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  1. I reckon this layout could be a contender for a live webcam on Railcam
  2. Have you tried placing a Hornby Clan in a hot oven to shrink it down to 2mm scale?
  3. The question is whether any people who order direct from Hornby suffer the same issues or is it simply that Hornby prioritise orders via their own website and everyone else gets what is left? Or have some of the bigger sellers been over selling on the expectation that in the past there was always slack in the ordering that they could scoop up and that no longer is the case.
  4. Unless I get my face right up against the coaches, put on my more powerful reading glasses and squint I cannot tell what region let alone what number is on my coaches.
  5. In your chosen time period Orpington has 8 platforms - 4 through lines and 4 bays (all facing London) plus 4 carriage sidings.
  6. Even better - Ellis ClarkRail have Accurascale 37s down as Free - now that IS a bargain.
  7. I've finally figured out why EMUs (and DMUs for that matter) are so slow to come to market - all the manufacturers are waiting on you to finish yours so they can announce the RTR one. Unless you actually finish them then we are doomed to never seeing these models in rtr.
  8. And they said blue/grey was the boring period. So will be it a production line into the spray booth - all into all over green for the dmus then day two do the coaches in maroon.
  9. Funny I thought the same thing especially with the Rapido 16xx on the way. A bit leftfield would be a 517, a 36xx 2-4-2T or a 2221 Tank.
  10. Would the gravel have that many foreign objects in an NR site? Plenty of brick chips and other stones in there.
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