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  1. Strangest interpretation of Krav Maga I've ever seen, but it would be highly effective, no-one's going to come near her
  2. Please please put something around the hole in the floor....
  3. I am sure Haven are also very pleased with it being right next door to the proposed site. Given that the East Coast is well known for it's regular reclamation by the sea, it seems awfully close to the coast for something so risky.
  4. Have found a way!! It's back to the old remove some bits and wire it in, or buy with our choice of decoder. So basically they have accepted the error of omitting DCC on a model in N gauge - good! It't not a perfect solution, but it's better than what it was, I just hope going forward when the look at other N gauge tanks they don't follow this model but come back to plug in decoders.
  5. All Clive's Cut n Shuts are painted, just not necessarily in the right order, consistently across all compartments or the same on either side.
  6. Buy one of each, do exhaustive testing and give us your opinion.
  7. I've on there too haha From the name of one of the roads mentioned on one site, Dairy House Lane, I've got the site as being near to the Total Fitness gym, but it was a dispersed site so it was scattered about.
  8. I've noticed edits hanging on the page, but if you look at the post on another tab it's been completed. Also on Status Updates, if you edit a subsequent post, it shows a required field notification above the post but doesn't show the text box to enter it into so you cannot edit the status response.
  9. 25278 / 7628 on the North Yorkshire Moors has a headlight, it works on National Rail routes.
  10. Rapido do have the NE and LNE RCH pattern Gunpowder vans available to pre-order (inc from Rails and cheaper than these).
  11. "It's got everything I can remember" - he said at 8:16. He must have a strange memory if he remembers them without buffers
  12. Call yourself an astronaut?


    Sit in a seat, get blasted 66 miles into the sky and come straight back down and the most you've got to do is unbuckle your harness, swim about, whoop and then rebuckle yourself in.   


    And he then gets to call himself an astronaut which is an insult to all those people who trained for years and went up strapped to a Nasa or Soyuz craft.


    It's Disney for the very rich.

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    2. Monkersson


      I work in procurement for injection moulded (plus other medium) items, from raw materials to doorsteps, so I have an idea.  At an individual item level the footprint is very small, a full production run, of a decent sized range (say Bachmann for instance) is pretty huge.  You may already have seen, but if not, have a look online at the landscape destruction in the Australian Ore Mines, which is where the majority of ore comes from to produce the steel used to make the moulds for injection moulded items.  Add to that the transportation by rail and huge ships over thousands of miles, then the steel works footprint themselves and all the fuels/electricity/gas.  Its quite jaw dropping,  significantly more than the recent a space trip.  Whether or not your models are 2nd hand and bought locally doesn't mean anything, they were still made from raw materials and transported to where you bought them from.


      The fundamental point of my post is that people are very quick to tell successful rich people what to do with their money.  If someone suggested to me what to do with my money, they wouldn't like the response.  If I had the money to follow my dreams and go to space, damn right I would do it and wouldn't feel in the slightest bit guilty.




    3. DK123GWR


      I understand where you're coming from, but of course the individual item (not the entire industry) is what should be compared to the individual trip to space. Also, by purchasing second hand models I am not adding any carbon emmisions to those already created. The products were manufactured to satisfy the demands of somebody else, often before I was born. I had nothing to do with that process and no action that I am able to take could prevent them from occuring. I am simply reusing what is now somebody else's waste. If there wasn't a second hand market, these items would go to landfill once their first owners had finished with them. That would be considerably worse for the environment.


      Regarding the second point, I had realised that you were unhappy with the criticism of the spending of these two individuals. As I explained above, I would be happy to face such criticism myself. Clearly you would not be and that is the source of our difference of opinion on the morality of it. As this is personal to each of us, I find it unlikely that either of us will be persuaded to change our minds. It is perhaps best that we agree to disagree on this point, as further discussion will only become tediously repetetive, which is sure to lead to unneccessary frustration.





    4. Monkersson


      I agree with you, thank you for taking the time to join in the discussion, I've enjoyed it

  13. My copy arrived this morning, bubble wrapped inside a cardboard sleeve inside a plastic bag - perfect. At least three SDJR livery images, lots of Midland locos and not many Spamcans. Looks like many of the Irwell Press books on the south west so I am looking forward to the read. However, it needs to go onto the shelf, at the moment I am reading Andy Chard's tome on Manchester's Railways.
  14. @Graham_Muz Kernow probably should have locked this thread and started a new one when the model started progressing, it's still the one started by DJM so I can understand why some people who are maybe not so close to the UK scene may see that and make conclusions about who is involved in building this model. @AY Mod Is there anything you can do to alter this so that the DJM name gets purged from this thread as he's got nothing to do with it.
  15. So some 55+ years since it's demise, people are expecting a new book on a very popular subject to have nothing in it mentioned or published by other people? Track plans are track plans, there may be a mistake in labelling, but ultimately the line is the line, most books that include plans will be very similar if not the same. Is the problem here more a case that people like to look at books before they purchase (I used to) and with no exhibitions it is proving difficult or do people really want to criticise a new publication before it's even been delivered.
  16. I'm still waiting on a post steam book of the S&D........
  17. Fairs, fair, I should ask a question about OHLE on that thread.
  18. Can I ask a question about OHLE in Manchester?
  19. @fezza read this, at the bottom Jason Shron explains about producing models and cashflow https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Rapido-News-141---Project-Update-and-All-New-Hopper-.html?soid=1101318906379&aid=NJNs4zzjP_g
  20. Quite how the TOCs kept these troublesome HSTs going day in day out I don't know
  21. And 43058 failed too leaving a single power car to propel the train up Sugarloaf (or not).
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