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  1. To swap the cars around with only a few laps left is not without risk - to create the necessary gap would have required Bottas with a potentially compromised gear box to back up the rest of the pack and hold off LeClerc to allow LH to get to a five second gap. Risks of collisions, losing Bottas his second place with no guarantee that it would leave LH with a 5 second lead at the end, with very little scope to recover the situation as both Mercs had the oldest tires of the leaders. Leaving as was gave the clearest outcome and it was only a fastest lap by Lando at the very end that gave him was it a 0.2 second 3rd place over demoted LH. They were expecting 1-3 with a possible out chance of 1-4, swapping cars risked 2-3 or worse.
  2. Well at the moment Ricciardo must be the happiest chap on the grid - his current car is good but his next car looks like it has taken another big step forward, Sainz has his new drive alongside him and his understudy ahead of him.
  3. woodenhead

    The Engine Shed

    I never called it a re-run and I know it is a completely new model.
  4. woodenhead

    The Engine Shed

    Or maybe the reverse of what has been suggested and Hornby got wind of what Rails were planning when Rails got the measurements of the coach and brought their model into production whilst Rails were doing their CAD work. I don't think Hornby went from a CAD to a model in a week, though if the chassis is the same as the other coaches then it is only the top that needed a mould producing. If it is ok to suggest Rails were doing a spoiler on Hornby then it is fine for me to suggest that it could be done in reverse.
  5. But these ladies play their own instruments and don't appear to be manufactured.
  6. woodenhead

    The Engine Shed

    I don't doubt they measured it in July 2018 - it makes absolute sense to measure everything in sight when you get the opportunity - then you can work on it at your leisure (the CAD) and spring a rabbit out of the hat when the opportunity arises. But it's another of those 'We've already been planning it' jobs - wait for someone to show there is demand for a new model - The Terrier, the 91 and now this. It's like Hornby wait to see what the public reaction to the model is and then quietly turn on their product which they had in CAD before announcing it to the world - all after the other company has expended a lot of time and effort and basically doing Hornby's market research for them. Using Cavalex - Hornby announced the 91 but not the coaches leaving Cavalex in a quandry and the coaches in limbo - I have no doubt unless Cavalex turned out ready to roll prototypes then Hornby will simply announce the coaches if Cavalex did any more visible development of the 4mm coaches otherwise they will do them when they feel like it. I know at the end of the day it is business and there is nothing underhand about how Hornby maintain their models and market, maybe in the past they have been too lax about things, certainly not any more.
  7. I love testing data - NOT


    So my colleague has written a new data extract and not only are there hundreds of thousands of records but also a ridiculous number of columns that all sound very similar.


    It's a great dataset, a development of an earlier one and before it gets unleashed I am testing it on some known extracts to check the results are the same.  Found an issue, very subtle, so subtle I didn't notice at first and thought perhaps it was a naming convention issue in a report.


    Anyway got to the bottom of it after searching through a lot of code and a few columns have been misaligned in a derived table.


    It reminded me of Andre Previn on Morecambe and Wise and Eric says "I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order"  In my case "I've got the right data, but not necessarily in the right order"  :lol:

    1. Stubby47


      Sounds like what I do :)

  8. Trying to break the internet (not hard these days with everyone at home!!) It will be a pic of a scantily clad Simon K opening a bottle of Champagne.
  9. woodenhead

    The Engine Shed

    Rails can't do anything right when it comes to Hornby can they, first the Terrier, now the LMR 3rd class coach. I've just suggested to Rails they propose to do the Mk4 coaches now. I doubt very much this is Hornby building an expanding range of early railways, the Rocket was an anniversary special re-running the Triang model albeit updated, the LMR open looks like another shot at Rails and nothing more.
  10. Hmmm, ok, can you announce please a set of Mk4 coaches and DVT then please @Oliver Rails, I guess we will need IC, GNER, Nat Express, Virgin, LNER & GC liveries.
  11. Answers the age old question how do you get a square peg in a round hole? Use a mortiser to make the peg fit.
  12. And more visitors, people are beginning to venture out....
  13. They're keen: Come with bags, perhaps they are camping out to be on the first train However, I can see that the Thompson coach and it's train have been placed there since 14th May so some activity underway ahead of re-opening.
  14. No Deltics if that had happened Bigger run of 50s perhaps instead, or simply there would have been more than enough other diesels until the wires reached Newcastle and then eventually Edinburgh. That said, the AL5 was a lovely loco and the AM9s would have made for lovely semi fasts.
  15. woodenhead

    Panic buying

    I've been using Sainsburys throughout the recent period more so than Aldi and apart from the very early period where vultures replaced the other humans it's been fine. I am shopping for two families at present as I also do my 'in laws' for them as they have had to shield, their shopping is more traditional than ours and I rarely find there are main products I cannot source at either of the two main shops. There is a big Tesco nearby too, it has way more stock than our Sainsburys but as i don't need to make the slightly longer journey I stick local. There can be queues at times to get in but most of the time there isn't an issue, however, another Sainsburys just outside the city centre (Manchester) is still suffering from massive queues that snake outside of it even now - went on Saturday hoping to find a replacement for a plate I broke and didn't even bother going into the car park. Primark is another shop nearby where the queues are ridiculous, not that I am a member of the Primarky, I just saw the pics on the local Facebook page. Had to go to Halfords on Saturday, chose Click & Collect, good choice, you get priority over the browsers in the queue outside.
  16. Is it also just the single screw pivot that holds it whilst between 3 oclock and midnight - an awful lot of expensive toys to lose if that doesn't hold whilst you're swinging.
  17. Am I the only one who sees a 2mm layout at the front and a well integrated backscene to the rear. To me the running lines plus the first two sidings with wagons look like a model and the rest a picture backscene.
  18. White smoke = sneaky ciggie in the cab Blue smoke = sneaky ciggie dropped in lap Black smoke = sneaky ciggie dropped in lap then brushed off into bag which set on fire Puffing black smoke = ex Steam driver Flames = run away
  19. To quote The Kinks Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
  20. I hope here in the UK we are a little more flexible when it comes to using facemasks, whilst not ideal it may be the only way to move back towards a recognisable normality in the short term. Over the pond some people have some odd views on facemasks: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/embed/p08hybh0/53186075
  21. Now come on Stubby, we were all warned about the dangers of self debating when we were young, no matter how worthwhile the endeavour felt at the time.
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