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  1. Getting dark now at Williton
  2. Busy busy at Minehead too, heading off towards Blue Anchor Shunting off the test train
  3. Stop signs gone, signalman in the box and some people sat on a bench. I wonder if there is a special due through this evening They are testing the points this evening. Test Train, it's going back and forth (sometimes out of sight) to test the new point. T'other end
  4. Some enthusiasts are just a little too enthusiastic when it comes to being on camera
  5. Egads - Thomas in metallic electric blue - My dad had a Ford Cortina in that colour in the early seventies.
  6. They've two at present with a third coming for the 40th anniversay celebrations in June. I don't think they are the only traction being used, there is an ORR mandated weight restriction at the moment which means no 1-co-co-1 locos, no 47s and no 50s for the diesel event, but they are still running tender steam locos and lower weight diesels. Here is the roster for this weekend Just been looking at Blue Anchor - full line reopening is timetabled for tomorrow but the stop boards are still up, I hope they are still on schedule it's a special event this weekend. 13:44 Edit: update on the unofficial website refers to a vintage bus going round Minehead (not to/from Watchett) so they must be on schedule to re-open the line tomorrow.
  7. Couple of pre-owned bargains for SR fans https://www.hattons.co.uk/454077/Bachmann_Branchline_31_375_PO08_Class_416_2_car_EPB_EMU_in_BR_blue_Pre_owned_Like_new/StockDetail.aspx £95 https://www.hattons.co.uk/454075/Bachmann_Branchline_31_425_PO09_Class_411_4_car_CEP_EMU_in_BR_green_Pre_owned_Like_new/StockDetail.aspx £101
  8. I can't see Bachmann Europe being capable of tooling up a complete range of Thomas in OO just for the UK when the rest of the world will be perfectly ok with HO?
  9. HO Gauge!! Who'd have thought the first British HO Gauge range since the heady days of Lima would be Thomas the Tank Engine. If they are doing N Gauge as well does that mean Tomix has exited the range too?
  10. And therein lies my problem, said i was feeling 'meh' to the wife last night, she says i need an interest, something that I'd look forward too and I couldn't think of anything.
  11. Parkrun starts at 9 am, runners will gather from around 8:30, it can take some people an hour to run the course, so that means there will still be people milling around after 10am but fastest runners will be done in around 15 minutes. Last run had 585 runners, a lot of these will have come by car parking on Knavesmire Rd or Racecourse Rd. I would expect it to be very busy if my local Parkrun with similar numbers is anything to go by, the sweet spot will be 9 to 9:15 whilst everyone is running then the returning runners will begin to leave from 9:15 until around 10:15.
  12. If you read between the lines, he means the folks in Widnes who haven't had any new Bachmann since September.
  13. Today's webcam delight for background noise in the home office.



    Birds and waves, plus a rather large helicopter doing something nearby but out of sight!!

  14. My first layout was 009 back in 1977, still have the Roco locos and stock - they were secondhand when I received them, now they are ancient Zillertalbahn items. Some of then didn't run at less than warp speed back then, I did have one Isle of Wight loco that was new and it was a nice runner. Since around the early 80s they have been in their boxes (some with decidedly dodgy foam inserts) so I really don't know their condition but i cannot part with them.
  15. I did say a little cheated, it's not the end of the world, I wasn't that bothered by the interior
  16. The beauty of this design is that the entrance and exit are still roughly level as opposed to the double ladder which keeps all lines the same length but entrance and exit are top and bottom
  17. But does it matter that today 66005 is blue and a couple of months back it was in EWS? I might like a model of 24001 in BR Blue - it doesn't exist that form right now but why shouldn't someone produce that model
  18. Does it really matter that the locos Hattons is modelling either no longer bear the livery being modelled or now have an open roof? It's almost impossible to provide a set of models that are all bang up to date in livery terms as the world is ever changing. Of course, for the manufacturer is it manna from heaven as it means a constant source of model re-runs with new liveries.
  19. In my experience - bits falling off is a Hornby thing, my Bachmann/Kernow/DJM things seem to be able to hold on to steps and such like with less fuss. My Hornby locos and coaches are all prone to losing bits, but I've stopped worrying since I removed the brake shoes on some Ex LSWR non corridor coaches and simply could not see the difference (other than they were now free rolling).
  20. Don't start with a plank, splinters, pop down to Ikea and get yourself a shelf. This chap here got me back into OO, including said Ikea purchase(s) , simple plans, amazing models.
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