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  1. You had me confused, there is another toll bridge off the a57 near to a place also called Dunham which costs 12p per transmit or 25p per day. But it's called the Warburton bridge and is the cut through to Lymm from the A57 between Irlam and Warrington.
  2. I am starting to think this is a regular passage - it's not the first time on the way back I've gone back via the canal and got the aqueduct to find it open at this time on a Sunday.
  3. Just returned from a walk at Worsley Woods on the old loop line from Patricroft to Bolton Great Moor Street. What has that to do with the Ship Canal - well I have to cross it to get to the woods and the canal aqueduct, the low level swing bridge and the new lifting bridge are all currently in the open state for the Canal as a ship is on it's way one direction or the other - I saw the ship in the distance but as it was viewed end on I don't know the direction of travel.
  4. Shhh don't tell everyone that, I got the last Farish headcode 40 from him recently, I've not had chance to see what else he has, though I did spot a possible Dapol 50043 unrefurbished on the site - I've already got one, but they are hard to find now.
  5. I edited my post immediately after I posted as then I saw all your pictures of ships past Mode Wheel.
  6. Port Salford, they've been given a grant I believe to begin the work to connect the rail lines - there are bridge abutments built but no bridge or actual physical work undertaken so far. As Mol_PMB says there is warehousing going up (slowly) but Peel seem to have turned their heads to housing and are agressively looking to build on some of the ajoining land.
  7. Boats do appear past Mode Wheel to get to the canals and Irwell - but not ships. I stand corrected by the post before me - cargo vessels still appear as well - wow.
  8. You're correct he can spout all he likes as long as it's within the law. And all we're doing here is disagreeing with him and giving our opinion without insulting him which I think is fair. Free speech is tolerated on all platforms, it is people who are censoring free speech not the social media giants. OK there is one glaring incident of recent days where someone has been banned from all general social media sites and probably because he was sowing extremism that was resulting in people dying. There is a real concern amongst many people that that was a step too far
  9. Paddy, I hate to break it to you - you're in Social Media - a web forum is just an older design of Social Media, whether you care to admit it or not, you are in it. It's just here you are in the moderated end of the spectrum with people who have a vested interest in having truth being spoken or opinions shared which will not harm others. Facebook is not evil, it's misguided and driven by the need to accumulate wealth through knowledge but it is not peddling extremist views, but there are such places and it's where people driven off Twitter, Facebook etc reside.
  10. Wasn't aware ships were still coming that far up - that wharf is next to a new housing estate - buy a house with a view of the ship canal (over the piles of scrap metal). Does anything dock at Cargill?
  11. Only those aux fait with social media selfies and making your legs look slimmer and longer. But it's almost a metaphor isn't it - sheep and social media That isn't Bo Peep either, her crook is way too small to catch any sheep with, think it's someone pretending, maybe the sheep aren't real either and have been photoshopped.
  12. Just been looking on Wiki to check there are preserved class 56s, if the re-engineering to class 69 goes well, any remaining suitable donors may end up being converted - a bit like with the 73s that went through an upgrade - some out of preservation.
  13. The local utilities firm has decided it needs a generator running tonight on the water works (polite name) behind the house. Mrs W is not best pleased, there is a low droning noise even with the windows shut - how she would react to it being a nightly thing I don't know.
  14. The helix to another terminal does answer one of @Lacathedrale wants - that trains need to be going somewhere and they can cross anywhere from either terminal to within the helix if it's all double track so lots of opportunity to up the service intensity.
  15. None, he models the DLR and simply does not need to worry.
  16. Funny that Andrew, never had you down as the sort of guy who would model a shed scene
  17. Given the space you intend to build this in, why not do both the through route and the Trafford Park cobblestoned warehousing. I feel you are attached to that bridge, doing Trafford Park will give you a flat layout with no real features other than cobblestones and warehouses, the through route has the track raised, you need to do a water feature, a bank feature plus the track and backscene. Doing both, you just need somewhere to plonk the other baseboard when you want a change of scene - at least the stock and engines are consistent.
  18. Exactly - there are plenty of people out there who do a decent job of selling themselves and the hobby - Everard Junction, New Junction - the latter taught me how to wire a DCC layout simply. Simon's shed is another one - nice style, gives you confidence to give things a go.
  19. Think I've been as said same caravan park, remember watching a few trains there and an MGR stuck in the loop with a dragging brake or something - it didn't sound healthy as it was dragged in. We probably are more sensitive - but if you move next to a preserved railway you can expect there to be noise, if you move next to an open piece of land and someone later turns it into a stabling point for diesel trains which then aren't switched off, you may have a case to complain. I like trains, I like seeing them hauling a train and making a noise - would I want to live next door to a gen
  20. When I read that sentence I heard it in Sam's voice, even a simply flicking through his content has you writing like he talks, it's a slippery slope and soon you'll be giving us your top 10 axes to grind.
  21. He is doing it for the likes, subscriptions and views not for the betterment of railway modelling. There is a chap I follow on Youtube, his videos gave me the confidence to have a go with wiring in a speaker on my N gauge 50, but I was a little dismayed when it came to his aims for 2021 - getting more subscribers, more views and doing more videos. I also follow the chap who does 'Cruising the Cut', five years of his travails on the canal network from newbie to veteran, his content is interesting and he doesn't use clickbait titles or engineer situations, he just does th
  22. Get well soon Rob, my sister is still fatigued weeks after her infection, she's not returned to work as she simply cannot summon the energy. Take all the time you need to recover.
  23. The junction down to the Weaste terminal has been known to host the Royal Train with Maam in attendance. Since the 1990s, the tracks in Trafford Park have slowly been removed - mainly through road schemes though they did alter the trackplan when the original Village Circle roundabout was installed which removed a reversal move and allowed the tracks on Wharfside way to be lifted. The last use of Wharfside Way other than running round had been to store condemned MGR wagons awaiting scrapping nearby - was odd driving to work and going past all those wagons every day. As
  24. The gate appears to be missing a locking mechanism - that's all I can come up with as needing attention. Superb CK
  25. It's a lovely mix of older Farish stuff with kit built stock and it really evokes the trains of my youth on the WCML.
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