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  1. I love testing data - NOT


    So my colleague has written a new data extract and not only are there hundreds of thousands of records but also a ridiculous number of columns that all sound very similar.


    It's a great dataset, a development of an earlier one and before it gets unleashed I am testing it on some known extracts to check the results are the same.  Found an issue, very subtle, so subtle I didn't notice at first and thought perhaps it was a naming convention issue in a report.


    Anyway got to the bottom of it after searching through a lot of code and a few columns have been misaligned in a derived table.


    It reminded me of Andre Previn on Morecambe and Wise and Eric says "I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order"  In my case "I've got the right data, but not necessarily in the right order"  :lol:

    1. Stubby47


      Sounds like what I do :)

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