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  1. https://www.coventry.gov.uk/verylightrail There are also proposals for road trams elsewhere which do away with the track as well.
  2. A class 44 with discs to fit. A sealed beam class 45 & 46 Looking forward to it
  3. Not yet - Probably pick up 40012 when it comes out and get a youchoos or biffo decoder for it, then early 2021 there will be the class 31 of course. Looking inside my class 24/25 there isn't much space and I am not about to start hacking at metal so they will remain silent. This is not just about a project with sound I wanted to overcome my fear do doing something and to make wiring a terminus and stabling area less about isolators and switches. The locos sound a little noisier than on DC - I am guessing that is a CV thing, which is a future thing to learn about and th
  4. All in all not a bad evening: Two locos set up on Sprog Ipad throttle working Android throttle working One Bachmann and one Rails chip tested Learnt how to alter addresses and run locos on a very short piece of track. Need to learn about controlling more than one loco at a time on a single throttle (but thats for another day and a bigger run) Tomorrow it's the cobalt's turn for a test connection, then it is building the layout. If only I had a sound fitted N loco.........
  5. Well that was easy - installed the free version of withrottle - one click on JMRI later and I am controlling 24077 via an ipad. So I may be investing in the paid version, unless someone has something else to recommend. EngineDriver is Android, only my work phone is Android unless I use my older work phone, hmmm.
  6. It lives - not helped that I had selected the wrong Sprog settings first on JMRI and then having put the Bachmann Chip in the wrong way round - what happened to the white spots they used to use? Anyway, class 24077 moved at the behest of my mouse on my laptop. Now can I get a throttle working on my ipad!!
  7. I am still hoping that there is a tooling for the King which we are not yet aware of and will turn up with EFE in the Spring. Of course it is highly unlikely but one can hope.
  8. Two six pin decoders and a Cobalt IS Digital received - I wonder what I will be testing this evening. All being well I can forge on with my new layout this weekend and order some more kit.
  9. That sounds good on YouTube, quite bassy, I think we can safely assume it sounds even better in real life.
  10. I think sometimes the pooling of classes demonstrated the difficultly in producing enough solid content for a single class per issue - but when it came to things like DMU or EMU families it meant some got very little attention. It was mentioned earlier in the thread about coaching stock and freight stock - that surely is an obvious target for a part work series - Looking at Paul Barlett's Flickr site or Clive Mortimore's cut and shuts shows the variations in rolling stock - I for one did not know about the Mark 1 mini buffets converted from old Mk1 BSOs till seeing one in Clive's t
  11. Wait till they try and get a tamper in.
  12. The 40s, 31s now come Next18 and speaker fitted so I can pick up a loco and insert chip of choice. Same for the 8f, not sure with the class 108 as that came before the 40.
  13. I'm glad he's handing it over to someone who does research. I was most disappointed with his appearance on the Engine Shed when talking about the short Bulleids - he was selling them as suitable for 1930s traffic - the frames were Maunsell, built in 1940, with the bodies ordered by Bulleid in 1944. I'm not usually so pedantic but it opened my eyes that Mr Kohler works in Marketing/Development and he's good at that but doesn't do the research as it's not his area.
  14. And sound in N is coming on with Graham Farish now installing speakers. It has attracted me over to the darkside and I am currently awaiting my first chips to install as a test for JMRI control. Next up will be a class 40 and a youchoos or legmanbiffo sound decoder. No space inside most of my stock though so it will be a slow changeover for sound.
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