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  1. 12 minutes ago, class29returns said:

    More class 17s coming soon (list on hattons site) including a fantasy 17 livery.

    Not sure I'd call it a 'fantasy', nightmare more like.

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  2. So when my mojo took a dive back in May I left all my stock out on the layout with many locos off the track but sat on the baseboard.  The room is airy, dry and where I work so in regular use.


    Most of my locos came back to life as before and because I had now wired all my points were running better over the points, however, three motors have not come back as they were - a 47 which was grounding on the points (known issue), a Dapol Western that is stuttering and one of my 108s that doesnt like to start but once going is fine.


    The 47 I finally tackled today, required the use of a file to remove some of the bottom off the bogie, I did lose a tiny part off the side of the bogie - might see if I can glue it back, not that I can tell from whence it came lol.  However, again, by putting it to one side and coming back to it I felt more confident to do the fix and it is now running agai.  The 108 remains stabled but I did take a look at the Western, this seems more complicated as two things stand out - it seems that the electrics may only be getting power from the odd wheel which would explain it's poor performance and on a rolling road only one of the bogies was turning at one point - maybe a gear problem.  Ha - maybe in sharing this I have found the issue - a broken gear - if one bogie wasn't turning the wheels and the loco is jerky at 'regular' internals might it be a broken tooth/split gear.  Some more investigations required......


    But this is the thing with mojo, when I was down these issues would have me grabbing my OO gauge stock and thinking, I'm done with this N gauge malarkey.  But when the when the mojo is up I remember how much I like these models, the ones I can never bring myself to sell and then I get around to making things work.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Blandford1969 said:

    Does anyone struggle to finish anything. Its like starting is really easy but then you get to a hard point and you put it to one side and do something else, but going back to the other just get gets harder. 


    I've spent just about all day clearing out books, trying to sort out which negs have or have not been sorted, and trying to get the study a bit tidier. It just feels like a mountain and in turn that seems to make doing modelling harder. 

    Sounds like me and well anything.


    I got to a point in the early summer where I felt everything was going wrong (work and model trains) but somehow I managed to pull it back by creating lists and only thinking of the current item in the list and limiting my time spent on it so I didn't dwell if it wasn't going so well.


    Two months later having worked through most things and on Friday I tackled what was the most daunting of the tasks and the one that had caused me the most grief.  And I was amazed even here I now made amazing progress.


    Sometimes it is a case of too much going on and you have to step back, break it all down and then come back at it slowly.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, Roy L S said:

    In other news my D55 is now chipped and running very nicely. I did have to sacrifice a cab interior to locate the chip as I didn't want to carve up the chassis too much, but you don't notice unless you look from a few inches.


    I am glad in a way this thread took off in the way it did as it made me take a look at what I already have, I doubt I would even have dug the loco out were it not for this discussion :biggrin_mini2:.

    I sold my 46 last year so I don't have that option....

  5. 8 minutes ago, MarshLane said:

    Hi Duncan,

    The end result looks good.  I haven't looked any any images of 20101, but are the cab side windows perhaps a bit too deep now? They may have been like that for real of course, but they looks slightly more dominant than they should? I could just be nit-picking of course, and it does not diminish your work which is wonderful as ever.





    It looks pretty close to me, it would be nit picking given it's 2mm scale.


    On 27/12/2017 at 20:23, CloggyDog said:

    20 028 at Ayr shed, late-1970s

    14806621144_3de5399b6c_b.jpg20028 Ayr by Alan Monk, on Flickr




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  6. Who else would do one at present, it's going to be N gauge only as Bachmann and Heljan are going it in OO and Heljan already have them in 0.


    Realistically, you are talking RevolutioN, Sonic or Rapido, with RevolutioN I would think an 87 or an 81 would fit their profile better, Sonic are expanding in steam ranges and Rapido are still busy with the Metrovick, the Peak being too mainstream perhaps as well.  Dapol seem to have a lower appetite for new models in N, the M7 is plodding along and the Bob/WC is so far away it's practically not even a definite model.


    So that leaves Farish, given the work they've done on the OO gauge model, that people are showing a real interest in it and it's the big gap now in their range,   It will be in their plans, we just don't know the timescale, possibly before a Next18 47 though as the latest 47's went back to 6 pin DCC as they didn't have capacity to do the re-work.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Mr chapman said:

    I'm more interested in the chassis side of things. It will be the first of a new breed of n gauge chassis (apparently) and the bench mark for everything to follow. So whatever region you model its worth keeping an eye on. With the new pullman's coming these two should go together very well. 

    Except if it is at least two years away then it is nothing but a computer model on a hard drive, who is to say it will be the model Dapol talked about all that time ago and not something less than when it finally emerges - take the new M7, they were happy to sell it not even DCC ready at one point.

  8. So if you want your cheap as chips Bachmann returns in 2021, join up now and visit the members stand on Sunday to gain entry.


    Discounts will be variable and we cannot guarantee your exact choice of required cheap model will be available.  We are a friendly bunch so don't feel afraid to haggle, you never know we might bite your hand off.


    Sudden rush of Warley regulars to the Bachmann website anticipating bag fulls of bargains on Sunday.


    All I want to know is - "will there be Farish announcements on Sunday?"  @fezzawants to know too I imagine.

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  9. 49 minutes ago, fezza said:

    Each to their own, but I doubt they'll be grown men in tears at St. Pancras when the last 319 is withdrawn. I don't see hundreds of people chasing mileage on 800s either. Plus most Peak bashers must be well into their 50s now with the disposable income to buy them.


    I  think the only units that ever attracted much of a real world following were Pacers and even that was in a wry semi-ironic way.


    Yes we need units for realistic operations, but for goodness sake give us a model of one of the most popular diesel locos of all time. 



    I'd be sad to see anyone in tears at the passing of an inanimate item such as a hulking great Sulzer 1-co-co-1.


    People want all kinds of models and the 800, the 319 and the 91/Mk4 have as much place in the modelling world as a Class 45.


    I have no doubt that Farish are working on one, they just are not going to mention it until it is at delivery stage which is their modus operandi now as per other companies.  Was I hoping to hear about one earlier this year, yes, was I then hoping something would appear at Tings, again yes.  They will come again eventually and they will be Next 18 with lights and sound, they will sell well and people will go back to asking where the Next18 08/20/24/25/37/47/55 is or Mk1s.

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  10. 36 minutes ago, Roy L S said:

    There is a new run of 2 car 101s due Jan/Feb 2022 which includes BR green, I have to admit I am baulking slightly at the £199.95 RRP too, and even allowing max 15% discount it is still a shade under £170. I think this is the third run from the tooling so I suspect that cost is amortised, still if I want one I'll have to suck it up I guess, that is unless RevolutioN do announce a 117 before!


    Returning to the Peak, I have a 44 and 45 stashed away somewhere and I do recall that I bought the 45 at a bargain basement price from Hattons. While I think we are all agreed on this thread that the "Peak" is very much missed and a strong candidate for re-tool to modern standards, probably best to not get too carried away with expecting a demand consistent with the expense of tooling for a whole list of detail variants, just cater for a core of more common ones.



    I would be wary of amortised in how Kader works, I am guessing each run of a model has to stand up against all the other models and have a rate of return commensurate with such. We also don't know the batch sizes of first, second and third runs of models.  I think Dapol are more inclined to that form of pricing which is why their coaches and wagons don't appear to have increased much in price over the years.


    For the Peaks, I would expect more than one nose type, they did it with the 40 having all three types in the range, the 44 apart from one celebrity is one nose, the 46 is two, but the 45 might be the one that loses out 6 variants - split/doors, split/no doors, centre with small split, centre, sealed, sealed with headlight, that sounds to many for the size of market.

  11. 3 minutes ago, fezza said:

    I'd certainly vote for a 105 and a 117 but I think it is about as likely as my dog learning to read. Farish seem reluctant to even reissue the popular 101 in regional or refurb white/blue.


    It is good to see the new 108s but they seem to be sticking to the shelves. I paid £79 for my last two car 108. The three car is now north of £200. I bought one (and only one) but you have to be really into bog units to pay that.


    Peaks have the advantage that they will sell and there are so many namers that could be released 

    I've got three 108s and a 101 - will have to see what happens with the white/blue on before I succumb - if something else comes along then I'd rather have something different.


    Peak namers - how many models do you think Farish will make!!  We have options on noses / classes so far it's been two noses (44 or centre) in green or blue.  There might be a market but looking at the class 40 with three nose variations and two liveries they are not exactly setting the world on fire with variations per release so multiples of namer 45s will be a non starter - lets get the noses done first, I doubt there will be special commissions unless Rails are in the market for n gauge specials.

  12. 47 minutes ago, Bomag said:


    Sorry I don't understand, the fact that a model has a 'Next 18' chassis has no bearing on whether its a refurbished loco - 111ASF, 112ASF and 113ASF are sound fitted un-refurbished Class 31s (is 111ASF even a 31 or class 30?) - most retailers I checked has the refurbished railfreight locos at a higher price.

    Afaik  there have been three incarnations of the 31 under Bachmann, a non DCC ready version in 2010, a DCC 6 pin in various liveries and recently a Next 18 in various liveries.


    I bought a banger blue 31 with Next 18 Sound fitted earlier this year and there have been green versions too.

  13. I don't know if it was a deliberate slow release (which works when there are months to go) or simply because it took time to confirm all the layouts attending once they had formally announced there would be a show, but by the time I could see most of the layouts all the cheap seats on the trains were gone (none at all on Sunday) and I am not going.

  14. The gaps in diesels in N gauge are the 25/3 and Peaks.


    I'd like to see them get a Next 18 and speaker fitted 08, I guess lights might be a step too far on that model.  A speaker fitted Deltic would also be popular.


    In steam, where do you start, so many gaps/opportunities on the face of it, but truly it comes down to market size, it's a pity the J72 didn't make the cut, it would have opened up many a small tank loco for Farish.  At the bigger end of things - King, K3, V2, BoB, several different SR 4-6-0s, Princess, but that's a decades work at least for Farish.

  15. 10 minutes ago, John M Upton said:

    Whilst I reckon a new Peak(s) are in the queue somewhere (they have an 1Co-Co-1 chassis in the Class 40 so we know they can do it) I still think a new shell for the earlier body style Class 25 is more likely first.

    Do you mean a 24/1 / 25/0 or the later 25 without the end doors?


    I've a couple of 25s with the end doors, it's the later body we need bringing up to spec with speakers as well - but then it will show up my other four 24/25s with it's lovely sounds.

  16. 1 hour ago, njee20 said:

    And no one is saying that. This is nothing to do with the pandemic. Farish have always been incredibly slow to react to demand and re-run items; as well as their utterly bizarre stance of making the same number of every item, so they quickly sell out of standard class coaches and you have firsts and brakes left on the shelves. 

    I’m sure this is driven by Kader, and the economics of British N, but this has been a problem with Farish products for years. People really need to stop using the pandemic as justification for absolutely everything. Let’s not pretend that Bachmann had containers of mk1s sat the dockside, but for that pesky pandemic. 

    I'm not blaming the pandemic as the cause, just that how can we expect N gauge to suddenly be doing better than any other gauge or sector of manufacturing after 18 months of a pandemic.   If there wasn't a great deal of N gauge before it, how can we suddenly expect there to be lots after it, all the modelling manufacturers are feeling the pinch one way or another even if it just getting a shipping container from China.  when there is product to sell, it will be announced but just don't expect Christmas next week when it comes to N gauge, it is going to be a slow moving vessel for a scale that is a fraction of 4mm.

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