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  1. Note quite sure how the traction matters, once you're not in the coach next to the loco can you actually tell what is hauling you? I would think for most people it is the experience on train - the seating, the catering (if part of the package) and the service provided that add up to the overall experience, plus views of course.
  2. And it will demonstrate their skills but perhaps it is time for some new models, although who knows what Rapido may also turn out and perhaps these are more their niche: Metrotank 517 class 3232 class 2221 class
  3. When did it become necessary for locos to stop a few metres from the train it is about to attach to and then move forward slowly to couple up? I remember that a loco would move straight onto the train and stop smartly so that there was little movement, and then just to be sure a second push to make sure the buffers were tight together. Was actually watching a recording of class 86s doing just that at the end of the 1980s/start of the 90s at Euston last night - so when did it change?
  4. What kind of idiot volunteers to decorate the main bedroom when his wife is going away for the weekend?


    Don't need any responses, I can see him in the mirror right now.


    Knackered !

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    2. woodenhead


      The paint (lavender) was bought one week before the very first lockdown back in 2020..............ended up with no time to do the decorating and Mrs W hasn't had a weekend away since lockdown for me to be able to clear the bedroom.


      I underestimated how long it would take - started 3pm on Friday, finished today at 3pm only took time out to eat and sleep.  Then rushed to the shops to stock on on fruit and salad for the return of memsaab.


      One problem my 20 year old trusty edging pad is losing it's sponginess and I don't know if I can find a suitable replacement for the next room on the list.


      I am absolutely knackered now and I missed the Warrington show that I was going to go to.

    3. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      All in time for Mrs W to come back saying what a lovely time she's had and asks what else what else you've been up to.

    4. woodenhead


      She's already asked why her lotions and potions are not as she likes them - how the heck do I know which ones are important and which ones are for the bin. :D


      I also have a pile of 'what the heck is this for' for her to sort through

  5. Funny how the memory plays tricks, forgot the RM was mainly black and white until 1995. Thought it was cheap scanning until I stumbled on the 'in colour' sections
  6. Thinking about it, the long haired person is probably a bloke - it is of course the 1970s and rock was big especially in Birmingham. The man sat down will be the gaffer and maybe they are changing a sleeper. At first I thought it was a bloke in dungarees, an old bloke sat down and a woman in a white blouse - I was thinking how did they even get to be in that location.
  7. Why is there a man sat between the junction - is that a chair or a wheelchair?
  8. Wow, did not know about this, just checked on my ipad and there they all are. I'm meant to be decorating this weekend.....
  9. The Woodman pub is sitting pretty for the future right outside the station entrance.
  10. No point popping to OOC in the vain hope of seeing a Western round the back then.
  11. No, but the ones that you personally wanted have been paid for by the balance of the rest. Ok, it is a risk but if you keep the volume low enough to be assured of selling them all and the price sweet enough to Taken from the book of 'How to get what I want and make others pay for it!"
  12. Whilst posting on a forum owned by one of the 'other' mags. MRJ and RM know their markets as I think do Model Rail, Hornby Magazine and BRM which are all at the RM end of the scale but with more 'how to' content and suggestions for modelling elements. Model Rail have got one step further than the other magazines in that they have commissioned locos which does set them apart.
  13. I'm estimating at least 4 Peaks stabled, must be a Sunday and an interesting 104/101 lash up as well. Were the Peaks common on the aggregate traffic back then?
  14. No, it's readership discovered other interests and better magazines for their new found interest.
  15. Still planned is Doncaster in February, not too far up from Peterborough on the old LN&E. In March there is the London Festival of Railways at Ally Pally as well.
  16. Shatner is not Kirk


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    2. woodenhead


      He didn't half look nervous going into the big P*nis shaped rocket.


      Pleased he has gone into space, but he is not an astronaut, no matter how many times they say he is.


      He was a passenger along with the other three on the 10 minute trip.

    3. toboldlygo


      The days of astronauts piloting craft in to low earth orbit are in the past, the crews going to the ISS are passengers as well for the most part now as everything's automated.

      Dr Evil didn't invite you to go on the second trip on his Phallic shaped ship then? ;) 

    4. woodenhead


      No he didn't, not rich or famous enough.


      However, I am pleased they have finally gotten themselves someone other than the single guy with an iPhone for the imagery - two on the rocket today, they need to learn some PR lessons from SpaceX.


      The big p*nis is still a good rocket and it does what it sets out to with little fuss, also all the legal stuff with Nasa, he is doing himself no favours

  17. This may be because TOCs run set service patterns so can forecast usage 12-18 months in advance and Network Rail can use that to negotiate prices. FOC do not run like that - their frequency and loading can change weekly so it would be difficult to negotiate charges when the actual usage could vary from week to week, unlikely a FOC is going to want to pay forward for energy it might not use and as has been demonstrated, when the economics suit they simply switch traction to the cheaper option remembering the class 66s are quite clean machines themselves in comparison to the older BR age locos.
  18. That's because this whole situation is nothing to do with the cost of production and everything to do with political leverage and holding people to ransom. Freight TOCs are lucky they had idle diesels they can bring out of warm storage. What about the passenger TOCs - maybe Northern can toggle some of it's units about but the majority have what they have and when the cost goes through the roof it will hit them hard which ultimately will be passed on to us the passengers.
  19. Thought I'd found something on Ebay no-one else had spotted.


    Someone has bid on the item so if I want it now I have to fight for it and I bet there are other lurkers waiting for the next 24 hours to expire


    Not fair, I wanted to make a cheeky offer......

  20. I am starting to wonder if several key members of this erstwhile talking forum are in actuality the good Captain using cunning and beguile. @Stubby47 @NHY 581 I have my optic on you
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