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  1. A job doesn't have to be home based to make it exportable. However, homeworking does allow us to cast nets wider when looking for suitable UK based employees, no longer do our night staff for example have to be domiciled within a few miles of a town centre near Manchester.
  2. I can claim a tax rebate on homeworking and my equipment is company provided, the room is doubles as my railway room and the desk I use for other stuff when I am not working. I don't think I do badly out of it.
  3. I've been homeworking since 2016, I'm productive, no longer spend two hours per day in traffic, I see people when I need to via Teams or make the odd trip to the office. In fact, 2019 was my last office visit when Covid wasn't even being spoken of. How cutting my commuting costs counts as a pay cut I am not sure, I've had regular pay increases every year.
  4. @John M Upton So what are you going to buy instead, it's not as if there is another manufacture about to release one. It's not that bad a model, my blue one looks fine amongst other locos and in truth that is a cruel closeup in the picture, I'd never get that close and get an unblurry image with my eyeball mark 1s.
  5. There was an individual, a member of this site as well, who was building layouts in first 00, then N and 00 and finally N, 00 and 0 - all at the same time. All on YouTube, and I did wonder how they could afford to build three large layouts at the same time, and these would regularly appear in live streams with lots of please subscribes/like etc. Sometimes boxes would appear with gifts from donors, locos, scenics, rolling stock etc. I'm not saying that all the stock came from donations, there were shops mentioned where items had been purchased from as well, b
  6. Is that a sly dig @Graham_Muz lol. I am torn now, when these were announced I was happily playing with ex LSWR SR & GW tank engines and I was really looking forward to these coming out. Then I got a small case of the blues finding myself modelling N gauge blue diesels, my SR & GW stock boxed for the future (??). Should I buy one of these, to go with the two ex SECR Rails vans delivered just after I had boxed up all my OO, emotions say yes, practicalities says no and the wife would seriously question what I am doing buying more trains
  7. Looking at the full update on the site, it would appear they've stepped aside to perhaps allow Rapido to do it on their own terms / branding rather than produce one for RevolutioN. Of course that doesn't mean that Rapido have plans, but now they have entered the UK market formally maybe this stepping aside by RevolutioN is the natural thing to do in order to allow Rapido to help N gauge flourish by introducing more models.
  8. My latest offer was sell three items for free, I think they are testing different options. I guess they will vary according to how much you sell, I've not listed anything in over 12 months, and those items were after another similar period of inactivity.
  9. Doesn't take much to take mine away, but I think at the moment I an concerned about some professional matters which is spilling over. I'm in the middle of an end of course assessment which is pushing all sorts of buttons and I have a change in role coming up which is frankly daunting for me though a massive opportunity too. I've been doing my current role with a number of companies for 20 years now, but soon I will be joining the proper 'professional' coders and it's a bit scary for an old codger like myself who was self taught - this is impostor syndrome in full swing. The asses
  10. Two thirds wont be bad - 66%, what is the contracted availability rate because the difference between that and the actual numbers will be key to how many services they have to cut. The other question is whether 66% is the available to use number or that is the number of units fit to run and then maintenance has to be removed from that number too. But at least there are trains
  11. I'm sure I had a £3 offer years ago and ignored it, I think they sometimes test this to see how people react, if no-one uses it then it simply gets canned again for a bit.
  12. The brickwork certainly gives a feel of Birmingham, are you going to string up some wires and perhaps let an 86/0 and/or an 85 loose on it? Is the station a through station or simply a terminus.
  13. Services on the LNE and GWML are decimated, but over in bucolic Anglia @russ p gets to drive his own class 37 to the model train shop and back again in time for tea. All those teething troubles with the new 745 / 755 looks like nothing compared to the rest of the network.
  14. We should have asked Branson!! Pendolinos and Voyagers - ok interiors could have been better and maybe tilt on the 221s was overkill but they haven't fallen apart, neither have their Meridian relatives.
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