) and I am not going.
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