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  1. Do you mean KMS Rail Tech have updated the Apple version of the Touchcab. Unless Apple themselves have taken over the product then it will only be updated when the software company behind it update it.
  2. But Kato have the benefits of scale by including sales in the Japanese market who will buy bullet trains regardless of the country they operate. Dapol would not be able to sell the Pacer at much more than they do now - the model is simply not good enough. Their operating model is very different to Bachmann, little and often, they keep using their existing moulds like they have done successfully in OO and now doing in O. Farish is reflective of Bachmann Branchline pricing.
  3. You know centre head code examples had different acoustics to split head codes and then there is the paint colour - blue is sound deadening, so a completely different sound to a green 37. Don't forget the cowling around the buffers reduced the wheel clatter too.
  4. If you imagine how small the market for N is, then imagine how big a z market in the UK would be. Farish are not being left behind by Dapol and Gaugemaster are not building their own stuff it is rebadged Dapol or in the case of Mr Kato, they are simply selling them like they do other Kato stuff. Dapol locos still don't have the best electrics, they are just getting around to putting in Next18 but still not leaving space for speakers except for the class 50 which actually has a space to put in a speaker. Contrast with Farish, they are going through their range and conve
  5. When they're sat on your railway you don't notice But if you want a modern loco what else is there to do but pay the money, especially when I sold my old two class 40s back in December so I was at one point Fortyless on a North West based layout - sacrilege. It's quite simple I have to restrict my purchases and perhaps sell some other stuff - don't by a Rapido Co-Bo, do buy a RevolutioN 128, sell Dapol class 26 & 27s. I sold all my OO locos bigger than an 0-6-0 Tender engine back in December with the exception of a Dukedog, it paid for me to buy a pile of chips and a c
  6. How many coaches are at LLangollen, losing 10 Mark 1s is going to hurt unless the Trust is going to successfully bid for them. The rail borne plant will also be missed.
  7. £144 in most retailers, another £100 for the sound card
  8. Just placed my order for my second blue 40 - then I need the sound decoder...
  9. Only because really it was an LMS design..... The most successful BR Standard was the Diesel Electric class 43 so good even the Scots will have them as cast offs. Or a 9F
  10. 'Er of the lake was at the t'other end
  11. The train with the coaches that let light in at the top is currently Hall hauled
  12. At the time of closure, the MOD may have had other plans for the area given it was in the middle of the Cold War. They still use the area now so it would have been quite difficult then perhaps to be giving up much needed training areas to railway preservation when they would not have been able to replace it with other similar facilities. But it was a proper trainset
  13. Lots of people on trains today - half 6 in the evening, large crowd waiting to board and a similar large crowd exiting an arrival. There is life after lockdown
  14. Just been on the site and I could add an item to the basket - what browser are you using? web form for queries here: https://www.collettsmodelshop.co.uk/contact/
  15. It's going to be interesting to see how many you can lash together securely. I don't my my longer rakes being on track using a lift just for the loco, but my units would be nice if can all be contained. In OO if you can lash three doubles together that's a B-set and loco or similar. End doors it appears too so your train is securely held in, which was always a concern with the current lift.
  16. Didn't BR also send one of the Lev's to the US. Perhaps VivaRail have a plan for all the left over redundant 142/143 (or have they all been crushed now?) Pop up Pacers
  17. For 4mm scale ladies? This must be a P4 layout in the making if we going down to correct underwear on the model people.
  18. Quite excited by this: Single lifts for n gauge locos Double lifts for DMUs - will it do a 3 car unit or do I need to add another? Reduction in tracks on the fiddleyard!
  19. Rails have just mentioned this, a new flexible Peco locolift that will do N as well as OO https://railsofsheffield.com/news/articles/3884-peco-flexi-loco-lift-announced There will also be a 2 unit set that can be joined together - I wonder how many can be connected, great for short N trains.
  20. It may only be an internal layout, but they had high expectations of the drivers, he's wearing his Pullman white over jacket. Still making wheels to this day - called LUR now.
  21. According to Mrs W I have the hots for Ms Swift, she's not Rihanna but if I was given a pass I wouldn't say no
  22. I've a few of those xPress books from my dad's collection, don't remember if I bought some of them for him or he bought them all himself. Interesting Leeds Central had a mix of LNE and LMS types in the 50s plus the DMUs.
  23. And a reminder that America has had a bad relationship with guns for a very long time and still cannot find a route out of it. Megan Thee Stallion NPR - the language and content is ripe, but that girl can rap and smile in equal amounts.
  24. I found Tiny Desk from my YouTube feed when it presented of all people Taylor Swift, totally outside my normal viewing but I decided to watch as it was acoustic. If you take her music back to how she writes it, one instrument she sounds really good.
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