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  1. If you are to copy Clive @rapidoandy, what you need to introduce is a Mk1 coach chassis and then a series of bits of coach sides in various liveries that can be stitched together - plus some under gubbins for all the stuff to hang under the coach.
  2. Just watched the Dapol TV announcement for the GWR Railcar. No-one does marketing like Rapido do they?
  3. Well far from any froth, all I see here is tumbleweed - either we've very low expectations of the announcements or Boris has placed froth as a danger to life and everyone is self distancing from it.
  4. Still more likely though than a rake of Toplights
  5. Whilst I would not suggest this approach to Rapido who I would only expect scale models from. Would a Toplightish generic coach be something Hattons might approach if the generic 4 and 6 wheelers prove to be the success they may be? If no-one can agree on a respectable prototype then perhaps for the masses the only option is something in the theme of. Back to Rapido.... a Black 5 - lots of them
  6. I think it is just threads begun my a mod that can have ignore switched off, that would be a powerful tool in the hands of a troll.
  7. Indeed even the EOI would have to be on the basis of take it or leave it, here are x coach variations that we believe on good authority are the best mix to offer. But Rapido will probably just do a class 40 seeing as only Bachmann has those on their books at present, no Heljan or Accurascale versions to contend with.
  8. I agree, I was thinking EOI on the chosen models followed by pre-ordering and only committing development once the threshold has been reached. But it's all hypothetical as Rapido have neither announced nor even mentioned what UK models they are going to build beyond what is already known.
  9. I reckon you're all barking up the wrong tree, Rapido apart from a couple of commissions tend to do HO and N scale models, so clearly they will stick with what they know and do DMUs and coaches in N scale. A set of Toplights in N, now that would be a surprise.
  10. We all saw what we wanted to see: Some saw Widnes or St Helens Some saw Lancashire (me included) Some saw 4 lines some saw diverging junctions I've just been doing some studying on unconscious bias and our approaches to this image demonstrated perhaps that we all jump to conclusions and then look for the evidence to support it. I never strayed for example far from the Lancashire coal field, I was very close to the true location but then veered back north and back to Ince.
  11. Well the running joke on here for years was 'The Fell' and we've been asked to put our money where our mouths are on that, so a limited range of Toplights perhaps is no longer the impossible task it once appeared. All Rapido, like others have done, is ask for expressions of interest in a proposal (rather than ask us what we want) and then see if that converts to cold hard currency.
  12. Thought we were never going to get this one, not helped that we all had become biased towards Lancashire, I did wander down the WCML this afternoon into Cheshire on NLS and then headed east towards Northwich. If only I had borne west from Warrington.
  13. They dont necessarily hold your card details but the refund will be against a transaction where you paid them your subscription.
  14. A WORKING ballast cleaner, pot of diluted PVA in a tank within the train to fix it all back in situ.
  15. But of course what doesn't work in O is perfectly suited to OO. Have you thought about that for your loft?
  16. The lack of any catch or trap points leads me to believe it was never a through line nor a station which is why I am thinking Lancashire mineral line. I doubt they would have performed any complex remodelling of a defunct line in the 1960s especially to remove any S&T, all the points look hand switched.
  17. Oddly I've just been scanning Ince, I thought I had a possible match on a foundry but the four tracks were split by an embankment and on two bridges - so not a match. But there are so many little lines around that region/
  18. I am wondering if it is a mineral line in the Lancashire colliery fields between Wigan/Bolton and the Chat Moss route. There are several examples where the mineral lines go under main lines (but sadly none I have seen that look like this particular one). I would agree that the main line with the Black 5 is 4 tracked which cuts down the number of locations, unless of course it is a junction!!
  19. You don't want a ladder, you want steps - sorry to say this, you're not getting any younger and you've had scares - you want something that will not put too much strain on you. Could you consider a staircase from POD to the loft, your family appear suitably skilled to help.
  20. I reckon this layout could be a contender for a live webcam on Railcam
  21. Have you tried placing a Hornby Clan in a hot oven to shrink it down to 2mm scale?
  22. The question is whether any people who order direct from Hornby suffer the same issues or is it simply that Hornby prioritise orders via their own website and everyone else gets what is left? Or have some of the bigger sellers been over selling on the expectation that in the past there was always slack in the ordering that they could scoop up and that no longer is the case.
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